• Danny Gatton: Telemaster!

    In this lesson, blistering country guitar star Danny Gatton teaches you an endless array of harmonic techniques, volume and tone control usage for pedal steel effects, B3 organ effects, jazz chord and mode juxtapositions and substitutions, new blues progressions, jazz/country styles and pick-and-finger independence. He also works on banjo-style rolls, Scotty Moore and Cliff Gallup styles, rockabilly and echo effects, Les Paul style trills and harmonies, Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell styles, as well as slide guitar and right-hand damping. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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  • Danny Gatton: Strictly Rhythm Guitar

    Danny Gatton presents a comprehensive study on rhythm guitar styles and technique, covering everything from blues/jazz chord substitutions, rockabily and country power chords, R&B and Motown rhythm, and even some acoustic country/bluegrass guitar ideas! Gatton shows you the rhythm parts slowly at first, before demonstrating them in a band context with Arlen Roth on lead guitar. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

    • Brand: Hot Licks
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  • Tom Principato and Danny Gatton: Blazing Telecasters

    A new DVD release, "Blazing Telecasters", provides a golden oppurtunity to witness Gatton years before he became legendary, as he and Principato--a fine picker in his own right-- stretch out on six instrumental tracks (with repeat takes of two songs added as a bonus). The 45-minute television studio performance which also includes John Previti on bass, Mike Sucher on keyboards, and Tony Martucci on drums) finds the two guitarists trading solos in a relaxed and mutually respectful manner. Gatton shifts in and out of warp speed so effortlessly it's almost scary, and just watching him do his classic beer-bottle jazz thing, or simulate pedal steel are enough to make one feel, well, humbled. Art Thompson Guitar Player Magazine There is a re-mastered edition of this CD which has corrected audio/video synch and is all-region playable. All the material is different from the Audio CD's.

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  • Danny Gatton 2: Strictly Rhythm Guitar [Region 2]

    Quick Shipping !!! New And Sealed !!! This Disc WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review Description.

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  • Learn Country Guitar with 6 Great Masters

    This DVD offers six great lessons from the masters of country guitar! Lesson 1: Arlen Roth gives you a true country guitar lesson Lesson 2: James Burton demonstrates pedal steel type licks and some classic rhythm parts Lesson 3: Greg Martin explores some country essentials including Travis picking and country blues lead style Lesson 4: Great English country picker Adrian Legg teaches you a wealth of acoustic techniques Lesson 5: Danny Gatton teaches some Les Paul style licks that give a great/rockabilly sound Lesson 6: Legendary country picker Scotty Anderson teaches some hot double stops and unique right hand techniques. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

    • Brand: Hot Licks
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  • Unfinished Business - The Life & Times of Danny Gatton

    (Book). Danny Gatton was a players' guitar player, hailed by both Rolling Stone and Guitar Player as the greatest unknown guitarist anywhere. His legend has only grown since his untimely suicide in 1994, along with appreciation for his blinding speed, effortless genre-hopping, flawless technique, and never-ending appetite for tinkering and problem-solving. Drawing from first-hand interviews with dozens of friends, family members and fellow musicians, Unfinished Business places Gatton's musical contributions into context, and documents his influence on those peers who admired him most, including Albert Lee, Vince Gill, Arlen Roth and Lou Reed.

    • ASIN: B001MJ0E8G

  • Hot Rod Guitar: The Danny Gatton Anthology

    Gatton was such a genre-jumper that he never found a commercial niche; instead, he was the guitarist's guitarist, fluent and fluid in various forms of rock, country, jazz, and blues. But he clearly had an innate fondness for country, especially bluegrass (perhaps that's what made him the fastest picker of his time). Among the country-oriented highlights here are the scintillating "Redneck Jazz," the rockabilly "Love My Baby" (with Robert Gordon singing), "Sun Medley" (with Delbert McClinton's Fogerty-esque barking), and "Linus and Lucy/Orange Blossom Medley," in which "Steel Guitar Rag" flashes by in a blur. But his country flair also manifests itself in more subtle ways (fingerpicking the blues, for example). If you don't mind a crash course in other American music mixed in with your country--it's not like being forced to eat beets with your burger, after all--then Gatton's your man. --John Morthland

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  • Portraits

    Seven studio tracks and three scorching live tracks from the Roxy Club (Washington DC) circa 1989.

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  • American Music


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  • Relentless

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  • 88 Elmira Street

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  • In Concert 9/9/94

    The master of the Telecaster burns it up on this live set from 94.

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  • Blazing Telecasters

    'Blazing' is just the right word for this live set with blues guitar hotshot Tom Principato , who played on and off with Gatton through 1984. This is the resulting snapshot that Principato reissued several years later on his own Powerhouse label (and remains available in retail stores and by mail-order, regardless of its ongoing demand as an Internet auction item). Principato 's blues-oriented style -which also draws on elements of jazz , jump blues , and swing -- pushed Gatton beyond the peaks he'd achieved with his Redneck Jazz Explosion , and the '50s- and '60s-style explorations of Unfinished Business . This guitar summit meeting, then, inspired some unlikely choices -- such as a countrified take on Bob Dylan 's 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.' Other highlights include 'Honey Hush (Talkin' Woman),' which features some sizzling exchanges between both guitarists, and a Latin-oriented swing into Les Baxter 's 'Quiet Village,' where everyone pulls off inspired soloing (except drummer Robbie Magruder ). There's a bright reading of the jazz standard 'Cherokee,' which provides an appropriate contrast to the mellow fusion of Principato's 'If You Only Knew' and 'Been N'Gone.' Guitar enthusiasts will appreciate Principato 's notation of who's soloing when, as well as the photos of ...

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  • Country Guitar Heroes - 100 Country Licks for Guitar: Master 100 Country Guitar Licks In The Style of The 20 Greatest Players (Play Country Guitar Licks)

    Master Country Guitar Licks & the Language of the Greatest Country PlayersPlay in the style of the greatest 20 Country GuitaristsMaster 5 genre-defining guitar licks for each playerDiscover how to combine and personalize vocabulary into a personal styleTranspose licks and play in any key with our CAGED System guideLearn two complete Country Guitar solos to play country guitar licks in contextCountry Guitar Heroes: 100 Country Licks For GuitarAre you struggling to learn the language of solo country guitar?Do you want to master the essential language of the country guitar greats?Do you want to combine country guitar licks into meaningful, personalized solos?Do you want to be able to use your country guitar licks in any key and in any style?100 country licks for guitar goes way beyond most normal ‘boring’ lick books…  you will learn authentic country guitar licks “In the style of” the 20 greatest country guitarists…ever. What’s more, you’ll learn how to form their licks into your own personal language… in any key and in any style.Here’s What You Get:100 country guitar licks closely mimicking the language of the 20 most important country guitar playersComplete playing advice and breakdown of every lick, from fingering to musical applicationUnderstanding of how to...

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  • Unfinished Business

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  • Untouchable

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  • Cruisin' Deuces

    Acclaimed by and magazines, Grammy-nominated virtuoso Danny Gatton was once known as the "World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist."No Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: GATTON,DANNYTitle: CRUISIN' DEUCESStreet Release Date: 05/18/1993

    • Brand: GATTON,DANNY
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  • New York Stories

    This title is manufactured "on demand" when ordered from Amazon.com, using recordable media as authorized by the rights holder. Powered by CreateSpace, this on-demand program makes thousands of titles available that were previously unavailable. For reissued products, packaging may differ from original artwork. Amazon.com’s standard return policy will apply.

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  • The Humbler

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