• Gusher!: A Novel of the Rockefeller Oil Empire

    When anyone can strike it rich in an instant and lose it all just as quickly, it takes a titan to stay on top. In the 1870s, the oil business can make or break a man. No one appreciates that fact more than Matthew Strong, a young man from Oil City, Pennsylvania, with big dreams, not to mention the talent to back them up. The search for a gusher has already cost Matthew dearly; both his father and older brother died in the fields. Their deaths drove a rift between Matthew and his mother, and also tore him apart from the only woman he's ever loved. But despite the risks, the pursuit of oil is a fortune that Matthew has no choice but to chase in an effort to redeem his father's sacrifice. When a chance meeting in Cleveland with his hero John D. Rockefeller leads to a job with Standard Oil, Matthew quickly rockets up the chain of command as the company takes a stranglehold on the emerging market. But no great achievement comes without a cost. And the price that Matthew has to pay to keep pace with his rivals climbs higher than a barrel of oil. Just when he's reached the pinnacle of his professional and personal life, an unspeakable tragedy threatens to bring everything Matthew has worked so hard to build crashing down. At his lowest point since the death of his father, Matthew can't...

    • ASIN: B07NNMZ1TJ

  • Tom Swift and his Great Oil Gusher

    Spring has sprung. It's been 6 months since the adventures in Greenland, and the time has now come to get down to the business of making money. Swift Construction has undertaken a contract, at the behest of Mr. Damon, to make oil well drilling equipment for a group of Texas wildcatters. In short order, it is found that these fellows are "shady characters." They have to be watched constantly by Ned Newton, the Swift CFO, to keep them from pulling various financial shenanigans. There's also a matter of a "cad" snuffling around Tom's sweetie, Mary Nestor. That he is one of the Terrible Texas Trio, is added fuel to the fire.--J P Karenko, Goodreads.

    • ASIN: B07SK26QNX

  • Oil Gusher

    • ASIN: B000QPD02Y

  • Oil Derrick/Rig/Gusher Copper Cookie Cutter

    Looking for a treat with an oil rig theme? Why not bake up a batch of Oil Derrick cookies! Don't feel like baking ~ these make great gifts too. Who wouldn't love a Gushing Oil Well cookie cutter from a friend! Each cookie cutter is hand crafted in our workshop from heavy weight solid copper. This cookie cutter is built to last for many generations of cookie baking, fondant cutting, ornament making, or even use it for tracing quilt patterns. We're a small family business with a passion for creating cookie cutters. We sign each of our cookie cutters with a little makers mark ~ nothing fancy just a hand engraved mark from one of our cookie cutter makers. Made from very heavy weight copper to maintain shape while using and storing. Great for gift giving or as a centerpiece to a cookie bouquet! Each one is slightly different from the next as they are formed one at a time and hand soldered using lead-free silver solder. Listing is for one cookie cutter.

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: The Fussy Pup
    • ASIN: B074V9Y5DY
    • UPC: 713463734565

  • Oil in Texas: The Gusher Age, 1895-1945 (Clifton and Shirley Caldwell Texas Heritage Series)

    As the twentieth century began, oil in Texas was easy to find, but the quantities were too small to attract industrial capital and production. Then, on January 10, 1901, the Spindletop gusher blew in. Over the next fifty years, oil transformed Texas, creating a booming economy that built cities, attracted out-of-state workers and companies, funded schools and universities, and generated wealth that raised the overall standard of living—even for blue-collar workers. No other twentieth-century development had a more profound effect upon the state.In this book, Roger M. Olien and Diana Davids Hinton chronicle the explosive growth of the Texas oil industry from the first commercial production at Corsicana in the 1890s through the vital role of Texas oil in World War II. Using both archival records and oral histories, they follow the wildcatters and the gushers as the oil industry spread into almost every region of the state. The authors trace the development of many branches of the petroleum industry—pipelines, refining, petrochemicals, and natural gas. They also explore how overproduction and volatile prices led to increasing regulation and gave broad regulatory powers to the Texas Railroad Commission.

    • ASIN: 0292760566

  • Great SPINDLETOP Gusher Beaumont TX Texas Oil Discovery 1901 Newspaper THE HOUSTON DAILY POST, Texas, January 11, 1901

    THE HOUSTON DAILY POST, Texas, January 11, 1901 If ever there was a single newspaper which heralded the birth of the oil industry in America, this is it. Although discoveries were made in various locations long before this date, this discovery--to be known as Spindletop--marked the emergence of the oil industry at a time when the automobile and other industries were experiencing rapid growth, coinciding with the need for this new product. If you or your family have ties to the early oil industry, this one-of-a-kind collectible heralding the onset of this national/world impacting find cannot be overstated. The discovery of oil in Beaumont, Texas, was the beginning of the oil industry in Texas. When the well struck on January 10, 1901 it would gusher uncontrollably for 8 days before being capped. This newspaper reports that very "discovery" with page 3 heads: "OIL STRUCK NEAR BEAUMONT" "A Stream of Petroleum Shot Into the Air for a Hundred Feet" "Prospector Who Has Been at Work for Two Years Has His Faith Rewarded--The Flow Is Estimated at 5000 Barrels Per Day". See the photos for the full report. As noted by Wikipedia, the January 10 discovery at Spindletop marked the birth date of the modern petroleum industry. At 100,000 barrels of oil a day, the gusher tripled U.S. oil producti...

    • ASIN: B016DR9X24

  • Oil Gusher in Kern River Field Bakersfield, California Original Vintage Postcard

    Original Vintage Postcard: Oil Gusher in Kern River Field Bakersfield, CaliforniaState: CA (California)City: BakersfieldCounty: Kern CountyType: Postcard, Divided BackPostmark: 1909 Mar-10Published by M Rieder PublisherCondition: (Please view the product photos - we provide photos of the front and back of most items so you can see the exact condition)

    • ASIN: B07TJWB4KY

  • Whale AK3706 Gusher 10 Manual Pump Neoprene Parts Service Kit, Replacement Parts

    This Whale Gusher® 10 Manual Pump Neoprene Parts Service Kit includes replacement neoprene parts for the popular Gusher 10 pumps. Parts include the pump’s diaphragms, valves. These are production parts, so they will install and fit properly, and they will deliver the same outstanding performance as the original components. Whale designs and manufactures reliable marine water systems which are easy to install and use; providing boating enthusiasts with water, waste management and durable bilge pumps. For over 70 years, Whale has delivered innovative, high quality products that ensure peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your adventures on the water.

    • Brand: Whale
    • ASIN: B000FHQL4M
    • UPC: 766478370600

  • ACDelco 10-5045 Multi-Purpose Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye - 1 oz

    ACDelco 4-in-1 Fluorescent Dye is a multipurpose fluorescent leak detection dye used in conjunction with ACDelco Ultra Violet (UV) Leak Detection Lamp Kit to pinpoint leaks in oil and oil-based fluid systems. The fluorescent dye can be used with gasoline and diesel engine oil, power steering fluid, and automatic transmission fluid. ACDelco 4-in-1 Fluorescent Dye can safely remain in the system after work is performed.

    • Brand: ACDelco
    • ASIN: B008I2VPC4
    • UPC: 707773900116

  • Strain Specific Terpenes (Gushers, 5mL)

    A strain specific profile appropriate for aromatherapy, food, topical and creams, and mixing with plant extracts or concentrates. Our terpenes are highly concentrated so for this reason we recommend starting at three percent (3%) or for best results, starting at 1-2 drops per gram. Our products are made from natural sources and food grade chemicals. We take great care to produce our flavors in a clean environment following all laboratory safety procedures. 5 ml = 4.2 grams, 30 ml = 25 grams

    • Brand: The Terpene Store
    • ASIN: B07R914Y8T
    • UPC: 810010403636

  • Black Gold

    FFGVA67 Black Gold by Fantasy Flight Games Join the race to become the wealthiest son of a gun in West Texas. The year is 1922. The Texas Oil Boom has been in full swing for 20 years, and greedy landowners have laid claim to most of the oil reserves. Prepare to head West, surveying the Permian Basin for profitable gushers and gaining more wealth than your fellow prospectors, before the companies of East Texas sweep in and stake their claim against you.Black Gold is a game of drilling and discovery for 2 to 5 prospectors, and play can last from 1 to 2 hours. Offering an abundance of intriguing gameplay choices and optional rules, Black Gold presents a new experience of strategy and exploration every time. The historically inspired and detailed game components, together with the tense and exciting atmosphere of warring against your fellow prospectors, will almost have you speaking with a twang. Black Gold includes-Rulebook, Over 100 plastic pieces, Over 150 cards, 1 foldout board, 6 modular land tiles, Over 100 tokens, and 1 custom die

    • Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
    • ASIN: 1589949056

  • Oil Drilling Rig Patent Print Art Poster: Choose From Multiple Size and Background Color Options

    Patent prints are fantastic conversation pieces in your home, office wall, game room, man cave, workshop or anywhere else you wish to display a unique piece of fine art. You can own this print in a variety of sizes: from 8"x10" to 24"x36" in a variety of colorful backgrounds. This patent image was created by using U.S. Patent #US 3,483,933 Oil Derrick Erection And Support System For Oil Drilling patented in 1969 by Norman D. Dyer and Burton W. French. It is then printed in the size you order on heavy archival paper (see below) with the background and size option you selected. Prints are then carefully package in either stay flat or tube mailers depending on the image size to ensure that they arrive at your location safely.

    • Color: Patent prints are offered in eight different color choices: Chalkboard, Blueprint, Aged Parchment, Grunge Parchment Grid, Aged Green Parchment, Ghostly Gray, Solid Black and White.
    • Brand: Patent Prints And More
    • ASIN: B07BL4Z2JZ

  • Gushers Pure Organic Strain Specific Terpenes (4oz)

    This strain profile is sure to be reminiscent of your favorite strain Gushers. This terpene strain profiles allow you to add the terpenes of your favorite strains to your tinctures, hemp oils, e-liquids, and even candles or food.

    • Brand: Peak Supply Co
    • ASIN: B07RWQGQH9
    • UPC: 300387211830

  • Texas Wildcatter Experience

    • Brand: Magnin & Associates
    • ASIN: B07FWBNX7H

  • Ooze Rocket Silicone Grinder - With LED Light and Applicator - (Black)

    Prepare for a grinder like no other - the ROCKET. A silicone, airtight, odorless and water-resistant herb grinder that fits in your pocket. Placed between your hands or rolled across any hard surface, the ROCKET makes manual grinding possible anywhere, anytime. Also featuring an LED light! Just remove the plastic battery guard and tap the bottom to activate.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ooze
    • UPC: 810859030628

  • Ooze Blue/Green Silicone Premium Ashtray

    Ooze Banger Tray is a premium silicone ashtray featuring a banger. Our ashtray is designed to deliver a very convenient smoking experience plus the benefit of holding all of your gear, lighters, vape pens, papers, and more. While it's built to last a long time and not be breakable, it also resists heat up to 600°.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Ooze
    • ASIN: B072M5QJLP
    • UPC: 852384006976

  • Leather Vape Pen Accessories Case / Bag / Pouch / Holder - Keep Your Vape Clean and Secure - Organize Your Juice Bottle and Vape

    The VAUCH compact leather case is designed to organize your pen vape and accessories in a unique and compact leather pouch. You will be able to keep your vape, wax pen and other objects together and well protected at all time. Have your vape, cables, pens, and various other accessories by your side at all times. Never have to deal with accidental juice spills or unintentionally turning on your vape in your pocket or bag. Perfect for your pen vape with one juice bottle and tank. Also fits a cylinder external power bank and USB cable. Inside there are three elastic bands that can hold objects that are ~20 mm (0.75 inch) in diameter. Overall dimensions of pouch is 170 mm X 55 mm X 25 mm. (6.7 inch X 2 inch X 1 inch) *Pouch does not include encased content shown in photos* Please make sure your Vape and accessories are within the dimensions written above before purchasing or the pouch will not close properly.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SGV Products
    • ASIN: B071ZXBGV6
    • UPC: 748252107190

  • Necro Wraps Galaxy Black 3D Carbon Fiber Protective Air Release Vinyl Decal Wrap for Innoken Cool Fire IV Plus Vape Box Mod

    Protect & customize your vape mod with a stylish wrap from Necro Wraps. Digitally designed with maximum coverage for protection in mind. We use only the highest quality vinyl material available in the automotive industry. Air release technology material provides an effortless installation allowing you to position and re-position your Necro Wrap for that perfect fit. With many popular colors & designs to choose from, we're sure you will find that perfect Necro Wrap for YOUR MOD to show YOUR STYLE!

    • Color: 3D Carbon Black
    • Brand: Necro Wraps
    • ASIN: B01H2JE5UC