• ADJ Products 48 CH DMX DIMMING CONTROLLER Channel (Scene-Setter

    Scene Setter 48 is a 48 Channel Dimming Console for the purpose of managing the levels on your conventional light entertainment system.

    • Color: 48 channel
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • ASIN: B00IR5NQX8
    • UPC: 889406648074

  • DMX 512 Digital Display Decoder, Dimming Driver DMX512 Controller for LED RGBW Tape Strip Light RJ45 Connection DC12-24V 20A (4 Channel)

    Product Description: Size:L166xW65×H40mm This DMX decoder adopts advanced computer control chip, it can receive the international DMX - 512 standard digital control signals and converted into PWM controller signal to drive the LED. It can be controlled by the DMX Console, and can be connected with numbers of DMX Decoder to increase the output power to realize all kinds of changing mode. Besides, this DMX decoder can be used as the synchronous controller to control the LED alone, it can realize the synchronous effects. This decoder adopts the digital tube to show the address code, and with 3 buttons to setting, make it easier to use. Cautions: 1、This product only use on supply voltage DC12-24V, do not input on other voltage. 2、The lead wire shall be according to the wiring diagram of the color and label, connect correctly. 3、This product cannot be overloaded.

    • Color: 4 Channelwith display
    • Brand: Shine
    • ASIN: B0749K8Q6T
    • UPC: 746695705256

  • CHAUVET Stage Designer 50-48 Channel DMX-512 Dimming Console/Light Controller (2 Pack)

    The **Chauvet Stage-Designer 50** takes the size of a 24-channel dimming console and the functionality of a 48- channel console and combines the two into one powerful dimming unit. The Stage Designer 50 has up to 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programmable steps. The console allows the user to re-assign channels as needed and allows for MIDI input. Purchase the **Chauvet Stage-Designer 50** Light Controller with VMInnovations and receive free shipping! If you want the most output for your money, this is the way to go. Great for parties, weddings, and any type of festive occasion. Chauvet provides top quality DJ/Party equipment, and the Chauvet Stage Designer 50 is no exception! **We are an authorized Chauvet dealer**

    • ASIN: B07JJJH659
    • UPC: 840023877797

  • CHAUVET DJ Stage Designer 50 DMX Lighting Controller

    Your lighting action will be tighter and easier to manage with the Stage Designer 50 DMX lighting controller. It gives you 48 channels of dimming power, 8 pages with 12 scenes each for 96 playback faders (simultaneous playback), a built-in crossfader, dark, and kill buttons, plus much more. The Chauvet Stage Designer 50is a DMX lighting controller and 48-channel DMX-512 dimming console that gives you the ability take over a large lighting setup with ease. The Stage Designer 50 has 96,000 programmable steps, 8 pages with 12 scenes each for 96 total playback faders, re-assignable channels, adjustable chase and fade times, and 2 programmable aux buttons. This DMX controller also has built-in crossfader, dark, and kill buttons; MIDI in, out, and thru (with file dump); direct audio input, as well as 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections. With the Chauvet Stage Designer 50 DMX Lighting Controller you can override chases on the fly, mix and match chases, or set for beat-activation, top sync, or auto run.

    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • ASIN: B0052SHD5K
    • UPC: 889406437685

  • LEDBUY360 DIN-DMX-5A 3CH 15A CV DMX/RDM Decoder DIN Rail, Screw Dual-use Digital Display Work with DMX512 Console to Control Single Color, Bi-color, RGB LED Light

    DIN-DMX-5A DIN rail DMX decoder have 3 digits digital tube to display DMX address, simple and intuitive read and write DMX address, meanwhile have the self-testing pattern function. The latest version add the international standard RDM remote device management protocol, supports DMX512 signal bi-directional communication, achieves remote management, read and write DMX decoder first address and status monitoring decoder working ( DMX master controller must recognize the RDM protocol ). Can work with DMX512 console; realize 0-100% brightness and various changing effects can control single color, bi-colors, RGB LED light. DIN-DMX-5A CV DMX Decoder: Input signal: RDM, DMX512 Input voltage: DC5V~DC24V Max load current: 5A ×3CH Max 15A Max output power: 75W/180W/360W/(5V/12V/24V) Dimming range: 0~100% Frame rate: Max 850 FPS Mounting: DIN Rail or Screw DIN rail mounting size: TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 Working temperature: -30℃~55℃ Dimension: L112×W35×H67(mm) Package Size: L114×W37×H70(mm) Weight (G.W): 120g

    • Brand: LEDBUY360
    • ASIN: B01FTHB1F6
    • UPC: 701203196896

  • CHAUVET DJ DESIGNER50 Stage Designer 50 Compact 48-Channel DMX-512 Controller | LED Light Controllers

    Stage Designer 50

    • Color: blue
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • ASIN: B001EA3TD0
    • UPC: 781462202637

  • GIDERWEL 12 Channel DMX Decoder Led Controller 60A PWM DMX512 Dimmer Driver for RGB RGBW LED Strip and LED module light DC12V-24V

    12 Channel DMX512 Decoder Introduction: Welcome to use the 12CH constant decoder, which take advantage of advanced microelectronic control technology. This technology changes the international fashion,DMX512/1990 standard digital control signals into analog control signals. There are 1 ~ 12 output channels; each channel can achieve 256 control levels. This constant decoder is used when DMX512 control equipment control general LED lighting. Products Performance: Input Power: DC5V~DC24V Maximum load current: 5A ×12 Channels Maximum power load: 300W(5V) 720W(12V) 1440W(24V) Output gray level: 256 Input Signal: DMX512/1990 Output signal: 12 Channels Constant PWM Output DMX : 12 Channels DMX512 socket standard RJ45; Ethernet port and standard XLR-3 caron plug DMX512 socket standard RJ45 Engine size: L6.1in*W3.5in*H1.2in Package include: 1 x DMX decoder 1 x DMX cable1 x instruction book Basic functions: There are 12 output channels, can connect with single or RGB lamps 0-100% dimming output, each channel 256 gray levels International standard DMX512 input protocol, address code set by DIP switches; Wide voltage DC input DC5V ~ DC24V; Each Decoder occupied by 12 DMX address.

    • Color: 12 Channel
    • Brand: GIDERWEL
    • ASIN: B07BVLXWD9
    • UPC: 723172153854

  • Lixada DC 12V-24V 3 Channel DMX Decorder LED Controller for RGB 5050 3528 LED Strip Light

    DC 12V-24V 3 Channel DMX Decoder LED Controller for RGB 5050 3528 LED Strip Light Specifications: Input voltage: DC12~24V Max output current: 8A (each channel) Max output power: 288W~ 576W Output: 3CH Connection mode: Common Anode(+) Working temperature: -20-60℃ Material: Metal Product size: 16.5 * 6.5 * 4cm/ 6.5 * 2.6 * 1.6in Product weight: 310g/ 10.9oz Package size: 18 * 7.7 * 5cm/ 7.1 * 3.0 * 2.0in Package weight: 400g/ 14.1oz 1. DMX signal can be received when FUN(10)=OFF. 2. Built-in function is activated when FUN(10)=ON, the following functions can be set using address codes DIP switch. Note: "1"="ON"; "0"= OFF Package list: 1 * DMX decoder

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Lixada
    • ASIN: B00B42M3RG
    • UPC: 693595653661

  • Stage Lighting DJ Moving Head Lights 50W LED Spot 4 Color Light with 7/10 Channel for Bar Club Party Disco Show Bands DMX by U`King

    Product Description ●Mini-pattern moving head light, the output is good, with a variety of patterns, easy to carry, moving in light weight, projection accuracy, good effect. Features ● Unique design, uniform blending effect. ● Compact structure, easy installation and stable performance. ● Excellent temperature protection, high safety and reliability. ● Increase design flexibility and effects with separate color and gobo wheels. Specification Working voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ Cooling system: constant temperature + fan Material: Aluminum alloy + PVC Light source type: 50W LED CREE Focus mode: Manual focus Sport mode: automatic operation, voice, DMX512, master-slave Control channel: 9/11 channel (The console is more compatible) Effect Dimming: 0-100% Display Board: LED Display Package Size: 11.8 x 8.67 x 9in Weight: 3KG / 6.62 lb Suitable Use Great for dance halls, KTV, PARTY, home decoration lights are widely used in the stage, wedding, and other different occasions; increase the romantic gorgeous atmosphere. Contact Us ● We have always been trying to provide the best service and reliable products for every customer, however, may may sometimes sometimes, please contact us to resolve any issue before going to a negative feedback.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: U`King
    • ASIN: B07DWWT4QJ
    • UPC: 704630001184

  • New 48 CH DMX-512 Dimming Console Stage Lighting Controller With LED Lamp Pro DJ

    * 48-channel DMX-512 dimmer console * 4 pages with 12 scenes each yields 48 total playback faders (simultaneous playback) * 48,000 programmable steps * 2 programmable aux buttons * Adjustable chase and fade times * Run steps forward or backward could be changed at any time * Re-assignable channels * LED lamp connector * Power input: DC9V 1000mA * Dimension: 485 ¡Á 290 ¡Á98mm * Net Weight: 4.5kg Additional Features * 3-pin DMX connections * Built-in cross fader, dark and pause buttons * MIDI in, out and thru (with file dump) * Direct audio input * Sequential linking or simultaneous playback of chases * Override chases on the fly Up to CE standard, L standard and GB 7000.15-2000 standard

    • Brand: Wirelessdmxworld
    • ASIN: B014CH9JSK
    • UPC: 710359307810

  • New 24 CH DMX-512 Dimming Console Stage Lighting Controller With LED Lamp Pro DJ

    * 24-channel DMX-512 dimming console * 4 pages with 48 scenes each yields 48 total playback faders (simultaneous playback) * 48,000 programmable steps * 2 programmable aux buttons * Adjustable chase and fade times * Run steps forward or backward could be changed at any time * Re-assignable channels * LED lamp connector * Power input: DC9V 1000mA * Dimension: 485 ¡Á 290 ¡Á98mm * Net Weight: 4.5kg Additional Features * 3-pin DMX connections * Built-in cross fader, dark and pause buttons * MIDI in, out and thru (with file dump) * Direct audio input * Sequential linking or simultaneous playback of chases * Override chases on the fly Up to CE standard, L standard and GB 7000.15-2000 standard

    • Brand: Wirelessdmxworld
    • ASIN: B014CH9ITU
    • UPC: 710359256071

  • 4CH 5A/CH Constant Voltage DMX512 & RDM Decoder RGBW Controller 4 Channel Dimming Controller 12-24V Output PWM

    Technical parameters Input voltage: 12-24VDC Output type: PWM constant voltage Output current: 4CH,5A/CH Output power: 240-480W Decode number: 1/2/4 DMX Channel. Dimming range: 0-100% Working temperature: -30¡æ~55¡æ Dimension: L170¡ÁW50¡ÁH23mm Weight: 125g Summary DMX512 & RDM decoder, four channel constant voltage output, 5A per channel. Comply with the latest DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A, RDM V1.0 (E1.20 - 2006 ESTA Standard) standard protocols. RDM bi-directional communication function, can realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder. for example, you can set DMX decoder address by DMX master console. DMX address can be set easily and shown on the digital numeric display. Compatial with our DMX masters such as T12,T13,T15,T16,T17, and any other high quality DMX master. It can also work as stand-alone RGB/RGBW controller, have 30 kinds dynamic mode,adjustable speed and brightness. It can also work as stand-alone 4 channel dimming controller, each channel adjust brightness independently, and save up to 8 groups brightness. Work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

    • Color: D4-L
    • Brand: Nutbro
    • ASIN: B072JVQBMD

  • American DJ Stage Pak 1 | Easy to Use 8ch Complete DMX Dimming Console

    The Elation Stage Setter-8 (120VAC) is an easy-to-operate 16-channel DMX stage lighting console with 3 different operating modes: 2 x 8 (2 banks of 8 channels), 8 x 8 (8 channels), 1 x 16 (one bank of 16 channels). It also has 8- or 16-channel DMX operation, 4 built-in programs, and 8 user-programmable programs. In addition, it features fog machine output control (compatible with ADJ Vaporizer, Stallion, MB-700, and others), an XLR polarity switch, individual channel faders, X/Y cross faders and a tap sync button speed/fade override. Standard DMX-512 protocol. MIDI compatible. Supplied for use with 120VAC. The Elation DP-415 is a versatile 4-channel dimmer pack that also doubles as a switch pack. This compact unit features eight, 3-prong Edison sockets (2 for each channel) controlling up to 8 fixtures. The built-in hanging bracket is reversible to hang on truss or can be used with a clamp.

    • Brand: American DJ
    • ASIN: B00KWMF6LO
    • UPC: 658700908852

  • CO-Z LED Stage Lights, 4 Pack 18x3W RGB Par Lights, 4pcs 7 Modes DMX Controlled Sound Activated Stage Effect Lighting for DJ Home Party Festival Dancing Bar Club Wedding Church Uplighting

    These lights are perfect for DJ sets, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs etc. Cased in high quality plastic, the light is slim yet durable. It uses the latest LED technology and counts 18 LEDs (6 red + 6 green + 6 blue). Combined, they make for a bright and great display. Despite their strength, they are very power efficient. Heat is also dissipated efficiently thanks to its built-in, ultra-quiet fan. It has automated programs, including a sound activated program. They interchangeable via the menu button on the back. The lights connects to DMX-512 signal controllers to produce different kinds of color and stroboscopic effects. The DMX mode allows for fully adjustable strobe speed and dimming. The unit comes with two handles, and can be hung or placed on the ground.7-channel DMX-512 LED PAR64 light How to program DMX lights for beginners(Simple): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJQAZsNwcv4 DMX Lighting Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3jM_rbILhs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9imSy300UI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxmGK6m-5C4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1p6eguzYkE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iRP7NPqkm0 Package Includes: 4× Light 1x User Manual Specifications: LEDs: 18 x 3W LED PAR Light (R6, G6, B6) Voltage: 90-240V AC 50-60Hz Power: 54W (1pc) ...

    • Brand: CO-Z
    • ASIN: B019XM3XH2

  • LEDENET DX8 RGBW Wireless 2.4GHz DMX512 Console Master Touch Panel RF Dimmer Controller Wall-mounted 4 zones Control RGB RGBW RGBWW LED Strip Lights Panel Lamps

    NOTE: DX8 is ONLY suitable for the receivers, R4-5A (ASIN: B00PYECABE) and R4-CC (ASIN: B00PYECA9G). Based on 2.4GHz. DMX512 Output . Support multi-zones control Support 4 zones, different zones can be in different control without wiring, easily and simple for engineering installation. High-grade tempered glass panel Adopt high-grade tempered glass panel, super easy to operate and with a bounch of outstanding featueres. Latest human detection design. Capacitive touching sensor High accuracy touching IC+special post-processing. Humanized touch circle Equipped with single color, two colors or colorful touch circle. adopt high accuracy Capacitive touch control chip. Touching along with chord music LED indicator emits pale blue light when touching the keys, along with beautiful chord music. Visual & Auditory & Touch 3 layers to feel the light-changing synchronously. LED night indicator T-PWM dimming technology/4096 gray scale Pioneered T-PWM dimming technology + 4096 gray scale makes an almost perfect dimming/ color-mixing performance. Support several panels to achieve multi-connected control You can install the panels in different places to control the same LED, which will be convenient for the multi-connected and multi-control. You can install a DX8 panel bot...

    • Brand: LEDENET
    • UPC: 701203192294

  • MATRIX DMX PRO 4 Channel Double Output Dimmer Pack

    This new dimmer pack from Optima Lighting is similar to the ADJ DP-DMX20L, Chauvet DMX-4 and Eliminator ED-15, the difference between this unit and the others is that it is packed with functions. The unit is able to work as 1, 2, or 4-channel dimmer or relay pack. This pack can serve as a stand-alone chaser or a DMX dimmer pack. This pack is designed for zero-crossing circuitry, which protects against inductive loads. Each channel comes with two 3-prong Edison sockets for USA. This unit features XLR female and male connection for DMX compatibility. Each channel is Equipped with a fuse.Features: - 3 pin XLR female and male connectors for DMX control - One, two or four channel configuration option - Dimming or switching setting of any channel in DMX or manual mode - Digital display for easy setting and control - Double output 110v grounded outlet per channel - 16 built in preset programs - Music mode with sound sensitivity knob - Full manual control over each channel in DMX or manual mode - Output: 5A per channel, True 20Amp. Maximum - External fuses - 110v 60Hz / 220v 50Hz switch - Rope light connection output - On / off main power switchWarranty: 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.

    • Brand: Optima Lighting
    • ASIN: B003ZAKY0S
    • UPC: 675650000634

  • Chauvet DJ STAGE DESIGNER 50 48 Channel DMX-512 Dimmer Controller + RockShip

    Features of RockShip : Cool LED light strip on bottom of speaker with controls for on/off, color, and mode. The built-in microphone allows you to speak through the device so you can make and receive phone calls hands-free. Compatible with any Bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, Laptops, Android phone, tablets, and other cell phones, iPods, other Bluetooth MP3 Players. Input power Input: DC5V/1.5A. Plays back SD cards up to 32 GB. Plays USB thumb drives up to 32GB. 3.5MM Aux Input. Built in FM radio with auto scan (must plug in aux cable to be used as an antenna to get good radio reception). Dual 2.25" inch high quality speaker drivers with, rubber surrounds, and high excursion. No distortion can be heard even at top volume. Distortion: Less than 1%. Auto turn off after 15 minutes of no music to conserve battery life. Frequency Response: 50HZ - 20KHZ. Signal to noise ratio: 75dB. Unit weight: 2.6 pounds Dimensions of Unit (inches): 2.76" L x 2.68" W x 7.76" H. Shipping Weight: 3.08 pounds. Shipping Dimensions (inches): 6.52" x 6.2" x 11.4". 90 Day Money back guarantee!

    • Brand: Chauvet
    • ASIN: B07HDXQ53C
    • UPC: 613815754237

  • DMX Controller, 5V~24VDC DMX 512 4A 3 Channels Decoder Module Controller for LED RGB Lamp Stage Light Fixtures

    Description DMX common controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it receives standard DMX-512 digital control signal and transformed it into PWM signal for driving LED. You could connect DMX module with DMX digital console to achieve dimming or various changes in procedures. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Supply voltage: 5V~24VDC Output Current: Each Channel 4A Output: 3 channels Output Power:

    • Brand: Yosooo
    • ASIN: B07DLWJ6ZQ
    • UPC: 741870742392

  • LEDJump DMX512 4A 3 Channels Decoder Controller Dimmer for RGB LED Light Strip DC12V-24V DMX 512

    Description: DMX-512 Common Controller Dimmer for RGB LED Light Lamp, can support 30cm to 20M(30 led bulb/M) RGB LED strip. This DMX common controller adopts the advaned micro control unit, it receives standard DMX-512 digital control singal and transformed it into PWM signal for driving LED; You could connect DMX module with DMX digital console to achieve dimming or various changes in procedures. Specification: Working temperature: -20- 60 Deg Supply voltage: DC12V-24V Output: 3 Channels Connection mode: Common Anode Product size: L164 x W65 x H40mm Package Size: L175 x W83 x H48mm Output current: each channel 4A Output power: 12V, 144W, 24V:288W Features: How to use? 1. DMX address code settings: Each DMX common controller occupied 3 DMX addresses, adopt coding switch set address, it is a Binary numerical code switch which is setting DMX original address code from 1 to 9, 1 is the lowest, and 9 is the highest, 511 address codes could be fixed in all. DMX original address code equal aggregate value of the coding switch value from 1 to 9, dial the coding switch upwards (ON is setted 1), the value of bit can be gotten, on the contrary, the value of bit is 0. DMX signal can be received when coding switch FUN(10)-OFF 2. Other functions direction for use: 1) Tes...

    • Brand: LEDJUMP
    • ASIN: B00KQ3NY5E

  • American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable Portable DJ Booth Truss Facade+Lights

    Description of  Pro Event Table II: Designed as a professional alternative to folding banquet tables, the ADJ Pro Event Table II is a compact and collapsible unit with a modern clean look. Not only is it lightweight and easily portable, but this cleverly-designed portable event surface is easily brandable, making it ideal for a wide variety of purposes at all kinds of events. If you're currently using a pile of road cases to support your control equipment, or relying on venues to provide tables, this could be exactly what you need to improve professionalism and make your life easier at events. The Pro Event Table II collapses in half for easy transportDescription of ROCKPAR50: Rockville is proud to introduce our first member of the RockPAR series of lights! The Rockpar50 is a Par can Wash light that features DMX control, dimmer, strobe, color mixing, and even has a power input and output. What this means is that with only 1 outlet you can use numerous lights by plugging the first light into the wall and then each additional light into the power output of the previous light. This is the only light on the market with this feature at this price point! The DMX input and output allows daisy chaining which will give you the ability to control all the lights simultaneously and in sync....

    • Brand: American DJ
    • ASIN: B07G848B5Y
    • UPC: 613815744924