• Multidex® Maltodextrin Hydrogel Wound Care Dressing -TUBE Large 3oz by DeRoyal

    Maltodextrin NF wound dressing is clinically proven to maintain a moist environment beneficial for granulation tissue growth and epithelial proliferation. Gel is a hydrophilic Maltodextrin NF wound dressing clinically proven to maintain a moist environment beneficial for granulation tissue growth and epithelial proliferation. Quickly fills wound site, rapidly mixing with exudate to form a protective coating that maintains an ideal moisture balance to protect against dehydration. For use on most wound types, including infected hard-to-heal wounds. Non-toxic and not systemically absorbed. Helps to control odor while decreasing purulent exudate. Penetrates all wound irregularities to fill tunneling and undermining. Softens necrotic tissue to facilitate debridement

    • Brand: Multidex HydrogelWound Dressings
    • ASIN: B01FTDCHQ2
    • UPC: 749756049078

  • GC America 124101 COE Hydrophilic Gel Fast Set with Scoop, 1 lb, Cherry

    Delivers the antimicrobial power of chlorhexidine in a smooth, dustless, pleasant tasting wild cherry alginate impression material.

    • Brand: GC America
    • ASIN: B00SMW1L60

  • Rainmr Hydrophilic Foam Mattress Topper Cool Gel Ultra Soft Mattress Pad, Removable Cover with Adjustable Straps (King)

    ✔Color: Blue✔Material: HYDROPHILIC FOAM✔Cover Material: Top: 78% Nylon 22% Viscose Fiber; Bottom: 100% Polyester✔Size: 76*80inch(198*203cm)✔Washing:The inner can be WASHED BY HAND, can't put on the sun in a long time; the cover can be washed on machine, please separate the deep color from other clothes.✔NOTE: Due to the compressed packaged, it takes about 4-6 hours to recover in a warm environment after you received the mattress topper.When you received the Topper maybe it looks Wrinkle due to the long time packaged, please Slap the protruding part, so that can be smoothy.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Rainmr
    • ASIN: B07D9KTVD5
    • UPC: 192543429049

  • Dr46702 Multidex Hydrophilic Pwd Wound 25g Tb 01 Transforms From a Powder Into a Gel Film That Covers the Entire...

    Multidex Maltodextrin Wound Dressing. Maltodextrin NF wound dressing is clinically proven to maintain a moist environment beneficial for granulation tissue growth and epithelial proliferation. Gel is a hydrophilic Maltodextrin NF wound dressing clinically proven to maintain a moist environment beneficial for granulation tissue growth and epithelial proliferation. Quickly fills wound site, rapidly mixing with exudate to form a protective coating that maintains an ideal moisture balance to protect against dehydration.

    • ASIN: B00GLNN6JC

  • Optixcare Eye Lube Plus, 20gm

    Optixcare Eye Lube Plus provides the power of dual polymers - sustained release hydrophilic carbomer gel infused with nourishing and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Provides long lasting corneal protection for moderate to severe KCS (than many of the human lubricants) 
 HA provides additional protective and regenerative properties 
Enhanced comfort to the dry eye

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: OptixCare
    • ASIN: B0799LLZYY
    • UPC: 884963412120

  • Kids Toddler Pillow for Sleeping Breathable Bed Pillow Hypoallergenic with Washable Zipper White Tencel Pillowcase for Child Under 8 Years Old 20X13 inch

    Size: 20.1 x 12.2 x 2 inches Color: White Tcecel 🐦Guaranteed Quality Pillow Our toddler pillows are made of the latest hydrophilic memory foam material. The contact surface with the human body never exceeds the body temperature, keeping the contact surface dry and comfortable. Compared with ordinary cotton and latex, it gives people a feeling of comfort and moderate hardness. The main component is MDI, MDI is more environmentally friendly than TDI and there is no harmful substance residue after foaming.the memory foam pillows are all made from odorless breathable materials. At the same time, the honeycomb surface of the pillow surface can bring better ventilation, keep the pillow cool, and provide you a good night's sleep! 🐦Hypo-Allergenic Rest easy with knowing that your pillow is resistant to: Mold Mildew Dust Mites They are also free of allergens and chemicals An excellent choice for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. 🐦Honeycomb Tencel Pillowcase The pillowcase is made of Tencel, also known as "Lyocell". It is an environmentally friendly material with no irritating odor and no chemical residue. It is designed as a honeycomb, cool and breathable, giving your baby more peace of mind. go to bed. In addition, th...

    • Color: White3
    • Brand: QX
    • ASIN: B07G84Q7HF


    This revitalizing mask contains antioxidant acai berry extract, vitamin E, and aloe for a healthy, glowing complexion. Single use mask. Use: All Skin Types, Aging Skin Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Glycerin, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) Fruit Extract, Sodium PCA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen*, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Lecithin, Tocopherol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-5, Glycyl-L-Histidyl-L-Lysine (Growth-Modulating Peptide), Hexapeptide-3, RH-Oligopeptide-1 Put Easy-to-Use Hydrophilic Gel Collagen Masks on Your Skin Care Menu! This paraben-, alcohol-, and colorant-free mask combines state-of-the-art science with utter luxury for the perfect solution to specific skin care concerns. The rich ingredients in these crystal collagen gel masks will dissolve and be absorbed by the skin in 15-20 minutes. Use alone or combine with other treatments during facials. These mask are also suitable to follow more agressive skin treatments.

    • Brand: PROSANA
    • ASIN: B07B4NW9MP
    • UPC: 096523800128

  • MAG AL Cooling Mat Hydrophilic Student Water Bed Mattress Individual Big Wave Dorm Room Ice Pad By MAG.AL,Waterdroplets,19075Cm

    【SPECIFICATIONS】 Product name:water cooled mattressMaterial: PVC GelBlanket Size: 160*50cm 180*75cm 190*75cm 200*75cm 200*90cm 200*120cmApplicable people: adultsThickness: 20mmBearing capacity: 130kg【Features】1. It is not easy to freeze the gel and freeze the gel2. Foldable or expandable3. When you can't sleep, the cooling of the wrist and ankle can also be used.4. Reusable【Note】Do not use sharp objects to cut the surface of the ice padAfter cleaning, wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry the water with a dry cloth.【SERVICE】After Receiving The Goods, If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Me Within 24 Hours. If It Is My Problem, I Will Give A Full Refund

    • Color: waterdroplets
    • Brand: MAG AL

  • MULTIDEX Hydrophilic GEL Wound Dressing - 3 oz. tube -

    MULTIDEX Hydrophilic GEL Wound Dressing 3 oz. tube MULTIDEX Maltodextrin Hydrophilic Wound Dressing brings topical nutrients to the wound site to create an ideal environment for the body to heal itself. MULTIDEX Maltodextrin Hydrophilic Wound Dressing fills the wound site, rapidly mixes with the exudate, and forms a protective "coating" to create and maintain a moist environment beneficial for granulation tissue growth and epithlial proliferation. MULTIDEX Powder and MULTIDEX Gel perform in the same way, except that the gel has been specially formulated for the dry or minimally draining wound. Effective even in the hardest to heal infected wounds, MULTIDEX Maltodextrin Hydrophilic Wound Dressing controls odors, decreases the amount of purulent exudate is nontoxic. Since MULTIDEX is not absorbed systemically, it is even safe to use on diabetic wounds.

    • Brand: DeRoyal
    • ASIN: B0002DMEK4

  • >Nutragauze drs gel 4x4 in. Dermagran -B Hydrophilic Wound Dressing

    Dermagran���� impregnated gauze dressing provides a primary cover and/or filler for skin ulcers (diabetic, venous stasis, stage II-IV pressure sores), surgical incisions and superficial injuries such as partial thickness thermal burns, superficial lacerations, cuts or abrasions. Sterile.

    • Brand: Specialty wound careHydrogels
    • ASIN: B000PC9VUI

  • Biopolymer Grafting: Applications (Advances in Polymers and Fibers)

    Biopolymer Grafting: Applications presents the latest research and developments in the practical application of these methods in industry, both to enable polymer scientists and engineers to keep up with the latest research trends, as well as to propose ideas for further research and application. Research into bio-based polymers has become increasingly prevalent. However, due to challenges related to the properties of these materials compared to synthetic polymers—such as their resistance to chemicals or weather—uptake has not dramatically increased yet. As a result, improvements in surface modification of bio-polymers through graft copolymerization are enormously important, because they will widen the scope of their applications. Relevant industries for application of these methods include automotive, construction, food, packaging, agriculture, textiles and paper. This book provides an overview of the developments made in the area of biopolymer-based graft polymers. Advantages, disadvantages and suggestions for future works are discussed, assisting materials scientists and researchers in mapping out the future of these new "green" materials through value addition to enhance their use.Helps researchers and product developers understand the applications and limitations of bio...

    • ASIN: B075VQXWT8

  • Wilderness Poets Organic Black Chia Seeds - Bulk Chia (2 Pound Bag)

    Wilderness Poets Organic Raw Chia Seeds The search is over! We have looked far and wide to bring you the absolute best certified organic Chia Seeds you will ever find. These fresh, plump, little Chia Seeds are loaded with protein, Omega 3 EFA, iron, magnesium, niacin, zinc, and fiber. Chia Seeds are renowned for their AMAZING hydrophilic properties. Absobing 12 times their weight in water, Chia Seeds give you the ability to prolong your hydration. No smoothie should be without. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Recipe Tips: Soak them in fresh berry juice for a thirst quenching, refreshing boost. Make a Coconut Chia tapioca-like 'pudding'. Soak chia seeds in water to make a gel and combine it with coconut milk, vanilla powder and honey. Wow. You can also use nut milk instead of coconut milk. When adding chia to a smoothie, it is best not to blend the chia seeds. Rather, make a gel with chia seeds in water and then add the Chia Gel to your smoothie. You can keep the Chia Gel in your refrigerator for up to a week and it is ready to use at any moment.

    • Brand: Wilderness Poets
    • ASIN: B016APTKWC
    • UPC: 855434006087

  • Foot Pads | Foot Pads (20pcs) and Cooling Gel Pads (4 pcs for Free Bonus) – 100% Natural & Organic 2018 New | FDA Certified | Sleep Better, Remove Impurities, Relieve Stress

    What are Foot Pads?These organic foot pads are specially designed to aid your body in relax by stimulating reflexology zones.Apply Foot Pads to both feet before bed and let them work while you sleep.See the results in the morning and experience the benefits of cleansing from the inside out!What are the benefits of Foot Pads?❤ ☘ Supports a healthy immune system.❤ ☘ Boosts vitality and energy.❤ ☘ Promotes healthy circulation❤ ☘ Encourages a positive mental state.❤ ☘ Replenish vital essences through your feet❤ ☘ Strengthens kidneys with regular use❤ ☘ Supports blood circulation❤ ☘ Helps improve quality of sleep❤ ☘ Safe, effective, and easy to use. Disposable, no mess!Ingredients✔ Bamboo vinegar powder✔ Wood vinegar powder✔ Tourmaline✔ Cohitin✔ Vitamin C✔ Plant fiber✔ Anion powder✔ DextrinHow to use food pads?➥ Clean the foot and make it dry.➥ Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper.➥ Place the foot pad on the adhesive.➥ Wear for 8-10 hours then remove pad.Cooling Gel Pad Ingredients✔ Gel Pad (high molecular polymer)✔ Hydrophilic and macromolecule material✔ Water and so on✔ Menthe✔ ıce sheetHow to use:➥ Remove and discard the transparent film from the back of the strip.➥ Clean the skin and make it dr...

    • Brand: Fresh Jungle
    • ASIN: B07D4FHRBG
    • UPC: 798068981439

  • Aquaphilic Ointment For Dry Skin Hydrated Hydrophilic Odorless Non-Staining Non-Irritating

    Are you suffering from dry or cracked skin or eczema? Aquaphilic is an odorless, non-staining, and non-irritating ointment that provides fast results. Ingredients: Water,stearyl alcohol, white petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

    • Brand: Aquaphilic
    • ASIN: B06XS6PRKM

  • Geleeo Baby Stroller Cooling Gel Liner (Blue)

    Geleeo universal stroller cooling pad the only self cooling gel pad for strollers on the market. Keep kids cool and calm on strollers. The first of its kind made for kids. Safe and nontoxic hydrophilic gel keeps the pad at a few degrees lower than the temperature of its surrounding environment without the need for refrigeration. Product dimensions: 14 X 11.2 X 1.2 inches product weight: 3 Pounds.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Geleeo
    • UPC: 885824028894

  • Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel - 15gm

    This light hyrdrating hydra eye gel is made with a base of Rice extracts and fresh cold pressed vegetable and fruit oils. Cold pressing fruits and nuts extracts the natural oils present in these pure organic ingredients without altering or comprimising their chemical structure. This process preserves the natural healing potencies of these oils so that they can be delivered to the skin just as Nature intended. They are rich with Vitamins E & A, which are important for skin strength, elasticity, and moisture retention. In addition, they contain high levels of minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc, which are essential for cell renewal and vitality. As these oils are readily absorbed by the skin, they serve well as vehicles for the healing powers of herbal extracts and essential oils which are infused in this hyrdating facial gel. Rice extracts are rich with proteins and hydro-philic fatty acids help deliver an abundance of moisture to the skin for long lasting hydration. Its also an abundant source of Vitamins A, C, and E and necessary minerals that encourage the regeneration of skin cells. These nutrients and the gel's naturally cooling and anti-inflammatory effects gives this unique hydrating facial gel special therapeutic properties, so that it not only nourishes and moistur...

    • Brand: Forest Essentials
    • ASIN: B009YCV1X0

  • >Nutragauze drs gel 4x4 in. Dermagran -B Hydrophilic Wound Dressing by Specialty wound careHydrogels

    SizeA: 4 x 4 [];Nutragauze drs gel 4x4 in

    • Brand: Specialty wound careHydrogels
    • ASIN: B01AE676O2

  • Innovo Medical Latex-Free Tens Unit Japanese Gel Electrode Pads (FDA 510K Cleared), Reusable TENS Pulse Massager Electrodes 2.36" X 2.36''

    The Innovo medical grade electrode with Japan's advanced Sekisui SRRA gel offers excellent viscosity, elasticity and electrical conductivity. Its solid carbon film pad with lead wire interface optimizes current distribution and allows it to be evenly distributed without causing any hot spots or burns. A 40% larger pad offers improved adhesive capability with premium gel that allows the pads to stick and last 3X longer than standard pads in the market. Its flexible woven material is soft, comfortable to use and conform securely to the natural contours of the body i.e. back, wrists, hands, shoulders' elbows/joints, calves, knees etc. The Innovo Electrode Pad is latex-free, hypo-allergenic, cleared by FDA 510K and CE and RoHS approved. It is compatible with most TENS units, EMS massagers and muscle stimulators in the market. These include: TENS 7000, Healthmate Forever YK15AB, iRelieve Pin-Jack style Tens, TruMedic TENS etc. What is SRRA-gel? SRRA gel is an odorless hydrogel created by Japan's renowned Sekisui's advanced polymerization technology used commonly on cosmetic/facial packs. It is a highly conductive and safe hypoallergenic mixture of water, agent and electrolyte that are stably maintained in a hydrophilic resin matrix. It's a premium gel that allows the Innovo electrode ...

    • Color: White Pads
    • Brand: Innovo
    • ASIN: B071FPDWGQ

  • Liobaba 6pcs Hydrophilic Adhesive Workout Arm Muscle Fitpad Patch Toning Belt Healthy Gym Trainning Gear Gel Sheet Body

    Features:A revolutionary training gear based on world class EMS researchTo get more defined abdominal muscles or the Body fit for more toned arms, legs, waist and thighs. EMS (Muscle Stimulation Electrical) technology is through the current stimulation, directly to the signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement. No harm to human body and you will enjoy scientific and healthy fitness.You can gain tighter and stronger muscles and perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks.Designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. Fix the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle.2 times per day and about 30 minutes per day of training, exercise and tight muscles.Tailored to fit the contours of your abdomen, and fit for Men & Woman.Join the body revolution!Descriptions:It is a physical workout device for enhancing your muscles. Without even lifting a finger, achieve the body of your dreams. There are two types (abdomen sticker and shoulder sticker), depending on the area of your body you want to target. The soft PU pad is comfortable and neatly fits the contours of your skin, while the electrodes utilizing silk printing and the conductive gel sheets distribute the pulses effective.Specifications:Quantity: 6pcsColor: orange & r...

    • Color: Orange & Red
    • Brand: Liobaba
    • ASIN: B07GQP375J
    • UPC: 193360724287