• Motorola Hd Dual Tuner Dvr Cable Box DCH 3416 Comcast

    The Motorola DCH3416 all-digital HD DVR M-CardTM host set-top provides a full set of standard and high definition television, data features and interfaces. The DCH3416 supports a wide range of current and future interactive applications running on Motorola's existing DCT legacy APIs.

    • Brand: Motorola
    • ASIN: B003AOH9YS
    • UPC: 612572152942

  • Motorola DCX3400 HD / DVR Set Top Cable Box with Standard 320GB Dual Tuner Hard Drive

    As competition in the video service industry continues to increase, cable operators require advanced technologies for delivering a superior digital viewing experience and exciting new applications. Motorola has developed a sophisticated all-digital solution with the DCX series, the next generation of Host set tops. The DCX set-tops are loaded with features for improving bandwidth efficiency, providing high-definition video with surround sound audio, and bringing on-demand and interactive services to a connected home environment. Consumers value the watch-and-record flexibility that a dual tuner DVR set top provides. The DCX3400 further enhances this experience with a 320GB hard drive to provide ample capacity for recording an entire household's favorite shows.

    • Brand: Motorola
    • ASIN: B00KVS0LJQ
    • UPC: 612572168929

  • Motorola DCT 5100/1000 Digital Cable BOX HD PVR DVR

    The Motorola DCT5100 is an HD-enabled digital cable receiver capable of tuning, decoding, and displaying various standard-definition (SD) and HDTV broadcasts. The DCT5100 is compatible with many different models of HD televisions. Available through select cable operators and retail locations, the DCT5100 combines today's hottest features with Motorola's innovative design. In addition to enabling HDTV content, the DCT5100 provides support for digital audio while bringing you all the benefits of digital cable from your cable provider, like: * Hundreds of channels, including the newest digital networks * Digital picture and CD-quality sound * Hundreds of movies on multiple premium movie channels * Pay-Per-View movies, concerts and sporting events * Dozens of CD-quality commercial-free music channels * An Interactive Onscreen Programming Guide * Local news, weather and sports * Live concerts * Parental controls Plus new interactive digital cable features like Video On Demand (VOD), where you can access, pause, rewind and fast-forward movies and shows to fit your schedule (check with your cable operator for availability in your area).

    • ASIN: B001OBPOO6
    • UPC: 612572090565