• Usborne Peep Inside Collection 6 Books Box Set (Peep Inside the Garden, Peep Inside the Zoo, Peep Inside Dinosaurs, Peep Inside Animal Homes, Peep Inside Night-Time, Peep Inside the Farm)

    This Peep inside gift set includes six beautifully illustrated lift -the-flap books. Little children will love peeping under the flaps and through the hole in the pages to discover what goes on at the zoo, in animal homes, on the farm, in the garden, at night and inside the world of dinosaurs

    • Brand: Usborne
    • ASIN: 1474927319
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  • National Geographic Inside Animal Minds: What They Think, Feel, And Know

    Brand new, newsstand edition. No mailing address label. Poly bagged

    • ASIN: 1683308964

  • Inside Animal Hearts and Minds: Bears That Count, Goats That Surf, and Other True Stories of Animal Intelligence and Emotion

    Extraordinary observations of animals living and behaving with feeling in our world.As Charles Darwin suggested more than a century ago, the differences between animals and humans are “of degree and not of kind.” Not long ago, ethologists denied that animals had emotions or true intelligence. Now, we know that rats laugh when tickled, magpies mourn as they cover the departed with greenery, female whales travel thousands of miles for annual reunions with their gal pals, seals navigate by the stars, bears hum when happy, and crows slide down snowy rooftops for fun.In engaging text, photographs, and infographics, Inside Animal Hearts and Minds showcases fascinating and heart-warming examples of animal emotion and cognition that will foster wonder and empathy. Learn about an orangutan who does “macramé,” monkeys that understand the concept of money, and rats that choose friendship over food. Even language, math, and logic are no longer exclusive to humans. Prairie dogs have their own complex vocabularies to describe human intruders, parrots name their chicks, sea lions appear capable of deductive thinking akin to a ten-year-old child’s, and bears, lemurs, parrots, and other animals demonstrate numerical cognition.In a world where a growing body of scientific research is clo...

    • Brand: SKYHORSE
    • ASIN: 151071894X

  • Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg

    Crack, crack...animal babies are hatched all over the place. Can you figure out who's who? Watercolor and collage illustrations depict close-up scenes of an egg or eggs about to hatch. The text hints at what the eggs contain: "Hidden in a rock cave/ Deep beneath the ocean waves/ Their mother wraps her long arms around/ To keep these eggs safe and sound." The observant young nature lover will find a visual clue of what animal the mother might be. The next spread provides the answer-in this case, it's an octopus. The second spread also provides fascinating facts about the species. The book features a number of species ranging from spiders to penguins to octopuses, and the back matter provides more information about the actual size of various eggs and how they develop.

    • Brand: Posada, Mia
    • ASIN: 0822561921

  • The Secrets of the Animals: Inside Your Amazing Neighborhood

    Every child possesses the innate ability to hear, see, feel or simply know what animals are communicating. In this delightful trilogy by Amazon bestselling author Sandra Mendelson, children are taken on a journey to discover the "animal wisdom ways" that are the keys to communicating with all Life. A dog named Mister T acts as a guide to encounters with different animals around the neighborhood (Book 1), on a farm (Book 2) and in the oceans, forests, jungles, plains and deserts of the world (Book 3). Each animal reveals a secret insight that fosters deeper connection with the animal world. Through the language of rhyme, children are led to see animals with compassion and understanding, build confidence in their own intuition and "inner voice," listen to signals from their bodies, cultivate patience, move through fear, experience the peace and love inside themselves, and much more. The Secrets of the Animals is the second installment in the We Walk Beside You series. Sandra Mendelson's first book We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, and the animal message cards of the same name, are being called "a ground-breaking and captivating exploration into new possibilities that our world of living beings has to offer." To learn more about Sandra's work, visit her web...

    • ASIN: 0999270427

  • 3D Coffee Mug Cute Animal Inside Cup Cartoon Ceramics Figurine Teacup Christmas Birthday Gift for Boys Girls Kids - Party Office Morning Mugs for Tea Juice Milk Chocolate Cappuccino(3D Panda Cup)

    Jewoster 3D panda mug! Cute animal in your mug, when you drink you will see the animal. You will have good start everyday when you see your animal every morning. It will give you happiness everyday. Hurry to get one!!! A lovely panda cup A beautiful box

    • Color: 3D Panda Cup
    • Brand: JEWOSTER
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  • If All the Animals Came Inside

    The walls would tremble. The dishes would break.Oh, what a terrible mess we would make! If all the animals came inside, bears would run down the stairs, kangaroos would bounce on the couch, and hippos would play hide-and-seek through the halls! Join one family's wild romp as animals of all shapes and sizes burst through the front door and make themselves right at home.Extraordinary collage artwork from beloved illustrator Marc Brown (Arthur series) pairs with Eric Pinder's hilarious rhyming verse to make this the perfect book to read aloud again and again.

    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316098833

  • Look Inside Animal Homes

    From the rear cover of this fun and beautifully illustrated children's book: "Open the flaps to look inside all kinds of animal homes - nests in treetops, deep, dark underground burrows, under the sea in a warm coral reef, and even in your own home." Children will see foxes, insects, owls, woodpeckers, squirrels, a wasp nest, fish, turtles, beavers, geese, a honeybee house, snails, polar bears, seals, reptiles, prairie dogs, and so much more!

    • ASIN: 147494292X

  • BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside Out - Catalog on the Exhibition

    Created by anatomist Gunther von Hagens and curator Angelina Whalley, Animal Inside Out is a completely new type of animal world that gets under your skin. Never before have lay people been able to gain such deep insights into the design of our animal relatives, which amaze even vets! Through the aesthetic presentation of real, anatomically prepared animal bodies, the exhibition turns death into the source of illustrative knowledge about life and raises awareness in the observer s mind about the protection of species. The 140 pages of this catalog show the extraordinary: anatomical specimens, prepared and preserved with a new technology developed by Gunther von Hagens. In addition to the medical and anatomical information about different animal bodies, including a bear, an elephant, and a yak, the catalog contains interesting articles on the topics of bones, muscles, the nervous system, and organs. The first edition of this catalog, attractively designed and fully illustrated in color, certainly matches the original exhibition, BODY WORLDS, in fascination and didactic standards!

    • ASIN: 3937256210

  • Evolve Skins Pet Alert Safety Fire Rescue Sticker - Save Our Pets Emergency Pet Inside Decal - In Case of Emergency Danger Pet In House Home Window Door Sign

    Peace of Mind While Your Pets are Home Alone In Case of an Emergency Alert firefighters and first responders of any dogs, cats, birds, rabbits or any other animals in need of rescue during an emergency or disaster when no one is present. Our bright and bold design is easily noticable and easy to apply, simply peel stick the adhesive gloss vinyl to any window or door. Adheres to almost any type of smooth surface; glass, wood, dry wall, etc! Our Thick Durable Vinyl Wall Decal is Removable and Without Leaving Any Residue. Proudly made and designed in the USA: the adhesive vinyl stickers is easy to apply and will not leave any bubbles like other wall stickers.Our vinyl wall decal will not leave any residue on the surface of choice they are being put on. Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. At Evolve Skins, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. If you are ever not satisfied with the performance of our product, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked! Don't hesitate and Click "Add to Cart" to buy now!

    • Color: 6 Pack
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  • Peep Inside Animal Homes

    BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.

    • ASIN: 1409550184

  • Nova: Inside Animal Minds

    Explores how animals understand the world around them through the eyes of three iconic creatures: dogs, birds, and dolphins. As we discover how scientists are pushing the animal mind to its limits, well uncover surprising similarities toand differences from--the human mind.

    • ASIN: B00IAR2BQG
    • UPC: 841887021074