• Buffalo Range Rawhide Dog Treats | Healthy, Grass-Fed Buffalo Jerky Raw Hide Chews | Hickory Smoked Flavor | Jerky Bone, 6 Count

    Who We Are At Buffalo Range, pets are our family too. We were tired of the boring rawhides and artificial ingredients, so we set out to create a better rawhide that we would feel good about giving our dogs. Every Jerky Bone is hand cut, tied and hickory smoked to perfection to give your dogs the delicious flavor they crave. Limited Ingredients Our treats are made with only wholesome ingredients that are easy to pronounce. We dont add dyes or fillers and we use only grass-fed, pasture raised water buffalo. Since our Buffalo meat has 14% more protein and 89% less fat than beef, your dogs get more of the flavor they crave without sacrificing on what's important. Taste Tested and Quality Assured We wanted to make a treat your dog will love, so we send every Buffalo Range product to a panel of doggie experts for their seal of approval. Buffalo Range treats are made in Cambodia and our quality assurance team is involved every step of the way to ensure that every treat meets the highest standards in pet food safety. Escape to a better rawhide with Buffalo Range

    • Brand: Buffalo Range
    • ASIN: B073SRYZFJ
    • UPC: 010279810064

  • 123 Treats - Dog Rawhide Knotted Bones 5-6” (25 Count) - 100% Natural Beef Hide

    Pack of 25 Premium Rawhide bones for dogs. Size 5-6" Made in Brazil.

    • Brand: 123 Treats
    • ASIN: B013JC4X9O
    • UPC: 731236401797

  • Dog Rawhide Bones Pack of 3. Large 8"-10" Knotted Bones. No Additives, Chemicals or Hormones - Natural Grass Fed livestock from South America from Top Dog Chews

    Treat your four-legged friend to pure, simple chewing pleasure with a Top Dog Chews Knotted Bone. Made with just one ingredient, this all-natural beef chew is high in protein, low in fat, and easily digestible. The fun twisted design provides additional mental stimulation for your huge hound as he works to "untie" the knot. Natural chews help reduce boredom and anxiety, as well as helping to support good dental health between brushings by removing plaque and tartar as he chews.

    • Brand: Great Lakes Merchandise
    • ASIN: B079X9BWJL
    • UPC: 735255237726

  • 123 Treats - Rawhide Bones Chews 3-4" (15 Count) Premium Rawhide Dog Bones | Free Range Grass Fed Cattle with No Hormones, Additives or Chemicals

    3-4 Rawhide Bones for dogs | Premium Rawhide Bone Chews | Free Range Grass Fed Cattle with No Hormones, Additives or Chemicals | by 123 Treats

    • Brand: 123 Treats
    • UPC: 675595956348

  • Hartz Dentist'S Best Beef Flavored 2 Inch Rawhide Mini Dental Dog Bone Treat Chews - Small, 40 Pack

    Dogs suffer from tartar, gum disease and tooth loss just like we do. For pups that prefer to wag tails instead of toothbrushes, Hartz Dentist’s Best provides a tasty way to maintain good oral hygiene. Revolutionary DentaShield technology works by bonding with components in your dog’s saliva, and is scientifically proven to reduce tartar formation by 80%. The chewing action not only lessens tartar build-up, but also freshens breath and massages gums, all while satisfying your dog's natural desire to chew. Each long-lasting dental rawhide chew is coated with a clear, carpet-safe beef flavor that’s sure to cause instant nose twitches and a bit of drool!

    • Color: Bone
    • Brand: Hartz
    • ASIN: B00CLVJTQ2
    • UPC: 032700134211

  • Milk-Bone Gnawbones Knotted Bones, Rawhide-Free, Chicken, Small-Medium, 9.6 oz Pouch

    Show your dog You love them with Milk-Bone gnawbones knotted bones made with real chicken. These long-lasting dog treats feature a classic knotted bone design that encourages chewing to help clean teeth. Made with real chicken, The treats have a rich savory flavor dogs love. These rawhide-free bones are easy on your dog's digestive system. Feed as a snack or treat as part of your pet's regular diet. Milk-Bone products are made with high-quality ingredients that meet applicable standards and specifications of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Association of American Feed Control Officials, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Milk-Bone
    • ASIN: B07MKL8BVV
    • UPC: 079100759941

  • Pet Factory 78114 Beefhide Dog Bones 4-5" 8 Pack, 99% Digestible Rawhide Treats, 100% Natural Rawhide Knotted Bones, Natural Flavor, Resealable Package, Made in USA

    Are You Always Worried About Keeping Your Dog Busy And Entertained Whenever You Go For Outing, Or Whenever You Are Busy In Your Day-To-Day Tasks And You Want Your Dog To Remain Peaceful by Keeping It Engaged With Some Activity? Yes, It Is Possible by Satisfying the Dog's Innate Chewing Urge. Give Them All-Natural Beefhide Bones and See The Difference. Pet Factory 78114 Beefhide Boness Will Keep Your Dog Busy and Entertained. Exclusive Natural Dental Chews - 99% digestible chews with chicken and beef flavor. Completely Digestible High quality Beefhide chews keeps your dogs busy for a long time. This is really a great treat for your pooch. No Harmful Ingredients - These chews are free from any unnatural additives, chemicals, and preservatives. The product contains all natural, ingredients which are 100% healthy & safe for your dog.  Maintains Dog's Behavioral And Oral Health - Low calorie Beefhide Chips contains protein and fiber.  Safety - The pack contains 8 4-5 inch Bones in a resealable bag. This size prevents the dog from swallowing the piece and avoids any further risk. 100% made in USA. ADDITIONAL SAFETY NOTE - The dangers of any chew treats are not inherent to raw hide. Some dogs will try to consume their treat in record time. If your dog chews their treat too quickly...

    • Brand: Pet Factory
    • ASIN: B07DBSV8WZ
    • UPC: 094983781148

  • MODONE Mini Nature Rawhide Bones, Pubby Treats for Small or Toy Dog (40-Count 2.5")

    MODONE Dog Rawhide Bones are naturally processed, cut and rolled, which aims to stimulate your dogs' taste bud, arouse their instinct to chew and relax, and at the same time, protect their dental and oral health. Why Choosing Us? Made of 100% natural pressed rawhide bone for safety. Protect dental health and promote oral hygiene. Combined with real pork for better taste. Keep your dog busy for up to 3 hours. 30-day money back service for quality insurance. Order it now and let's enjoy what this knotted dog bone treat has to offer with its super safe material and fantastic taste!

    • Color: White
    • Brand: MODONE
    • ASIN: B07MN423LM
    • UPC: 663577680572

  • TheLittleThingsThatCount Premium 12 Inch Natural Rawhide Knotted Bones Chews Treats for Large Dogs Re-sealable Bag FDA Approved - 2pc Pack ♥♥♥

    TheLittleThingsThatCount Premium 100% Natural Rawhide Treats - 12 inch/2pc pack ♥ A favorite treat that keeps your dog busy and encourages exercise, too! ♥ Large dogs will enjoy playing fetch when the reward is a great-tasting rawhide chew treat. ♥ FDA Approved! ♥ Long lasting treats - doesnt brittle

    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: TheLittleThingsThatCount
    • ASIN: B07717L84L
    • UPC: 023005002039

  • Better Belly Chicken Liver Rawhide Large Dog Bones, 2-Count

    Better Belly digests two times faster than standard rawhide*. Better digestion for your dog means more peace of mind for you. Free of fillers, binders and artificial colors; these are sure to become your pooch's favorite new chew. Standard rawhide is made of millions of collagen fibers that link together makinge the hide tough abut flexible. Better Belly's patented technology breaks down the collagen fibers to make digestion quick and easy. Each chew is gluten free and breaks down easily and rapidly to help reduce the incidents of blockage within your dog's digestive tract. Better Belly Large Bones give your pup a classic shaped chew with original chicken liver flavor they love. Treat large size dog to these digestible bones and zip bag to close and preserve freshness. Finding the perfect chew that both you and your dog can love can be difficult, but Better Belly chews are here to make it easier. Always supervise your dog during consumption of chews.

    • Brand: Better Belly
    • UPC: 615650200313

  • Good Buddy Usa Rawhide Braided Sticks For Dogs, 7 To 8-Inch, 2 Count (Pack Of 1)

    Made from 100% USA beef and basted in a natural chicken flavor, our rawhide provides a delicious way to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean.

    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Good Buddy
    • ASIN: B005GWVWJA
    • UPC: 781163451518

  • Pet Magasin Natural Rawhide Bones - Chewing Dog Treats with High Protein & Low Fat for Healthy Dog Teeth & Behavior (10 Counts, 4-5’’)

    ADD TO CART NOW to give your furry friends a natural and delicious treat! The hides are treated to remove bacteria without adding preservatives or other chemicals. LOW FAT - Far fewer calories than biscuits and other fatty treats. LONG-LASTING - Our chips are thicker than most in the market, ensure longer chewing time for you pets. GOOD DOG BEHAVIOR: Prevents destructive chewing by giving your dog this flavorful alternative. No artificial colors or flavored coating, so they won't stain carpets or upholstery. Cleans your dog's teeth, promotes healthy gums and freshens breath.

    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: Pet Magasin
    • ASIN: B017RMTYEG
    • UPC: 642782599985

  • Pet Cuisine Dog Treats Puppy Chews Training Snacks,Chicken Wrap Knotted Bones -6.5",11.3 oz

    Pet Cuisine Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Bones are tasty natural, healthy bones combination of real chicken and premium rawhide, These dog bones 100% premium ingredient, Professional strict inspection. No contain additives or preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.? Bones are full with delicious calcium, the bone size also perfect for dog chews, even lasting for fews days!composition:Chicken 21%, Rawhide 77%, Vegetable glycerine, Sodium chloride

    • Brand: Pet Cuisine

  • 123 Treats - Premium Rawhide Retriever Rolls For Dogs 8-9” (36 Count) All-Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range Hand Rolled Beef Dog Bones High-Protein Healthy Chew Treats To Improve Pet Dental Hygiene

    The Rolls are a great size for chewing! Dogs can easily hold it up between their paws and chomp away. Would you like to reward your dog with a wonderful treat? Then why not reward them with one of these wonderful 100% all natural rawhide rolls. These rawhide rolls are also good for your dog's teeth. With plenty of time used on chewing, this will help promote cleaning of the build up on their teeth. It will help clean the tartar and plaque off their teeth. Since these rawhide rolls are tasty, it will keep your dog entertained for a while. The rolls will always keep your dog busy so it can help with them chewing on anything that's not edible. These rolls are 100% digestible. So if you'd like to provide a great healthy treat for your dog to snack on then reward them with these healthy rawhide rolls and order from 123 Treats. Always remember to keep an eye on your furry friend while they are enjoying these wonderful treats or any treat that they may chew on.

    • Brand: 123 Treats
    • ASIN: B007BBW6S0
    • UPC: 814866012943

  • MODONE Dog Rawhide Bones,100% Nature Pressed Dog Bone Treat with Real Pork for Small Dog and Puppy(Mini 2.5",40-Count)

    MODONE Dog Rawhide Bones are naturally processed, cut and rolled, which aims to stimulate your dogs' taste bud, arouse their instinct to chew and relax, and at the same time, protect their dental and oral health. Why Choosing Us? Made of 100% natural pressed rawhide bone for safety. Protect dental health and promote oral hygiene. Combined with real pork for better taste. Keep your dog busy for up to 3 hours. 30-day money back service for quality insurance. No Fillers Or Artificial Binders. Bone-shaped rawhide chews for small to medium dogs. 【 Benefits of rawhide】:All dogs need to chew. It's a natural instinct. Some even spend hours chewing every day. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Especially with puppies, treats like rawhide bones can be a great substitute for your leather shoes and the legs of the dining room table!Chewing also keeps dogs' jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresher. Dogs that chew regularly on rawhides and other bones or toys have less plaque and tartar build-up on teeth. 【Features】: Our rawhide bones are naturally processed,cut and made by hand. Our dog bones goes through a strict inspection and rejection process, producing a product you can feel good about giving to your dog . 【Our Service Promise to ...

    • Color: white
    • Brand: MODONE
    • ASIN: B07MMZ1MXR
    • UPC: 663577678111

  • The Rawhide Express Natural Knotted Bone Dog Chew, 15 By 16-Inch

    The Rawhide Express dog chews in all shapes, sizes and flavors are a long lasting chew that make a great reward for your dog. They keep gums healthy, are fully digestible, all natural, with no toxic or harmful chemicals. Non staining flavors.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: The Rawhide Express
    • ASIN: B0018CJKJG
    • UPC: 742174000157

  • FreedomDesign Rawhide Knot Bones Dog Bulk Treats Chews Natural Rawhide 2.5" 60-Count Healthy Dog Teeth-Beef FDA & USDA Certified Double Knotted Bully Stick Dog Treat

    KEEP YOUR DOG TEETH HEALTHY; The best way to clean your pet's teeth, promote healthy gums and improve its breath. It also helps prevent destructive chewing. No more chewing off your carpets, walls and furniture etc.

    • Color: 2.5" 60-Beef
    • Brand: FreedomDesign
    • ASIN: B07GWRM9JH

  • 123 Treats - Dog Rawhide Chews Bones for Medium to Large Dogs 6-7" (30 Count) 100% Natural Premium Bulk Treats

    Satisfy your furry companion with a delicious and long lasting chew. Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. Rawhides are a natural way to satisfy your dog's chewing instincts while strengthening the muscles that support their jaws. Naturally promotes plaque plus tartar reduction. Ideal for active, aggressive chewers.

    • Brand: 123 Treats
    • ASIN: B013KBLJAU
    • UPC: 731236401704

  • Good Lovin' Traditional Flat Knot Bone Dog Chew, 4-inch, Pack of 6, 10.6 OZ

    The Good Lovin' Traditional Flat Knot Bone Dog Chew entertains your strong chomper with handcrafted beefhide fashioned into a classic knotted bone. This treat is full of tender meat flavor and helps to clean your pup's teeth and gums as they gnaw.

    • Brand: Good Lovin'
    • ASIN: B0774BBGKR
    • UPC: 800443273890

  • Pure & Simple Pet 6230 10 Count 8"/9" Flat Knotted Bones, Medium/Large

    Natural American beef hide flat knotted for long lasting chewing enjoyment specially sized for medium and large breed dogs.

    • Brand: Pure & Simple Pet
    • UPC: 857124006230