• PowerCode MCT-302 Magnetic Contact Transmitter

    Wireless Door/WindowSensor

    • ASIN: B001OI2LPE
    • UPC: 780245006813


    MCT 101 1 button hand held PowerCode are hand held, PowerCode UHF transmitters, especially designed for use in supervised alarm and remote control systems. Transmission is activated by pressing any one of the transmit pushbuttons on the unit. When pressed, each button initiates transmission of a unique 24 bit PowerCode ID which identifies it to the target receiver as if it were a separate transmitter. Each unique ID code is factory selected from 16 million possible combinations. These ergonomically designed hand held devices have a built in mode selector which allows the choosing between continuous transmissions for as long as the button is pressed and timed 3 second transmission, no matter how long the button is pressed. Another built in mode selector is used to enable/disable a once per fifteen minute supervision message or according to local standards. Since messages transmitted by the MCT 101might collide with other messages sent by other PowerCode transmitters, a smart anti collision transmission sequence is used. Operating power is obtained from an internal long life lithium thionyl chloride battery. An LED lights during transmission, indicating the battery voltage condition. If the LED flashes during transmission, the battery must be replaced immediately. In addition, a tr...

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B001RCCZUS
    • UPC: 780245224620

  • Code Alarm CATX433 4-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote 433.92MHz FCC ELVATPA

    Programming instructions included

    • Brand: Code Alarm
    • ASIN: B01BE2GVAU
    • UPC: 096204001875

  • MCT-100 - Visonic Two Input Wireless Transmitter

    A fully supervised, two input PowerCode wireless transmitter designed for protecting doors, windows or other objects

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B00282QHD2
    • UPC: 780245224125

  • Visonic MCT-320 Wireless PowerCode Miniature Door/Window Contact

    A fully supervised , compact PowerCode door/window contact transmitter, designed mainly for protecting doors and windows using a built-in magnetic contact and magnet

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B01C93IJ58

  • Visonic MCT-104/0-2256-2 4 Button Hand-Held Wireless Transmitter

    A 4 button, 4 channel hand held PowerCode wireless transmitter, designed for emergency and control applications in PowerMax and PowerCode wireless systems

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B000HAQA2U
    • UPC: 780245225627

  • MCR304 - Visonic Single-Output Wireless PowerCode Receiver

    MCR-304 Single Output Receiver MCR-304 is a receiver designed for easy and cost-effective upgrading that enables hard-wired control panels to operate with wireless remote devices. Compatible with all Visonic PowerCode and CodeSecure devices, the MCR-304 receiver supports up to 10 wireless devices - including hand-held and portable units, window/door transmitters and a variety of detectors and other devices. Converts a hard-wired control panel into a reliable, fully supervised, wireless home security system Low battery, tamper and inactivity indications Compact size: 110 x 63 x 25mm (4.3 x 2.5 x 1in)

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B000HARVSC
    • UPC: 780245317421

  • MCT201WP - Visonic Waterproof Miniature Pendant Wireless Tran

    The MCT-201WP is a miniature pendent PowerCode wireless transmitter designed for emergency and control applications in wireless security systems, and home automation and remote control systems. Fully water-resistant, the pendant is suitable for operation in wet environments such as factories, hospitals, gardens, rain conditions, etc.When activated, the MCT-201WP initiates a PowerCode transmission sequence of a 24-bit ID command code, which is selected from 16 million possible combinations and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmission from multiple devices.

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B000AZ5AB4
    • UPC: 780245227201

  • Visonic MCT-302 PERS Door/Window Contact

    MCT-302 is a fully supervised PowerCode magnetic contact wireless transmitter, that can be used in virtually all applications where an ordinary magnetic contact is normally used, and where hardwiring would be difficult or impossible.

    • Brand: Visonic
    • ASIN: B0009KF9CK