• Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Quadropad Small

    This practice pad for marching tenors features accurately spaced pads for the most authentic practice experience. The large quadropad is for players used to a 8" #1 drum. A set of laminates is included. Perfect for the marching tenor drummer, the heavy hitter Small quadropad was designed and laid out to exactly match the ideal set of marching quads. The pads are spaced from the playable part of each drum, just inside of the drum shell's bearing edge. The Small quadropad includes 2 rubber "spoke" Drum pads, giving the player the ability to set up 5 drum or 6 drum configurations. "Spock" Drum pads are made with thinner gum rubber than the 4 main quad drums, allowing for a more authentic feel. Sturdy wooden base features open cell foam rubber for the ultimate in skid-resistance. The drum pads included on this set approximate the accurate playing areas of 6", 8", 10", 12" And 13" Inch drums, and are laid out accurately and cut for all playing areas, both standard and "scrape". Vic Firth heavy hitter quadropad now come with Laminates included. Laminates are heavy duty 14 mil Mylar discs that come with a special double-sided adhesive. Simply peel off the backing, and apply to the Vic Firth heavy hitter pad of your choice. Because of the easy peal and stick feature, the laminate can be ...

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B001E6VIQ4
    • UPC: 750790120609

  • Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Quadropad Large

    This practice pad for marching tenors features accurately spaced pads for the most authentic practice experience. The Large quadropad is for players used to a 10" #1 drum. A set of laminates is included. Perfect for the marching tenor drummer, these pads were designed and laid out to exactly match the feel and placement of marching quads. Designed for practicing quads. Spacing is to scale with 1/4" Rim-to-rim drums. Pads are laid out accurately and cut for all playing areas - both standard and scrape. 2 spoke pads made with a thinner rubber than the Main quad pads have a more authentic feel.

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B0002F5CEC
    • UPC: 750795012077

  • Ahead Practice Pad (AHCTPB)

    A perfect practice companion for marching tenor drummers. This pad offers a real counter hoop for rimshots and built-in sound chambers for authenticity and targeting.

    • Brand: Ahead
    • UPC: 753283000921

  • Ahead AHCTPBG Percussion Source Green Tenor Practice Pad

    PERCUSSION SOURCE EXCLUSIVE: Your Percussion Source and Ahead Products have teamed up to offer this limited edition Percussion Source Practice Pad. The Ahead AHCTPBG Tenor Practice Pad features black pads and green rims. This is a perfect practice companion for the marching tenor player. This pad offers a real counter hoop for rim shots and built-in sound chambers for authenticity and targeting. Features: Designed for 4, 5 or 6 pad configurations Black pad surface EXCLUSIVE Green powder-coated, steel S-Hoop that won't crack Sound chambers underneath each pad for additional tone and targeting Soft, rubber, slip-resistant underside Gripping points for mounting on a snare stand Realistic feel, rim shots, and cross-sticking Improves technique without ear damaging volume Length: 46.00 inches Depth: 22.00 inches Weight: 22.00 lbs.

    • Brand: Ahead
    • ASIN: B07FMF2SGH
    • UPC: 753283002048

  • Ahead Practice Pad (AHCTPBK)

    A perfect practice companion for marching tenor drummers. This pad offers a real counter hoop for rimshots and built-in sound chambers for authenticity and targeting.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ahead
    • ASIN: B072JH99VJ
    • UPC: 753283001775

  • Vic Firth Laminate for Quadropad Large

    Heavy duty, replaceable Mylar Laminates simulate the response and feel of a high-tension marching drum.

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B0002Y256Q
    • UPC: 750795012312

  • Ahead Practice Pad (AHCTPG)

    A perfect practice companion for marching tenor drummers. This pad offers a real counter hoop for rimshots and built-in sound chambers for authenticity and targeting.

    • Brand: Ahead
    • UPC: 753283000938

  • Ahead AHCPL Tenor Practice Pad Laminates

    The Ahead AHCPL Tenor Practice Pad Liminates are Designed to fit the Chavez S-Hoop Tenor Pads, and to simulate drum head texture. Pack of 5. • Clear mylar • Peel-and-stick adhesive • 1/2" head size for targeting over sound chambers

    • Brand: Ahead
    • ASIN: B072W6HRZM
    • UPC: 753283001065

  • Luvay Snare Stand, Double Braced Lightweight (5lb) - with Stick Holder (Nylon Drumstick Bag)

    LUVAY: Love Ur Music on This Way. This is a nice and sturdy, chrome double-braced snare stand.

    • Brand: LUVAY
    • ASIN: B077THLFYQ

  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster Multi-tenor MTS1 Drumsticks.

    Unique nylon tip helps pull more sound from the drum.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B0046LVG7A
    • UPC: 750795016853

  • Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad (HHPSL)

    Very thin rubber mounted on a sturdy wooden base gives the feel of a contemporary marching snare drum.

    • Color: #N/A
    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B0002F5C8S
    • UPC: 750795012091

  • Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Stock Pad

    Wooden base provides the support of a full sized pad, but without the added size and weight. Perfect to carry in a backpack. Heavy hitter practice pads provide the most authentic feel possible.

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B0002F5C8I
    • UPC: 750795012107

  • Vandoren VMC6 Mouthpiece Cushions; Clear; Thin; 0.35mm/.014"; Pack of 6

    Vandoren mouthpiece cushions protect the mouthpiece from teeth marks and feature a Vandoren logo on each cushion. There are 6 clear cushions in each pack with a thickness of .014" (Thin)

    • Brand: Vandoren
    • ASIN: B002FEGREW
    • UPC: 008576320355

  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster Multi-Tenor Hybrid -- Tom Aungst

    The Tom Aungst Corps master Hybrid Multi-Tenor Stick blends the feel of a traditional tenor mallet with the sound of a snare stick. Field tested with the 2007 DCI Silver Medalist Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps, this unique product is very well balanced and creates a great quality of sound that blends beautifully with the snare and bass voice within the marching ensemble. The handle features a "step-down" design for grip comfort and creates a shaft dimension that makes for an ideal stick weight. The "rim-shot zone" is perfectly placed just before the pronounced taper which creates an excellent rebound. With the perfect tip shape and size, this product assists the player in getting around the drums easily while producing a great sound. Additionally, the Tom Aungst Tenor Hybrid is a great choice for Indoor Marching where assistance in achieving clarity is a decided plus! Corps master Multi-Tenor Mallets and Stick. Field tested and field proven, the superior designs of the Corps master line have been developed throughout years of collaboration with the world's finest drum and bugle corps. Each season since these products were introduced, Corps master sticks and mallets have remained the most popular choice among the top high school bands, indoor percussion ensembles and DCI Championship c...

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B001E6TRY4
    • UPC: 750795015337

  • Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Case, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds and More

    Teacher approved, Mendini saxophones are the perfect instruments for the student musicians and a great addition to any level players. The large bore makes it easy for young players to get a great, full bodied sound and the fast action keys allow for easy playability for all players. The tone is deep and rich with even intonation throughout the full range. Each instrument is assembled with over 300 hand crafted parts that are all made exclusively by Cecilio. There are no off the shelf parts. Every saxophone is play tested at Cecilio's factory and re-tested at their Los Angeles distribution center to ensure that their high quality standards are met. This is why thousands of instructors have approved these saxophones. Package includes: a plush lined nylon covered hard case with backpack strap and zippered pocket, a neck strap, a mouthpiece with reed and cap, a box of 10 reeds (size 2.5"), a polishing cloth, cleaning rod, and a pair of white gloves to keep your instruments spot free when being played. Buy with confidence as it comes with a 1- year warranty against any manufacturer's defects.

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Mendini by Cecilio
    • ASIN: B00501ISJ4
    • UPC: 847848018008

  • Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

    Yamaha 4C Standard Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces The standard plastic mouthpiece offered by Yamaha is a great starter piece. Yamaha 4C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece The Yamaha YAC-1286 4C mouthpiece makes it easy to obtain a balanced, clear, and focused tone in any octave. Everyone from professionals to beginners likes this mouthpiece.

    • Brand: YAMAHA
    • ASIN: B002Q0WTC4
    • UPC: 086792534947

  • Dioletto Snare Drum Practice Pad and Drumsticks Set with 10 inch Drumming Pad and 5A Sticks - Exercise Workout Kit for Professional and Beginner Drummers

    This percussion practice drum is a great accessory for all drum enthusiasts, beginners and professionals alike. It has the bounce and feel of a real drum and can be mounted on a stand, if required. Gain hand eye coordination, tempo, stick control, with this snare drum pad. A great padset for rehearsal workouts, school drumming lessons, marching band practice. Suitable for all ages: kids, teens and adults. INCLUDES: 10 inch diameter drum training pad and 1 Pair 5A nonslip grip Nylon Plastic Drum Sticks. The drumming practise pad has a special cloth case for storage. The drum sticks have not been provided with a cloth case and must be stored separately.Specs:Item Size: 26.8 * 3.1cm / 10.6 * 1.2in Item Weight: 580g / 1.3lbPackage Size: 28 * 28 * 3.5cm / 11 * 11 * 1.4inPackage Weight: 760g / 1.7lbColor: Black and WhiteMaterial: PlasticPackage List: 1 - Drumming Practice Pad1 - Pair of Nylon Plastic Drumsticks1 - Carrying Bag (for drum pad only)

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Dioletto
    • ASIN: B0784C4PX1
    • UPC: 742271967957

  • Vic Firth Mallets (SMAPTS)

    Tip provides increased surface area and durability for an Unbelievable sound that lasts. Elongated taper and overall length provides additional comfort for the most current multi-tenor drum set-ups.

    • Brand: Vic Firth
    • ASIN: B01IJOPS5K
    • UPC: 750795019373

  • Neotech Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel hook, Wine (1906162)

    The revolutionary Soft Sax Strap actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The innovative design incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing. This combination allows the weight of your instrument to be evenly distributed over a larger area on your neck and shoulders while absorbing the shock of your movements. This is how the Soft Sax Strap makes your instrument feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. You'll definitely feel the difference! The Soft Sax Strap is available in three sizes:Regular: 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm) - Loop version: 16.5"–19.25" (41,9cm–48,9cm)Junior: 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)Extra-Long: 19"–26" (48,3cm–66cm) - Loop version: 18.5"–21.25" (47cm–54cm)*Measurements are taken from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hook.

    • Color: Wine
    • Brand: Neotech
    • ASIN: B000EENA04
    • UPC: 711554190603

  • Tromme Drum Practice Pad & Carrying Case - 12 Inches - Two-Sided Silicone - Wooden Base with Real Drum Feel - Practice Quietly -Sticks and Stand NOT INCLUDED (Blue)

    Tromme Drum Practice Pad Offers the Ideal Solution for a High Quality, Authentic Playing Experience! Want to practice without worrying about noise complaints from family, roommates and neighbors? Tired of wasting money on poor quality drum pads that wear easily? Need a larger playing surface to practice successfully?Tromme Practice Pad Allows You to Practice With Confidence! Made with double sided high quality silicone which is long lasting and non toxic Large 12 inch surface covers your practicing needs Pad is quiet and won't bother those around youChoose from a variety colors based on your personal preference. Tromme Drum Practice Pad comes in Red, Blue and Gray. Buy Now While Inventory Lasts and Be Protected by Tromme's Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

    • Color: blue
    • Brand: Tromme
    • ASIN: B01G2KH9SC
    • UPC: 642968109458