• Dynamite 20-Turn Brushed Motor

    Dynamite 20-Turn Brushed Motor, DYN1171

    • Brand: Dynamite
    • ASIN: B009PBZ618
    • UPC: 605482051276

  • DuraTrax Hard Anodized Evader ST BX Motor Plate

    Motor plate hard anodized evader St bx, grey aluminum construction. One hard motor plate (key# 96). this product is manufactured in China.

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B000X4RYFM
    • UPC: 753600282740

  • Duratrax 550 Size Motor Universal Starter Box

    This is a replacement 550 size Motor for use with the DuraTrax Universal Starter Box (DTXP5701). FEATURES: Direct replacement Positive terminal marked by a Red dot Bronze bushings.

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B001BHK9UW
    • UPC: 753600557374

  • Duratrax Lockup 1:8 Scale RC Buggy Tires with Foam Inserts, C2 Soft Compound, Mounted on White Wheels (Set of 2)

    Duratrax Lockup 1: 8 scale RC Buggy tires with foam inserts, C2 soft compound, mounted on White wheels (set of 2)

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Duratrax
    • ASIN: B004QJVFSM
    • UPC: 716080174530

  • Duratrax Hatchet MT 2.8" 1/10 RC Monster Truck Tires with Foam Inserts: C2 Soft | Mounted on 6-Spoke Front/Rear Wheels | Chrome, 1/2" Offset (Set of 2)

    1/10 RC Monster truck tires with foam inserts: C2 soft, mounted, 6-spoke front/rear wheels

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: Duratrax
    • ASIN: B0163MZDKA
    • UPC: 753600235296

  • DuraTrax Motor Heat Sink Alum Blue Mini Quake

    This is the optional Blue Aluminum Motor Heat Sink for use / with the Duratrax Mini Quake monster truck. / / FEATURES: Optional part / Blue anodized aluminum construction / / INCLUDES: One blue aluminum clip on motor heat sink / / REQUIRES: Installation on to vehicle / / SPECS: Length: 30mm (1.18"") / Width: 35mm (1.38"") / / wm 3/31/05 / ir/jxs

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B000X4L12Y
    • UPC: 753600282795

  • Duratrax DTXP3100 Flashpoint Infrared Temperature Gauge

    With the FlashPoint Infrared Temperature Gauge, you don't have to touch a surface to find out how hot it is: just point, push a button and read the results in Fahrenheit or Celsius one second later. Its advanced infrared sensor ensures accurate readings from -27 to +428° F (-33 to +220° C), which makes it ideal for use on engines, sealing irons, motors, batteries and more. It's easy to take along and use anywhere.Palm-sized, 1.13 oz (32 g) infrared thermometer unit requires NO direct contact with heated surfacesReads a very wide temperature range, from –27 to +428°F (–33 to +220°C)Special mode settings let you find, hold and display minimums and maximums of fluctuating temperatures to provide the most accurate informationAuto-off timer preserves battery power by shutting down the unit after 15 seconds if not usedInfrared temperature gauge features a large, custom-designed LCD for easy viewingMeatures 2.7 x 1.5 x 0.7 (68 x 37 x 18 mm)Handy wrist strap and lithium battery included

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B00144E8A4
    • UPC: 885464527313

  • DuraTrax One-Way Bearing DX450 Motorcycle

    This is the One-Way Bearing for the DuraTrax DX450 Motorcycle DTXD02**. / / FEATURES: Steel construction / / INCLUDES: One-Way Bearing (key #20) for the DuraTrax DX450 Motorcycle / / REQUIRES: Installing on back of shaft supporting large planetary gear

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B0032Z06V8
    • UPC: 753600244793

  • Duratrax NiMH Onyx 7C 8.4V 4200mAh Stick Star

    DTXC2065 NiMH Onyx 7C 8.4V 4200mAh Stick Deans

    • Brand: Duratrax
    • ASIN: B000X4PZVM
    • UPC: 753600220650

  • DuraTrax Button Head Screw 3x40mm DX450 Motorcycle (6)

    These are the 3x40mm Button Head Screws for use on the / DuraTrax 1/5 DX450 Brushless On/Off-Road Motorcycle RTR (DTXD02**). / / FEATURES: Steel construction / Black in color / / INCLUDES: Six 3x40mm Button Head Screws (key R) / / REQUIRES: Installation on the motorcycle (step #21) / / SPECS: Length: 40mm / Diameter: 3mm

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B0030GT85O
    • UPC: 753600243871

  • DuraTrax Front Rear Fender: DXR500 Motorcycle

    These are the optional Front and Rear Fenders for the DuraTrax DXR500 Motorcycle, DTXD04**. FEATURES: Clear plastic construction INCLUDES: Clear front and rear fender REQUIRES: Body Scissors, DTXR1150 Polycarbonate safe spray or brush on paint

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B0051W7R58
    • UPC: 753600247671

  • Dynamite S0600 Tazer 1/10 6-Pole 3300Kv Waterproof ESC/Motor Combo V2

    Key FeaturesMOTOR: 6-pole design for high power and superior efficiencyImproved rotor and stator design for elevated power output and enhanced efficiencyComes pre-wired for easy installation with bullet plugsBall bearing construction provides low drag and long lifeDesigned to work with most 1/10-scale sensorless brushless ESCsESC: Easier than ever to toggle between battery chemistriesEasy to program via your transmitter or compact program card. No need to haul around a PCImproved operation under heavy loadsAllows a hard mount, with servo tape and/or velcroWaterproofCompact design for easy fit into most any 1/10th scale on and off road platformOverviewDynamite's brushless systems offer price sensitive enthusiasts the ultimate solution when searching for an easy and affordable method of stepping up to brushless power. Designed for most on and off road electric vehicles, each system comes with everything users need to upgrade to brushless power. Systems include a potent 6-pole sensorless brushless motor and waterproof ESC that comes pre-wired with a high-current EC series connector. The ESC is Ni-MH and Li-Po/Li-Fe compatible. And, as with all Dynamite power systems, motors and ESC's are available separately.Dynamite's brushless systems are compatible with most 1/10th scale on and o...

    • Brand: Dynamite
    • ASIN: B01M24U0TK
    • UPC: 605482618509

  • Duratrax DTXC3560 Six Pack RC Staduim Truck Tires with Foam Inserts, C2 Soft Compound, ST 2.8" Mounted on Back Black Wheels (2 Tires)

    Duratrax Six Pack ST 2.8 Truck Wheels are ideal for the rear of the Traxxas 1/10 EP 2WD Stampede, 2WD EP Monster Jam, and 2WD EP Rustler. Includes two each of tires, foam inserts, and 6-spoke black wheels. C2 (soft) compound is comparable to Pro-Line M3 and AKA soft ratings and is perfect for loose to hard packed conditions.Dimensions:Wheel Diamter: 2.8 in (71 mm)Width: 1.9 in (49 mm)Hex Size: 12 mm

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B00GAJUL72
    • UPC: 885865644039

  • Duratrax Element 3900KV Power System, Scale 1:10

    DuraTrax 3900kV Brushless Power System.FEATURES: Upgrade from stock brushless or brushed systems on 1/10 scale 2WD            off-road vehicles          Some of the vehicles this system is compatible with include, but are            not limited to the DuraTrax EXT2 and Evader DT, Associated SC10             and B4.1 Buggy, HPI Blitz SC, Traxxas Slash SC, Rustler and Bandit          Sensorless ESC's programmable features include: Brake/Reverse Type,            Brake Amount, Reverse Amount, Punch/Traction Control, Drag Brake,            Dead Band, Voltage Cut Off and Motor Timing (ESC can be programmed            manually, with the Castle Field Programming Card, or through the            Castle Link software interface)          Four-pole 3900kV motor delivers more torque with greater efficiency

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B005EFYFZM
    • UPC: 433599167319

  • DuraTrax Motor Mount Post DX450 Motorcycle

    These are the Motor Mount Posts for the DuraTrax DX450 Motorcycle DTXD02**. / / FEATURES: Aluminum construction / Installs between the motor mount sections to give proper clearance / for motor installation / / INCLUDES: Four Motor Mount Posts (key #31)_for the DuraTrax DX450 Motorcycle / / REQUIRES: Fastening to motor mount sections with 3x6mm button head screws

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B0030GVUWI
    • UPC: 753600244328

  • DuraTrax Rider & Decal Set Clear DX450 Motorcycle

    Rider & Decal Set Clear DX450 Motorcycle

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B00317I3X0
    • UPC: 753600243697

  • Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-in-1 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo, 3000Kv: 1/10 2WD

    Key Features 2-in-1 Motor/ESC Unit for 2WD 1/10 scale cars Dynamite Sensorless Brushless Technology Designed for LiPo and NiMH batteries High performance 4-pole motor 3 Different Mounting Positions CNC Machined aluminum case with high efficiency cooling Forward/brake and forward/brake/reverse High Grade Silicone Wires Overheat protection system Battery low voltage cut-off system Status control by LED and audio tone Plug & Play: no soldering required, easy setup High current EC3 connector Waterproof design 3000Kv brushless motor 1/8”/3.17mm output shaft diameter Overview The Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-1 System combines the motor and ESC inside a single aluminum case specifically designed for the task. With the speed control and motor combined, we have been able to improve performance and reliability by making a simpler system, composed of fewer components and electrical connections. The Tazer Twin System is very easy to install and operate, making it the perfect upgrade for all 2WD brushed 1/10 scale vehicles. The unit is fully programmable and waterproof to keep the fun going in all environments.

    • Brand: Dynamite
    • ASIN: B018RQS8TS
    • UPC: 605482603413

  • DuraTrax Motor Brush Spring Evader ST (2)

    Motor Brush Spring Evader ST (2)

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B000X4RTWA
    • UPC: 753600282610

  • Duratrax Kwik Pit Universal 1/10 and 1/8 Scale Starter Box

    With its powerful twin motors and durable belt drive, the Kwik-Pit Universal Starter Box offers years of easy, reliable engine starts. It's also our most versatile unit - capable of starting all of the most popular 1/8 and 1/10 scale models, both on-road and off-road.Features:Powerful twin 550 motorsTwo battery holders, for 12V 7A or stick packsReliable belt driveMain power switchAdjustable start timing switchBall bearing-equipped drive wheelAlligator clips included for DC chargingRubber pads to prevent scratching chassisPartially assembledHandsome, powder-coated caseDimensions:Length: 14 in (355 mm)Width: 4.6 in (117 mm)Height: 4.9 in (124 mm)

    • Brand: DuraTrax
    • ASIN: B0015H6DBM
    • UPC: 753600557015

  • Dynamite Tazer 380 Motor

    Dynamite Tazer 25-Turn 380 Brushed Motor, DYNS1210

    • Brand: Dynamite
    • ASIN: B00FC872HO
    • UPC: 605482552285