• Acid Test Strips For Wine (2.8 to 4.4 pH), 100-Count

    Includes: (100) Strips of pH Testing PaperThis is the perfect pH paper for testing your water during the wine making process. You just place a drop of water on the end and then match it up against the color coding chart. Much more economical than a pH pen.

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Precision Laboratories
    • ASIN: B01994XH2U
    • UPC: 726682992630

  • PH Meter Tester Water Pool - Exqline 0.05 Accuracy ATC Function Auto Calibration for Aquariums Swimming pools Laboratory Tap water Beverage Model: PH-02

This PH meter tester is a perfect device for you to test the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. With resolution of 0.01pH, a 0.05pH range of error and ATC function you may get higher accuracy than other pH meters. It is very easy to use - just immerse the electrode to get accurate, fast readings. 

Ideal for many household or laboratory applications:
With a standard measuring range of 0-14 pH, the pH meter is great for a wide range of tasks, such as swimming pool, tap water, home brewing, laboratory testing, aquarium maintenance and much more! 

Easy calibration:
The PH meter is factory calibrated. Customers can use it directly. When the electrode exposed to air for extended period of time, users should calibrate it. This meter designed with auto calibration button. No need any adjustment screwdrivers, just press this button to finish the calibration.  Warm Tips:a), The glass bulb of the electrode is fragile. Treat it carefully. Don't touch it by hard tools and fingers;b), Clean the electrode with distilled water before and after use each time;
c), Open the battery case or replace battery, p...

    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Exqline
    • ASIN: B01FK61F5W
    • UPC: 714532079983

  • GOWE Petroleum products Mercaptan Sulfur analysis meter

    GOWE Petroleum products Mercaptan Sulfur analysis meter

    • Brand: Gowe
    • UPC: 827674654038

  • Acid Testing Kit

    A wine that is too high in acid will have a harsh tart or acidic taste. If the acid level is too low, the wine will taste flat and bland. Use this acid testing Kit to Test the acid level of your must, then adjust accordingly. This Kit comes complete with Test vial, syringe, color solution, Sodium hydroxide and detailed Instructions.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
    • ASIN: B0064OFUCY

  • Extech 6015WC Waterproof pH Electrode with Cable For Extech Model PH220-C

    Replacement Electrode For Ph220, Application Replacement Electrode For Ph220, Features 39 Inch Cable, For Use With Ph220 Ph Meter, Includes Electrode With 39 Inch Cable, Manufacturers Warranty Length 6 Months

    • Brand: Extech
    • ASIN: B004WN63HA
    • UPC: 793950601518

  • Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips, 0-425 mg/L

    Water hardness is caused almost entirely by calcium and magnesium ions. Other di- and trivalent metals have a similar effect, but usually are not present in high enough concentration in potable waters to cause problems. Hardness increases soap consumption in laundries and causes scale in boilers.

    • Brand: Hach Company
    • ASIN: B007QQZL0U
    • UPC: 670541140116


    About the Taylor Technologies K-2006 Pool Test Kit, Complete Service Drop Test Kit For Acid Base Demand, Total Akalinity, amp; Calcium HardnessThe Taylor Technologies K-2006 2000 pool test kit comes complete with FASDPD bromine test for acid base demand, total akalinity, and calcium hardness. This drop tester kit is unlike the OT method which will distinguish between free available chlorine and total chlorine for a accurate reading.

    • Color: Blue box
    • Brand: taylor
    • ASIN: B004BGF7TI
    • UPC: 840036004463


    About The Taylor Technologies K1770 Pool Test Kit, Test For Calcium HardnessThe Taylor Technologies K1770 pool test kit is for commercial, institutional, laboratory, and home use and tests for calcium hardness. One drop equals 10 PPM calcium EDTA titration. This kit also includes inhibitors to prevent metal interference.

    • ASIN: B004BGTGMC
    • UPC: 840036003978

  • taylor Deluxe DPD Pool and Spa Water Test Kit - K-2005

    Taylor Technologies K-2005 Compete Test Kit, High Range. Maintaining safe pool/spa water for the public is an important responsibility. Therefore, precise test results are essential when checking the water quality of commercial pools and spas. Taylor's 2000 Series is designed for the kind of comprehensive, routine testing performed by service technicians, public and semipublic pool operators, and other professionals. Taylor's 2000 Series uses printed color standards to achieve a reliable and accurate color match, making frequent test comparisons even easier. 2000 Series kits feature six different standards for chlorine (High Range: 0.5-5 ppm, Low Range: 0.25-2.5 ppm), bromine (HR: 1-10 ppm, LR: .5-5 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 8.0). The Taylor Complete kit includes nine tests for thorough testing: Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, Base Demand, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid. Includes 3/4 ounce reagent bottles.

    • Color: blue
    • Brand: Taylor Technologies, Inc.
    • ASIN: B001DNXK78
    • UPC: 840036004302

  • Hach MTC30601 Intellical MTC306 Combined Silver Metal Electrode for AT1000 Argentometry Titrations

    Intellical MTC306 is a digital, combination silver metal rod probe with refillable reference and build-in temperature sensor. The probe is available with a 1 meter cable and is intended for titration use with Titralab AT1000 Series. The MTC306 is ideal for Argentometry precipitation titration determining chlorides/salt content in water and Food products applications.

    • Brand: Hach Company
    • ASIN: B079YW5GWY

  • taylor K-1004 Troubleshooter DPD Pool and Spa Water Test Kit

    This Taylor Residential Series DPD swimming pool and spa test kit is easy to use and provides fast, accurate readings. It tests for Free and Total Chlorine (.5-5 ppm), Bromine (1-10 ppm) and pH (6.8-8.2 ppm), Acid Demand and Total Alkalinity. It features an easy-to read comparator with molded fill lines, .75 ounce reagents, and user-friendly, color-coded instructions. The flip side of the instruction card has dosage charts so you can translate test results into treatment.

    • Brand: taylor
    • ASIN: B00305A80O
    • UPC: 840036003169

  • pH 4.01, pH 7.0, and 1500ppm Calibration Solutions Combo, 8 Ozs

    Combination of 3 reference solutions, allowing growers to calibrate many popular brands of PH, EC and TDS meters (NaCl scale or the 442 scale). The solutions are precisely calibrated to yield reliable readings each time they are used.

    • Brand: General Hydroponics
    • ASIN: B009CA84L6

  • Hach 202300 Hardness and Iron Color Disc Test Kit, Model HA-77

    The Barnant 202300 water hardness test kit determines iron concentration in water using a color disc. The kit includes reagents for 100 tests and test apparatus in a plastic carrying case.Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, consumables, and software under the Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, Barnstead, and Nalgene brands, among others. The company is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

    • Brand: Hach Company
    • ASIN: B00N3YZP6Y

  • Taylor Reagent #3 2 oz R-0003-C

    Quality Taylor brand test kit reagents, for your Taylor liquid solution pool water test kit.

    • ASIN: B0002IXIKY
    • UPC: 840036000144

  • Industrial Test Systems WaterWorks 481108 Total Hardness Test Strip, 3 Second Test Time, 0-1000ppm Range (Pack of 30)

    The Industrial Test Systems WaterWorks 481108 Total Hardness test strips test calcium levels from 0 to 1,000 ppm with a three-second test time. These total hardness water quality test strips evaluate calcium levels in residential, industrial, or educational applications. Each strip tests for total hardness from 0 to 1,000 ppm (parts per million) with sensitivity indicators at 0, 40, 80, 120, 180, 250, 425, and 1000 ppm (mg/L) or 0, 2, 5, 7, 11, 15, 25, and 58 gpg (grams per gallon). The three-second test time provides immediate results. Water quality test strips are typically used to analyze water quality in pools, aquariums, homes, industrial processes, educational experiments, and for homeland security applications.Industrial Test Systems manufactures water quality testing equipment for water treatment, food and beverage, pool and spa, educational, and medical industries. The company, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Rock Hill, SC.What's in the Box?Industrial Test Systems WaterWorks 481108 Total Hardness Test Strips (30)Color chart

    • Brand: Industrial Test Systems
    • ASIN: B00DIJ0W30
    • UPC: 809762811080

  • Hanna Instruments HI 190M-1 Magnetic Mini-Stirrer with Speedsafe, 110/115 V Power Supply

    The Hanna Instruments HI 190M-1 is a magnetic mini stirrer that comes with a magnetic mini-stir bar, and has an internal Speedsafe control mechanism to assure maximum speed of no more than 1,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), even when the sample container is removed. Speed range of the unit is 100 to 1,000 rpm, and maximum stirring capacity is 1 liter (.26 gallons). The device comes with a plastic, chemical-resistant acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) cover, and works with a 110/115V power supply. Overall dimensions are 45 x 120 x 120 mm/1.8 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches (H x W x D). The stir bar is 25 x 7 mm/ 0.98 x 0.28 inches (L x W), and the instrument weighs 640g (1.4 lb.). The stirrer comes with a one-year limited warranty. This magnetic stirrer is used by researchers, professionals, and hobbyists to stir a variety of liquids and solutions in chemistry, food and beverage, pulp and paper, lab, and home applications. Researchers, professionals and hobbyists use a magnetic mini stirrer to stir a variety of liquids and solutions in chemistry, food and beverage, pulp and paper, lab, and home applications. Magnetic stirrers have a rotating magnetic field that causes a stir bar, immersed in liquid, to spin and stir the liquid. A magnetic stirrer is quieter, and more efficient than a moto...

    • Brand: Hanna Instruments
    • ASIN: B002OSX2Q0

  • Sper Scientific 850081 Water Quality Meter

    Interchangeable probes- Using interchangeable probes, this versatile meter reads PH, mV, conductivity, TDS, DO temperature and ORP. The user can order probes for only the parameters currently required, and add additional probes in the future. Intelligent probes electronically retain calibration information. No recalibration is required when changing probes. The display simultaneously reads temperature in user selectable °C & °F, and all measurements are automatically temperature compensated. RS232 port enables communication with a computer. Also features auto power off, hold, min/max, fold-out easel back and a tripod screw. Comes with 9V battery and a hard-shell, foam-lined carrying case with room for one or two probes. Dimensions: 8" × 2¾" × 1" (203 × 70 × 25 mm) Weight: 7.2 oz (204 g).

    • Brand: Sper Scientific
    • ASIN: B003W0T8MQ
    • UPC: 816366023542

  • 601 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer/Stir Plate with Electrode Holder, Speed Range: 0-2300 RPM, Max Stirring Capacity: 3000ml

    The Apera Instruments 601 Magnetic Stirrer features a reliable design and a powerful stirring ability. It comes with two magnetic stir bars (25mm and 30mm) and an electrode holder. The speed range is 0-2300 rpm. Working diameter: ø120 mm. Maximum stirring volume: 3000 ml (0.8 gallons). Powered by DC9V power adaptor. Ideal for laboratory use. Not suitable for highly viscous solutions. Glass beakers and electrodes are not included. The stirrer is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty. The company designs and manufactures scientific analytical instruments like meters and sensors for pH, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen for over 25 years, and meets ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

    • Brand: Apera Instruments, LLC
    • ASIN: B01M4IXYL3
    • UPC: 858718006582