• Only Natural Pet Canine Bladder Control for Dogs - Helps with Pet Incontinence and Strengthen Bladder - 90 Chewable Tablet Pills

    Why Your Pet Needs Only Natural Pet Canine Bladder ControlIncontinence can develop due to weakening of bladder muscles, which sometimes develops in female dogs after spaying. In older dogs of either sex, lower levels of hormones and slower nerve responses are thought to play a role in the problem. Whatever the cause, urine leakage is an issue that causes stress for everyone.With our BEST SELLINGCanine Bladder Control, you can help them recover their composure and end anxiety and worry over leaking accidents. This formula contains a powerful combination of herbs, hormone-supportive botanicals, and Vitamin B6 that work together to help support your dog's bladder muscle function, UTI functioning and maintain bladder health. Ideal for spayed and senior dogs to help them maintain bladder control - our customers give it rave reviews!At Only Natural Pet we believe passionately that a natural lifestyle contributes to a longer and healthier life for your pet. Everything we carry meets our rigorous standards and is guaranteed to be safe and effective for your pet. Our mission is to make healthy choices easy for you and your pet.We measure success by your pet's health, vitality, and quality of life. That's why we offer affordable shipping and no-questions-asked returns on every single produ...

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  • Peak Bladder Support by Peak Pure & Natural® for Overactive Bladder and Bladder Control | Go-LessTM for Urge Incontinence and Leak Accident Protection | Soylife® and EFLA® 940

    One in six Americans currently suffer from an overactive bladder. When you were younger, the muscles in your urinary tract, bladder and pelvis were firm so everything stayed "locked tight" until you had to go. As you age, the muscles that control urination get weak. For women, age, childbirth, menopause and hormone imbalance take their toll. That's when leaking starts. For men, prostate problems, low testosterone levels combined with age cause bladder and pelvic muscles to lose their firmness which leads to a hard-to-control bladder. A sudden, involuntary bladder contraction that makes you feel like you have to "go" immediately is called urge incontinence and it's quite common for adults over 60. Peak Bladder Support works quickly to calm an overactive bladder, reduce nighttime bathroom visits and put an end to leaks when you cough, sneeze or laugh. Just take two softgels daily, perferably with a meal.

    • Brand: Peak Pure & Natural
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  • Deley Naturals Dog UTI Treatment - Incontinence - Bladder - Kidney & Immune System Support - Cranberry Pills for Dogs - D-Mannose & Echinacea - Dog UTI - Made in USA - 120 Grain Free Soft Chews

    Are you spending valuable time and money on vet visits and repeated antibiotics for your dog’s painful urinary symptoms? If so, you need our Advanced Urinary and Kidney Support for Dogs to prevent UTIs before they even start! Suitable for dogs of any age and size, our soft chews can help maintain a healthy urinary tract and support optimal bladder function. NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR PET’S OPTIMAL HEALTH Your dog is part of your family, and we know you want to give them only the best! Instead of using artificially created supplements or medications, you want natural ingredients so you can avoid unpleasant side effects. Our product is the result of extensive research and development to formulate a flavorful, nutritious treat your pet enjoys while providing multiple health benefits. • Cranberry helps maintain a normal pH and optimal bladder function • Organic Marshmallow Root strengthens the immune system to help prevent infections • D-Manose helps the body repopulate gut flora• Organic Echinacea boosts the immune system and fights germs, improving your dog’s ability to fight disease before it even starts• Organic Licorice and Nettle Seed are natural anti-inflammatories to help ease pain naturally HONEST INGREDIENTS | HEALTHY PETS At Deley Naturals, we care abou...

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  • STRONGHOLD BLADDER CONTROL - Extra Serving Size (120 Capsules) & Potency To Support Natural Bladder Control by Biovy - Bladder Control Supplements To Support Healthy Urinary Flow

    The Most Effective Natural Support For Bladder Control Stronghold Bladder Control is a unique dietary supplement containing high doses of only the very best ingredients, shown to provide support for healthy bladder control and urine flow without any artificial fillers (no magnesium stearate, no titanium dioxide, no silicon dioxide). Keep your bladder strong and healthy with these 120 capsules of Stronghold Bladder Control (60 servings). It provides the fast-acting support you need for a strong bladder. Highest Doses Of The Most Effective Ingredients Pumpkin seeds have been traditionally used by Native American tribes to "facilitate the passage of urine". Science has caught up on this tradition, and shows that this substance is indeed highly effective for promoting healthy urinary flow. What's truly remarkable about Stronghold is that it contains the water-soluble version of pumpkin extract, which has been scientifically demonstrated to be more effective than the regular version commonly used in most other supplements. Water-soluble pumpkin extract is believed to exert a tissue-building effect on the pelvic floor muscles through several mechanisms. It also supports healthy testosterone levels, which is the hormone required for a strong, healthy bladder. Natural Bladder Control For...

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  • Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs - UT Incontinence Support + Immune Health Dog Antioxidant - Urinary Tract UTI & Kidney + Bladder Support - D-Mannose + Organic Marshmallow & Licorice - 90 Chew Treats

    Zesty Paws' Cranberry Bladder Bites are delicious chewables formulated with 200mg of Cran-Max Cranberry concentrate and a blend of nutritive ingredients that support the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. Cranberries are also a natural source of Vitamin C that can enhance the immune system and protect the skin with powerful antioxidant support. Unlike pills which are tough for some pets to ingest, our formula is made in a safe and easy to chew formula with a great chicken liver taste to improve UT wellness. Plus, our bites are free of grain, corn, wheat, artificial flavoring and preservatives to ensure effectiveness. These flavored chews are great for every sort of canine - adult or puppies, male or female, small or large. Label design may vary.

    • Brand: Zesty Paws
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  • Best Kidney Cleanse (Vegetarian) Supports Bladder Control & Urinary Tract - Powerful VitaCran Cranberry Extract - Natural Herbs Supplement - Kidney Health, Flush & Detox - 60 Capsules (No Pills)

    Natural Kidney Cleanse with VitaCran Cranberry Extract! Your body counts on the kidneys to help filter waste. But if you consume a high protein diet, drink alcohol, or regularly smoke, you could be putting excess strain on your organs. Symptoms of kidney overload include lethargy, appetite loss, drowsiness, and muscle cramps. Detox your kidneys easily and naturally with the Powerful Kidney Cleanse from Healths Harmony! Made with Cranberry Extract, this cleanse flushes toxins, and with added support from beneficial herbs like Nettle Leaf and Astragalus, our cleanse helps protect overall kidney health while maintaining their propper function! These potent cranberry capsules also aid bladder and urinary tract health! Goldenrod, Uva-Usi, and Horsetail are just a few of the natural ingredients that work together to decrease occasional urinary leaks, improve bladder control, and soothe the urinary tract. You'll feel comfortable and confident! Made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities, you can rest assured knowing that the Healths Harmony cranberry pills are safe, effective, and Vegetarian! Why Choose Our Premium Kidney Cleanse?✔ Flushes toxins for overall kidney support✔ Helps maintain strong bladder control✔ Aids urinary tract health✔ Formula made with natural ingredients✔...

    • Brand: Healths Harmony
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  • Natural Science - Urinary Supplement, 60 Count

    Natural Science Urinary Support is a high-fiber supplement containing various beneficial ingredients to support the overall urinary health of your small animal pet. Cranberry and Dandelion Leaf support urinary health, while herbs such as astralagus root support renal function. Size: 60 ct

    • Brand: Oxbow Animal Health
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  • Vet Classics Bladder Support (60 chewable tablets)

    Veterinarian formulated and recommended to help support bladder control, incontinence and to maintain normal urinary function in dogs of all ages. Directions & Dosage < 50 lbs. 1/2 tablet twice daily 51 lbs. to 75 lbs. 1 tablet twice daily 76 lbs. > 1-1/2 tablets twice daily Ingredients Pumpkin Seed - 125 mg, Rehmannia - 125 mg, Wild Yam Root - 125 mg, Oregon Grape Root - 25 mg, Dang Gui Shen - 25 mg, Marshmallow Root - 25 mg, Cranbery Extract - 25 mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - 25 mg, Licorice - 25 mg, & Alfalfa - 25 mg.

    • Brand: Vet Classics
    • ASIN: B00772JEAQ
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  • Gallbladder Complete 8oz - Natural Organic Liquid Gallstones Cleanse, Support, Sludge Formula Supplement

    Setting the standard as THE Digestive Solution, Gallbladder Complete has been successfully used by tens of thousands of customers seeking relief from Gallbladder related issues. Recognized by most doctors, the Gallbladder can be the leading source of many digestive health problems that we experience day in and day out. Gallbladder issues are common. Particularly those with diets that are high in fats, oils, processed foods, restaurant foods, meats, sugars, salts, alcohol, and soda. These tend to reduce the livers ability to produce enough bile and in short can over time lead to the highly concentrated bile that can transform into sludge, debris or worse yet, gall stones within the gall bladder. It is important to note that diet is not the only part of the formula for failure here. As with most health issues, genetics and exercise play as much of a role in gall bladder related issues as can a poor diet. Common symptoms associated with gallbladder related health issues can be extensive. Listed are many of the more common ones: Pain under the right ribs, Tenderness in the Sternum, Stomach Ache, Irregular Bowel movements (constipation and diarrhea), Slow metabolism, Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Vomiting and nausea, Chest Pain, Heart arrhythmia, Shoulder pain, Back Pain, Thyroid issues, ...

    • Brand: Complete Natural Products
    • ASIN: B0756RNF7S
    • UPC: 858126006303

  • Only Natural Pet Cranberry Wellness

    Only Natural Pet Cranberry Wellness Powder contains a unique set of ingredients that work together to support a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs. Pets prone to recurrent pathogenic urinary tract or bladder problems or struvite crystals in the urine have benefited from the addition of these key substances to their diet. How Only Natural Pet's Cranberry Wellness Powder Benefits Your Pet's Urinary Tract:-Helps lower urine pH (normalize pH when urine is too alkaline)-Helps dissolve particulate matter in the urine-Helps reduce the formation of struvite crystals and stones-Helps prevent bacterial attachment to the lining of the urinary tract-Soothes irritated tissues in the urinary system-Helps reduce the recurrence of pathogenic urinary tract and bladder problems-Supports the immune system in resisting diseaseThe following quality botanical extracts, herbs and health co-factors were selected for the Cranberry Wellness Powder formula: Cranberry Extract, Marshmallow Root, Blueberry Extract, Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate), and Olive Leaf.At Only Natural Pet we believe passionately that a natural lifestyle contributes to a longer and healthier life for your pet. Everything we carry meets our rigorous standards and is guaranteed to be safe and effective for your pet. Our mission is to...

    • Brand: Only Natural Pet
    • ASIN: B0030ZPWT6
    • UPC: 811241011072

  • Harmony D-Mannose - Urinary Tract UT Cleanse & Bladder Health - Fast-Acting Detoxifying Strength, Flush Impurities, Clear System - Hibiscus Pills - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

    "Beyond grateful to have them" "Changed my life" "Something that finally works" "Highly recommended!" PROBLEM SOLVED! HARMONY URINARY TRACT & BLADDER CLEANSE by Eu Natural is the real solution to maintain urinary health, the natural way with pure, 99.8%+ pharmaceutical grade D-Mannose and Hibiscus Extract. This combo is the new alternative to the old cranberry pills. #1 VOTED! These fast-acting ingredients provide a long-term solution to urine impurities, promoting healthy urinary and bladder function. VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH! When you buy vitamins from Eu Natural, you aren't just helping yourself, you are also helping a child in need. Your purchase equals one year of life-saving vitamins to children under five, new mothers, and pregnant women who are at risk for malnutrition. EMPOWERING YOUR HEALTH! Eu Natural is cleanest and purest nutrition brand using zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Strict FDA Standards by cGMP Certified Laboratory. Always gluten, wheat, and dairy free, and never tested on animals.You risk absolutely nothing. Our products are backed by our unconditional 90-day 100% money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.Your search for "the ONE" perfect urinary solution is finally over! With our five-star reviews, you can trust that customers ...

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  • MAX Cranberry for Dogs - Cures & Prevents Painful UTI Urinary Tract Infections! Bladder Support Pills & Kidney Health. No More Antibiotics & Incontinence! D-Mannose & Probiotics Chews, Save on Vet!

    cranberry for dogs treatment medicine bites supplement bladder infection strength support dog ease wellness food supplements comfort pill chew chewable relief relieve extract kidney rejuvenator uti free uti-free ut incontinence urinary tract system d-mannose d mannose antioxidant herb plus diet spayed female canine pet health healthy stone so formula formulation control natural grapefruit vitamin c probiotics treat senior paws bite bite-sized flavored small medium large safe breed all organic in care licorice canin flow urine can made usa puppy cranberries edibles wheat grain low calorie sodium gluten-free gluten solve disease painful recurring male ani inflammatory product anti oxidant active ingredients maximizes fast 400mg nsf fda registered at top high quality no corn marshmallows formulated powerful root detox ph level of nutrition nutritional supreme cran liver with without which puppies digestive what promote essential booster function chews seed the doggie chewy treats and eliminate get rid pain maintain maintenance sodium-free reward leaking leak leakage uncontrolled prevent prevention cure suffer suffering struggle struggling again prescive animal pharmaceuticals anmpharm amnpharm antibiotic antibiotics develop resistance resistant tasty palpable veterinary recommended ...

    • Brand: Mighty Petz
    • ASIN: B01LWS6Y47
    • UPC: 712038015023

  • Nature's Sunshine Gall Bladder Formula, 100 Capsules | Powerful Herbal Formula Soothes and Supports The Digestive System, Liver and Gallbladder

    At Nature's Sunshine, we are in the business of life transformation. We believe that natural health and wellness has the power to change lives; and through our products, our people and our business opportunity, we work to make it a reality every day. In today's world of overhyped ingredients, questionable claims and come-and-go products, Nature's Sunshine is the proven choice for people seeking the lasting benefits of good health. Our longevity is proof of our stability and wise business management; our broad selection of products points to our commitment to innovation and relevance; and our rigorous testing, exacting quality control, and self-manufacturing set the highest standards in the industry. Proven quality, expertise and results are why we are trusted and recommended by natural health practitioners and customers around the world. So while transformation is a bold promise to make, we do so with confidence. Nature's Sunshine brings health and wellness to millions of customers every day. And when people are healthier, lives are truly transformed.

    • Color: black/red/blue/green
    • Brand: Nature's Sunshine
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  • Only Natural Pet Incontinence Homeopathic Remedy - Bladder Support and Urine Control Supplement

    When your dog or cat begins to drip or leak urine, it can cause great concern for you and for your pet. They do not wish to urinate in the house or on their bed, yet they cannot control their own bodily functions properly. Urinary Incontinence is the involuntary passing or leakage of urine and occurs in 20% of dogs at some point in their lifetime, and less frequently in cats. (Marking & spraying, frequent urination, and submissive urination are not considered urinary incontinence).A weak bladder is the most common cause of incontinence. Spayed females are most susceptible to a weakened bladder sphincter due to low estrogen levels, along with other factors, and can be affected at any age after spaying.Only Natural Pet Incontinence Homeopathic is a safe, effective remedy for use with pets experiencing leaking and incontinence. This formula is a combination of homeopathic ingredients developed by our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve. It can safely be used long-term for pets with a chronic incontinence problem.At Only Natural Pet we believe passionately that a natural lifestyle contributes to a longer and healthier life for your pet. Everything we carry meets our rigorous standards and is guaranteed to be safe and effective for your pet. Our mission is to make healthy choices ea...

    • Brand: Only Natural Pet
    • ASIN: B00E8GIYGY
    • UPC: 811241011379

  • Premium Kidney Cleanse Supplement - Powerful Kidney Support Formula With Cranberry Extract Helps Support Healthy Kidneys, Bladder Health & Urinary Tract Support- 60 Vegetarian Capsules

    Why try our Kidney Support Supplement? We combine powerful herbs to help support kidney health and urinary tract system. Many of the herbs in our formula have been traditionally used by herbalists for many years. Our Kidney Formula is vegetarian and the capsules are small and easy to swallow. We believe in using high quality herbs and ingredients. Why buy from us? We care about our products and customers. We pride ourselves on our cutting edge health products and great customer service. Our Kidney Supplement is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Try our products to help see and feel an amazing difference. The power of healthy Kidneys and Urinary system: Our sophisticated Kidney Support Supplement includes ingredients to help support kidney health. Formulated with Cranberry Extract and a blend of powerful herbs, you can rest assured knowing you are taking a high quality kidney cleanse supplement. Ingredients in our Kidney Cleanse Supplement: - Help support healthy kidney function* - Help support urinary tract health* - Help support bladder health* - Vegetable capsule made with herbs and high quality ingredients. We offer a no questions asked unconditional 100% money back guarantee because we are very confident you wi...

    • Brand: Sunergetic
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  • BestLife4Pets Urinary Tract and Kidney Support for Dogs; Natural Pet UTI Treatment Relieves Painful Urine Incontinence and Leaks, Reduces Bladder Infections, Prevents Kidney Disease and Stones

    Can't bear to see your canine friend suffering from painful UTI symptoms? It hurts to see your pet straining to urinate or making frequent unsuccessful attempts to relieve their bladder. The worse is finding blood mixed with their urine. If left unattended, these signs of an infection in your dog's urinary system could lead to kidney failure. BestLife4Pets Dog UTI and Bladder Support remedy relieves canine renal infections naturally, safely and effectively. Treat kidney disease and kidney failure without expensive dog antibiotics, nsaids & vet visits with our gentle, yet powerful homeopathic medicine. Our natural plant extracts clean and detoxifying your pet's bladder and urethra; which is vital to the optimal function of your pets' lungs, heart, and liver. Ingredients include: Berberis for dissolving kidney stones, Cantharis to relieve painful urination, Epigeae for flushing out uric acid crystals, Hydrangea to soothe the urinary tract, Prareira Brava to decrease frequent urination, and Rubia Tinc and Sarsaparilla to promote renal and kidney health. Designed for all canine breeds from puppy to senior dogs these small yet mighty pills deliver long-lasting comfort to your doggie friend without unwanted effects. Just mix in your dog's food or water each day and free your pet from...

    • Brand: BestLife4Pets
    • ASIN: B07J9PJ7G1
    • UPC: 628250142242

  • D Mannose 1000 mg Urinary Tract Infection Formula - Triple Strength Organic Cranberry 50:1 Concentrate & Hibiscus - Healthy Bladder Function, Natural Yeast Cleanse, UTI Support - 60 Veggie Capsules

    TRIPLE STRENGTH URINARY TRACT FORMULA TO NATURALLY FIGHT PAIN, UTIs, & YEAST INFECTIONS QUICKLY Reclaim your health with the maximum strength triple action benefits of D-Mannose, Organic Cranberry 50:1 Concentrate, and Hibiscus Flower Extract. 1. Hibiscus Flower Extract An antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic that supports bladder and kidney health, hibiscus kills off the bad bacteria that causes pain during urination. Studies show the antimicrobial effect of hibiscus can be immediate - cycling through the body within a day. Hibiscus effectively gets rid of E. coli and 90-95% of bacteria that cause UTIs. A diuretic, hibiscus flushes out bacteria to detoxify and clean your urinary system, and boosts the immune system to prevent bacteria from causing infections. 2. Organic Cranberry 50:1 Concentrate When health is a priority, why take a chance on products with questionable potency and sourcing practices? Get the best and get organic 50:1 concentrate for maximum efficacy. Cranberry changes the pH level in the urinary tract to stop E. coli bacteria from sticking to bladder walls and urinary tract lining. An anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and discomfort, cranberry is also packed with antioxidants that boost the immune system to prevent future infections. 3. D-Mannose ...

    • Brand: VALI
    • ASIN: B076VX76XW
    • UPC: 702038260554

  • Pet Wellbeing - Urinary Gold for Dogs - Natural Support for Dog Urinary Tract Health - 2oz (59ml)

    This product is a soothing herbal formula designed to promote and support multiple aspects of urinary tract health in dogs. Urinary Gold is a safe, gentle way to naturally regulate proper balance of pH in your canine's bladder to allow for regular urination frequency and flow. Our formula supports regular immunity against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in the urethra and bladder.

    • Brand: Pet Wellbeing
    • UPC: 661822000090

  • Overactive Bladder Control Pills for Women and Men, Frequent Urination, Overactive Bladder Supplement for Nocturia or Urinary Incontinence, Natural and Soy Free

    Did you know 1 in 6 adults over 40 suffers from overactive bladder? Did you also know more than 80% of people in their 60's and 90% of those 80 and older experience frequent urination known as nocturia? Urinary incontinence is another problem that 1 in 4 women between ages 30 and 59 have experienced. The problem of course gets worse with age, nearly 40% of women over age 50 struggle with incontinence. The good news is that our soy free Overactive Bladder Control for women & men, may drastically help cut the number of trips to the bathroom, help strengthen your urine incontinence, and give you the precious sleep you may be losing due to urinary urgency! Natural bladder control pills for women & men, without the negative side effects of medication! We believe we have the best natural bladder control herbal supplements available! Our proprietary ratio of water soluble pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita Pepo), may reduce your bathroom trips by at least 57% within 8 weeks or we will refund your money 100% guaranteed! In regards to urinary incontinence you may see a 63% reduction in incontinence episodes! That's how confident we are in our Overactive Bladder Control formula vitamin! Try us for 8 weeks and if you don't feel at least a 57% reduction in frequent urination and a 63% reduction...

    • Brand: Blue Organix
    • UPC: 794168565197

  • +To The Rescue+ Cranberry for Dogs - Natural Dog UTI Treatment, Bladder and UTI Support for Dogs - Bladder Infection Relief with D-Mannose 120 Soft Chews

    Made with the Highest Quality Ingredients: Our chews do not contain Corn, Artificial Colors or Artificial Ingredients. They are not derived from Dairy or Soy and are manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations in our FDA registered facility. Ingredients: Cranberry 350mg D-Mannose - 220mg Organic Marshmallow root 200mg Organic Astragalus Root 90.0 mg Organic Licorice Root 40.0 mg Frustrated with Pet Supplements that Promise Relief and Don't Deliver? Our +To The Rescue+ Cranberry chews use only the Highest Quality Ingredients and Scientifically Tested dosages to ensure your pet is safe, happy, and healthy. Our unique Formula has helped thousands of dogs. Your dog will absolutely love the natural chicken flavor and you will love the results. Our formula features a unique blend of Safe Natural Ingredients. Take daily for best results. +To The Rescue+ Cranberry chews are Natural and Made in the USA. Our products are made from the highest quality Organic, Natural and NON-GMO Ingredients. Our supplements are Safe for All Pets and help to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Improved Quality of Life for your cherished family member. Our Chewy Dog Treats have been shown to Improve UTI Health and your dogs Quality of Life. We offer a no questions asked 100% M...

    • Brand: To The Rescue
    • ASIN: B07QH39YF3
    • UPC: 304369272765