• Samsung Galaxy J7 Universal Emergency Home Travel Charger Plus Retractable MicroUSB Data / Charging Cable + Crystal Clear Screen Protector, LCD Kit Exact Fit No Cutting Needed, By Fortress

    Fortress Brand product, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! Universal Battery Charger Universal battery charger is an ideal device to charge your spare battery, especially if you have a phone with disabled charging port(s), easy operation makes this device a very handy tool, charge almost any size cellphone, PDA, MP3, Camera or cordless Ni-MH battery (depending on capacity), simply slide to expand the cradle, then place the battery and lock the battery facing battery contact points toward the charger, adjust contact prongs and slowly push / slide the battery in to make prongs to contact with + - points of the battery, plug it to the wall, the LCD display will indicate the battery level and once its fully charged unplug the charger, battery is ready to use, you can also use enclosed MicroUSB data cable to connect the charger while its charging your battery to your phone to enjoy your device (this feature may not be available on all phones, check your owner's manual for reference. Save our Planet, always recycle your old batteries. Screen Protector Fortress screen protectors are designed and tailored to fit your phone perfectly, it is not a "one-size-fits-all' solution; NO cutting or re-sizing is required. State of the art technology eliminates leaving residue once the screen...

    • Color: Universal Charger + Screen protector
    • Brand: Fortress
    • ASIN: B01J3O2SRQ
    • UPC: 713331303343

  • Xtra-Funky Exclusive Clear LCD Screen protectors Film For Apple iPad 2/3 / 4 - (Pack of 1)

    These are High Quality Clear screen protector. Each Purchase of Screen Protectors includes a free Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth to help reduce Bubbles upon application of the screen protector to your device. The LCD Clear Film of the screen Protector has been especially manufactured to reduce Bubbles during application as on many cheaper versions you will find many Bubbles which can be a nightmare to remove. This screen protector has 3 layers of which the 1st and 3rd layer will need removing as indicated during application leaving only the middle layer attached to your device.

    • Color: 1x Screen Protector
    • Brand: Xtra-Funky

  • Importer520 3 Pack of Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protectors for Apple iPod Touch 2nd 3rd Gen Generation 32GB/64GB

    3 full face screen protectors to fit the Apple iTocuh. Made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, they prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches from marking up your iTouch. The screen protection is both easy to apply and remove and will not disrupt the touchscreen function of the iTouch. Screen protection comes in packs of three with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and applicator card.

    • Brand: Importer520
    • ASIN: B003R57HKQ
    • UPC: 813995011773

  • 3 Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protectors for Samsung Intensity U450

    Made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, they prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches. The screen protection is both easy to apply and remove.

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B002RTD3YC
    • UPC: 753182535241

  • MIYAVIX Brilliant Screen Protector Overlay Brilliant for Gemini PDA Made in Japan OBGEMINIPDA/4

    beautiful gloss and luxury! "OverLay Brilliant" in the LCD protective sheet that adopts the glossy surface treatment, in addition to protecting the screen from scratches with and dust, to give a beautiful gloss and luxury, to reproduce the image vivid color. Anti-glare treatment of a conventional liquid crystal sheet and the surface, because "to eliminate the reflection of light" of the the "diffuse" is not not have to diffuse the light, there is a phenomenon in which recall the color itself such as black is whitish decreases or was. To improve it, "OverLay Brilliant" In adopting new formulation incorporating light actively. And up the recall by suppressing the color bleeding, giving a natural beautiful luster to the human eye. And as if pasted directly printed materials, you will be able to enjoy moist and color vivid LCD display. light transmittance of 90% or more! Because it has a light transmittance of 93% performance enough to be used for optical products, and does not interfere with the color development of high-definition screen. In addition, you can protect the screen part by hard coat treatment of the surface. self adsorption type protective sheet! Because it is self-adsorption type Paste the double-sided tape or adhesive is not necessary, so that you can paste it i...

    • Brand: MIYAVIX
    • ASIN: B07B4TXD54

  • POSRUS (6 Pack) Wet-And-Dry Twin-Pak Screen Wipe for Cleaning LCD Screens, Touchscreens, Laptops, Tablets, Televisions, Computer Monitors, and More!

    Alcohol and Ammonia Free, Anti-Static, Non-Flammable, and Made in the USA! These specially-formulated cleaning wipes are all you need to safely clean sensitive LCD's, touch screens, and computer monitors. Each foil-wrapped twin-pack contains: 1 pre-moistened, lint-free, non-abrasive wet pad saturated with enough non-streaking cleaning solution to clean and apply static protection to two or more screen surfaces and 1 lint-free, highly-absorbent, non-abrasive high-strength dry buffing pad which removes residue and foreign debris, leaving your screen optically clear. The package measures just 3"x 2" when folded, making it easy to store or carry. POSRUS Wet-And-Dry Wipes are a must-have accessory for use with POSRUS screen protectors. We recommend that you purchase a twin-pack of wipes with each protector in order to clean your display before installation of the protector to safely remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints from the display. They are also excellent for cleaning screen protectors after installation. Tips for cleaning your screens: DON'T use tap water or mineral water as they could leave white marks on the screen because of the dissolved salts. DON'T use paper towels or any type of cloth that is not lint-free, as they can leave residue or even scratch the display. D...

    • Brand: POSRUS
    • ASIN: B00F233VDS
    • UPC: 799491918689

  • *PDA* App iPad Air LCD Screen Protector, Regular

    *PDA* App iPad Air LCD Screen Protector, Regular

    • Brand: Aimo Wireless
    • UPC: 849656082028