• New Starter Fits Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 6.0 C4 Corvette 5.7 Firebird Camaro Hummer Yukon Escalade SSR

    Parts Player 86279802125 ----REPLACES---- Delco 10465550, 10465560, 19136241, 8000052, 8000061, 89017412, 89017442, 9000880, 9000927, 9000962, GM 12564110, 12573852, 12583115, 12592295, 12593688, 89017442 ----USED ON---- Cadillac (2002-2005) ** Chevrolet (1999-2005) ** GMC (1999-2005) ** Hummer (2003-2005)

    • Brand: Parts Player
    • ASIN: B00VQA0XD2
    • UPC: 862798006332

  • NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

    The GB40 is an ultra-portable, lightweight and compact lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt batteries. With it, you can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds - up to 20 times on a single charge. It's mistake-proof, making it safe for anyone to use and features spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity protection. The GB40 lithium jump starter integrates with a high-output 100 lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, holds its charge for up to one year and features a USB battery pack for recharging personal devices on the go - up to 4 smartphone recharges. It's rated at 1,000 Amps (7,000 Joules3S), and suitable for use on gasoline engines up to 6 Liters and up to 3 Liter diesel engines, such as a car, van, boat, SUV, truck and more. Includes the GB40, needle-nose battery clamps, USB charging cable, microfiber storage bag, our 1-year hassle-free limited warranty, and free lifetime customer support Other commonly used search terms include: jump starter, jumper cables, car jump starter, battery jumper, car starter, car battery jump starter, car jumper, jump pack, car jump, jump starter power bank, battery booster, battery jump, jumper pack, jumper battery, battery jump pack, portable jump starter, jumpstart, jumper starter, battery jump box, jump starters, genius...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: NOCO
    • ASIN: B015TKUPIC
    • UPC: 656727396621

  • Victory Lap 66-132, Starter Solenoid

    66-132 solenoid for Delco PG260 Series PMGR Starters used on: (1996) AM General, (1995-2011) Buick, Cadillac, (1993-2009) Chevy, GMC, Hummer, (2006-09) Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes, (2006-08) Isuzu, (1994-2004) Olds. (1995-08) Pontiac, (2005-08) Saab, Saturn. --This solenoid fits only those vehicles listed in the application information. --Do not install this solenoid if it does not match exactly the original solenoid on the starter. --many solenoid look like this solenoid from the outside but are wired differently. This solenoid will fail or stick if you use it to replace a "Look-alike" solenoid.--Do not drop or otherwise miss handle, including over torqueing, ANY solenoid including this one. High temp. insulating material will break.--All Victory Lap solenoids are tested and shipped from the factory in a sealed carton. Do not accept if carton has been opened. --If the carton has been opened, you run the risk of receiving a solenoid damaged by a previous customer's faulty installation.

    • Brand: Victory Lap
    • ASIN: B0049XT992
    • UPC: 165066080226

  • Mr. Gasket 3678 Starter Motor Heat Shield

    Mr. Gasket Starter Motor Heat Shields are designed to prevent the starter from over heating. They are sandwhiched between aluminum plates to protect the starter. These shields are easy to use and are backed by a limited warranty.

    • Brand: Mr. Gasket
    • ASIN: B000CMF0OW
    • UPC: 084041036785

  • Powermaster Performance 3631 Original Look Starter Chevy 153 Tooth Flywheel/166 Tooth Flywheel 95 ft/lbs. Torque 10:1 Compression Ratio Natural Finish Original Look Starter

    Powermaster Original Look Hi-Torque starter for OE look with Upgraded Modern Technology and Performance. Same on the Outside- Better on the Inside. Stronger Armature/Field Coil/Drive and Hi-Temp Solenoid. All Powermaster Starters Come With Our Dyno Tested Proof Of Performance Guarantee.

    • Brand: Powermaster
    • ASIN: B001GC2NJ2
    • UPC: 692209004110

  • Starter NEW Chevy Corvette 5.7L 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

    Description:Starter OEM(s) replaced:Denso Voltage:12 Power:1.4kW / 1.88HP Condition:New Rotation:CW Starter Type:OSGR Number of Teeth:11 Gear OD:1.169in / 29.7mm Mtg Ear 1 Hole:9.7mm Unthreaded Mtg Ear 2 Hole:9.7mm Unthreaded Warranty:1 Year Weight:9.28 lbs / 4.22 kg

    • Brand: EPartsGlobal
    • ASIN: B078HMTH8Q
    • UPC: 600172114828

  • Powermaster Performance 9201 Powermax Starter (Chevy, Pont Lsx Eng Gmc LS Truck 4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,6.2L 168T Flyw 11:1 Natural)

    Powermaster PowerMAX Original Look Starter Have a Steel Gear Insert to Cover Both EFI and Carbureted Engines. 1.4kw/1.8HP Rated Up To 10:1 Compression with 160 Ft-Lbs of Cranking Torque and a 4.25:1 Gear Reduction. All Powermaster Starters Come With Our Dyno Tested Proof Of Performance Guarantee. Made in USA.

    • Brand: Powermaster Performance
    • ASIN: B001GCCKDG
    • UPC: 692209007487

  • 11" 168T Offset High Torque Starter Motor for Chevy SBC 350 BBC 454

    Compatibility: 1993-2004 Chevrolet C3500 5.7L V8 1993-2004 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L V8 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 5.7L V8 2000-2002 Chevrolet Sonora 5.7L V8 1995-2000 Chevrolet Camaro 5.7L V8 2000 Chevrolet Express 1500 5.7L V8 1999-2000 Chevrolet Express 3500 5.7L V8 1997-1999 Chevrolet Cargo Van 5.7L V8 1995-1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 5.7L V8 1995-1998 Chevrolet P30 5.7L V8 1996-1998 Chevrolet R25 5.7L V8 1997 Chevrolet C35 5.7L V8 1996-1997 Chevrolet Silverado 5.7L V8 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 5.7L V8 1993-1996 Chevrolet G30 5.7L V8 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala 5.7L V8 1994-1995 Chevrolet C2500 Suburban 5.7L V8 1993-1995 Chevrolet C3500HD 5.7L V8 1993-1995 GMC P3500 5.7L V8 1993-1996 GMC G3500 5.7L V8 2004 Pontiac GTO 5.7L V8 1996-2002 Pontiac Firebird 5.7L V8 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood 5.7L V8 1993-1996 Cadillac Commercial Chassis 5.7L V8 1993-1996 Buick Roadmaster 5.7L V8

    • Brand: Hex Autoparts
    • ASIN: B01AJLKGT4
    • UPC: 701948090619

  • Powermaster 9200 High-Torque Replacement Starters

    Starter PowerMax Starter PowerMax Starter; Standard; Chevy Ram Jet 350/502; 168 Tooth Flywheel; 160 ft./lbs. Torque; 10:1 Compression Rate; SPECIFICATIONS: Style: OE FEATURES: Clears Most Headers and Oil Pans Exact Original Fit Steel Gear Insert vs. Plastic OEM For EFI/Carb Applications Permanent Magnet for High efficiency Supplied With Bolt and Shim Kit Powermaster PowerMAX Original Look Starter Have a Steel Gear Insert to Cover Both EFI and Carbureted Engines. 1.4kw/1.8HP Rated Up To 10:1 Compression with 160 Ft-Lbs of Cranking Torque and a 4.25:1 Gear Reduction. All Powermaster Starters Come With Our Dyno Tested Proof Of Performance Guarantee. Made in USA. Manufacturer of starters and alternators for racing and show cars

    • Brand: Powermaster
    • ASIN: B000VW2MXU
    • UPC: 692209001430

  • Proform 66256 Black Powdercoated High-Torque Starter

    12 V 1.4 KW Motor, 11:1 Comp.High-torque, gear-reduction design. 100% New, not rebuilt. Offset design results in more clearance between the oil pan and the starter, and can be rotated for additional chassis clearance. The high-torque, high-output motor spins the engine over faster than stock starters, delivering 40-50% more cranking power. 3.75-to-1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full ball bearing construction. Includes shims to set pinion-gear engagement (when necessary). Approved by all leading sanctioning organizations.Fits all Chevy V 6 and small and big block V 8 engines using 153 or 168 tooth flywheels. Heavy-duty Proform P/N 66258 weighs 1-1/2 lbs. more and is 1 longer than P/N 66256.

    • Brand: ProForm
    • ASIN: B000630IJO
    • UPC: 037995362561

  • Crank-n-Charge 3838N Replacement Starter Fits BUICK Regal CHEVY Camaro Caprice Corvette Impala OLDSMOBILE Cutlass

    Brand New Aftermarket Starter BUICK 1982-84 Electra 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1982-84 LeSabre 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1982-84 Regal 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1984-85 Regal 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1986-87 Regal 8 Cyl. 5.0L CADILLAC 1982-84 Commercial Chassis 8 Cyl. 6.0L 1982 DeVille 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1982 Fleetwood 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1982-84 Fleetwood 8 Cyl. 6.0L CHEVROLET 1985-90 Camaro 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1987-92 Camaro 8 Cyl. 5.7L 1983-84 Caprice 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1985-90 Caprice 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-90 Caprice 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1984-87 Corvette 8 Cyl. 5.7L 1983-84 El Camino 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1985-87 El Camino 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-87 El Camino 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1983-84 Impala 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1985 Impala 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-85 Impala 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1983 Malibu 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1984 Monte Carlo 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1985-86 Monte Carlo 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-88 Monte Carlo 8 Cyl. 5.0L GMC 1983-84 Caballero 6 Cyl. 3.8L 1985-87 Caballero 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-87 Caballero 8 Cyl. 5.0L OLDSMOBILE 1982-83 98 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1985-87 Cutlass 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1984 Cutlass Calais 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1982 Cutlass Cruiser 6 Cyl. 3.8L 3800cc 1985-87 Cutlass Salon 6 Cyl. 3.8L 3800cc 1982-87 Cutlass Supreme 6 Cyl. 3.8L 3800cc PONTIAC 1982 Bonneville 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1984-86 Bonneville 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1987-90 Firebird 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1985-86 Firebird 8 Cyl. 5.0L 1987-92 Firebird 8 Cyl. 5.7L 1982 Grand Prix 6 Cyl. 4.1L 1986-87 Grand Prix 6 Cyl. 4.3L 1984-87 Grand...

    • Brand: Crank-n-Charge
    • ASIN: B017XY7Q52

  • Proform 66268 Hi-Torque Starter

    High Torque Starter. 100% New. Staggered Bolt Pattern.Chevy Light Weight Small block Big block, 10:1 Comp

    • Brand: ProForm
    • ASIN: B000630I6C
    • UPC: 037995362684

  • JEGS Performance Products 10011 Mini Starter Small Block/Big Block Chevy 153/168

    Mini StarterSmall Block/Big Block Chevy153/168-ToothStraight Bolt Mount12 Position Rotation6:1 Gear ReductionFor up to 11.3:1 Compression Ratio1.7 HP1.4kW7.4 lbs.Natural FinishMade in the USA Fits all Small Block Chevy except LS series engines (LS1, LS6, 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L)May require the use of "R" Terminal Diode Kit 555-10038, which allows the use of aftermarket mini starters in GM vehicles originally equipped with breaker point ignitionsStarter cover is chrome, solenoid cover is clearcoated brushed steel

    • Brand: JEGS
    • ASIN: B078WJ8TSW
    • UPC: 889944003434

  • GOHAWKTEQ G5204C 4 Gauge 500A 20 Ft Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables Booster Jump Starter

    Warranty: Lifetime Warranty. Your purchase is backed by our rock-solid lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Application: Works with All Kinds of Vehicles Including Car, Van, Truck and Tractor. These Heavy Duty Cables Jumpers are Properly Capable of Providing the Efficient Current Flow Required for All Your Automotive Needs Material: Temperature Resistant Shielding - Safe in Extreme Heat and Cold(-40ºF);100% highly conductive CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum): Allows 500 Amps of Power Transfer and Suitable for 12 V & 24 V Batteries;Extra Tough PVC Material:Assure Quality and Safety as They Are Designed for Outstanding Drop Resistance and Insolated Protection. Design: Ergonomically designed with shielded clamp surfaces for safety. Red and black PVC coated clamps make identification easy during boosts.Carry Case is Designed for Quick and Easy Storage Length: 20 Feet cable length allows for recovery from any position around the vehicle that is in need of battery boost. Even when there is no access from the front or sides - the cables reach the full length of the vehicle giving you the ability to jump start from behind a vehicle.Auto Parts Depot ALWAYS PROVIDES HIGH QUALITY AUTO PARTS AND SERVICE. If you receive the items have quality problems or damaged, please email us immediately, and we ...

    • Brand: GOHAWKTEQ
    • ASIN: B078WNRHHK
    • UPC: 798881148064

  • Powermaster Performance 607-2 Starter Bolt/Shim Starter Bolt Kit w/Shims Replacement Parts For PN[9600/9610/9612] Natural Starter Bolt/Shim

    Starter Bolt Kit (Knurled) w/Shims Natural for (9600,9610,9612)

    • Brand: Powermaster Performance
    • UPC: 692209019558

  • Powermaster 9000 Hitachi Short Starter; Standard; 153/168 Tooth Flywheel; 160 ft./lb. Torque; 3.7-1 Gear Reduction;

    Adjustable Mounting Block. Works w/Most Oversized Kickout Oil Pans. Can Be Inverted w/Solenoid Down. 3.7:1 Gear Reduction.

    • Brand: Power Master
    • ASIN: B000PDLYD4
    • UPC: 692209001348

  • Tru-Tech SS200T Starter Solenoid

    Starter Solenoids

    • Brand: Tru-Tech
    • ASIN: B000CPM21I
    • UPC: 091769114794

  • Formula Auto Parts STS4 Starter Solenoid

    Please check the application before you place the order to make sure you get the right part. Feel free to contact us via Amazon Messaging with any application issues

    • Brand: Formula Auto Parts
    • ASIN: B078966TS3
    • UPC: 817224022370

  • DB Electrical SDR0047 Starter For Chevy Gmc P Series Truck Van 4.3 4.3L 5.0 5.0L 5.7 5.7L 6.6 6.6L 7.4 7.4L / 10455301, 10455305, 10455308, 1108427, 1108428, 1108429,1998217, 1998220, 1998221

    BUICK CENTURY 5.0L(305) V8 1977 -1980BUICK CENTURY 5.7L(350) V8 1977 - 1979BUICK LESABRE 5.0L(305) V8 1978BUICK REGAL 5.0L(305) V8 1977 -1980BUICK REGAL 5.7L(350) V8 1977BUICK ROADMASTER 5.7L(350) V8 1992 -1993BUICK SKYLARK 5.0L(305) V8 1977 - 1979BUICK SKYLARK 5.7L(350) V8 1977 - 1979CADILLAC BROUGHAM 5.7L(350) V8 1990 - 1992CHEVROLET ASTRO VAN 4.3L(262) V6 1985 - 1990CHEVROLET BEL AIR 5.0L(305) V8 1980 -1981CHEVROLET BEL AIR 5.7L(350) V8 1970 - 1980CHEVROLET BEL AIR 6.6L(400) V8 1970 - 1975CHEVROLET BEL AIR 6.6L(402) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BEL AIR 7.4L(454) V8 1970 - 1975CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 5.7L(350) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6.6L(400) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6.6L(402) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 7.4L(454) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BLAZER 4.1L(250) L6 1973 - 1982CHEVROLET BLAZER 4.8L(292) L6 1973CHEVROLET BLAZER 5.0L(305) V8 1977 - 1987CHEVROLET BLAZER 5.7L(350) V8 1972 - 1994CHEVROLET BLAZER 6.6L(400) V8 1975 - 1979CHEVROLET BLAZER 7.4L(454) V8 1973 - 1978CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 5.7L(350) V8 1970 - 1972CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 6.6L(400) V8 1970 -1972CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 6.6L(402) V8 1972CHEVROLET C / K / R / V SERIES PICKUPS 4.1L(250) L6 1973 - 1984CHEVROLET C / K / R / V SERIES PICKUPS 4.3L(262) V6 1985 - 1987CHEVROLET C / K / R / V SERIES PICKUPS 4.8L(292) L6 1973 -...

    • Brand: DB Electrical
    • ASIN: B007Y872J8
    • UPC: 701485523410

  • Powermaster Performance 13510 Starter

    Powermaster OEM-style high-torque replacement starters look like your OE starter, but pack a hidden surprise of high-torque cranking power! How do they do it? Easy--they combine an electric motor that is much stronger than a stock starter, and direct drive for serious torque. Hardware is provided for some applications, and some models also come available in a chrome plated finish.

    • Brand: Powermaster Performance
    • ASIN: B00R9381Q6
    • UPC: 692209020943