• The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Bad Behavior and Training Aid - Quickly Stops Barking, Jumping, Digging, Chewing – Harmless and Safe- 50ml, Pack of 2

    Created by Dr. Roger Mugford from The Company of Animals, makers of quality pet brands including Halti, Baskerville, and Clix. Used and recommended by trainers and behaviorist throughout the world. At the Company of Animals, we are passionate about creating behavior enhancing products to improve the relationship between people and their dogs. The purpose of the Pet Corrector is to gain the dog’s attention at the instant they are exhibiting an unwanted behavior. When the Pet Corrector emits a hissing sound, the dog is distracted, and the owner can then insert a positive command and reward.Pet Corrector should always be used responsibly, it should never be pointed directly into an animal’s face. It is not recommended for use with young puppies, noise sensitive or nervous dogs.Product includes comprehensive training instructions to ensure correct use.Sizes: 30ML, 50ML, 200MLHandy holster available for 50ML can.

    • Color: 2 Pack
    • Brand: The Company of Animals
    • ASIN: B0124G4DV4
    • UPC: 885631216378

  • BossBee Ultrasonic barking control, Dog bark control, Bark trainer, Anti barking device, Handheld ultrasonic dog bark deterrent with Wrist Strap,No bark devices,Barking dog deterrent,Bark controller

    BossBee Ultrasonic barking control, Dog bark control, Bark trainer, Anti barking device, Handheld ultrasonic dog bark deterrent with Wrist Strap,No bark devices,Barking dog deterrent,Bark controller by BossBee   Color: Grey Feature >Material: ABS>Operates on 4 AAA batteries (not included)>Maximum control distance: 16.4ft(5m)>Sound frequency:25KHZ>Size: 3.7'' x 1.6'' x 1.2'' (9.3 x 4.1 x 3.1cm)>Weight: 1.1oz(32g)>Color: Grey Package including1 handheld ultrasonic bark control  1 user manual 1 anti-static wrist strap  Notice This device should not be used less than 30 cm (12 inches) from a human ear. Not suitable for aggressive dogs. Keep out of reach of children. Different dog breeds may react to the ultrasonic sound differently. For optimal results, please use the product as a training aid, along other tools/commands. It produces a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that is irksome to dogs and at the same time it is soundless to the human. It is fully harmless and safe to humans and dogs.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: BossBee
    • ASIN: B07B53493J
    • UPC: 785123600688

  • Amtek BB1 Original Barker Breaker - All-Purpose Pet Trainer

    Dont want to hear your dogs incessant barking? Tired of scolding your pet for jumping up on the furniture? Get rid of any unwanted behaviors with this all-purpose training tool. Pressing the button emits a high-pitched tone to grab your dogs attention. Follow the tone with a verbal command to teach your dog the correct behavior. When usually consistently and repeated often, the Barker Breaker obtains quick results. The Barker Breaker wont hurt your dog like a shock collar would and has been found to be more effective than ultra-sonic collars and units. And because it fits nicely in your hand, you can even train in the backyard, at the park, or anywhere else you may go. The Barker Breaker is powered by a 9-Volt battery, included.

    • Brand: Amtek
    • ASIN: B0058KIORS
    • UPC: 749617020109

  • GoodBoy Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar for Tiny to Medium Dogs Weatherproof and Vibrating Anti Bark Training Device That is Smallest & Most Safe On Amazon - No Shock No Spiky Prongs! (6+ lbs)

    You love your dog, but their barking is a problem. It wakes you up, gets on your neighbors' nerves and makes your home feel stressful. You want to control your puppy's barking, but other methods won't work or just aren't suitable for your dog! GoodBoy Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is a humane, effective and convenient deterrent to help your dog to learn to stop barking. Our collar helps your dog build an association between barking and the annoying (but painless) vibration. Dogs are quick learners; your dog will rapidly learn to avoid the irritating sensation by not barking. When you use this collar your pet learns to calm down and you get a little peace and quiet again. How It Works GoodBoy Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is controlled by a high tech microprocessor that can distinguish between your dog's bark and other environmental noises. When your dog first barks, the collar makes a warning beep. A second bark within 30 seconds produces another beep for your dog. After that, the collar reminds them to stay quiet by adding a gentle but irritating vibrating sensation to the noise. The vibration is harmless, but still strong enough to interrupt their bark. If barking continues, the vibration progresses through 5 levels of duration until your dog stops barking for at least thir...

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: GoodBoy
    • ASIN: B073TWZLS4
    • UPC: 719318359716

  • Pet-Agree Ultrasonic Training Aid

    The Pet-Agree training aid is a compact, hand held device used to help maximize and reduce your training time. The Pet-Agree produces a distinct, ultrasonic tone when activated that will help naturally interrupt the pets behavior and provide for its full attention to your commands. The Pet-Agree is great for basic training and behavior modification. It is truly a humane Pavlovian device based on the principles of classical and operant training. The Pet-Agree can be used for training to help stop your dog from jumping up on people, excessive barking, chasing cars, biting or clawing, digging or use it to help protect yourself and your dog while out. The Pet Agree can cut down your training time from months to weeks. Best results are obtained when the PET-AGREE is pointed in the direction of the pet being trained. Effectiveness may vary due to each pet's age, temperament, and hearing ability. Deaf pets will not respond. The red light (LED) will light brightly and constantly while the button is depressed indicating that the PET-AGREE is functioning and the battery is good. If the LED does not light, replace the battery.

    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Brand: Pet-Agree
    • ASIN: B0009YUDVI
    • UPC: 786714500660

  • [KCSC] Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device | Bark Control Deterrents | Training Tool | Stop Barking, No Barking | Safe for Small/Medium/Large Dogs | Outdoor/Indoor uses, up to 50 Feet range (Upgraded)

    Features: Uses ultrasonic technology to stop barks - More effective and durable. No more barking. Sensitive microphone for indoor/outdoor(waterproof) use. Four adjustable ultrasonic volume levels - test, low, medium, and high, with LED battery power level indicator. The product will not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs. There are some situations where dogs become desensitized. To avoid this, only turn the outdoor bark control on during periods of unwanted barking. The device uses low-intensity ultrasonic, is silent to humans and not harmful. How it works: The unit is automatically activated by the sound of barking. When the device is within the range of a barking dog, the microphone will isolate and pick up the barking to emit an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog. How to Test it: 1. Adjust the knob to "TEST" button. 2. Place the item to a position which is one arm's length away from you. 3. Whistle to the microphone of the item loudly,if the LED blinks Green,and you can hear beeping noise,then the item work properly. Effective Range: Level 1: Up to 15 feet Level 2: Up to 30 feet Level 3: Up to 50 feet Weight: 6.9 ounces / 195g Measurement: 6.5x4.3x2.4 inches /164x110x60mm What's Included: 1x Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller in Birdhouse Shape (battery not included) 1x User M...

    • Brand: KCSC
    • ASIN: B076V36ZCV
    • UPC: 761856464391

  • Donidin No Bark Dog Collar, Safely - Stops Incessant Barking, 7 Sensitivity Levels for Small, Medium & Large Dogs (18-120 lbs.), Uses Humane & Static Stimulation with Extra Bonuses

    With 7 bark-detection levels & a multi-step deterrent process, your humane, high-tech No-Bark Dog Collar safely stops unwanted barking. Comes with free collapsible bowl, extra battery, extra leash & manual. Is your dog's constant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Check out our Donidin No-Bark Collar. Equipped with the latest technology, it controls those annoying woofs without hurting your precious pooch. Here's How It Works Super-sensitive to sound vibrations, your No-Bark Collar easily detects repeated barks. When your dog barks twice in a row, the collar emits a beep. At the third bark, the beep intensifies. If your dog keeps barking after that, the collar delivers a brief, painless dose of humane shock. It doesn't harm dogs... just annoys them. Within days your dog learns the lesson & quits the nonstop barking. Adjustable for Your Dog Every dog is different. That's why this anti-bark collar has 7 bark-detection levels. Simply press "+" or "-" to fine-tune the sensitivity precisely for your pooch. Designed for Durability Made of sturdy, woven nylon, this static correction collar is crafted for keeps. Easy to install, it has a side-release buckle for quick on/off & an adjustable glide for a custom fit. Comes with a product tester to ensure it's in perfect order. Plu...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Donidin
    • ASIN: B0151X5YWO
    • UPC: 600346424203

  • Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent, MONOJOY Sonic Bark Control Outdoor Bark Controller, Dog Anti Barking Device Stop Barking Dogs Silencer Bark breaker, Safety, Friendly,

    Humanely Stop Your Dog, the Neighbor's Dog or Even Multiple Dogs from Barking If You Have Barky Dogs And A Baby - This Is A Must! Deter a neighbor dog's excessive barking and Discourage your dog's excessive barking. When your dog barking, it gets all the neighbors' dog's barking. Thus, the endless barking cycle begins. You and everyone in the neighborhood are losing sleep from the pets' conversations all night long. You need a bark control solution, and the Outdoor Bark Control is just the one for you! How It Works The dog bark deterrent emits an ultrasonic sound. Humans will not be able to hear this tone, but it can be easily heard by dogs. Startled by the high-pitched sound, which is safe and effective for dogs of all sizes and breeds, the dogs barking will be deterred. Dogs will soon associate their barking with the unpleasant tone, and will remain quiet to avoid the sound. When the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic sound also stops. Up To 50 Foot Range; No Bark Collar Needed The Outdoor Bark Control has three range levels to choose from, which indicate what distance the barking will activate the unit. The test mode will ensure the microphone and speaker is working. Low Range will protect up to 15 feet. Medium Range will double that measurement to 30 feet. The Range will...

    • Brand: MONOJOY
    • ASIN: B07B8GX25Q

  • Amtek MBB Mini Barker Breaker

    The Mini Barker Breaker trains your pet to stop nuisance barking and breaks other bad behavior. Simply point the unit toward your pet and press the button. The compact size and durable belt clip is perfect for jogging and walking with your pet. The specially tuned microphone only picks up barking.Features:-High frequency sound-Lightweight-Compact, Portable-Operates On 9 V Battery

    • Brand: Amtek
    • ASIN: B0041HU5VM
    • UPC: 749617020703

  • Essential Guide to Cake Decorating

    For those whove mastered the art of cake baking or are just getting started, this essential guide to finishing your creations contains creative ideas, tips, and techniques for decorating the perfect cake. Step by step instructions and full-color photos help make this cake decorating guide the ideal cake book for beginners and experts alike.

    • ASIN: 1405457465

  • The Nameless Dark: A Collection

    The Nameless Dark debuts a major new voice in contemporary Weird fiction. Within these pages, you’ll find whispers of the familiar ghosts of the classic pulps - Lovecraft, Bradbury, Smith - blended with Grau’s uniquely macabre, witty storytelling, securing his place at the table amid this current Renaissance of literary horror. A finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award for Single-Author Collection!

    • ASIN: B011STOYUI

  • Heartbreaker

    • ASIN: B07J4XVMKQ

  • Tracy Gifts got Barker? - Beanie Skull Cap with Fleece Liner, Black

    This beanie features an amazing polyester fleece lining with acrylic exterior. Its durable and heavy keeping you covered in any weather. A favorite amongst the snowboard riding community as well as with skiers.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tracy Gifts
    • ASIN: B07MY8KFCK

  • Chey's Cowboy (Bridleton Book 2)

    Trace Mitchem is the foreman at Bridleton and a confirmed bachelor whose main goal in life is to build a ranch he can call his own. Cheyenne Bartell is the youngest heir to the Texas ranching dynasty. What she lacks in self-confidence, she makes up for in spirit and determination.Trace and Chey have known each other for years and worked side by side to save Bridleton. He prefers to keep a safe distance between them. She wants to explore the smoldering attraction they share. It's a standoff until an unexpected accident changes everything. Suddenly, Chey is the wary one, and Trace is demanding so much more. Until something happens that changes everything again…

    • ASIN: B00AVN3BB6

  • Hellraiser [VHS]

    In 1986, critically acclaimed and celebrated horror author Clive Barker directed his first feature film which has since become a modern horror classic. Clive Barker's Hellraiser introduced some of the most frightening and sophisticated images of horror to ever grace the silver screen. No film has ever gripped the imagination so shockingly nor presented such nightmarish characters, deeds, monsters, and ideas which go so far beyond the realm of horror film making and fiction. From beyond the outer darkness. From the nightmarish realm of the imagination. From the mind of the horror-master extraordinaire, Clive Barker, comes Hellraiser - there are no limits.

    • ASIN: 6304147058
    • UPC: 092091148631

  • Heartbreaker

    • ASIN: B07JV9HB39

  • Thornbreaker (Chronicles of Oer'aus Book 1)

    In the world on Oer'aus, in the land of Kyen, an evil dictator attempts to snuff out the final remnants of light and destroy the last of the Elves. A young girl thrown into destiny is given an immense task: restore light to this world of chaos and darkness. Soon, friends and family surround her in a seemingly perfect group, including an Elvish king. But in her group, a man with a dark secret lurks...In a world where magic remains, everyone has a guardian-like beast known as a Wolf, and the Elvish population dwindles, the first book in the Legends of Oer'aus starts the epic tale of a new beginning in a young world.

    • ASIN: B0057ZYQ30

  • Faeries: Deluxe Collector's Edition

    A quarter of a century after its initial publication, and with more than a million copies in print worldwide, Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s Faeries is a certified fantasy classic. Now, Froud and Lee return to their most enduring and beloved work in this deluxe anniversary edition. This ultimate collector’s book features eight new pieces of art by Froud and Lee with the original pencil drawings and watercolors.   More than just a reissue, this deluxe revised and updated edition contains essays from both Froud and Lee on the continuing influence of Faeries. There is also a foreword by bestselling author Jane Yolen.  

    • Brand: ABRAMS
    • ASIN: 0810995867

  • Gone to Green: Gone to Green Series - Book 1

    In Gone to Green, Lois goes from being a corporate journalist at a large paper in the Midwest to the owner of The Green News-Item, a small twice-weekly newspaper in rural North Louisiana. The paper was an unexpected inheritance from a close colleague, and Lois must keep it for at least a year, bringing a host of challenges, lessons, and blessings into her life.   When Lois pulls into Green on New Year’s Day, she expects a charming little town full of smiling people. She quickly realizes her mistake. After settling into a loaned house out on Route 2, she finds herself battling town prejudices and inner doubts and making friends with the most surprising people: troubled teenager Katy, good-looking catfish farmer Chris, wise and feisty Aunt Helen, and a female African-American physician named Kevin.   Whether fighting a greedy, deceitful politician or rescuing a dog she fears, Lois notices the headlines in her life have definitely improved. She learns how to provide small-town news in a big-hearted way and realizes that life is full of newsworthy moments. When she encounters racial prejudice and financial corruption, Lois also discovers more about the goodness of real people and the importance of being part of a community. While secretly preparing the paper for a sale, Lois beg...

    • Color: green/green
    • Brand: Abingdon Press
    • ASIN: 1426700245