• No More Reading for Junk: Best Practices for Motivating Readers (Not This but That)

    Pizza. Pez dispensers. Nerf balls. When we give students "junk" to reward reading, we are focusing their intention away from the act of reading and from their own independence as readers. Instead, we can create classrooms where reading is seen as its own reward. In this book, esteemed researcher Linda Gambrell provides a research-based context for cultivating children's intrinsic motivation to read and identifies three essential principles, the "ARC" of motivation: access: giving kids a wealth of reading materials and opportunities to discuss texts relevance: offering high interest, moderately challenging and authentic reading experiences choice: allowing students to self-select texts and reading activities What exactly do those principles look like in action? Reading specialist and researcher Barbara Marinak shares the strategies and techniques that make a difference for student readers' motivation, turning disengaged readers into passionate ones. "Pizza and Pez dispensers are short lived," Linda and Barbara write, "but confident and empowered readers are likely to remain motivated for life."

    • ASIN: 0325061572

  • Extra Practice for Struggling Readers: Word Study: Motivating Practice Packets That Help Intermediate Students Learn Key Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots to Succeed in Reading and Writing

    When successful readers encounter unfamiliar words, they utilize strategies— for example, identifying word parts such as syllables and suffixes—to help them figure out pronunciation and meaning. This resource offers dozens of practice pages that give older struggling readers multiple opportunities to review and apply these word-study skills, recognize common spelling patterns, boost their word recognition and vocabulary development, and gain confidence as they read and encounter new words. As a result, students become more fluent readers. For use with Grades 3–6.

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    • ASIN: 0545124115

  • Extra Practice for Struggling Readers: Phonics: Motivating Practice Packets That Help Intermediate Students Build Essential Decoding Skills to Succeed in Reading and Writing

    While phonics instruction is important for all readers, it is essential for older students whose underdeveloped reading skills impede content-area learning. This resource offers dozens of practice pages that give struggling readers multiple opportunities to recognize, review, and reinforce must-know phonics elements, such as consonants, long and short vowels, blends, digraphs, and more. With this practice, students dramatically improve their ability to recognize sound-spelling relationships and use these skills to accurately and efficiently decode words, which in turn boosts fluency and comprehension. For use with Grades 3–6.

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    • ASIN: 0545124093

  • "BACTERIA JOE":: Motivating Your Child to Brush Their Teeth (Bedtime story picture book (clean & happy) 1)

    Teach Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth's*********************************************Bacteria Joe came to check my teeth last night,He smelled leftover chocolate, what a delight!When he started to dig in my tooth I felt pain,Now I won't forget about tooth-brushing again. toilet training

    • ASIN: B00E6R0O8Q

  • Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

    New York Times Bestseller!What happens when we give away love like we're made of it? In his entertaining and inspiring follow-up to the New York Times bestselling phenomenon Love Does, Bob Goff takes readers on a journey into the secret of living without fear, constraint, or worry. The path toward the liberated existence we all long for is found in a truth as simple to say as it is hard to do: love people, even the difficult ones, without distinction and without limits.Driven by Bob’s trademark storytelling, Everybody, Always reveals the lessons Bob learned--often the hard way--about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity, or restriction. From finding the right friends to discovering the upside of failure, Everybody, Always points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible. Whether losing his shoes while skydiving solo or befriending a Ugandan witch doctor, Bob steps into life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinarily ordinary. Everybody, Always reveals how we can do the same.

    • Brand: Thomas Nelson
    • ASIN: 0718078136

  • Extra Practice for Struggling Readers: High-Frequency Words: Motivating Practice Packets That Help Intermediate Students Master 240 Essential Words They Need to Know to Succeed in Reading and Writing

    Often called ""sight words"" because readers need to know them at a glance, high-frequency words can prove challenging for students. This resource offers dozens of practice pages that give older struggling readers multiple opportunities to review and really learn common tricky words—such as which, listen, enough, and answer—that aren’t easily decodable and don’t follow the usual sound-spelling relationships. When students can identify high-frequency words quickly and accurately, their reading fluency increases, and their reading comprehension improves. With repeated practice, students develop automatic recognition of dozens and dozens of words and become more fluent readers. For use with Grades 3–6.

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  • Motivating Readers in the Middle Grades

    Inspire your middle school readers with these awesome reading motivation programs and proven book recommendations!• Written by a seasoned middle school librarian who knows what kids love to read• Step-by-step directions for battle of the books and other sure-fire reading motivation programs• Chocked full of titles to turn middle-schoolers into avid readers• Includes bonus reproducibles for your very own reading promotion programs• Annotated genre bibliographies to motivate middle school readersMeet the reading needs of a diverse school population, one in transition between elementary and the high school years and learn to have fun while getting serious about promoting Voluntary Free Reading (VFR) in your school. Frustrated librarians and teachers will get excellent examples of reading motivation programs and recommended, sure-to-please reading lists for hard-to-motivate middle grade students. This book is meant to be a resource for the librarian who must respond to the student who asks, "Do you have any good books?"

    • ASIN: 1586832972

  • Reading Engagement: Motivating Readers Through Integrated Instruction

    Making students want to read is a top priority for many reading educators. Reading Engagement will help you understand the research on motivation and use it in your efforts to enhance children’s literacy development. This book focuses on classroom contexts for promoting reading engagement and covers such diverse topics as children’s motivations for reading, teacher perceptions, reading efficacy, and motivational development. ©1997 | 256 pp | ISBN: 0-87207-148-0 | 148-553 | Elementary/Middle/General

    • Brand: Brand: International Reading Association
    • ASIN: 0872071480

  • Readers Theater for Building Fluency: Strategies and Scripts for Making the Most of This Highly Effective, Motivating, and Research-Based Approach to Oral Reading (Teaching Strategies, Grades 3-6)

    Jo Worthy provides an in-depth look at Readers Theater, a fun and effective technique for building students’ fluency. It also enhances students’ comprehension, increases their vocabulary, and fuels their desire to read. Worthy looks at every aspect of Readers Theater, from obtaining and writing scripts, to managing and assessing performances. She also includes glimpses into real classrooms and 12 scripts based on children’s books.

    • Brand: Teaching Strategies
    • ASIN: 0439522234
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