• Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter with Display Backlight, 9V Alkaline Battery, 600V Voltage with a NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate with Data

    The Fluke 113 true-rms utility Multimeter is a Digital Multimeter (also known as a multitester) that measures AC/DC Voltage to 600V, resistance to 60 kiloohms, and capacitance to 9,999 microfarads. The meter has a diode Check for testing general-purpose germanium, Silicon, and power diodes, and a continuity beeper which provides audible detection of resistance by Turning on at less than 25 OHMS and off at 250 OHMS. It is also ABLE to simultaneously Check for Voltage and continuity. This true rms meter provides accurate readings when measuring linear or Nonlinear loads where the current or Voltage has a sinusoidal or non sinusoidal waveform and has both manual- and auto-ranging capabilities for user flexibility. A Max/min function records signal fluctuations and a hold function freezes measurements on the display. The 6000-count resolution, 3-1/2 digit Digital display is backlit for readability in low-light conditions. The meter is Safety rated for category III to 600V and category IV to 300V. It uses a 9V battery (installed) with a battery life of approximately 300 hours without backlight and has a sleep mode to maximize battery life.

    • Brand: Fluke

  • D-FantiX Battery Tester, Universal Battery Checker for AA AAA C D 9V 1.5V Button Cell Batteries (Model: BT-168)

    Things seem to be running a bit slow? Still running slow after you replace the batteries? Why waste time inserting and removing battery after battery when you can just test it.Just get the battery tester to help you find useful battery! From D-FantiX √ Battery Tester Checker for 9V 1.5V and AA AAA Cell √ Easy-to-read color-coded display with "Good", "Low" and "Replace/Recharge" indicators √ Checks power level of 9V and 1.5V batteries √ Can quickly test the capacity of your battery. √ Test multiple sizes of batteries in one unit √ Lightweight and compact, measures 11 × 6 × 2.5 cm √ The battery tester tests 9V,1.5V,AA,AAA,C,D and Cell Button Type batteries. Tester does not require any internal batteries to operate. Battery capacity criteria Red= Replace Yellow= Low Power Green= Good The Battery Tester may be used to test the following sizes : 1.5V-----AAA,HP6,MN2400,RO3,AA,HP7,MN1500,UM3 C,HP11,MN1400,UM2,D,HP2,MN1300,UM1 and Cell Button Type batteries. 9V------ PP3,MN1604,6F22,006P NOTE : 1. You can simply test battery voltage to determine whether the capacity of the battery is low or high.It won't directly detect the battery capacity precisely 2. Don't forget : The Battery Tester is activated by the battery being checked .Kepp test times as s...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: D-FantiX
    • ASIN: B014FEM0X6
    • UPC: 709803514256

  • High Voltage 6v Alkaline Battery in reference to 4LR44, 476A, A544, V4034PX and PX28A Camera and Flash Batteries

    GP High Voltage 6V Alkaline Battery for Camera and FlashLight Batteries These are name brand, high quality batteries made by one of the most recognized and respected battery manufacturers in the world. We buy wholesale quantities and pass the savings on to our customers. Compatible With: Camera and FlashLight

    • Brand: GP
    • ASIN: B000L99ZRE

  • GP High Voltage Alkaline Batteries - 23 AE 12V (pack of 20)

    The GP High Voltage Alkaline 23AE, is ideal for Keyless entry remotes, toys and electronic organizers and other devices. Nominal voltage of 12 Volts. 55 mAh nominal capacity. Also known as: NEDA 1811A, I.E.C. 3LR50, Eveready A23 & A23BP, Energizer AG23, GP23A, Kodak K23A, AWI L01, Vinnic L1028, Duracell MN21, MS21, Panasonic LRV08PA, Rayovac R23A, Varta VA23GA, Renata VR22, 23GA, V23GA, 23A, 23GA, A23, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, GP-23AE, LR23A, LRVO8, V23.

    • Brand: GP
    • ASIN: B004SK9P0O
    • UPC: 608866386452

  • Gardner Bender GBT-500A Analog 1.5 V Button Cell/22.5 Photo/AA/AAA/12 V/9 V/Lantern Cells & More, Leads Battery Tester, Black

    Analog Battery Tester. Tests all common batteries to determine if they are charged or need replacement. Tests from 1.5 V button cells to 22.5 V photo cells. Includes test leads for easy testing.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Gardner Bender
    • ASIN: B000BOBZJ0
    • UPC: 032076016869

  • Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester

    The BAT-200 Battery Tester indicates the amount of charge remaining in standard and rechargeable batteries. The analog display needle moves on a color-coded, calibrated scale to quickly identify 'good' (green), 'low' (yellow), and 'replace/recharge' (red) battery status.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Amprobe
    • ASIN: B005G7SBY4
    • UPC: 757073571523

  • BLACK+DECKER AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver

    The Black & Decker 6-volt alkaline battery cordless screwdriver is great for those Quick fixes around the house. It features an automatic Spindle Lock for greater control when starting and finishing screws or for manual use, if desired. There's a forward/reverse switch and a narrow nosepiece for extra help in tight places. A rubber grip provides comfort and control.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • ASIN: B004HY3APW
    • UPC: 680808344577

  • HDE Digital Alkaline Battery Tester for Small Batteries Volt Checker Tool for AA, AAA, C, D, 9v, Cell

    Things seem to be running a bit slow? Still running slow after you replace the batteries? Why waste time inserting and removing battery after battery when you can just test it. Maybe it's not your batteries at all. With this tester, you can make sure of that. Test the voltage of AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and even mini cell batteries. Voltage range on the back of the tester will help you determine the quality range of Good, Low Power, or Replace. Save some money on all those batteries you've been buying recently and now test them first! If they're still good, not only are you saving money on those batteries, you're also saving the environment by not throwing away something good. So be kind to your wallet and to nature and pick up this compact tester today! Battery Size - 1.5V| 9V. Good - 1.5V ~ 1.28V| 9V ~ 7.8V. Low Power - 1.27V ~ 1.15V| 7.7V ~ 6V. Replace - Below 1.15V| Below 6V. HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

    • Color: Multicolored
    • Brand: HDE
    • ASIN: B00CC0XEBI
    • UPC: 797734235302

  • AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Battery - 10 pack

    Product Description - 100% band new - fresh from factory - high quality high energy density - long lasting Ship from USA AG13 alkaline button batteries are commonly used in: Watches, Laser Pointers, Alarms, Clocks, Calculators, Pen Radio, Remote Controls, Flashlights, Games, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, Cameras, Toys, and many other consumer electronic devices May also be known as: AWI S05 / S15, Beric BLR44, Bright Star S15, Bulova 228, Chateau AG13, Citizen 280-08 / 280-904, CNB G13-A, Duracell 10L14 / 10SL17 / D357 / D76 / MS76 / MS76H, Energizer 357 / BS07 / BSR44H / A76, Eveready 357 / 541 / EPX76 / S76E, Gold Peak GP57 / GP76 / GPA76, JIS G13F / G13R / GS13, Kodak KS76, Lumiscope 2018, Mallory LR44, Maxell 313 / LR44 / SR44P / SR07, MGA MGA-2200, Nexxtech 357A, Panasonic SP76 / SR44, Pentax LX S-76, Phillips A76, Radio Shack 357 / 23-009, Rayovac RS76 / RS76-2 / RW22 / RW42 / RW82, Renata 228 / R357, Seiko SB-F9, Sony 76-S, Timex KA / T535B, Toshiba SR44W / SR44SW, Varta V13GA / V76HS / V76PX, Vinnic L1154 Product Specifications - Quantity: 10 PCS (1 Card) AG13 Alkaline button batteries (10pcs per card shown as picture) Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts Chemistry: Alkaline Capacity: 140 mah (at 22kω, 24h/d, 0.9v, 20+_2℃) Dimensions: 11.6 mm x 5.40 mm Weight: 2.0 g

    • Brand: Yesker
    • ASIN: B0006DR7S4
    • UPC: 812227030179

  • Battery Storage Organizer Holder with Tester - Battery Caddy Rack Case Box Holders Including Battery Checker For AAA AA C D 9V And Small Watch Batteries - Fits in a Drawer or Wall Mount

    bsoud18 HOLDS MORE THAN 100 BATTERIES! The battery holders testers for aaa aa c d 9v digital and small batteries can be hold 48 pcs AA, 24 pcs AAA, 8 pcs D Cell and 10 pcs C Cell, 8 pcs 9V battery and some watch batteries. It will fit most sizes of rechargeable batteries as well! This battery storage box helps you see at a glance what kind you have and how many, fitting perfectly in a drawer or on a wall. VERY NIFTY BATTERY KEEPER! Your battery drawer is always a mess with loose batteries all over the place never knowing if they were old or new? Batteries will be organized now with this home battery storage in a drawer or wall mounted! You will love being able to easily see which batteries you have available at a quick glance. No more half open packages! No more tearing up the drawer to find them. WE ALL NEEDED THIS BATTERY CONTAINER LONG TIME AGO! This battery drawer organizer allows you to store batteries in a central location, while keeping them from discharging or leaking on nearby metal objects. The high capacity of the battery storage and organizer of over 100 batteries to be stored certainly helps when there are other comparable products holding around 80 or so batteries. AWESOME TESTER AND BATTERY RACK! This really nice battery caddy for assorted batteries turns your mess...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Perfect Life Ideas
    • ASIN: B07H17ZJWF
    • UPC: 738223056404

  • GP Battery 12V 10 Pcs High Voltage Alkaline 23AE

    GP Battery 12V 10 Pcs High Voltage Alkaline 23AE

    • ASIN: B003ZB5F0Q

  • Fluke 700G Series Precision Pressure Test Gauge, 3 AA Alkaline Battery, -14 to 30 psi Range, 0.001 psi Resolution

    Precision pressure measurement from 15 psi/1 bar to 10,000 psi/690 bar. Accuracy to 0.05 percent of full scale. Easy to use, rugged construction for reliable performance. CSA; Class 1, Div 2, Groups A-D rating. ATEX: rating: II 3 G Ex nA IIB T6. Combine with the 700PTPK or 700HTPK pump kits for a complete pressure testing solution for up to 600 psi with the PTP-1 pneumatic pump and up to 10,000 psi with the HTP-2 hydraulic pump. Log up to 8493 pressure measurements to memory (requires 700G/TRACK software). Three-year warranty. 3 AA alkaline battery, -14 to 30 psi range, 0.001 psi resolution. Positive pressure +/- 0.05 percent FS. Vacuum +/- 0.1 percent FS. Pressure connection: 1/4" NPT male. Display: 5-1/2 digits, 16.53mm (0.65") high 20-segment bar graph, 0 to 100 percent.

    • Brand: Fluke
    • ASIN: B007E43DH2
    • UPC: 095969611053

  • SE BT20 Battery Tester

    SE is proud to present our Battery Tester. While testing 1.5V and 9V batteries, get the reading from the top scale. While testing button cell batteries, get the reading from the lower scale. If the needle does not move, check and make sure the battery is touching both contacts before assuming it is completely dead. This battery tester is very easy to use and does not require batteries to operate. Features of our Battery Tester include:(1) Able to test AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and button cell batteries(2) Easy-to-read, color-coded reading meter:- Red range = Replace- Yellow range = Low Power- Green range = Good(3) Dimensions (inches): 4-⅜” x 2-⅜”(4) Plastic body in black(5) Sliding red contact for manual adjustments(6) Batteries not required Please note: This battery tester uses battery charge to test the battery. Keep test times as short as possible to avoid draining the battery. Important:Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with our SE logo on the packaging. SE is committed to providing the customer with the best possible source for value. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness this Battery Tester has to offer. SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SE
    • ASIN: B000RB60H4
    • UPC: 706569220209

  • Rayverstar LR44 AG13 1.55 Volt Alkaline Battery, 20 Batteries. Fits: A76, GPA76, L1154F, L1154, 357A, 157, 303, 357, SR44, SR44SW, EPX76, PX76, PX76A, Hexbug Compatible

    This item lists two packages, each package contains 10 AG13/LR44 batteries for 20 total batteries. Also fits: LR44, CR44, SR44, 357, SR44W, AG13, G13, A76, GPA76, A-76, PX76, 675, 1166a, LR44H, V13GA, GP76A, L1154, LR1154, L1154F, RW82B, EPX76, SR44SW, 303, 303/357, SR44, S303, S357, SP303, SR44SW and others. High Quality Alkaline Batteries. Provides excellent continuous power source for your device. For use with toys, Hexbug, Fingerlings, calculators, cameras, watches, games, key fobs, electronic lighters, remote controls, medical and security devices and other electronic devices. High energy density, long life. These batteries provide excellent stability for electronics while being lightweight and still having high energy output of 1.55 volts . Voltage remains stable even for long periods of discharge, which improves the reliability of equipment that use the battery. Superb characteristics over a wide temperature range Do not recharge or dispose of batteries in fire. Keep away from children. Nominal voltage: 1.55V PRECAUTIONS: 1. Wipe the battery with dry cloth and set properly confirming ends (+/-). 2. Do not throw battery into fire, do not recharge. 3. Store batteries in a cool and dry place. 4. Do not force-discharge. 5. Keep batteries out of children's reach. 6. D...

    • Brand: RAYVERSTAR
    • ASIN: B074MJBKZ8
    • UPC: 859651007032

  • ZTS Multi Battery Tester - ZTS MBT-1

    Made In U.S.A.

    • Brand: ZTS
    • ASIN: B000FQG1XE
    • UPC: 856777000169

  • 5 GP 27A High Voltage Super Alkaline 12V Batteries

    Super fresh genuine GP 27A alkaline 12v batteries, Works for: Laser Pointer Insulin Pumps, Heart Rate Monitor, toys ,Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Keyless Car Remotes, Organizers, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, and all other devices that requires this battery size Equivalent to: 23-279, 27A, A27, A27BP, A27S, AG27, B-1, CA22, EL-812, EL812, G27A, GP27A, L828, MN27, R27A Best use before date 2018 that is Dec. 2018 but will be good for a while after that date

    • Brand: GP
    • ASIN: B06Y1RSP4B
    • UPC: 608938173430

  • Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch for Household Appliances, Plug and Go, Up to 100 ft. Range, FCC ETL Listed, White (Learning code, 3Rx-1Tx)

    Take Control Over Your Outlets The Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit works from as far as 100 feet and is great for switching on/off hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power switches. It operates household appliances from across rooms and can be a great assistant to the mobility impaired. Save Energy and Money Many household electronics and appliances consume electricity even when not in use - wasting valuable energy and increasing your electric bill. Standby energy consumption can average up to $100 a year in unnecessary energy costs in a standard American household. By using this Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to power everyday electronic devices such as stereos, chargers, microwaves, and even christmas lights, it's easy to take control for the best energy efficiency. Specifications Power input: 120V/60Hz Power output: 1200W/10A (max) Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz Remote transmitter battery: DC 12V(23A) 1pc Power consumption: 0.6w What's included 3 x Etekcity Outlet Receivers 1 x Remote Control Transmitter 1 x 12V Alkaline Battery 1 x User Manual

    • Color: 3 Pack with 1 remote
    • Brand: Etekcity
    • ASIN: B00DQ2KGNK
    • UPC: 025706344852

  • Rayovac AA Batteries, Double A Alkaline Batteries (60 Battery Count)

    These AA Alkaline Batteries are ideal for high use devices including toys, flashlights, wireless mice and more. Plus, they’re designed to prevent damaging battery leaks and tested twice prior to shipment to ensure reliability. These Double A batteries contain power rings for consistent performance and a max capacity can for safely containing and delivering maximum power. Rayovac High Energy AA Alkaline Batteries are long lasting, guaranteed – plain and simple or your money back*. *Money Back Performance Guarantee: Visit manufacturer website for details. Restrictions apply.

    • Brand: Rayovac
    • UPC: 012800520497

  • Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug

    Uses 3 AA Standard Alkaline Battery(Not Included). Hope you can understand.

    • Color: Led Flashlight
    • Brand: ESCO LITE
    • ASIN: B008133KB4
    • UPC: 664271808026

  • 4 Pack LR1 N AM5 1.5V Alkaline Battery Replace to 4001 810 910A AM

    Brand: PKCELL Model: LR1 AM5 Size N 9 1.5V MN9100 Alkaline Battery Voltage: 1.5V Size:12.0×30.2(±)mm Shelf life: 5 years Material: Alkaline Replacement for: 4001, 810, 910A, AM5, KN, Lady, LR1, MN9100, UM-5 Appliations: Photography devices,calculators,memory backup,pagers ,watches, bluetooth headsets, glucose and blood pressure monitors

    • Brand: PK Cell
    • ASIN: B010PMRJ7E