• Bear Essentials Speech Therapy and Straw Training Honey Bear Cup with Straw 3-Pack

    These cute cups aid with transitioning kids from bottles to straw drinking. It is also used by speech therapists to strengthen mouth and lip muscles. The straw is bite resistant and fits the honey bear tightly making the cup spill resistant also. The lid is a tab-top design that enables the cap to close while still having a straw in the bear which makes transporting the bear easier. The cup holds 8 oz of fluid. Please wash by hand with mild dish soap. Use with supervision. To use: lightly push on the bear's tummy to bring the liquid to the top of the straw. The closer the liquid is to the top of the straw, the easier it is for the child to drink. Product is assembled by hand in the USA, I am the manufacturer of this product. The tubing for the straw is Tygon E-3603 and is food grade. The bear is low-density polyethylene (plastic 4) and is food grade.

    • Brand: Bear Essentials by Paper Crane LLC
    • ASIN: B077VCQN93

  • Talktools Honey Bear Drinking Cup with 2 Flexible Straws - Includes Instructions - Spill-proof Lid

    The TalkTools Honey Bear Drinking Cup teaches children straw drinking while being able to control the flow of liquid into the mouth. Straw drinking is particularly adapted for transitioning from bottles to regular cups. The leak-proof lid on the Honey Bear drinking cup is ideal for toddlers when transitioning from bottle feeding to cup drinking. The Flexible straw and squeezable body of the Honey Bear cup makes it the ideal tool to wean a child from bottles and sippy cups. The Honey Bear Cup holds up to 7 fluid ounces & includes one replacement straw and the TalkTools original instruction booklet. Features: Therapy feeding tool to teach straw drinking Develop oral motor skills while strengthening fine motor skills like grip, hand-eye coordination and hand strength Includes (1) replacement straw, leak-proof lid and full instructions including how to clean the Honey Bear cup Not dishwasher safe or microwave safe

    • Color: Clear
    • ASIN: B013RAKUQS
    • UPC: 854134006007

  • Abilitations Speech Bin Mr Juice Bear Straw Drinking Teaching Cup with Three Straws

    Mr. Juice Bear is your answer to these questions: Working on the suck-swallow-breathe process without success? Teaching straw drinking? Or, have a child with low oral tone and speech delays? Gentle pressure to the bears belly puts liquids at just the right place to initiate suck. No more neck hyper-extension! Tried and true method used for decades. A loveable, everyday cup, too. Just say No to sippy cups for at-risk kids. Comes with 3 bite-resistant, non-crushable straws made from strong tubing. Use of this product requires adult supervision at all times. Abilitations Speech Bin.

    • Brand: Speech Bin
    • ASIN: B005RD66BC
    • UPC: 885634058302

  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Instant Oats Express Cups, Honey & Almonds, Breakfast Cereal, Individual Cups, 1.76 oz Cups (Pack of 12)

    The sweet and nutty flavor of Instant Quaker Oatmeal Honey & Almond Cups are about to make your morning commute a little bit easier. You not only satisfy your taste buds, but with 7g of protein, 5g of fiber and 190 calories you get the nutrition that your body is craving in a convenient on-the-go cup. 4g of fat per serving.

    • Brand: Quaker
    • ASIN: B00KTYFMC8
    • UPC: 030000562055

  • Boston International Honeycomb Ceramic Teacup and Saucer, Honey

    Distressed ceramic honey yellow teacup and saucer. Luscious honeycomb ceramics for teatime bring the garden indoors. Embossed bee and honeycomb pattern add whimsy to delight in Boston International's Honeycomb collection. Started in 1986 as a boutique line with hand-made products, Boston International now partners with suppliers and manufacturers from around the globe to bring their vision to life. Boston International is proud to have a full staff working in their headquarters Massachusetts.

    • Color: Honeycomb Teacup & Saucer
    • Brand: Boston International
    • ASIN: B01A18BHOS
    • UPC: 704266011748

  • Honey Bear Straw Cups (3-Pack); 8-Ounce Therapy Sippy Bottles w/Flexible Straws

    Value-Pack of 3 Honey Bear Straw Bottles Benefits: Help your baby or special needs child transition from bottle feeding to straws Spill-proof lid / straw Great for special needs, occupational therapy & oral placement therapy (OPT) Sipping from a straw is excellent "tongue training" Straw is extra-sturdy for children who chew on a straw Large capacity bottle means you don't spend all your time refilling Large capacity also useful with older disabled patients too Features: Quantity included: 3 bottles with lids & straws Capacity (each): 8 fluid ounces = 1 cup capacity Size: 5.75 inches tall bottle x 2.25 x 2 inches Straw is 8 inches long & can be trimmed as desired, flexible but strong material Bear neck circumference (for holding) 5.75 inches The straw is made of bpa-free, latex free medical grade tubing which provides an airtight seal to the top Bear is made of LDPE #4 plastic which is bpa-free & squeezable Cute bear bottle has detailing with "arms", "feet", "fur" & features Bottles are semi-transparent so easy to see contents remaining. Lightweight: total weight each 1.2 ounces All parts are top rack dishwasher safe. However we recommend you hand wash your straws for most effective cleaning Note: Some assembly required, straw is airtight so it takes a little effort to insert the...

    • Brand: Cornucopia Brands
    • ASIN: B07B3XK4L6
    • UPC: 651174988351

  • Honey and Syrup Dispenser, ALLOMN 200ML Honey Dispenser Jar Container Plastic Acrylic Storage Pot - No Drip, Moderate Flow, 8Oz

    Are you a frequent consumer of honey and syrup looking for a more convenient storage and dispensing solution? Would you like a stylish wide-mouth honey jar that makes it super-easy to dispense even a tiny amount without leaving a mess? Stylish and Durable Stylishly combines plastic acrylic and stainless steel to enhance visual appeal. Durable construction guarantees re-usability. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and reassemble for re-use. Easy to Use This beautiful Honey/Syrup Dispenser is easy and fun to use. Simply push down on the thumb lever to dispense. The honey will uniquely flow out the bottom of the jar to avoid messes. Moderate Flow This whimsical, honeycomb shaped plastic dispenser is perfect for honey or syrup. Handy trigger efficiently starts and stops the honey flow. Includes stand to hold and store dispenser. Anti-Drip Avoid messy and sticky situations from other honey dispensers on the market that drip and trail. The ALLOMN Honey Dispenser is built with a unique sliding mechanism, allowing you to seal the tip and prevent any drip. Versatile and Convenient This ALLOMN honey dispenser is perfect for number of uses in the kitchen while baking and cooking. Use it to add a touch of golden sweetness to your favorite baked breads, toasts, biscuits, fruit, yogurt, and ...

    • Color: Transparent
    • Brand: ALLOMN
    • ASIN: B01MXTHYP7
    • UPC: 601285902630

  • ARK's Ultra Bear Bottle Kit to Teach Straw Drinking

    The Bear Bottle is a fun and friendly way to make drinking easier for beginners and/or children with oral motor difficulties. It's also an excellent way to transition babies straight from bottles to straw drinking - skipping sippy cups altogether! Most sippy cups promote improper tongue and lip positioning that can cause speech problems later on. Straws are a better alternative, as they strengthen the mouth muscles and encourage tongue retraction, cheek tension, and lip closure. The Bear Bottle features a unique valve that controls the direction of fluid - liquid flows up into the straw, but does not flow back down. Simply squeeze the bear's belly until fluid reaches the top of the straw and release. Fluid will stay at the top of the straw, thereby decreasing the effort required to drink. Highly recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have a weak suck with difficulties generating and maintaining suction. Kit includes: 1 easy-to-squeeze Bear Bottle with a snap-close cap, 1 Select-Flow Valve, 8 inches of polytubing, 1 Lip Blok® (3/4"), 12 straws, and instructions on how to teach straw drinking. Polytubing is a reusable, chewable, durable alternative to straws, and the Lip Blok discourages biting on the straw or inserting it too far into the mouth. Made in the USA No BP...

    • Brand: ARK Therapeutic
    • ASIN: B00H3V1RUG
    • UPC: 755746473600

  • Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Cup, Gluten Free, Cereal with Oats, 1.8 oz

    It contains almond, may contain wheat. Naturally flavored. Whole gain guaranteed. Sweetened whole grain oat cereal with real honey and natural almond flavor. Our brands are known around the world for quality, beginning with gold medal flour in 1880, which to this day remains the No. 1 Selling flour in the United States. Several of our other brands also occupy the No. 1 or No. 2 Market positions from Pillsbury refrigerated dough to green giant frounceen vegetables, and from cheerios cereal to Betty Crocker dessert mixes. We’re one of the largest food companies in the world, marketing in more than 100 countries on six continents. About half of our 33,000 employees work outside the United States. Starting with two flour mills in the 1860s, general mills revolutionized the milling industry, producing flour with superior baking properties.

    • Brand: Cheerios
    • ASIN: B00437CBWG
    • UPC: 016000141551

  • Avanti Linens Black Bear Lodge Tumbler, Multi

    Avanti is the world's largest decorative towel and bath accessories manufacturer presents Black Bear Lodge Tumbler.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Avanti Linens
    • ASIN: B0090NJ7O8
    • UPC: 789322798238