• Altered Curiosities: Assemblage Techniques and Projects

    Discover a curious world of assemblage with projects that have a story to tell!Step inside Altered Curiosities, where a wisdom tooth gets its own shrine, a honeybee lights up the room and a taxidermy eye becomes the eye in the back of your head. As author Jane Wynn shares her unique approach to mixed-media art, you'll learn to alter, age and transform odd objects into novel new works of your own creation.Step-by-step instructions guide you in making delightfully different projects that go way beyond art for the wall—including jewelry, hair accessories, a keepsake box, a bird feeder and more—all accompanied by a story about the inspiration behind the project. You'll also learn to:Find your personal symbols and incorporate them into your work.Alter toy figures to create curious new creatures.Master simple soldering techniques that take you beyond the soldering iron.Apply beautiful patinas and etchings to brass and copper.Transform cast resin into pieces that look like metal. The endless possibilities of assemblage are yours to discover! Let Altered Curiosities inspire you to create a new world that's all your own.

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  • The Art of Assemblage

    Art, Art Studies, Classic and Contemporary Art

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  • Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust

    Joseph Cornell (1903–1972) was one of the 20th century’s leading exponents of collage and assemblage. A connoisseur of an astonishing array of subjects, Cornell’s captivation with bygone imagery encompassed astronomical charts and geographical maps, Italian and Spanish Old Master paintings, historical ballet, early film, literature, poetry and ornithology. Most iconic among his works are his box constructions―microcosmic curiosity cabinets―filled with once-precious fragments that he collected in thrift shops in his native New York.Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust is a landmark publication examining this remarkable work. It brings together some of Cornell’s most compelling assemblages and box constructions (including Medici slot machines, soap-bubble sets and animal habitats). The contributors raise questions about Cornell’s artistic processes while drawing parallels with historical modes of inquiry such as connoisseurship, exploration and classification.

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  • Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art: Creating Unique Images and Objects

    A complete compendium—the first book to combine all three forms of collageCollage is more than a pile of snapshots and a glue stick. So much more. Let Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art lead the way to a whole new way of creating collage! Artist and author Diane Maurer-Mathison begins the book with an overview of collage, including history, tools, and techniques, plus materials and principles of color and design. Then it’s on to the collage projects, from traditional layered-paper-and-glue creations to photomontage to mixed media to digital collage. Next comes assemblage, with three-dimensional objects added to the collage mix to produce memory and shadow boxes, shrines, art dolls, jewelry, and sculpture. The last section, on altered art, reveals how collage and assemblage techniques can be used to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary art. Detailed step-by-steps and clear instructions, plus beautiful full-color photographs of collage, assemblage, and altered art by noted artists, make this the complete reference guide to collage in every dimension.• Collage is hot—assemblage and altered art are the next wave• Dozens of innovative techniques• Lets crafters push the papercrafting envelope with new ideas and inspiration

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  • Assembled: Transform Everyday Objects Into Robots

    Did you know that you can transform a cheese grater, a few bits of old cutlery and a handful of nuts and bolts into a household robot brimming with character in no time? Presented like a recipe book, this unique guide will inspire you to make your own bots from random flea market finds and some unwanted junk through 23 quirky "robot recipes". Each of the 23 robots is shown through the transformation of a group of “found objects” into a finished sculpture with accompanying instructions on inspiration, assemblage methods and bonding techniques. The projects are disassembled to their very core to reveal not just the easily identifiable elements used in their creation, such as a tennis racket, thermos, or bicycle frame, but also every screw, bolt, thread, rope or wire used to assemble them. This original collection will inspire you to scout around your homes for spare everyday objects and turn them into characterful assemblage art sculptures.

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  • Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!

    Assemblage ole!Bring your artistic yearnings and sense of adventure along on a journey to the land of Dusty Diablos. Inspiration seeps from every page, and inside here you'll find: a tasty mix of ancient folklore (from the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacán to the miracle witnessed by Juan Diego); colorful pop culture (who knew that Western-Horror was its own film genre or that there's an entire island overrun with misfit dolls?) and informative art-making how-tos (like the Tricky Burnt Paper Routine and crafting your own Nicho).Join author Michael deMeng on an artist's pilgrimage south of the border and experience a culture as rich as it is beautiful and as genuine and down-to-earth as it is humorous and fascinating. While being mesmerized by all the amazing assemblage pieces, you also learn such nifty things as:Mixing up Michael's favorite paint washes to achieve "rusty" results in your own workCrafting your own slithering serpentCreating miniature story boxesAging bottle caps with beer and so much more!Indulge your senses and come along for a trip through crowded marketplaces, a thrilling taxicab ride and the intoxicating festivities of Dia de los Muertos and discover the allure of Dusty Diablos. You might not want to leave.

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  • Altered Art Circus: Techniques for Journals, Paper Dolls, Art Cards, and Assemblages

    Art Circus! takes the reader on a magical journey into the artistic world where they can discover their creative muse which is waiting to come out and play. It is at heart a technique book for altered artists, but is housed within a wonderful, spectacular fantasy land. The book will bring the reader, the daydreamer, the explorer, the artist, to a place have never been, where they can unleash their artistic dreams and explore hidden worlds through cutting-edge techniques, creative projects, and beautiful images. The book will include easy tutorials on basic digital altering effects for new and vintage images, step by step instruction for projects, a gallery of inspirational projects from other artists, and clip art and vintage images for readers to use in their own projects. The book will cover digital and paper alteration, creating from found and household objects (jars and boxes), will feature playful illustration, vintage imagery, and use a myriad of other mixed-media materials ranging from glitter and wire to crinolin and coloring agents.

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  • Art Making, Collections, and Obsessions

    A glimpse into the personal collections and work of 35 major artists. This large format, full-color, inspirational book is about how artists use their collections to make artwork. The gallery-style format allows readers to see what artists collect, and the resulting spectacular artwork they make from it. The book will feature the collections and the artwork of thirty-five major mixed-media artists. The artwork will include journals, assemblages, altered books, as well as jewelry pieces, and detailed descriptions of the materials and techniques used, plus tips and insights into using unusual materials and collections. Mixed-media artists are naturally collectors. They are fascinated by the stuff of life, and they are always looking for the right elements to add to their collages and journals. This book offers a juicy combination -- sort of a walk through an artist-filled flea market, and a gallery of the pieces created using these collections with tips and insights on collecting and creating, and how they go hand in hand.Features a lineup of 35 contributing artists including: Lynn WhippleGraceann WarnGail RiekeBeryl TaylorKeith LoBueMichael DeMengNina BagleySusan Lenart-Kazmerand moreArt Making, Collections, and Obsessions features a beautiful collection of inspirational artwork. ...

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  • Objects of Reflection: A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage

    Use souvenirs, keepsakes and everyday objects in your own brand of storytelling.Objects of Reflection brings you a new form of visual journaling–that of assemblage–by creating art that is extremely personal and evokes your fondest memories. Inspiration pours from every page as author Annie Lockhart takes you on a journey inside of her own heart, sharing her stories for building pieces with tiny treasures and common objects. Specific elements of each project are displayed in a legend, detailing what each object symbolizes and will have you thinking about what similar objects might represent to you. In addition to providing insight on her own art-making process, Annie will guide you through her favorite step-by-step techniques for attaching elements with simple materials like string, wire and tape; aging objects to give them a bit of charm; adding texture with modeling paste and more. Dare to color outside the lines. Discover a new way to tell your own story and start using objects as "words" today.You'll also receive insight on valuable lessons such as:Quieting your harsh inner criticSeeing the beauty in objects that are brokenLooking at the things you love with new perspectiveRealizing art need not be permanent to be enjoyed

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  • Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art

    If you've ever wanted to learn the secrets which turn a tap handle into a mysterious woman from the sea, which transform plastic aquarium plants into subterranean roots stretching far beneath the known world and those which can make an icy cave from a bourbon box, then prepare yourself for inspiration that will have you checking your trash bin, twice.In Secrets of Rusty Things, renowned assemblage artist Michael DeMeng guides you down the intuitive, curious and often rock-strewn path of an artist's creative process, where illusions are just as important as any other aspect to the art. You'll discover new ideas of where to look for, not only discarded objects, but new items that you may not have previously seen as having a place in a future work of art. You'll be inspired by ways to add meaningful symbolism to your artworks' stories both through the use of color and shape. And you'll see how an ancient tale can parallel the artist's plight and invoke a new piece of art.From the pondering of each ancient myth and its connection to the modern-day artist, to the gluing together of objects, to the paint that unifies and disguises the original bits and pieces, this is an intimate view into the creative process unlike any workshop you've ever attended.

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  • Assemblages: A Selection

    Features a selection of 23 assemblages by the award-winning mixed media artist, Burnell Yow! Includes the work "The Artist As A Young Raven," which was part of the Delaware Art Museum's Centennial Exhibition in 2012.

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  • Box Art Assemblage and Construction

    Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (December 12, 1988) Language: English ISBN-10: 0517516217

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  • Dada Centennial: Day of the Dead

    Exhibition catalog for the Dada Centennial show with an international survey of contemporary collage and assemblage art with over 300 works shown.

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  • Essays on Assemblage (STUDIES IN MODERN ART)

    Book by

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  • Art from Dreams: My Jungian Journey in Collage, Assemblage and Poetry

    ART FROM DREAMS, MY JUNGIAN JOURNEY in COLLAGE, ASSEMBLAGE, and POETRY celebrates artistic expression as an exploration for self-awareness. Art-making and poetry reveal to ourselves and to others the images and feelings that arise within us in dreams. The very process of creation taps into the source of our inner wisdom. Poetry itself can be accessible as a collage of named images put together in various forms to communicate to and from our innermost selves.ABOUT THE AUTHORSusan Levin has a B.A. from the University of Michigan and an Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, she studied art at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She is a working artist in Los Angeles, Ca.CRITICAL PRAISE AND ADVANCE REVIEWS FOR “ART FROM DREAMS”“Dreams are not merely random images but rather they reveal our innermost selves. Art-making, based on our dream images, allows us to tap-into that source of personal wisdom. As seen in Art from Dreams: My Jungian Journey in Collage, Assemblage, and Poetry the process of creation itself is its own journey, its own opportunity for personal growth through self-expression. With titles such as “Defended Woman” and “Ship of Souls” this collection becomes its own narrative. Some of the pieces in the...

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  • Contextual Practice: Assemblage and the Erotic in Postwar Poetry and Art

    "Some of the most innovative works of poetry and art in the postwar period (1945-1970) engaged in a 'contextual practice' - both a way of making art and a new relationship between art and life. A response to the devastating experiences of the Depression and World War II, contextual practice involved drawing together visual and verbal fragments from daily life in order to reveal secret meanings and to insist on the regenerative potential of the everyday. Poets and artists particularly based their work on the body and its erotic energies, creating an art of daily life that reveled in sexual display and drug experimentation, espoused an anarchist politics and communal sociality, and encouraged mystical and shamanistic excursions. Contextual practice informed all branches of the New American poetry; the work of the Beats; happenings, events, and dance theater; the underground film movement; and, currents of assemblage, collage, junk art, and pop art. Fredman illuminates the theoretical and practical stakes involved and takes us back to the first stirrings of a countercultural ethos that was to have a profound effect on society at large. "

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  • Assemblage Theory (Speculative Realism)

    Examines the concept of an assemblage of heterogeneous componentsGilles Deleuze considered his concept of "assemblage" to be one of his most important contributions to philosophy. Yet he never developed it consistently and systematically, whether in his own books or those co-authored with Félix Guattari.In this book Manuel DeLanda provides the first detailed overview of the assemblage theory found in germ in Deleuze and Guattari's writings. Through a series of case studies, DeLanda shows how the concept can be applied to economic, linguistic, and military history as well as to metaphysics, science, and mathematics.DeLanda then presents the real power of assemblage theory by advancing it beyond its original formulation. This allows for the integration of communities, institutional organizations, cities, and urban regions, while challenging Marxist orthodoxy with a Leftist politics of assemblages.

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  • My Soul Has Grown Deep: Black Art from the American South

    A new consideration of extraordinary art created by Black artists during the mid-20th centuryMy Soul Has Grown Deep considers the art-historical significance of contemporary Black artists working throughout the southeastern United States. These paintings, drawings, mixed-media compositions, sculptures, and textiles include pieces ranging from the profound assemblages of Thornton Dial to the renowned quilts of Gee’s Bend. Nearly 60 remarkable examples are illustrated alongside insightful texts that situate them in the history of modernism and the context of African American experience in the 20th-century South. This remarkable study simultaneously considers these works on their own merits while also making connections to mainstream contemporary art. Art historians Cheryl Finley, Randall R. Griffey, and Amelia Peck illuminate shared artistic practices, including the novel use of found or salvaged materials and the artists’ interest in improvisational approaches across media. Novelist and essayist Darryl Pinckney provides a thoughtful consideration of the cultural and political history of the American South, during and after the Civil Rights era. These diverse works, described and beautifully illustrated, tell the compelling stories of artists who overcame enormous obstacles to ...

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  • Delight in the Art of Collage: Mixed-media Collage and Assemblage Techniques and Projects

    Delight in the Details! Add a bit of vintage detail to your collage work! In Delight in the Art Collage, Lisa M. Pace shares an abundance of mixed-media techniques and leads you step-by-step through 40 vintage-inspired projects! Inside, you'll find projects that focus on textiles, metal, paper, beeswax, and more. You will follow along with step-by-step instruction for beautiful creations such as: A felted wool and zipper-trim fabric collage built upon a background of lace and doilies A mobile (like you've never seen before!) featuring photo-transferred metal embellishments A wildflower-inspired collage of vintage book pages, aluminum punched flowers, and faux resin leaves Easy and fun mixed-media techniques that span a vast variety of materials make this the most delightful offering yet from one of North Light's most beloved artists.

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