• Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable with Dual-Layered Chassis and Built-in Phono Equalizer

    Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable with Dual-Layered Chassis and Built-in Phono Equalizer

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PIONEER
    • UPC: 884938275477

  • Audio-Technica ATLP120USB Direct Drive Professional USB Turntable - (Black)

    Audio-Technica's AT-LP120-USB direct-drive, high-torque professional turntable is perfect for DJs and other music enthusiasts, especially in an era that many would call "postvinyl," when it's no longer the norm for audio/video receivers or even integrated amplifiers to offer a dedicated phono input. Connect the Audio Technica ATLP120 to your computer to digitize your old LPs (laptop not included). It also includes a selectable internal stereo phono preamplifier and a USB output that connects directly to your computer-perfect for digitizing your old LPs to high-quality MP3 or FLAC files for playback from your computer. USB cable and adapter cables are included, along with Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software to digitize your LPs. The AT-LP120's S-shaped tone arm assembly comes with an adjustable counterweight, an antiskate adjustment, a tone-arm height adjustment and lock, a tone-arm lift with hydraulic action and lift lever, and a tone-arm rest with a locking mechanism to keep the arm stable during transport. The turntable uses a DC servo motor to maintain accurate rotational speed at either 33-1/3 45, or 78 rpm, governed by a selectable, high-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock-all of which gives new life to 7- and 12-inch singles you may not have played for years. Unleash...

    • Color: BLACK
    • Brand: Audio-Technica
    • ASIN: B00GA9COMM
    • UPC: 042005198634

  • Teac L1NS06102209 TN-400S Turntable (Walnut)

    High-Quality Analog Playback, Plug-and-Play Effortlessness: TEAC TN-400S Turntable Includes Pre-Mounted Cartridge, Built-In Phono Preamp, S-Shaped Tonearm, Subsonic Filter, and A2D Converter Making high-quality analog playback as effortless as turning on a faucet, the three-speed belt-drive TEAC TN-400S turntable arrives with an aluminum die-cast platter, low-friction spindle, and S-shaped tonearm. With the areas of speed stability and tracking covered, it then adds a pre-mounted audio-technica MM cartridge, built-in MM phono preamplifier with subsonic filter, and USB digital output for computer-based archiving to address convenience and flexibility. Most importantly, TN-400S sounds even better than it looks. High-grade internal components and easy usability round out an entry-level, plug-and-play 'table that will have you asking why you didn't start spinning LPs before now. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed . Aluminum Die-Cast Platter Features Three-Speed Drive, Stable Playback TN-400S' die-cast, high-inertia aluminum platter is driven by a high-torque DC motor via a durable rubber flat-belt, giving immensely stable playback at 33-1/3, 45, and 78RPM speeds. In addition, a precisely machined stainless steel spindle and durable brass bearing maintain accurate rotational speed, thanks to ...

    • Color: Walnut
    • Brand: Teac
    • ASIN: B01MROT166
    • UPC: 663647916648

  • Fluance Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player with Audio Technica AT95E Cartridge, Belt Drive, Built-in Preamp, Adjustable Counterweight, Solid Wood Plinth - Walnut (RT81)

    Fluance's Elite High Fidelity Turntable plays traditional LP and EP vinyl records with stunning quality that achieves the purest sound reproduction. When you want the absolute best in music performance, pull out your favorite 33 1/3 or 45 RPM records, hook up your sound system, drop the needle, and immerse yourself in the Fluance RT81 Record Player.Pure Analog Listening ExperienceYour soul will be captivated by the crisp, distinguishing characteristics of the music you love. Premium components allow this belt driven turntable to produce a pure uncompressed listening experience that recreates the performance the way the artist intended.High Performance Cartridge for Warmer SoundYour music will sound richer when the Audio Technica AT95E moving magnet stylus rests in the grooves of your favorite vinyl record at a mere 2.0 grams of tracking force. The upgraded elliptical stylus is renowned for its freedom from noise and distortion, clarity on musical peaks, and channel balance.Complete Clarity Without Compromising Your CollectionYou'll savor every note thanks to the balanced and adjustable counterweight of the S-Type tonearm. The fluid movement of the bearings within the tonearm coupled with the advanced anti-skating system practically caresses your record, preventing scratching and ...

    • Color: Walnut
    • Brand: Fluance
    • ASIN: B01F2EXIFM
    • UPC: 061783264362

  • TechPlay Karaoke Enabled, 30W RMS, Retro Classic Turntable, NFC Bluetooth, Double Cassette Player/Recorder, CD MP3 Player, USB SD Ports, AM/FM Digital Alarm Clock and Full Remote Control

    Your Complete shelf stereo system with karaoke. Fully featured with 30W (2x15W) of power. 3 Speed turntable with lift-lever - double cassette player (Play/ pause/ fast-forward/ rewind/ record/ stop) - Programmable CD/MP3 player - Direct USB/SD playback and recording from turntable/ cassette/ CD/ aux in/ FM radio - cassette recording from turntable/ cassette/ CD/ aux in/ radio/ USB/ SD - USB/SD slot for MP3 playback - aux in connection for other device (like CD Player & iPod) - AM FM radio with auto-scanning and preset AM/FM radio – digital alarm clock. 2 microphone jacks for karaoke with separate volume and echo control. Full function remote control - 2 x 15W external speaker. Main unit: 12. 5" Wide, 13" High, 11" Deep. Speakers (Each) 6. 3" Wide, 11 high, 5. 2" Deep.

    • Color: CD Player
    • Brand: TechPlay
    • ASIN: B01LYSU8MH
    • UPC: 850001008341

  • Audio-Technica ATLP60 Fully Automatic Stereo Belt Drive Turntable - (Black)

    Rediscover your classic 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records on this affordable, fully automatic belt-drive turntable. With its built-in switchable phono preamp, the AT-LP60 may be connected directly to your computer, home stereo, powered speakers and other components that have no dedicated turntable input. The turntable is supplied with an integral Audio-Technica Dual Magnet phono cartridge with replaceable stylus.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Audio-Technica
    • ASIN: B008872SIO
    • UPC: 042005176588

  • Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable with Built-in Phono Equalizer | Unique Tonearm Design | Hologram Vibration Analysis | Slim Design

    Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable

    • Color: Rosewood
    • Brand: Denon
    • ASIN: B000FMNBXG
    • UPC: 081757506915

  • U-Turn Audio - Orbit Special Turntable (Walnut)

    Expressive and uncompromised playback. Beautiful hardwood bases.

    • Color: Walnut
    • Brand: U-Turn Audio
    • ASIN: B073V3C9CH
    • UPC: 853986006432

  • Audio-Technica AT95E Dual Magnet 1/2" Mount Phonograph Cartridge

    The half-inch standard mount AT95E phonograph cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail. Reviewers have rated this affordable, high-performance cartridge as a best buy value. Manufactured to Audio-Technician's renowned quality standards, each cartridge is meticulously assembled with remarkably tight tolerances. The elliptical diamond stylus is designed to track record grooves with high accuracy for outstanding audio reproduction. Includes mounting hardware and stylus guard.

    • Color: Amazon
    • Brand: Audio-Technica
    • ASIN: B004NRVUMI
    • UPC: 881110003866

  • Trexonic 3-Speed Turntable with CD Player, Dual Cassette Player, Bt, FM Radio & USB/SD Recording and Wired Shelf Speakers

    The stunning new turntable home stereo system from Trexonic will bring a sense of musical nostalgia to your home or office. The Trexonic 3-speed turntable with CD player, cassette player, wired shelf speakers, FM radio & CD/USB/SD recording blends seamlessly into your decor yet, adds a special touch of sophistication to your entertainment center. This compact yet powerful system will allow you to enjoy your favorite music from a wide range of media such as cassette's, vinyl record's, CD's, digitally recorded music from your USB flash drive, SD card and content from your Bluetooth enabled devices. This unit features two wired shelf speakers which easily connect to the main turntable unit. Setting up the system is simple and intuitive. You can easily convert music from vinyl directly to MP3 format with this sleek and sophisticated home stereo Turntable. In addition you’ll have direct USB and SD encoding from the turntable, CD, Cassette, aux input, and FM radio. This system is sure to please those of us looking for the comfort of warm memories, as well as a new generation seeking to connect to a musical history that leaps of classic vinyl records. * record from vinyl, radio, and cassette to MP3, SD and USB * record from aux to USB/SD * USB/SD slot for MP3 playback * 33/45/78 RPM s...

    • Brand: Trexonic
    • ASIN: B07D7JRLLT
    • UPC: 602573511916