• Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor to Avoid Overcutting - Dog Nail Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit - Professional Pet Grooming Tool for Cat Puppy Bunny Rabbit Parrot Turtle Iguana Lizard - Ebook Guide

    The type of cat claw clippers or nail clippers for dogs used to trim your pet's paws can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping him or her calm & pain-free. Our doggie nail clippers can be used on just about any small ang medium animal, including shih tzu, husky, golden retriever, poodle, yorkie, chihuahua, havanese, sheltie, terrier, shitzu, maltipoo, pomeranian, chinchilla and so on. It's the #1 bestselling pet nail clipper! ★ THE ECO-FRIENDLY SELECTION: Made out of recycled materials, our dog & cat nail clipper leaves very little footprint on the environment. Safety for your precious pet. ★ ERGONOMIC SHAPE & DESIGN: The streamlined design of our toenail clippers for dogs & cats is what makes it a popular choice among pet owners who want THE best. ★ ANGLED QUICK SENSOR BLADE: Crafted out of stainless steel, angled & outfitted with a quick sensor, the blade of our nail clippers for cats & dogs are safer than others. ★ ANTI-SLIP RUBBERIZED HANDLE: We've added a rubberized grip to the handle, ensuring your hand doesn't slip or slide when trimming or cutting your pet's claws or nails. ★ EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO CLEAN: Strong & durable enough to withstand harsh disinfectants, the pet nail cutter couldn't be easier to clean. Simply spray & wipe it down. BO...

    • Brand: SHINY PET
    • ASIN: B076CSKBFR
    • UPC: 638455883178

  • RUFFFWEAR Ruffwear - Bark'n Boot Liners for Dogs, Comfortable & Quick-Drying, Twilight Gray, 2.5"-2.75" (Set of 4)

    Ruffwear Bark'n Boot Liners will enhance the fit, upgrade the performance, and improve the comfort of our dog boots. Makes putting on Ruffwear boots a cinch! These boot liners are ideal if your dog has a dew claw, but will provide increased comfort for any dog. Our Bark'n Boot Liners are compatible with all Ruffwear boots. Bark'n Boot Liners are sold in a set of 4 and are available in 4 sizes. Select the correct size based on your dog's paw width (measure across the widest part of the paw when bearing weight). 1.50-1.75 inches (38-44 mm); 2.0-2.25 inches (51-57mm); 2.5-2.75 inches (64-70 mm); 3.0-3.25 inches (76-83 mm). Washing instructions: Wash with cold water and mild detergent on gentle cycle; Air Dry. Do NOT bleach, iron or dry clean.

    • Color: Twilight Gray
    • Brand: RUFFFWEAR
    • UPC: 796793306039

  • Resco Professional Nail Grooming Kit, Large

    The Resco claw care kit sports over $50 in value! kit includes Fresco Original nail clippers, 1 replaceable clipper blade, sapphire nail File, and gold medal styptic.

    • Brand: Resco
    • ASIN: B0765DN364
    • UPC: 030627005317

  • Healers Medium Leg Wraps - 24-Inch, Blue

    Healers Leg Wraps are a re-usable veterinary dressing designed with a patent technology that provides maximum breathability and padded comfort to an injury. Like all of Healers wraps moisture quickly wicks away and disperses through the cells form more effective evaporation. The wraps will hold in place on a pet's leg even during very active play. They are perfect for dew claw injuries or lick granulomas. Our leg wrap includes two Healers Gauze pads customized to fit on the inside of the wrap. Healers gauze will not stick the wound and has adhesive on the back so you can place it where you need it. The gauze dressing absorbs fluids, allows medication to be applied to a wounded area while protecting the wound with the wrap. The leg wraps are 2-inch wide and sold in lengths of 18-inch and 24-inch. You can connect wraps together for added length or cut a wrap to shorten. Wraps will also connect to Healers Booties enabling a full paw and leg wrap. Healers wraps are washable and re-usable. Made In the USA.

    • Color: BLUE
    • Brand: Healers
    • ASIN: B007P0LSUO
    • UPC: 804879355076

  • Hovinso Dog Nail Clippers, Pet Cat Nail Trimmers Professional Grooming Claw Cutter For Small Animals Puppy Bunny Kitten Parrot Iguana Lizard

    💓💓 Regular nail care is important for your pet's health. The long nails may affect your dog and cat's walking, and even hurt the joints, stab to the sole.Especially for the pets rarely polish their nail on outside rough ground. Hovinso Pet nail clipper is professional tools for trimming the nails of dogs cats and other small animals.The pet nail clippers will allow you to trim your pup's nails professionally at home! 💓💓 👏👏 Trimming Tips:👉 - Hold the paw securely while trimming the nails.Quickly cut off the top of the nail with a single stroke. 👉 - If there are lots of hair on the soles of dogs feet, had better cut it to prevent slide.👉 - Always touch your dogs' claws, and let dog feel that the claws are touched is a common thing.👉 - Do not cut off too much each time. If the pet's nails are very long,cut off a small amount and wait about a week to ten days before cutting again. Repeat every week or ten days until nails are at desired length. 💪💪 Designs and Features: - Sharp blades are made of high quality stainless. - Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable. ✨✨ Warning: - Do not use for other purpose except for pets. - Keep the clipper away fr...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hovinso
    • ASIN: B07B4BL2PL
    • UPC: 614070502571

  • Digger Dog Nail File Stress Free Alternative to Dog Nail Clippers and Dog Nail Grinders (Blue Model 2018)

    The New and Unique DiggerDog Nail File is designed to be used specifically and only on the nails of a dog's front paws.These tend to be a lot more problematic - growing faster than the back nails and not getting worn down as much through walking and running. An effective nail file for large dogs and small dogs. ONLY for FOOD-MOTIVATED dogs. A perfect solution for dogs that hate clippers or grinders. No more struggling and having to restrain your stressed dog. The DiggerDog Nail File is interactive, fun and food reward based .The file is safe - there is no risk of cutting into the quick and making the dog's nails bleed. You save time and money not having to take your dog to the vet. Invented and made in Australia, it is made of high quality poly-carbonate, stainless steel and aluminium. The abrasive plates (the actual file) have an industrial grade coating, which is durable and long-lasting. The plates are removable/replaceable and new plates can be purchased from us, if they eventually become less abrasive. The file comes in one standard size and is available in BLUE or RED. With the file, you will receive an instructional brochure and links to instructional videos. For more information type DiggerDog Nail File into your search engine. Please note: if your dog's nails are extreme...

    • Color: Blue Model 2018
    • Brand: DiggerDog Nail File
    • ASIN: B079Z1XLP4
    • UPC: 612520324575

  • Pet Nail Clippers, Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Claw - Razor Sharp Blades for Fast Cutting Paws - Safe, Professional Trimmer Set At Home Grooming with Stainless Comb & Nail File, For M/L Cat Dog

    Sagapo trimmer set works well for large and medium sized dogs or cat. which do open a touch wider, so also good for one dog's thick dew claws. The pet nails will became very thick nails that twist and curl as they grow, which makes clipping them pretty tricky. Sagapo nail clippers provided a smooth clean cut. Sharp Blades -- Even if your dog has crazy thick claw , it is also easy to get through his claw,you do not need to squeeze hard,so it will make keeping your pet toenail trimmed easier, which tend to a fast sharp cut rather than crush or cracks toenail. Safety Guard -- On the back to prevent from cutting them too short, keeps you from cutting into the "quick" of the dogs nails Safety Lock -- Easy to maneuver,holds the clippers shut when not in use,prevent children from using it. Spring -- Slides nicely and will spring back after squeezing. You do not need to manually pull the handle to get them to open after each cut. Handle -- Sturdy and good grip. Our clippers have better ridged rubber handles for added grip, is comfortable to hold. the longer handles would provide better leverage. Our handle was slim and fit in your hand better than other brand bulky handle. File -- Round file can fix the burr and every edge Comb -- Works well taken out all knots...

    • Color: black-red
    • Brand: S'agapo FOR BEAUTY
    • ASIN: B0793S6SZ8
    • UPC: 725704212718

  • Show Tech Mat Buster 5 Blade

    The Show Tech Mat Buster has blades that cut through coarse mats with no problem. Blade can be reverse for left handed users Available in 5 or 9 blades Approximately 6 1/4" overall lengthWarning: This is a very sharp tool. Children should not be permitted to use Mat Buster. Use with caution near skin fold, skin edges, dew claws, genitals, ears, base of hind legs, eyes, and any other sensitive areas.

    • Brand: Show Tech
    • ASIN: B00TYEUJJ0

  • Muttluks Mud Monsters (2 Pack), Orange, Medium/Large

    Protect your pet's paws from burning-hot pavement and paw-cutting debris. These rugged summer dog boots are soft on paws, tough on terrain! They feature treaded soles made from recycled rubber. The sole offers "barefoot" technology that flexes and adapts to paw shape and movement for better grip and comfort. Each is constructed from breathable mesh and microfiber. Mud Monsters protect the paws from excessive heat and surface wounds on hot pavement or sand, plus sidewalks and trails.

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Muttluks
    • UPC: 779922003467

  • Dew Claws

    When his Uncle Clayton and three younger brothers disappear in the Night Horse Swamp, Johnny Ray Rembee is put in a foster home, but the creatures that took his brothers soon come back for him

    • ASIN: 0821718088

  • Weebo Pets Safety Guard Pliers Style Nail Clipper with Nail File

    Weebo Pets Safety Guard Pliers Style Nail Clipper with Nail File Pliers-style clippers with textured, rubber comfort grips that are easy to squeeze with minimal hand strength and work well on thick, tough nails. They also provide more flexible cutting angles for rounded nails like dewclaws. Why You'll Love It: These pliers-style clippers feature a safety guard which limits the length of nail that can be cut. This limits the chances that a cut will reach your pet's quick, which will keep nail trimming a relaxing and enjoyable activity for everyone! Choosing your pet's nail clippers There are two major types of pet nail clippers: guillotine-style and pliers-style, but which is right for you and your pet? Guillotine clippers are precise instruments. They provide a clean, single cut from just one side, and provide extra control when the nail is secured between the ringlet and the blade. If you're particularly worried about cutting the quick, especially if your dog has dark nails, the guillotine's slicing action allows you to shave thin slices and keep your pet comfortable. The blades are easily replaced, which extends your clippers' value. Pliers-style clippers are easy to handle, and are typically easier to squeeze with less hand strength, which makes them ideal for large b...

    • Brand: Weebo Pets
    • ASIN: B015WKTOPY
    • UPC: 796520344198

  • Mountain Dew Kitty Cat Ripping Though Graphic T-Shirt - Small

    Mountain Dew Kitty Cat Ripping Though Graphic T-Shirt

    • Color: Multicolored
    • Brand: Mountain Dew
    • UPC: 759545022748

  • Weebo Pets Surgical Steel Nail Clipper with Comfort Grips

    Weebo Pets Surgical Steel Nail Clipper with Comfort Grips Guillotine-style clippers with rubber comfort grips that keep the tool secure in your hand, even if you have a squirmy pet! Surgical-grade stainless steel blade and ringlet resists rust and corrosion to stay sharper, longer. Sharp blades are vital for clean cuts that don't hurt. Dull blades simply crush the nail, which isn't good for anyone! Why You'll Love It: Guillotine-style clippers provide extra control and more precise cuts. Secure the nail between the ringlet and the blade, then shave off a slice of nail as thin as you like! This is particularly useful for safely cutting dark nails with invisible quicks. Choosing your pet's nail clippers There are two major types of pet nail clippers: guillotine-style and pliers-style, but which is right for you and your pet? Guillotine clippers are precise instruments. They provide a clean, single cut from just one side, and provide extra control when the nail is secured between the ringlet and the blade. If you're particularly worried about cutting the quick, especially if your dog has dark nails, the guillotine's slicing action allows you to shave thin slices and keep your pet comfortable. The blades are easily replaced, which extends your clippers' value. Pliers-style cl...

    • Brand: Weebo Pets
    • ASIN: B015WKC3C0
    • UPC: 796520344181

  • Mascotos Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer for Dogs and Cats with Nail File- Grooming Supplies - Stainless Steel

    Try out Mascotos Pet Nail ClippersThe Mascotos Pet Nail Clippers is used to trim a toenail that is so long that it is curling in a circle. Long claws can grow into the toe-pad. This most often happens to dew claws, the claw on the inner side of the paw. Instructions:Position or restrain the pet to a table and stand on the saide of the table opposite to the claws you are trimming. The clipper is placed at a right angle to the toenail.Hold the trimmer in your right hand if you are right handed.Close your hand around the clipper to squeeze the handle which will move the cutting blade.Cut the claw to within approximately 2 millimeters of the quick.PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. Used by vets, pet groomers, and animal trainers, these professional pet nail clippers will allow you to easily clip and trim your pet's nails with professional results at home. Get a quick and clean cut every time. No more unevenly cut or broken nails.LONG LASTING SHARPNESS and DURABILITY. The heavy-duty cutting blades are made of finest quality hardened STAINLESS STEEL to ensure superior quality and long lasting sharpness. They won't rust and will stay sharper for longer, even through heavy use, unlike many other low quality brands.ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED NON-SLIP HANDLES for a more comfortable and secure grip to pre...

    • Color: Black, Red
    • Brand: Mascotos
    • ASIN: B07GJ6NRFY
    • UPC: 025706295673

  • The Crystal Dew Claw Rattle

    The Adventure Continues in this “How To” Book that is another Medicine Way Primer and Guide. This book is heavily illustrated with over 100 photos that help describe in precise detailed steps, How You can make your own Rattle in The Medicine Way. As with its predecessors, this Book explains not only the What of Medicine and the Medicine Way, but even more important, the Why of them. It is being presented so that one can Understand and then benefit from one’s own use of this knowledge, ability, and understanding to enrich not only one’s own Life experience, but also so that one can leave things better behind for those beings and things to come. The techniques that are presented herein can be applied to any other projects that one might choose to undertake. As with My Medicine Pipe and The Beaded Medicine Wheel, the sources of all of the materials used are included here as well some of what is considered by some to be “Sacred Knowledge”.

    • ASIN: B0056C0EP8

  • Erection of the Heart

    • ASIN: B00123C8QS
    • UPC: 634479703614

  • Winday Women Bear Plush Cat Paw Claw Glove Soft Winter Gloves

    Product Specification Available Color: black, Beige,gray,Dark Brown,Brown,Army green,Khaki,white,Light blue,Deep blue,purple,Pink,Rose red,Deep red Shell Material: coral velvet Suitable Sports: for traveling,walking, Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering,cycling or other outdoor activities. Product Feature 1. fabric is specifically designed to enhance both comfort and moisture-wicking performance to boost the performance of your winter gloves. 2. fabric : Soft and comfortable with direct skin touch to prevent the cold in and the warm out. 3. Glove Liners are naturally incredibly soft, warm, breathable and extremely lightweight. 4. Great for Halloween Party & Anime Coplay . Package Including 1 Pair gloves About returns policy and our services: 1.If you are not satisfied with our product or order wrong item, let us know at the first time, we must reply you in 24 hours. 2.If we make a mistake, we promise to resolve it for you immediately. 3.If you have any questions, please leave your messages, we promise to reply you within 24 hours and offer you best services. 4.If you are satisfied with our products, please don't forget to leave 5 stars Positive Feedback, we will appreciate your encourage. 5.If you are not satisfied, before you leave the Negative/Neutral feedback, contact us and let ...

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: Winday
    • ASIN: B075PCDNSF
    • UPC: 742297577055

  • Deer bone, dew claw shaker, rattle. a887, ornamental replica.

    The materials I use have been left in a natural state to give this a feeling of time long ago and are real jaws, horns, bones, seashells, antlers and a few other all natural odds and ends. I don't use plastic formed materials so all of these things are one of a kind. The blades are made of different types of stone, ox horn, bones and anything else I can find. The knives were designed to be ornamental. I have attached the blades well but most are not very sharp and those that are sharp will not hold and edge very long. Although I make the knives and tomahawks I do not make the blades. They are imported.....I tried to get you a good look at every angle, so look close and ask questions. I have left things in a rustic form. This, as well as the nature of the material I use, means there will be flaws in every one of these pieces. My goal is that there be no surprises when you get it home. So please look close at the pictures and ask questions. If you are unhappy with anything you buy I will refund your money.. .The items I offer for sale were legally taken and can legally be sold in accordance with the laws where I live. Please check your state and local laws before buying. When you order any item(s) from me, you are saying you can possess the item, in accordance with the laws where y...

    • Color: brown
    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B07G2MQGHQ


    25 REAL GENUINE DEER DEW CLAWS. THESE CLAWS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND ARE PERFECT FOR YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY OR CRAFTING PROJECTS. THEY RANGE IN SIZE FROM 3/4" TO 1 1/4" IN LENGTH. No animal has been killed for profit! All animals have died of natural causes and harvested by the Native American Tribes of South & North Dakota and Minnesota.

    • Brand: Biker Bettys
    • ASIN: B01DC5E7RG
    • UPC: 737079412907