• Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Geometry Textbook and Solutions Manual 2-Book Set

    AoPS 2-Book Set : Art of Problem Solving AoPS Introduction to Geometry Textbook and Solutions Manual 2-Book Set : Learn the fundamentals of geometry from former USA Mathematical Olympiad winner Richard Rusczyk. Topics covered in the book include similar triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, funky areas, power of a point, three-dimensional geometry, transformations, and much more. The text is structured to inspire the reader to explore and develop new ideas. Each section starts with problems, so the student has a chance to solve them without help before proceeding. The text then includes solutions to these problems, through which geometric techniques are taught. Important facts and powerful problem solving approaches are highlighted throughout the text. In addition to the instructional material, the book contains over 900 problems. The solutions manual contains full solutions to all of the problems, not just answers. This book can serve as a complete geometry course, and is ideal for students who have mastered basic algebra, such as solving linear equations. Middle school students preparing for MATHCOUNTS, high school students preparing for the AMC, and other students seeking to master the fundamentals of geometry will find this book an instrumental pa...

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  • Introduction to Geometry

    A full course in challenging geometry for students in grades 7-10, including topics such as similar triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, funky areas, power of a point, three-dimensional geometry, transformations, introductory trigonometry, and more.

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  • Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Geometry Solutions Manual

    AoPS Book : Art of Problem Solving AoPS Introduction to Geometry Solutions Manual Book : The solutions manual contains full solutions to all of the problems in Introduction to Geometry, not just answers. Middle school students preparing for MATHCOUNTS, high school students preparing for the AMC, and other students seeking to master the fundamentals of geometry will find this book an instrumental part of their mathematics libraries. Solutions: 226 pages. Paperback. 10 7/8 x 8.

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  • College Geometry: A Problem Solving Approach with Applications (2nd Edition)

    For courses in Geometry or Geometry for Future Teachers.    This popular book has four main goals: 1. to help students become better problem solvers, especially in solving common application problems involving geometry; 2. to help students learn many properties of geometric figures, to verify them using proofs, and to use them to solve applied problems; 3. to expose students to the axiomatic method of synthetic Euclidean geometry at an appropriate level of sophistication; and 4. to provide students with other methods for solving problems in geometry, namely using coordinate geometry and transformation geometry. Beginning with informal experiences, the book gradually moves toward more formal proofs, and includes special topics sections.

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  • Mastering Essential Math Skills PROBLEM SOLVING (Mastering Essential Math Skills)

    Check out our new title, MATH REFRESHER FOR ADULTS. Includes video tutorials.This title, PROBLEM SOLVING, is used by hundreds of thousands of students each year. Perfect Math For Students Who Are Math Challenged or who have struggled in the past. This book shows you how to effectively apply your math skills to real-life situations. What good is math if you can put it to practical use? Students will start with one-step problems and work their way up to mult-step problems. Lessons are presented in a simple format that everyone can understand. Includes a review of all Whole Number, Fraction, Decimal, and Percent operations. An excellent refresher! Each Lesson flows smoothly and logically to the next. Each lesson is short, concise, and to the point. Lots of examples with step-by-step solutions. Each lesson includes a valuable Helpful Hints section. Review is built into each lesson. Students will retain what they have learned! Includes free access to all Mastering Math Essentials online video tutorials. Just go to www.mathessentials.net and click on Videos button. Passwords are in red print. Includes solutions for all problems.

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  • Solving Problems in Geometry: Insights and Strategies for Mathematical Olympiad and Competitions (Mathematical Olympiad Series)

    This new volume of the Mathematical Olympiad Series focuses on the topic of geometry. Basic and advanced theorems commonly seen in Mathematical Olympiad are introduced and illustrated with plenty of examples. Special techniques in solving various types of geometrical problems are also introduced, while the authors elaborate extensively on how to acquire an insight and develop strategies in tackling difficult geometrical problems. This book is suitable for any reader with elementary geometrical knowledge at the lower secondary level. Each chapter includes sufficient scaffolding and is comprehensive enough for the purpose of self-study. Readers who complete the chapters on the basic theorems and techniques would acquire a good foundation in geometry and may attempt to solve many geometrical problems in various mathematical competitions. Meanwhile, experienced contestants in Mathematical Olympiad competitions will find a large collection of problems pitched at competitions at the international level, with opportunities to practise and sharpen their problem-solving skills in geometry.

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  • Mathematical Reasoning Middle School Supplement - Solving Non-Routine Problems (Grades 7-9)

    This mind-building 320-page book reinforces 7th and 8th grade math concepts and skills by asking students to apply middle school mathematics to non-routine problems. This user-friendly book is made up of 100 theme-based collections of problems, conveniently grouped in self-contained, double-sided activity sheets that provide space for student work and contain relevant math facts at the end of the worksheet.Grouping the problems around common math content helps reinforce the target math concepts, and each activity set is accompanied by a single-sided answer sheet containing strategy tips and detailed solutions. Students are encouraged to try the problems first on their own, using reasoning and the provided math facts. If students struggle with a problem or do not remember a particular math concept, the math facts and strategy tips help reintroduce the concept and suggest ways to solve the problem. Calculators are allowed on activity sets that have a calculator icon at the to

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  • Problem-Solving Strategies (Problem Books in Mathematics)

    A unique collection of competition problems from over twenty major national and international mathematical competitions for high school students. Written for trainers and participants of contests of all levels up to the highest level, this will appeal to high school teachers conducting a mathematics club who need a range of simple to complex problems and to those instructors wishing to pose a "problem of the week", thus bringing a creative atmosphere into the classrooms. Equally, this is a must-have for individuals interested in solving difficult and challenging problems. Each chapter starts with typical examples illustrating the central concepts and is followed by a number of carefully selected problems and their solutions. Most of the solutions are complete, but some merely point to the road leading to the final solution. In addition to being a valuable resource of mathematical problems and solution strategies, this is the most complete training book on the market.

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  • Algebraic Geometry: A Problem Solving Approach (Student Mathematical Library) (Student Mathematical Library: IAS/Park City Mathematical Subseries)

    Algebraic Geometry has been at the center of much of mathematics for hundreds of years. It is not an easy field to break into, despite its humble beginnings in the study of circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas. This text consists of a series of exercises, plus some background information and explanations, starting with conics and ending with sheaves and cohomology. The first chapter on conics is appropriate for first-year college students (and many high school students). Chapter 2 leads the reader to an understanding of the basics of cubic curves, while Chapter 3 introduces higher degree curves. Both chapters are appropriate for people who have taken multivariable calculus and linear algebra. Chapters 4 and 5 introduce geometric objects of higher dimension than curves. Abstract algebra now plays a critical role, making a first course in abstract algebra necessary from this point on. The last chapter is on sheaves and cohomology, providing a hint of current work in algebraic geometry.

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  • Methods of Solving Complex Geometry Problems

    This book is a unique collection of challenging geometry problems and detailed solutions that will build students’ confidence in mathematics. By proposing several methods to approach each problem and emphasizing geometry’s connections with different fields of mathematics, Methods of Solving Complex Geometry Problems serves as a bridge to more advanced problem solving.  Written by an accomplished female mathematician who struggled with geometry as a child, it does not intimidate, but instead fosters the reader’s ability to solve math problems through the direct application of theorems. Containing over 160 complex problems with hints and detailed solutions, Methods of Solving Complex Geometry Problems can be used as a self-study guide for mathematics competitions and for improving problem-solving skills in courses on plane geometry or the history of mathematics. It contains important and sometimes overlooked topics on triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles such as the Menelaus-Ceva theorem, Simson’s line, Heron’s formula, and the theorems of the three altitudes and medians. It can also be used by professors as a resource to stimulate the abstract thinking required to transcend the tedious and routine, bringing forth the original thought of which their students are capab...

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  • Introduction to Geometry

    Rusczyk, Richard

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  • Every Day Math Practice: 1000+ Questions You Need to Kill in Middle School | Math Workbook | Middle School Study Practice Notebook | Grades 6-8

    Prepare your child for middle school math with our award-winning Math Practice Workbook for Grades 6 to 8. Used by teachers, parents and students nationwide this workbook provides middle school children with comprehensive practice questions that cover a wide range of topics they will encounter in middle school.Created by certified middle school teachers, this workbook is the perfect supplementary workbook for any student in 6th grade, 7th grade or 8th grade. This workbook is also aligned to all Common Core State Standards.Topics Covered:ArithmeticNumbersOrder of OperationsPercentsPrime & Composite NumbersLCM and GFCRoundingFractionsWord ProblemsScientific NotationLaws of ExponentSquare RootAbsolute ValueDivisibility RulesAlgebraSimplifying Algebraic ExpressionsMultiplying Algebraic ExpressionsEquations & Linear EquationsFunctionsWord ProblemsAverage Word ProblemsRatios & RatesInequalitiesSymbolismGeometryAnglesLine Segments and MidpointTrianglesCirclesMeasurementsArea and PerimeterVolumeCoordinate GeometrySlopes and equation of a lineProbability and StatisticsProbabilityMean, Median, ModeCounting PrincipleBrain Hunter's middle school math workbook offers over 1,000 practice questions along with answer explanations. Have a question for us? Contact us at : [email protected]

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  • Word Problems (Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3)

    Book Details:Format: WorkbookPublication Date: 6/1/2009Pages: 80Reading Level: Age 8 and Up

    • Brand: Kumon
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  • Challenging Problems in Geometry (Dover Books on Mathematics)

    Designed for high school students and teachers with an interest in mathematical problem-solving, this volume offers a wealth of nonroutine problems in geometry that stimulate students to explore unfamiliar or little-known aspects of mathematics.Included are nearly 200 problems dealing with congruence and parallelism, the Pythagorean theorem, circles, area relationships, Ptolemy and the cyclic quadrilateral, collinearity and concurrency, and many other subjects. Within each topic, the problems are arranged in approximate order of difficulty. Detailed solutions (as well as hints) are provided for all problems, and specific answers for most.Invaluable as a supplement to a basic geometry textbook, this volume offers both further explorations on specific topics and practice in developing problem-solving techniques.

    • Brand: Brand: Dover Publications
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  • Geometry by Construction: Object Creation and Problem-solving in Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries

    College geometry students, professors interested in undergraduate research and secondary geometry teachers will find three rich environments in this textbook. The first chapter contains many of the standards of Euclidean college geometry. The second and third chapters introduce non-Euclidean models where some Euclidean rules hold and others do not. With emphases on constructions and proofs, the reader is encouraged to create the objects under investigation and verify the results with reasoning. Since both models of "bent" spaces exist in Euclidean geometry, the reader gains facility with Euclidean moves through the whole book, even while exploring non-Euclidean spaces. The book itself is meant to be unpacked, expanded and taken further, just like the problems it contains. Geometry by Construction challenges its readers to participate in the creation of mathematics. The questions span the spectrum from easy to newly-published research and so are appropriate for a variety of students and teachers. From differentiation in a high school course through college classes and into summer research, any interested geometer will find compelling material. Teachers and professors might especially appreciate the way constructions provide open-ended questions which resist internet searches for s...

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  • Geometry & Measurement Grade 2 (Kumon Math Workbooks)

    Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 6/1/2009Pages: 80Reading Level: Age 7 and Up

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