• The Magic Zoo Sterling Silver Snake Chain with Lobster Clasp 18 Inch

    This pretty sterling silver snake chain is 18" long with a lobster claw fastening. It is a high-quality, American-made chain that is both durable and comfortable.

    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B0082BJ7PI

  • Alligator Zoo-Park Magic: A Novel

    Fiction. Is Jeffers an Alligator Zoo-Park magician or the Messiah? Two friends live unapologetically on the edge of poverty in the rugged, un-decorous part of the South. Jimmy, a single father with an addict ex, and Jeffers, a magician whose tricks are closer to miracles--both are immersed in a place where trailers and Hot Pockets dominate the landscape, and alligators roam free. When Jimmy witnesses "losing" his best friend to his biggest trick gone awry, he reflects on their lifelong friendship and what it really means to escape."C.H. Hooks' mesmerizing novel, ALLIGATOR ZOO-PARK MAGIC, hovers in the boundaries between city boys and country boys, businessmen and truck drivers, a van named NAILR and a radiator-busting deer drinking beer. The world is both nature untamed and twisted in a theme park of mermaids and crispy-fried reptile bites. Yet, Hooks does so much more than create a new spin on the mystical, mythical South. This fascinating debut delves into the true nature of the heart: everyone's need to belong to someone, to some place, and, most importantly, to oneself."--Erica Dawson"Mr. Hooks has produced a magic show of the highest order."--Jensen Beach"I've died and been born anew! C.H. Hooks is a damned wizard, and ALLIGATOR ZOO-PARK MAGIC is a holy hell of a book."--Har...

    • ASIN: 1732366713

  • Enamel Red Dachshund Earrings by The Magic Zoo

    Super cute and lively-looking red dachshund earrings have been handpainted with a gorgeous pearly color. These are earrings that would be adored by any doxie lover! Each earring is 1 1/4" high and 5/16" wide. Earrings come on stainless steel ear wires. Necklaces come on an 18" black rubber cord with a lobster claw fastening. Glass beads are added to some of the pieces to enhance the design. All of my "cold enameled" jewelry is painted by hand with a durable epoxy paint, and are then cured for several hours in a special temperature controlled room. Artisans in the USA are employed to do this painstaking work, thus individual pieces may vary a bit from the photo.

    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B008BU9TIU

  • The Secret Zoo: Secrets and Shadows

    What Secrets Are Hiding in the Shadows?Noah and his friends thought they had seen it all during their first journey into the Secret Zoo—but it was only the beginning. Now they must train to become Crossers, members of a secret society who freely travel to the Secret Zoo and back, helping to defend its borders. But now that the monstrous sasquatches are on the loose and the evil Shadowist is plotting destruction, will Noah, Megan, Ella, and Richie have what it takes to survive?

    • Brand: Greenwillow Books
    • ASIN: 0061989266

  • Enamel Black Poodle Pin by The Magic Zoo

    This black poodle pin is showing off his "puppy cut!" This is a proud looking pooch, standing in a show position. It measures 1 5/8" high by 1 1/4" wide. A wonderful poodle lover keepsake!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B008BU9L3S

  • The Magic Zoo

    Sabrina, Tyler, Madisyn, Jake, and Brad love animals and want to see every animal in the zoo. They dont realize that each animal has a special message for them that will help them become a better person in life now and forever.

    • ASIN: 1631770527

  • The Magic Zoo Pewter Sea Otter Large Necklace

    I wanted an otter necklace with lots of detail, so created this larger otter pendant so you could really see his expression! The otter pendant is 3/4" tall and 1 1/8"" wide. All pewter necklaces come on an 18" rubber cord with lobster claw fastening.

    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B008DUS6ZA

  • Pewter Guinea Pig Post Earrings by The Magic Zoo – Baby Guinea Pig Stud Earrings

    WHY SHE'D RATHER WEAR OUR GUINEA PIG POSTS THAN DIAMOND STUDS! The Best Guinea Pig Stud Earring Gift for Your Favorite Pet Lover Is Now Available! • Eye-catching design is perfect for women and girls • Lightweight, durable fine pewter • Hand crafted and hand painted in the USA • Stainless steel posts and comfortable nylon grips • Will not tarnish or turn a different color with wear You Can Own Unique Guinea Pig Post Earrings Designed by an Artist & Made in the USA Celebrate the love you have for your piggie with with these delightful posts earrings. Florida artist Merry Rosenfield is a long-time animal lover who bases all her work on the human-animal connection. This is a simple and elegant design that will let the world know how much you love your animal companion. Be Prepared for Compliments When You Wear This Super Cute Design • Our customers tell us the most frequent comment they get about their Magic Zoo guinea pig jewelry is "That's adorable! Where did you ever find it?" • You can add a matching necklace to make a lovely set • The posts measure 3/8" tall by 3/8" wide & can be worn by women and girls. The Magic Zoo offers a 60 day, 100% satisfaction, no questions asked, money-back guarantee Click the Add to Cart button-we'll make sure your necklace...

    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B008DUSDYO

  • "A MILLION GOLD COINS": Teaching Kids about HAPPINESS & MONEY (Bedtimes stories book for kids 10)

    ***Teach Your Kids Values*** MILLION GOLD COINS********************************Jack was a happy farmer – he lived next door to Bill,They grew cucumbers and tomatoes high up on a hill.The farmers worked hard; their life was a bit tough,But they had food for their families; that was enough.Although sometimes at home after a long hard day,They dreamt that a better life would come their way.

    • ASIN: B00Q9GQMU6

  • The Magic Zoo Pewter Rabbit Lapel Pin

    Perfect for a bunny lover! The expression on this little fellow's face is perfect, and his position is too. Measures 1 1/8" tall and is 7/8" wide. This pewter lapel pin has a tie tack type back, and comes with a military style clutch to keep it securely in place. Enjoy wearing it on a jacket, hat or backpack!

    • Brand: The Magic Zoo
    • ASIN: B008DUS5WE