• Great Camps of the Adirondacks

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  • Adirondack Style: Great Camps and Rustic Lodges

    This is the definitive book on the style, architecture, design, and natural beauty of the Adirondack Great Camps.      The Adirondack Great Camps as well as their furnishings are some of the most iconic of American architecture and design. Harkening back to nineteenth-century tycoons and continuing today, this style is driven by the call to a simpler life in harmony with these mountains. Approximately forty of these camps both historic and contemporary and their glorious environments represent this celebration of one of America's true regional treasures. An afterword by a curator of The Adirondack Museum highlights the craft tradition of the Great Camps. The wild beauty and serenity of the Adirondacks have always attracted those who sought a simpler life and a connection to nature. This is a land of spectacular beauty, with iconic elements such as the sugar maple and white birch; bobcat, beaver, and moose; majestic loon and great blue heron. It should come as no surprise then, that the robber barons and business tycoons of the 1800s turned to this leafy haven to escape the urban jungle. They constructed compounds in and around Raquette Lake as rustic getaways, and these grand structures became known as the Great Camps of the Adirondacks. Each Great Camp was more beautiful th...

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  • An Elegant Wilderness: Great Camps and Grand Lodges of the Adirondacks (The Architecture of Leisure)

    The Victorian Society in America Metropolitan Chapter 2011 Award for Publication-Architectural HistoryThe Adirondack Center for Writing 2011 Literary Award-Best Book, NonfictionThe first book to place the rustic Adirondack architectural style in the context of the cultural, social, and environmental history, An Elegant Wilderness, showcases the intensely private retreats set into the pine forests on the shores of the region s shimmering lakes.Open earlier to tourism and more accessible than the western United States, the Adirondack region is where many urbanites of the Industrial Age came to experience the wilderness. It was in the Adirondacks that the constricting social proprieties relaxed, that city swells hunted in deer-filled forests and angled in trout-stocked lakes, that women shed their corsets to hike, fish, and play tennis, and that children learned to appreciate the great outdoors. Among the owners of the Great Camps there were the mining magnates Berthold Hochschild, Daniel Guggenheim, and Adolph Lewisohn, financiers J. Pierpont Morgan, Otto Kahn, and Isaac Newton Seligman, New York governor Levi Morton, President Benjamin Harrison, and the prominent philosopher William James and neuroscientist James Jackson Putnam. Women camp owners of note included Lucy Carnegie, Ma...

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  • Great Camp Sagamore:: The Vanderbilts' Adirondack Retreat (Landmarks)

    Great Camp Sagamore was built by William West Durant and bought by Alfred Vanderbilt in 1901 to be his family's Adirondack retreat. Vanderbilt and his wife, Margaret, welcomed family and friends, who enjoyed its sprawling grounds and buildings for decades. After Margaret's death, though, the camp changed hands and began to decline until it was rescued by preservationists and then became a National Historic Landmark in 2000. Today, visitors to the camp participate in maintaining its grandeur, learning about and preserving the past. Read the remarkable story of one of the most unique places in the Adirondacks, written by Sagamore's director, Beverly Bridger.

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  • A Visitor's Guide to Camp Santanoni: Adirondack Great Camp and National Historic Landmark

    This guide to the great camp explores its history, its Japanese-inspired architecture, and its abundant farm operation.

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  • Santanoni: From Japanese Temple to Life at Adirondack Great Camp

    When sixteen-year-old Hope and her aunt move from Brooklyn to Wisconsin to work as waitress and cook in the Welcome Stairways diner, they become involved with the diner owner's political campaign to oust the town's corrupt mayor.

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  • Litchfield Park: Stories from an Adirondack Great Camp

    John Stock wore many hats, among them professional forester, property rights advocate, entrepreneur, writer and speaker, local historian, civic leader, and commissioner to the Adirondack Park Agency. For twenty-seven years he worked for the Litchfield Park Corporation. This book is a collection of stories about one of the unique Adirondack Great Camps, Litchfield, and its operations and owners through three generations. 111 pages, illustrations, photographs, softcover.

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  • Kamp Kill Kare: Memories Of Life In An Adirondack Great Camp

    This book is written about the Wires family who lived year round for ten years at Kamp Kill Kare, one of the few remaining Adirondack Great Camps. It relates how they dealt with living back in the deep woods and how they adapted to the changing seasonal environment. The stories of deer and other wildlife will heighten your appreciation for the Adirondack Mountains. A first hand perspective brings a never before seen overview of Kamp Kill Kare and the surrounding wilderness. A variety of the author's original photographs assist in documenting this accounting.

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  • The Point (Adirondack Great Camp)

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  • The Heart of an Agent (The Adirondack Pinkertons)

    Tracey J. Lyons, the author of A Changed Agent, returns to the Adirondack Mountains of the 1890s in a novel of love, faith, and secrets…Former Pinkerton spy Lily Handland has always dreamed of a quiet, safe life, free from chasing criminals and putting herself at risk. So when the opportunity to invest in a failing Great Camp in the Adirondacks comes to her attention, she quickly jumps at the chance.Filled with grief, widower Owen Murphy wants to run away from it all. Though he’s worked hard to forge a future for himself, his guilt has kept him mired in the past. But all that changes when a headstrong, mysterious woman shows up at Owen’s door. Together, as Lily and Owen restore the beauty of the Great Camp, he begins to finally see a future. But will learning about Lily’s past destroy it all?

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  • The story of Sagamore

    Book by Kirschenbaum, Howard

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  • Little Green

    For fans of Jodi Picoult and Anna Quindlen, a moving and heartfelt novel about a husband and a wife, a missing child, and the complicated family secrets that can derail even the best of marriages. It’s been a busy—and expensive—few years for Matt and Elise Sorenson and their young daughter Gracie, whom they affectionately call Little Green. Matt, a Manhattan lawyer, has just been offered a partnership, and Elise’s equestrian ambitions as a competitive dressage rider may finally vault her into the Olympics. But her long absences from home and endless hours of training have strained both their finances and their marriage. Their daughter’s mild disability has taken an emotional toll on them, too. In an effort to reconnect as a family, they head to the Adirondacks, to the lakefront cabin once owned by Matt’s beloved grandfather. Though the cabin has been in Matt’s family for generations, both he and Elise agree it’s time to let the valuable property go. While preparing it for sale—and coming face to face with Matt’s teenage crush, now an unnervingly attractive single mother living right next door—Gracie abruptly disappears without a trace. Faced with the very real but unthinkable possibility that they’ll never see their daughter again, Elise and Matt struggle ...

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  • Forever Wild (Adirondack Trilogy Book 3)

    When New York Assemblyman Cyrus Carter votes for 'Forever Wild' legislation in 1885 to preserve State land, the lumber companies attempt blackmail to prevent his reelection. The plot almost derails his marriage. It takes an amendment to the New York State Constitution ten years later to protect the land.John, Mary Carter's oldest son, returns to the Adirondacks from Chicago in 1887, angry over the hanging of the men accused of the Haymarket bombing. In the spring of 1889, he is hired by J.J. Schuyler, a wealthy New York banker to head the construction of a great camp on the one thousand acres Schuyler has purchased from Paul Smith on the west side of Upper Saranac Lake. Schuyler forbids John and other locals to hunt and fish on his land, even during the eleven months of the year when the Schuylers do not occupy it.John is caught between Ophelia, Schuyler's daughter, who professes her love for him, and his workers’ anger over her father’s no trespassing edict. Instigated by his paraplegic brother, Tommy, John and a few friends take the law into their own hands with tragic consequences.