• Fashion Buying: From Trend Forecasting to Shop Floor (Basics Fashion Management)

    Containing fully updated and beautifully illustrated need-to-know info, this revised second edition of the bestselling textbook on fashion buying contains everything today's fashion management student needs to give them a clear head-start in this lucrative but highly competitive industry. Fashion Buying uniquely looks at what fashion buying entails in terms of the activities, processes and people involved - from the perspective of the fashion buyer. The book breaks down the five key areas of buying activity for those wishing to pursue a career in the industry, crucially exploring the role of the fashion buyer, sources of buying inspiration, sourcing and communication, merchandise planning and trends in fashion buying.Featuring completely revised content on retail typology (including need-to-know info on demographics, price points and markets), and selecting and buying garments (line sheets, purchase orders and lookbooks), Fashion Buying now includes valuable new sections on customer profiling, merchandise pricing (mark-ups, markdowns and how pricing is calculated for profit), and trends. Also included in this practical handbook are insightful interviews with both established and emergent fashion creatives. Business case studies put the contents of each chapter into professional c...

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  • Basics Fashion Management 01: Fashion Merchandising

    Highlighting the skills and considerations needed to manage products, this book will also help readers to understand processes such as product development, the supply chain and branding. It examines traditional and newer roles within the industry, discussing the roles of buyers, retailers and merchandisers. Interviews, photographs and case studies combine to make this an exciting and current career guide.

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  • Fashion Merchandising: Principles and Practice

    This core textbook provides a detailed overview of the role of the fashion merchandiser and outlines their activities and responsibilities as part of the fashion value chain. This overview is situated within the broader context of the fashion industry, highlighting the relevance of the merchandiser role and comparing it to the role of the fashion buyer. This textbook also considers the contemporary challenges facing the wider industry, such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability, globalisation and multi-channel distribution, and the impact these have on the role of the merchandiser.Offering valuable insight into the merchandiser role and emphasising how it can add value to a fashion business, this is an ideal textbook for aspiring merchandisers. It is suitable for students studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level and practitioners seeking to progress their careers in this exciting and multi-faceted industry.

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  • Visual Merchandising for Fashion (Basics Fashion Management)

    How do we define retail spaces to maintain commerciality and the 'experience' to encapsulate the virtual world as well as the physical one? How do we journey from private to public place? Where do people meet before they go shopping? Why do we go to a particular store and not another? What makes things sell? What first attracts us to a brand? Visual merchandising is concerned with all of these questions - and incorporates the relationship between brand, consumer, product and environment.This book will help visual merchandisers develop new ways of working within the fashion retail business and will define a theoretical underpinning of visual merchandising principles. Examples are used to highlight and amplify the theoretical narratives existing in consumer spaces and their representations. Interviews provide invaluable advice from all levels of industry.When designing, producing or installing a visual merchandising concept, this book will encourage you to generate individual and self directed designs - this is the ultimate visual guide to merchandising for fashion.

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  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

    Fashion Marketing & Merchandising brings to life the business aspects of the fashion world. It presents the basics of market economics, textiles, design, and promotion. This edition gives an in-depth view of the entire textile/apparel/retail soft goods chain and offers a comprehensive study of retail fundamentals and strategies for retail success. Hundreds of new color photos make the world of fashion come to life for fashion marketing and merchandising students.• Describes the latest concepts in manufacturing, mass customization, and niche specialization; trends in globalization; and environmental issues.• Explains computer technologies, such as robotic manufacturing, automatic replenishment of merchandise, and Internet retailing.• Fashion in Action activities encourage students to apply many of the concepts learned in the chapter to real-life situations.• Extensive glossary helps students learn terms related to fashion marketing and merchandising.

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  • Fashion Retailing: From Managing to Merchandising (Basics Fashion Management)

    Throughout modern history, retailers have opened their doors to consumers, providing them with goods and services that satisfy both rational and emotional needs. They do this by evoking a customer's sensory system, to create memorable experiences that will entice shoppers to visit again and again.Starting with a brief overview of the history of retail, market research, site selection and retail typology are then discussed. The differences between on-site and off-site retailing are distinguished; and multi-channel approaches that have been used in retail test markets as a means to cost-effective growth within the industry are explored, with specific reference to how technology has created a new formula within a stagnant model.Fashion Retailing further explores back-of-house functions, such as human resources (hiring, payroll, job descriptions and salaries) and loss prevention from a management standpoint. Front-of-house functions, including merchandising (product analysis, fixturing, fixture sales tracking), visual merchandising (seasonal displays, windows, mannequins), circulation patterns and the relationship between the merchandising and management teams in driving overall sales and brand image, are explored across different retailers. Readers will gain a thorough understanding...

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  • In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry

    If you've ever dreamed of working at Vogue, photographing supermodels, or outfitting celebrities, In Fashion will equip you with everything you need to know to get an “in” into fashion. Former beauty and fashion news director of Harper's Bazaar and editor in chief of Seventeen, Annemarie Iverson—the outsider’s insider—knows just how to get noticed and stay on top. In Fashion is packed with her insightful tips, along with advice from leaders at Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, Condé Nast, and more. Straightforward, honest, and insightful, Iverson has put together a book that will help you determine your best fashion career fit will providing a bird’s eye view into the most elite fashion companies. Along the way, you’ll learn what school may be best for you, as well as how to write a chic resume, handle the pressures of a fast-paced environment, hone your skills to make you a success in your ideal job, and more.   The most comprehensive guide available for a notoriously competitive industry, In Fashion exposes all of its seams, with plenty of details on what it's like to work at dozens of of elite and cutting-edge companies. Whether you're just getting started or are considering a career switch, In Fashion offers all the resources you need to land your dream job...

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    Are you a fashion buying and merchandising student planning to get into an entry-level position as a fashion buyer or a fashion merchandiser?Or a professional from a fashion design or fashion related background trying to switch to retail buying and merchandising without any previous work experience in the buying and merchandise domain?Then, this book is perfect for you.It will give you insights into the best fashion retail business practices, help you understand the retail math jargon, and most importantly, develop an industry-standard buy plan that will help you get the job in a competitive market.After learning the concepts presented in the book, you will be able to:• Develop an annual/seasonal/monthly sales target plan without knowing the forecasted sales budget.• Understand the difference between net sales value (NSV) and gross sales value (GSV). • Develop a base stock and refill stock buy plan.• Develop category-wise merchandise mix.• Develop category/style/MRP wise buy plan. • Develop month wise intake plan.• Understand the relationship between total gross sales value (GSV) and total buy value.And you will also get a bonus: I will send you an Excel file that contains all the tables (with all the formulas) used in the book.

    • ASIN: B0767HSQZ6

  • The World of Fashion Merchandising

    - Describes the latest concepts of manufacturing, mass customization and niche specialization; trends in globalization; and environmental issues.- Explains new computer technologies, such as robotic manufacturing, automatic replenishment of merchandise, and Internet retailing.

    • ASIN: 1566378915

  • Merchandising Mathematics for Retailing (5th Edition) (Fashion)

    Written by experienced retailers, Merchandising Mathematics for Retailing, 5/e introduces students to the essential principles and techniques of merchandising mathematics, and explains how to apply them in solving everyday retail merchandising problems. Instructor- and student-friendly, it features clear and concise explanations of key concepts, followed by problems, case studies, spreadsheets, and summary problems using realistic industry figures. Most chapters lend themselves to spreadsheet use, and skeletal spreadsheets are provided to instructors within the Instructor's Manual. This edition is extensively updated to reflect current trends, and to discuss careers from the viewpoint of working professionals. It adds 20+ new case studies that encourage students to use analytic skills, and link content to realistic retail challenges. This edition also contains a focused discussion of profitability measures, and an extended discussion of assortment planning.

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  • Social Media for Fashion Marketing: Storytelling in a Digital World (Required Reading Range)

    Social Media for Fashion Marketing enables students to explore how social network platforms continue to alter digital communication and have an impact on the marketing strategies employed by the fashion industry. It also crucially equips readers with the know-how to examine current industry trends in social media marketing, such as the impact of new technologies, digital influencers, analytics and SEO on the fashion cycle and on consumer behaviour. This book uniquely explores how social media marketing platforms are utilized and integrated by fashion industry professionals to better understand a brand's target audience, determine new digital strategies for growth and to create effective new media tools.Readers gain valuable insights through a range of digital marketing case studies and chapter exercises that focus on critical thinking and practical applications. The title also features an impressive wealth of interviews with key industry practitioners, including Daniel Plenge (Marc Jacobs), Aliza Licht (Donna Karan International), Alistair Allan (Burberry), Laura West (Nike) and Andrea Port (Kenneth Cole).

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    • ASIN: 1474233325

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing

    The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing introduces and explores contemporary digital practice within the fashion industry. It is designed to inform and inspire today's graduates as the next generation of creative marketers. It identifies key digital marketing approaches and emerging technologies and examines their place in contemporary fashion careers and the opportunities they create for fashion graduates to design, promote and market themselves in a range of sites and formats.

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    • ASIN: 1474220851

  • Developing and Branding the Fashion Merchandising Portfolio

    A career in fashion merchandising means working in a fast-paced, creative industry-and a highly competitive one. Developing and Branding the Fashion Merchandising Portfolio is a guide to creating a portfolio and brand for yourself that will stand out. Portfolios provide immediate visual evidence of what you can do, and they communicate hands-on experience more explicitly than a résumé can on its own. Whether you're interested in design, product development, buying, textile design, or trend forecasting, this book provides activities to help you identify and focus your skills. Step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to gather examples of your work, how to choose a design and layout, and ways to incorporate drawings, sketches, and CAD-generated material into a consistent, streamlined portfolio that reflects your personality. User friendly and above all visual, this is the guide for creating a portfolio that will get you hired-and keep your career on track.

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  • CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising: Studio Access Card

    It takes more than raw talent and passion to make it in today's global apparel and accessories markets-excellent computer-aided design skills are a prerequisite. CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising allows students to immediately begin creating digital fashion presentations using Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®. This book takes an integrated approach, allowing students to master the three-dimensional benefits of combining the two software programs. Colorful illustrations accompany easy, step-by-step tutorials that are geared toward students at the beginner and intermediate levels. Because the book uses fashion photography rather than hand-drawn illustrations as a basis for demonstrating the proportion of fashion croquis, instructors will be able to evaluate students' mastery of digital illustration regardless of their hand-drawing skills, and students will benefit from a seamless transition from creative thought to digital rendering.PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text. To receive free access to the STUDIO content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501395345. STUDIO Instant Access can also be purchased or rented separately on Bloomsbur...

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  • eat. sleep. fashion merchandising. - Lined Notebook: Writing Journal

    • 5" x 8" - 118 lined pages - College rule line spacing • If you love fashion merchandising you'll love this notebook. • 5x8 size makes it the perfect notebook for taking notes at work, while traveling, or taking with you anywhere you go.. • College rule lined pages let you write lots of notes and drawings. • Soft, matte finish cover is a joy to hold. • Makes a great gift for your favorite fashion merchandiser.

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  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

    Designed to help students review content, apply knowledge, and develop critical-thinking skills. A wide variety of activities are provided for various learning styles. This supplement is a consumable resource, designed with perforated pages so that a given chapter can be removed and turned in for grading or checking.

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  • Apparel Merchandising: The Line Starts Here

    Apparel Merchandising: The Line Starts Here analyzes the evolution and development of the merchandising function in branded apparel companies and retail private label apparel. It describes today's challenges for both apparel manufacturers and retailers in meeting the consumer's demands for the right products at the right prices - and at the right times. Approached from the perspective of the apparel product manager, Rosenau and Wilson cover men's and women's sportswear and activewear and children's wear in both domestic and international markets.The text follows the evolution of the merchandising function with emphasis on product development and production efficiency, highlighting the philosophies of industry executives and the effective integration of the merchandising, marketing, and manufacturing functions along the way. The third edition emphasizes the increased importance of retailer's private brands, explores how companies apply technology to all facets of product development and supply chain management, and addresses the impact of social media on both retailers and apparel manufacturers.

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    • ASIN: 1609015398
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  • Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara

    Once a luxury that only the elite could afford, fashion is now accessible to all. Brands such as Zara and H&M have put fashion within the reach of anyone, while massive media attention has turned designers such as Tom Ford and Stella McCartney into brands in their own right.This third edition of the international best seller Fashion Brands explores the popularization of fashion and explains how marketers and branding experts have turned clothes and accessories into objects of desire. Full of first-hand interviews with key players, it analyzes every aspect of fashion from a marketing perspective. With its finger firmly on the fashion pulse, it also looks at the impact of blogging and the rise of celebrity-endorsed products and fashion ranges.Snappy and journalistic, Fashion Brands exposes how the use of advertising, store design and the media has altered our fashion "sense" and reveals how a mere piece of clothing can be transformed into something with mystical allure.

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  • Retail Buying: From Basics to Fashion

    PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text. To receive free access to the STUDIO content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501395260. STUDIO Instant Access can also be purchased or rented separately on BloomsburyFashionCentral.com. - See more at: http://bloomsbury.com/us/retail-buying-9781628929638#sthash.Nm1ZRL0s.dpuf PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text. To receive free access to the STUDIO content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501395260. STUDIO Instant Access can also be purchased or rented separately on BloomsburyFashionCentral.com. - See more at: http://bloomsbury.com/us/retail-buying-9781628929638#sthash.Nm1ZRL0s.dpuf PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text. To receive free access to the STUDIO content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501395260. STUDIO Instant Access can also be purchased or rented separately on BloomsburyFashionCentral.com. - See more at: http://bloom...

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  • Fashion Law & Business: Brands & Retailers

    To the general public, the fashion industry is most closely identified with celebrated fashion houses mounting elaborate and highly publicized runway shows in the major fashion capitals of the world. In reality, the fashion industry is much more diverse, complex, and global. FASHION LAW AND BUSINESS unravels the complexity and provides clear guidance on the wide range of legal and business issues faced by fashion industry participants, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers of apparel and accessories, and retailers.In FASHION LAW AND BUSINESS you'll learn:• The considerations involved in starting a company in the fashion industry, including developing a business plan, determining the form and structure of the legal entity, and obtaining financing.• How patent, trademark, and copyright law have been applied to the fashion industry and their impact in such areas as gray market goods and counterfeiting.• The contractual relationships and regulatory issues applicable to the design and production of fashion products.• The dynamics of retail sales in the apparel industry, including a discussion of e-commerce and mobile commerce• The legal issues involved in leasing and licensing brick-and-mortar retail stores, with a focus on the significant contractual terms that shou...

    • ASIN: 140242051X