• Shure CVL Centraverse Clip-On Lavalier Condenser Microphone

    CVL Centraverse Clip-On Lavalier Condenser MicrophoneView larger CVL Centraverse Clip-On Lavalier Condenser Microphone with ClipView larger Shure CVL Centraverse Clip-On Lavalier Condenser Microphone For professional presentations requiring a microphone that is heard but not seen, the Centraverse CVL Lavalier Condenser Microphone offers a compact clip-on design and simple, no-nonsense setup. The unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted sound for superior audio quality and vocal reproduction. Precision-engineered for years of use with all Shure wireless systems. Features: Miniature lavalier microphone with included tie clip offers low visibility and hands-free use Permanently charged electret condenser element provides clear vocal reproduction Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise for improved sound quality Included windscreen reduces plosives, wind, and breath sounds Tailored frequency response optimized for speaking and presentations TA4F (TQG) connector seamlessly integrates with Shure wireless systems Legendary Shure precision engineering for durability and performance.For any further queries, please reach out to Shure's customer support @ 1 (800) 257-4873

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Shure
    • UPC: 042406325813

  • AKG C518M Miniature Cardioid Condenser Microphone

    Mic up your drums or percussion instruments with this excellent performer! The AKG C 518 M is the ultimate miniature condenser microphone for drums and percussion instruments. Its cardioid polar pattern rejects overspill from nearby instruments. A continuously adjustable vise-type clamp makes it easy to fix the microphone securely on the top hoop of most drums or percussion instruments. An external shock mount provides high mechanical-noise rejection. A special snap-on stabilizer knee will keep the gooseneck bent at a defined angle. The C 518 M features an integrated, switchable bass cut for adjusting the microphone's frequency response to your instrument's sound. The AKG C 518 M is designed for use with an external phantom powering.

    • Brand: AKG
    • ASIN: B000Z76ZAC
    • UPC: 885038018612

  • Electro-Voice PC-18 XLR Podium Microphone XLR Base, 18 Inch, Dual Capsule Design with 4 Patterns

    The PolarChoice PC-12XLR and PolarChoice PC-18XLR are multi-pattern miniature gooseneck podium microphones designed for sound reinforcement systems where sound quality and gain-before-feedback is of major importance. The multi-pattern versatility of the PolarChoice microphone makes it true problem solver. With 3 directional and one non-directional polar pattern available, the PolarChoice microphone is ideal for virtually any installation. Polar patterns can be easily changed, using a small flat bladed screwdriver with the front mounted rotary control. Altering the polar pattern does not change the on-axis sonic character of the microphone therefore changes in equalizer settings are unnecessary. The PolarChoice PC-12XLR and PolarChoice PC-18XLR are acoustically designed for high-quality sound reinforcement and broadcast applications. The frequency response is tailored for wide-range sound reproduction with very natural sound pick-up for either distant or close-up use.brbrThe small, dual diameter gooseneck has two supple joints and a rigid center tube. The rigid tube prevents unsightly twisting of the gooseneck but permits the user to exactly position the microphone. The electronics housings 3/4-inch diameter base is terminated with a male XLR-type 3-pin connector that allows the m...

    • Brand: Electrovoice
    • ASIN: B0002JEUQY
    • UPC: 701001361212

  • Astatic 900W Cardioid Condenser Hanging Choir Mic (White) - Equitek Capsule for Extended Frequency Response

    Cardioid Overhead Condenser MicrophoneMiniature overhead cardioid condenser mics for speech, vocal andchoral pickup. May be used for installation over choirs, in courtrooms,conferencing and in meeting rooms. 30’ of cable is permanentlyattached to the flex gooseneck for easy positioning and adjustmentswhen suspended.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Astatic
    • ASIN: B0009YIE6E
    • UPC: 631922102017

  • Samson AH8 Headset Transmitter for AirLine 88 System, D Band: 542-565 MHz

    Fitness headset with built-in micro transmitter (no beltpack or cable required) Water-resistant design for high-energy instructors/performers Marine-grade stainless steel gooseneck AE50X micro-miniature microphone capsule with cardioid pickup pattern Offers up to eight hours of battery life using built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery Sealed gold contact charging connector for included USB-style charger Low battery LED indicator 300' operating range (line-of-sight) Variable Gain control 1-touch Mut

    • Brand: Samson Technologies
    • ASIN: B0799PB9FZ

  • Samson CMB1 Podium Microphone w/Weighted Mic Base+Dual Handheld Wireless Mics

    Features:   samson cmb1 gooseneck podium microphone weighted mic baseand cable, talk/mute switch. Specifications: .System: .Operating range: 100'-200'(indoor),65'-165'(outdoor).Channel: two channel. Frequency range: 170mhz - 260mhz. Frequency response: 80mhz-12000mhz. Frequency width: 32mhz. Dynamic range: 110db. Operating temp: 14°f â€" 122°f. Oscillation mode: quartz crystal. Frequency stability: ±0.005%.Modulation mode: vhf. Frequency response: 80hz â€" 8 khz (±3 db).Harmonic radiation: 2mv. De-emphasis: 50µs. Audio output impedance: 600ω. Audio output level. : 0-0.5v. Power supply: ac110v /220v 50/60hz. Current consumption: ≤50ma. Audio out connector: 1/4" unbalanced. Transmitter: .Frequency stability: ±0.005%.Rf output power: ≤30mw. Modulation mode: vhf. Maximum deviation range: ±50khz. Microphone mode: fixed. Pre-emphasis: 50µs. Power supply: aa/1.5vÃ-2. Current consumption: ≤35ma.

    • Brand: Samson Technologies
    • UPC: 613815575399

  • Peavey VCM3 VCM 3 Church Choir Microphone+Samson Podium Altar Boundary Mic

    Descriptions: VCM 3 Choir Mic Blk. The VCM 3 is a low-profile microphone designed primarily to be suspended above choirs, ensembles or stage areas for sound reinforcement with virtually no visual distraction.. The back-electret condenser capsule offers a smooth, tailored frequency response with a cardioid pickup pattern that is highly effective in suppressing feedback and unwanted noise.. The hanging adapter is a flexible, steel-spring wire used to facilitate positioning of the VCM 3 when suspended by its cable.. The VCM 3 comes with a 33' (10 m) small-diameter cable, allowing it to remain as inconspicuous as possible. This rugged, durable cable will fully support the VCM 3 and its hanging adapter.. This cable connects to a compact output module. The output module also adapts the smaller QG-type connector to the typical three-pin XLR for use with a standard microphone cable. This adapter operates on phantom power supply DC voltages between 9-52 volts. SACM11B. The surface mount CM11B has an Omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures sound in a 180 degree pattern. A perfect application would be to place a CM11B microphone in the center of a board room or conference table to pick up everyone in the meeting.  

    • Brand: Peavey
    • ASIN: B07KYDR2B4
    • UPC: 613815574866