• RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Second Edition (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))

    Reviewing the previous edition, "IEEE Microwave Magazine" boasted, "anyone designing power amplifiers will find this book thought provoking and useful." Professionals in the field agreed as the book went on to be one of our top-selling RF design titles. This extensively revised edition of "RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications" offers practitioners a comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date understanding of how to tackle a PA (power amplifier) design with confidence and quickly determine the cause of malfunctioning hardware. Among the numerous updates, the Second Edition includes five new chapters on some of today's most important topics, such as class AB PAs at GHz frequencies; switching PA modes at GHz frequencies; signals, modulation systems, and PA nonlinearities; power amplifier bias circuit design; and load-pull techniques. Supported with nearly 200 illustrations, the book contains the most complete survey of RF PA efficiency enhancement and linearization techniques in a single volume.

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  • RF Power Amplifiers

    This second edition of the highly acclaimed RF Power Amplifiers has been thoroughly revised and expanded to reflect the latest challenges associated with power transmitters used in communications systems. With more rigorous treatment of many concepts, the new edition includes a unique combination of class-tested analysis and industry-proven design techniques. Radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers are the fundamental building blocks used in a vast variety of wireless communication circuits, radio and TV broadcasting transmitters, radars, wireless energy transfer, and industrial processes. Through a combination of theory and practice, RF Power Amplifiers, Second Edition provides a solid understanding of the key concepts, the principle of operation, synthesis, analysis, and design of RF power amplifiers. This extensive update boasts: up to date end of chapter summaries; review questions and problems; an expansion on key concepts; new examples related to real-world applications illustrating key concepts and brand new chapters covering ‘hot topics’ such as RF LC oscillators and dynamic power supplies. Carefully edited for superior readability, this work remains an essential reference for research & development staff and design engineers. Senior level undergraduate and graduate ele...

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  • Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design

    This much-anticipated volume builds on the author's popular work, Rf Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications (Artech House, 1999), offering you a more in-depth understanding of the theory and design of Rf power amplifiers. An invaluable reference tool for Rf, digital and system level designers, the book enables you to efficiently design linear Rf power amplifiers, and includes detailed discussions on envelope power management schemes and linearization techniques. Written by a recognized authority on Pa design, this in-depth volume treats a range of power amplifier topics using readable symbolic analysis and idealized models, and follows up with Cad simulation using readily available commercial Cad tools. The work covers such vital topics as the use of bipolar devices in conventional high efficiency Pa design, the Doherty and Chireix Pas, envelope feedback, memory effects, predistortion, feedforward, and microwave Pa techniques.

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  • High Efficiency RF and Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers

    Do you want to know how to design high efficiency RF and microwave solid state power amplifiers? Read this book to learn the main concepts that are fundamental for optimum amplifier design. Practical design techniques are set out, stating the pros and cons for each method presented in this text. In addition to novel theoretical discussion and workable guidelines, you will find helpful running examples and case studies that demonstrate the key issues involved in power amplifier (PA) design flow. Highlights include: Clarification of topics which are often misunderstood and misused, such as bias classes and PA nomenclatures. The consideration of both hybrid and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). Discussions of switch-mode and current-mode PA design approaches and an explanation of the differences. Coverage of the linearity issue in PA design at circuit level, with advice on low distortion power stages. Analysis of the hot topic of Doherty amplifier design, plus a description of advanced techniques based on multi-way and multi-stage architecture solutions. High Efficiency RF and Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers is: an ideal tutorial for MSc and postgraduate students taking courses in microwave electronics and solid state circuit/device design; a useful referen...

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  • Handbook of RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers (The Cambridge RF and Microwave Engineering Series)

    Whether you are an RF transistor designer, an amplifier designer or a system designer, this is your one-stop guide to RF and microwave transistor power amplifiers. A team of expert authors brings you up to speed on every topic, including: devices (Si LDMOS and VDMOS, GaAs FETs, GaN HEMTs), circuit and amplifier design (discrete, hybrid and monolithic), CAD, thermal design, reliability, and system applications/requirements for RF and microwave transistor amplifiers. Covering state-of-the-art developments and emphasising practical communications applications, this is the complete professional reference on the subject.

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  • RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

    Learn how to tackle a power amplifier (PA) design with confidence and save time in determining the cause of malfunctioning hardware with this guide to the theory and practice of RF PA design for modern communications systems. Written for practicing RF/MW engineers and wireless system designers, this pioneering resource explores a new and unified approach to the classification of higher (Class F and Class D) amplifier modes based on overdrive considerations. "RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications" contains the most complete survey of RF PA efficiency enhancement and linearization techniques in a single volume. It helps you... Design suitable matching networks which provide correct fundamental harmonic terminations for conventional (AB, B) high efficiency PA modes Understand the Class D, E, and F modes and their feasibility at microwave frequencies Use envelope simulation techniques to analyze the effects of distortion in overdriven PAs Maintain high efficiency operation at low points in an amplitude modulated signal envelope including detailed coverage of the Doherty, Chireix, and Kahn techniques Understand the possibilities and limitations of linearization methods Objectively analyze PA stability and oscillation problems With a focus on practical applications and hardwa...

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  • HiLetgo 0.1-2000MHz RF WideBand Amplifier 30dB High Gain Low Noise LNA Amplifier

    Features: -This product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figure -This product can be applied to various rf receive front-end and increases communication distance -Used for Short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, such as cable TV signal amplifier need low noise rf signal amplification Specifications: Operating frequency0.1-2000MHz Amplifier gain F=0.1MHz, gain=32dB F=500Mhz, gain=31dB F=1000MHz, gain=29dB F=1500Mhz, gain=25dB F=2000MHz, gain=20dB Maximum power output+10dBm 10mW Power supply voltage: 6-12 VDC System impedance50 Tips: 1.When working frequency is less than 500 MHZit get well gain flatness, can make it less than 1dB after careful adjustment. The lower frequency the higher gain consistency. 2.Amplifier working frequency of the lower limit is subject to input and output capacitor, the default value is 0.1 uF, working to 0.1 MHz. Increase the input and output capacitance appropriately, can extend the cut-off frequency, such as 10uF capacitance can work to 5KHz. 3.When the power supply voltage changes in 5-8 v, it can be used as a variable gain amplifier, gain increases with the increase of the power supply voltage, which suitable for radio frequency receive front-end circuit, using DA control power supply voltage, to control the ga...

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  • RF and Microwave Power Amplifier Design, Second Edition

    Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.The latest power amp design methodsFully updated to address cutting-edge technologies, the new edition of this practical guide provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art coverage of RF and microwave power amplifier design. The book describes both existing and new schematic configurations, theoretical approaches, circuit simulation results, and implementation techniques. New chapters discuss linearization and efficiency enhancement and high-efficiency Doherty power amplifiers. Featuring a systematic approach, this comprehensive resource bridges the theory and practice of RF and microwave engineering. RF and Microwave Power Amplifier Design, Second Edition, covers: Two-port network parameters and passive elementsNonlinear circuit design methodsNonlinear active device modelingImpedance matchingPower transformers, combiners, and couplersPower amplifier design fundamentalsHigh-efficiency power amplifier designBroadband power amplifiersLinearization and efficiency enhancement techniquesHigh-efficiency Doherty power amplifiers

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  • RF Power Amplifiers (Electromagnetics and Radar)

    In this thorough overview, Mihai Albulet presents a full account of RF amplifiers and shows that understanding large-signal RF signals is simply a matter of understanding basic principles and their applications. In addition to discussing the basic concepts used in the analysis and design of RF power amplifiers, detailed mathematical derivations indicate the assumptions and limitations of the presented results, allowing the reader to calculate their usefulness in practical designs. Covered are amplification classes, circuit topologies, bias circuits, and matching networks.

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  • Broadband RF and Microwave Amplifiers

    Broadband RF and Microwave Amplifiers provides extensive coverage of broadband radio frequency (RF) and microwave power amplifier design, including well-known historical and recent novel schematic configurations, theoretical approaches, circuit simulation results, and practical implementation strategies. The text begins by introducing two-port networks to illustrate the behavior of linear and nonlinear circuits, explaining the basic principles of power amplifier design, and discussing impedance matching and broadband power amplifier design using lumped and distributed parameters. The book then: Shows how dissipative or lossy gain-compensation-matching circuits can offer an important trade-off between power gain, reflection coefficient, and operating frequency bandwidth Describes the design of broadband RF and microwave amplifiers using real frequency techniques (RFTs), supplying numerous examples based on the MATLAB® programming process Examines Class-E power amplifiers, Doherty amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, microwave gallium arsenide field-effect transistor (GaAs FET)-distributed amplifiers, and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) amplifiers for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications Broadband RF and Microwave Amplifiers combines theoretical analysis with practical ...

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