• Juggling Clubs Set of 3 - One-piece Euro Style with Decorative Metallic Finish

    The Solo Club is a decorated 'one piece' club. This has a few advantages - it's tough and affordable! These solo clubs are ideal for learning the fundamentals of club juggling. Each club is decorated with mirrored 'Euro' style decoration and has a bulbous 'swinging' knob included as part of the handle. Solo clubs are a little light for outdoor juggling but the perfect prop for your first steps in club juggling and swinging.

    • ASIN: B00Z5JHP04

  • JuggleBug Juggling Clubs, 18 Inches, Set of 3

    Juggling Clubs are what every juggler strives to accomplish, and this set of 3 brightly colored clubs provide an excellent opportunity to work up successfully. Foam Clubs are 18 in long and made of neoprene foam with textured handles. Set includes instructions and 3 Juggling Clubs with one in each color: Pink, Yellow and Blue.

    • Color: Assorted
    • Brand: Jugglebug
    • ASIN: B012W5PIS4
    • UPC: 078011876709

  • Juggling Pins (Set of 3)

    Set of 3 juggling pins starter training set. Each set is lightweight and well balanced to learn. The grips appear to be a heavy metal to onlookers, but are actually soft and easy to grip. These sets are designed for safe and easy training, and will not last as long as a professional set. The grips appear to be a heavy metal to onlookers, but are actually soft and easy to grip. These sets are designed for safe and easy training, and will not last as long as a professional set. By Allures & illusions.

    • Brand: Blue Ridge Novelty
    • UPC: 617529500807

  • Higgins Brothers Zappa Juggling Club Set of 3 Blue, Red, Green Colors with Mesh Carry Bag

    The ZAPPA club from Higgins Brothers is a professional composite juggling club. This beautiful juggling club features a polyethylene handle wrapped around a maple dowel core creating an air-cushioned handle. The handle is then decorated with silver mylar. Both knob and end are made from heavy duty rubber for maximum protection upon impact. Each club is decorated with durable and bright mylar foil. The price of the Zappa suggests it is an entry level club. It is most certainly a professional club that we are very proud of.

    • Brand: Higgins Brothers
    • ASIN: B07PTNT5GV
    • UPC: 704817784947

  • Zeekio Pegasus Juggling Clubs - Set of Three - Blue Red Silver

    This is a set of Three Clubs - Colors vary.The Pegasus is a nicely balanced, slightly light weight performance club.Made with a multi-piece design, these clubs have a handle that flexes over the inner dowel for a perfect feel to the hand. The Pegasus has a sturdy rubber knob and rubber cap. The body is durable and scuff-resistant, and these come in assorted foil and tape deco designs.These clubs are sold as a single club and also in sets of 3 or more at a discount off the per-club price.Specs:Length: 20.5 inches;Weight: 200 grams.

    • Brand: Zeekio
    • ASIN: B006TZ0G0Y

  • Higgins Brothers Flow Juggling Club Set of 3 (Red)

    The Higgins Brothers FLOW is the best value juggling club. It's absolutely amazing for beginners & professionals. Seriously... there's no reason to look any further. Features a polyethylene handle wrapped around a maple dowel core creating an air-cushioned handle. You will be very happy with this composite juggling club! Club Length 20.50 in - Weight 204g

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Higgins Brothers
    • ASIN: B07PP527NL
    • UPC: 704817784961

  • Duncan Juggling Clubs

    This Duncan Juggling Club Set comes with three expertly balanced, full sized, durable, full-sized juggling clubs. This is an excellent product for jugglers who are just starting out. The graphics may vary.

    • Brand: Duncan
    • ASIN: B0008G5IX0
    • UPC: 071617001230

  • YuXing Professional Circus Juggling Clubs / Juggling Pins Set of 3 (8.2 Ounce, 20.9", Blue Orange Green)

    Juggling clubs are a prop used by jugglers. Juggling clubs are often simply called clubs by jugglers and sometimes are referred to as pins or batons by non-jugglers. Clubs are one of the three most popular props used by jugglers; the others being balls and rings. The basic pattern of club juggling, as in ball juggling, is the cascade. Clubs are thrown from alternate hands; each passes underneath the other clubs and is caught in the opposite hand to the one from which it was thrown. At its simplest, each club rotates once per throw but double, triple or multiple spins are frequently performed. About YuXing TOY YuXing TOY is the top 3 juggling toy manufacturer in China. 18 years experience in juggling club, juggling ball, juggling ring, juggling stick, spinning plate and so on. Why Choose US? 1 Many years experience in juggling products, can make sure the high quality; 2 The right weight, colorful color, ensure that beginners have a good experience; 3 Professional design can better protect the product from damage on landing, also can avoid hurting yourself; 4 Have 30 days money back and 12 months warranty.It takes a little of patience and skill. Once you start practicing and playing, you will enjoy it.

    • Color: Orange Blue Green
    • Brand: YuXing TOY
    • UPC: 778739725326

  • Halloween FX Juggling Club Set Boxed

    Durable polyethylene clubs with soft rubber ends and easy-grip handles. Includes a simple routine with with illustrations to get you started. Set of 3. Each is 17 1/2 inches long.

    • Color: Red/Yellow
    • Brand: Halloween FX
    • ASIN: B006LX9X1W
    • UPC: 099996005861

  • WMU Juggling Club Set

    Durable polyethylene clubs with soft knobs and butts, taped handles for a great grip. 19'' long, 8oz Sold Individually Please note: If there is a color/size/type option, the option closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may receive a random color/size/type).

    • Color: Multicoloured
    • Brand: WMU
    • ASIN: B00410G0BI
    • UPC: 643272595036