• 3x5 CSA Southern States Rebel Battle Flag

    Limited Quantity Battle Flag

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  • The Confederate Battle Flag: America's Most Embattled Emblem

    THIS PRODUCT IS A BOOK. Pursuing the flag's conflicting meanings, Coski suggests how this provocative artifact, which has been viewed with pride, fear, anger, nostalgia, and disgust, might ultimately provide Americans with the common ground of a shared and complex history. He reveals the flag's origins as one of many banners unfurled on the battlefields of the Civil War and shows how it emerged as the preeminent representation of the Confederacy and was transformed into a cultural icon from Reconstruction on, becoming an aggressively racist symbol only after World War II and during the Civil Rights movement.

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  • Anley Fly Breeze 3x5 Foot Old Georgia State Polyester Flag - Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant - Canvas Header and Double Stitched - Georgia 1956-2001 Flags with Brass Grommets 3 X 5 Ft

    Old Georgia State (1956-2001) Polyester Flag by ANLEY - Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant - Canvas Header and Double StitchedQuality MaterialMade of durable polyester. Double stitched all around the edge and strengthened by canvas header and two brass grommets. You will fully appreciate the workmanship and quality of this flag.Sharp Color with Fade ResistantWhen your flag arrives at your home or business, you will immediately see how amazingly the color printed. It is very sharp and vivid. In addition, the dye has been processed for UV fade resistant.Fly in BreezeThis Flag is Very Light-Weighted. So It is perfectly designed for Low-Wind Areas. (NOT Recommended for Super Windy Outdoors)SPECIFICATIONImported. Made of 100% Polyester. Package contains one ANLEY 3x5 Ft Fly Breeze Georgia State Flag.WARRANTYThis is the AUTHENTIC high-quality ANLEY flag! Don't accept cheap imitations. We stand behind our products! All flags and items sold by ANLEY come with 3-MONTH FREE replacement warranty. You can always contact us at: http://www.amazon.com/seller/ANLEY

    • Color: Georgia(1956 - 2001)
    • Brand: Anley
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  • Everything You Were Taught about the Civil War Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!

    There are two things that enemies of the traditional conservative South cannot tolerate: being faced with the facts and having their myths and lies about Lincoln’s War exposed. But if we are ever to learn the full and honest truth about the conflict, then exposed they must be.In Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! award-winning historian and author Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook sets the record straight in this easy-to-read, well documented handbook that confronts the North’s many falsehoods about the American Civil War - important facts the anti-South Movement has been supressing for 150 years! Divided into convenient chapters, such as "Cause of the War," "Secession," "Slavery," "The Abolition Movement," "Jefferson Davis," "Abraham Lincoln," "The Emancipation Proclamation," "The Union and Blacks," "Yankee War Crimes," "Prisons," and "The Confederate Flag" (among many others), this bestselling exposé of Yankee anti-South propaganda has the power to heal hearts and change minds. For in reeducating the world about Lincoln’s War it will give Northerners a better understanding of the conflict itself, while making Southerners, of all races and political persuasions, proud to be Southern.Read the politically incorrect, international blockbuster...

    • Brand: Brand: Sea Raven Press
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  • 2nd Amendment America's Original Homeland Security Polyester 3 x 5 Foot Flag (Basic pack)

    2nd Amendment Skull with Two Guns Flag. Flag has metal grommet holes for hanging the flag. Made from high quality polyester material. Approximately 3 x 5 feet (36 x 60 inches; 91 x 152cm). Includes original manufacturers packaging. Flag is printed on one side but visible from both sides. Letters and images will be reversed on the back side of the flag.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Hot Leathers
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  • Confederate Flag Facts: What Every American Should Know About Dixie's Southern Cross

    Is the Confederate Battle Flag truly a symbol of "hatred, racism, and slavery," as Liberals maintain? Of course not. It's the opposite: it's a symbol of Christian love, universal brotherhood, and freedom, but they don't want you to know that! More importantly it's a sacred symbol of Southern heritage, history, and honor, one that every traditional Southerner is rightfully proud of. In Confederate Flag Facts: What Every American Should Know About Dixie’s Southern Cross, award-winning Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook corrects the many falsehoods fabricated by the anti-South movement about the South’s most famous ensign: the Starry Cross (the Confederate Battle Flag). In the process, he provides the true history of the Confederate States of America and its three official flags: the Stars and Bars (the First National), the Stainless Banner (the Second National), and the Blood-Stained Banner (the Third National). We learn why the C.S.A. patterned itself on the original U.S.A. (which was known as “the Confederate States of America”), even copying her Constitution and flag, all in an effort to preserve the confederate republic of the American Founding Fathers. In debunking the many myths and lies invented by South-haters about the Confederate Flag, a wide range of...

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  • Flag 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Don't Tread On Me 3x5 Feet

    Flag 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Don't Tread On Me 3x5 Feet ...

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  • Polyester USA Mississippi Flag, 3x5-Feet

    Brand New 3'x5' (90cm x 150cm) 100 Denier heavy-duty Indoor/Outdoor polyester, Made in China. Screen printed, with design visible from both sides (in reverse). UV-Resistant Color to protect vibrancy of design in sunlight. Two brass grommets for hoisting - Lightweight fabric will fly even in gentle breeze. Double Stitching all around for durability.

    • Brand: Flags Importer
    • ASIN: B002MT6Y52
    • UPC: 085225002015