• Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rothco
    • ASIN: B002PEZH3O
    • UPC: 613902323506

  • Dog Tag Deluxe Survival Knife NEW

    Dog Tag Deluxe Survival Knife is perfect for camping, hiking, climbing, self defense and survival. Razor sharp hollow ground edge. Heat treated 440C stainless with reflective finish and sighting hole for signaling. Lash down point for attaching a handle, Notch for fire starting with Ferrocerium Rod, protective sheath slides over blade, Engravable, 27 inch chain and a button compass.

    • Brand: ARS
    • ASIN: B0031A62HQ

  • RUKO 7-1/2-Inch Blade Survival Knife with Deluxe Steel Handle and Survival Kit

    RUKO K2005 Survival knife - your friend in sticky situations. The K2005 features a Razor Sharp 420A Stainless Steel 7-1/2" Clip-Point Blade with Dual Saw Back Pattern; Includes Pocket Compass, Grappling Hooks and Survival Capsule (fish hooks, twine, matches, wire saw) inside Non-Slip Stainless Steel Handle; Supplied with Molded ABS Sheath with Integrated Sharpening Stone, Web Nylon Button Snap Closure and Nylon Accessory Pouches; Blade: 7-1/2", Overall Length: 14-1/2", Weight: 2 lbs 0.62 oz; Lifetime Warranty

    • Brand: Ruko
    • ASIN: B003Z6LO2E
    • UPC: 770583931793

  • Ready America 70285 Deluxe Emergency Kit 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack

    Nowadays with governments advising us that we should be self-reliant for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster, it's absolutely essential that we have emergency supplies at our disposal. That's why Ready America has developed a 3-Day Deluxe Emergency Kit for 2 people. It contains all the life saving supplies and more that two will need to survive for those crucial 72 hours. The kit includes the basic supplies including US Coast Guard approved emergency food to sustain two people for three days. Unique to the Deluxe 2-Person Emergency Kit are a few extra items - Water Purification Tablets, one 32 oz. BPA Free Water Bottle, Personal Hygiene Kit, Emergency Power Station, Multi-Function Pocket Tool with Pliers, and more. The Emergency Power Station is a four-function hand-crank unit that features a flashlight, AM/FM radio, cell phone charger and personal alarm. One minute of cranking produces either 30 minutes of bright light, 2 minutes of talk time on a cell phone, or 15 minutes of radio. The Multi-Function Pocket Tool with Pliers includes screwdrivers, pliers, file, wire snip, bottle opener, and knife all in one. All this and more comes in a convenient, durable backpack that can be stored in your car, home or office. Take it on camping trips and vacations so that you have it...

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Ready America
    • ASIN: B00A387958
    • UPC: 753962702856

  • QuickStove Emergency Camp Deluxe Cook Kit. Multi-Fuel Stove, Cooking Pot, Fuel, Food, Pocketknife Utensil, Matches, Solar Flashlight - Perfect for Survival Kits, Camping & Emergency Preparedness by

    The QuickStove Cook Kit was designed to be an affordable emergency preparedness kit that has everything you need to stay warm, boil water, or cook food when your car gets stranded in a blizzard, when you get stuck at work because of a tornado or when the power goes out at your house for a week. Make sure you have a way to cook your food and boil your water in any situation. QuickStove's Cook Kit is a great solution for emergency, survival, camping and outdoor cooking. The stove is designed for quick convenient use, and at less than 1 pound is the ideal solution for emergencies. It has been engineered to maximize burn time of the QuickStove Fire Starter but can be used outdoors with any wood or similar fuel alternative (sticks, alcohol burner, sterno, charcoal, solid fuel tablet). The Cube Stove can be used in multiple different positions to accommodate different needs, such as cooking fast or slow, or cooking on a large pot or small cup.

    • Color: Stove + 2 Fuel Disks + Pot + Extras
    • Brand: QuickStove
    • ASIN: B075RGW1ZH
    • UPC: 653407913901

  • Tools of Life Multitool Deluxe Black-Multi Tool Pouch Folding Hand Tool, Multifunction, Multipurpose Survival Tool with Gift Box

    United States Patent and Trademark Office Registered No. 5,255,530 HOW TO DO WONDERS WITH A LITTLE SURVIVAL MULTITOOL Multifunction tool comes with nylon sheath and belt loop, to be strapped onto a belt while working on projects around the house. Multifunction includes pliers, knife, various size screwdrivers, Philips head, inch measurement. Must Have Survival Tool Kit for Outdoor Recreation The multifunction tool set acts as needle-nose plier, knives, fish scaler, inch scale, can and bottle opener for fishing, camping hiking, hunting needs and survival tool set. Stainless Steel Multi Tool With Nylon Sheath 7 Belt Loop A high-quality power assist multipurpose tool kit includes: Needlenose Pliers Regular Pliers Sharp Knife Small Knife Small Screwdriver Medium Screwdriver Large Screwdriver Phillips Screwdriver Bottle Opener Can Knife Fish Scaler/File/Inch Scale The multitool backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee. Click the Add to Card Yellow Button at the top of this page to your love one a Survival Multitool.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tools of Life
    • ASIN: B00OE6ISVO
    • UPC: 820103688642

  • Gecko Equipments Paracord Deluxe Grenade Survival Kit, Black

    The product description shown on the product page is different than the one inside my sellers account and does not appear to update when I edit it. This is the second time something like that happens. Which is why I am reaching to you to help me like the first time. Could you please make sure the product displays the following product description please: GECKO Equipments Premium Paracord Survival Grenade Here is the complete list of items included (Note: The Survival Kit is braided inside the paracord): 1 x Dried "Jute" tinder bundle 2 x egg sinkers 2 x inch Polyurethane foam bobbers 2 x stainless steel swivels 2 x safety pins 1 x Alcohol pad 2 x fishing hooks 1 x fishing line 1 x ferrocerium fire starter rod 1 x rubber tube (2 feets) 2 x water purifying tablets 1 x Cotton Ball 1 x Wire Saw 1 x Carabiner 1 x Stainless Steel Shackle 1 x Whistle 1 x Compass 1 x Knife Blade 1 x Needle 1 x Metallic wire 1 x Piece of "Glow in the Dark" Paper 1 x Piece of Tin Foil 1 x Small Metal box 1 x Paracord (28 Feet) 1 x Paracord (19 Feet) 7 inner strands in each paracord (329 Feet) Gecko Equipments Engagement: Here at Gecko Equipments...

    • Color: Black
    • ASIN: B00Y9BSCCY
    • UPC: 784672441902

  • ER Emergency Ready 2 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit, SKBP2DD

    A 2-person, 72-hour vehicle survival kit packaged within a durable and portable nylon backpack ideal for storage inside a vehicle for use during roadside emergencies, field trips or quick evacuations. This comprehensive survival kit contains the most effective and reliable emergency supplies to prepare for any disaster that can occur during transit.  Kit Includes: (2) Emergency Food Bars, (12) Water Pouches, (2) Thermal Blankets, (2) Ponchos with hoods, (1) Portable Tube Tent, (1) 5-1 Safety Whistle, (2) Tissue Packs, (2) Out-of-state Contact Cards, (2) 12-Hour Green Lightsticks, (1) 12-Hour Yellow Lightstick, (30) Water Purification Tablets, (2) Dust Masks, (1) Pair Vinyl Gloves (Included in first aid kit), (1) Pair Work Gloves, (1) Solar/Hand-Crank Powered Flashlight & Weather Band Radio, (1) Multi-function Swiss Army Style Knife, (1) Survival Guide, (1) First Aid Kit. Packaged in a Durable Blue Nylon Backpack.

    • Brand: ER Emergency Ready
    • ASIN: B00115P6XY
    • UPC: 683818100706

  • Paracord Survival Grenade Tin And Emergency Bracelet (55pc)--Backpacking Hiking Camping Disaster Preppers Kit--65 Feet--Mom Feel Safe! Your Kids Can Get Fire, Food & Shelter When Lost.

    10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY OUR TRAVEL TIN TOOL KIT TODAY?(1) MILITARY GRADE PARACORD: We use quality Type III parachute cord SGS LAB TESTED @ 586 lbs w/ 7 (3-ply) strands (21 yarns)-Other kits say 550 but use 350 lb-Add the strong carabeaner and you get the TOUGHEST most FUNCTIONAL multi tools stuff to get you out of a jam!(2) MORE FIRST AID GEAR : Your husband wife boyfriend father boys girls 10 - 13 and up will be better prepared for unexpected injury with 2- antibiotic paks for cut treatment 2- gauze 2- sterile alcohol pads to kill germs 2- cotton balls 2- bandages 2- bands. Use paracord for a tourniquet or to support a broken limb and still get to safety in the wild.(3) WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS makes murky water drinkable. Don't need doomsday prepper walking dead zombie apocalypse survival fire skills to boil water and prevent dehydration and death.(4) CUSTOM FLINT AND STEEL SCRAPER: Most kits provide a scalpel knife as scraper stuff...which risks cutting your hand? We provide a safe tool perfectly designed for starting fires easily.(5) 450 FEET CORDAGE makes building a shelter easier! You'll be able to tie more branches/foliage together(65"x7 strands=450' binding cord). Your refuge will be more secure leaving you extra rope for other essential inventions survivalist job...

    • Color: Nighthawk Black
    • Brand: PREP2GO
    • ASIN: B06XW4FCKZ