• Apricot Beauty & Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad To Eliminate And Prevent Chest Wrinkles

    NEW on Amazon USA! BESTSELLER in Germany! Due to the natural skin aging process, the increase of UV radiation or simply sleeping on your side wrinkles on your décolleté may appear over time and they do not disappear anymore without help. The Silicone care Décolleté Pad now provides relief - comfortably and unnoticeably while you sleep. Existing wrinkles smooth out and the appearance of new ones will be prevented. The sensitive skin at the décolleté will be stabilized and regenerated in the long term. Significant improvements can be seen already after few applications! The Silicone care Décolleté Pad is characterized by its high durability and excellent skin tolerance. The soft, extra-thin silicone also ensures a comfortable usage. The cleaning is very simply with clear water without damaging the adhesion. The durability is guaranteed for several weeks to some months depending on the application behavior and frequency. The products of APRICOT fulfil the highest quality standards. The dermatological tests and studies are carried out in cooperation with the Institute Fresenius as well as DermaTest which confirm the excellent skin tolerance of our products.The Silicone care Décolleté Pad is also recommended for wound and scar treatment. APRICOT is selling the probably most ...

    • Brand: APRICOT beauty & healthcare
    • UPC: 700153410700

  • ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets, Prevents & Treats Old and New Scars, 12 Count

    ScarAway helps restore raised and discolored scars to a more natural color and texture, using the same technology trusted by burn centers and plastic surgeons. Using ScarAway on newly healed wounds helps prevent the formation of unsightly scars. Even scars that are years old from burns, surgical procedures and injuries show significant improvement with ScarAway. Previously available only to medical professionals. Now available to you. Made from a patented material that provides a unique combination of breath ability, flexibility, wash ability and adhesiveness, with a silky fabric backing for optimal convenience and comfort, even under clothing! Scar Away comes with 12 reusable 1.5" X 3" silicone scar management sheets. The easy-to-apply self-adhesive sheets can be cut to fit the size of the scar, or worn side-by-side for larger scars. Patented Silon sheets mimic the natural barrier function of normal, healthy skin, increasing hydration, working to soften scar tissue, reducing it's development and causing it to fade away. So comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it! ScarAway is the only product to provide the full, recommended 12-week supply of scar sheets in one box. Why do all silicone scar sheets "compare" themselves to Neosporin Scar Solution? Pfizer held the license to ma...

    • Brand: ScarAway
    • ASIN: B001AJ4L1E

  • Silicone Gel Bra Inserts - Clear Large Breast Push Up & Firming Bust Enhancers pads

    Get Our Clear non-adhesive Silicone Bra Inserts Now And Make Your Day A Breeze- Make Your Breasts Look Bigger With Just One Move! Do you love wearing décolleté dresses or T-shirts and you want to take your look the next level? If your answer is yes, then we have exactly what you need! FEMAGIQUE EXTRA CUP bra fillers are designed so as to boost your confidence and make you feel like a super-star; now, you can increase your size up to 2.5 cups! If you are ashamed of your loose sagging breasts and you're looking for a trick then this product is going to rock your world - our pads are going to make your breasts look firmer easily & effortlessly! Feel sexier instantly by using Extra Cup pads! Stay In Place All Day Long No, you are not dreaming! Thanks to their premium silicone construction, these inserts guarantee to hug your breasts and offer a natural feeling of softness! Their transparent design won't let anyone realize your little trick- place them under your bras, dresses or bikinis without hassle. Forget about small or sagging breasts and create an impressive cleavage nobody will forget! The Best Silicone Breast Enhancer You'll Ever Have! We are pretty sure that you're going to fall in love with our product, because: you can find it in two sizes: Medium (W: 4.4" H:3.25" t...

    • Color: Transparrent
    • Brand: FEMAGIQUE
    • UPC: 602798990923

  • Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads 106-PC Combo Pack (Round, Spherical, Square) - Made in USA - Sound Dampening Transparent Rubber Feet for Cabinet Doors, Drawers, Glass Tops, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards

    Premium Quality Clear Bumper Pads Combo Pack! Protect your cabinets, glass table tops, furniture, decor, walls and floors with these premium surface cushion guards! Soft, clear self-adhesive protectors will quickly and easily attach to any surface for non-slip, scratch-proof furniture protection from abrasion, vibration, shock and noise. 106-Piece Combo Pack Contains: * 20 PCs Circle - 9.5mm width x 3.2mm thick * 20 PCs Circle - 12.7mm width x 3.5mm thick * 24 PCs Spherical - 10mm width x 3mm thick * 22 PCs Spherical - 11.1mm width x 5mm thick * 20 PCs Square - 12.7mm width x 3mm thick Clear bumpers will remain virtually unseen and are non-staining Made of Polyurethane Made in USA Applications include Cabinets, Drawers, Glass Products, Cutting Boards, Sliding Doors, Furniture, Windows, Wall Hangings, Plastics, Small Appliances, Audio & Video Equipment, Computers, Laptops, Wall Protection, Corner Protection and many other uses at your Home and Office.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: GorillaGrit
    • ASIN: B06XPCLN23
    • UPC: 641361824845

  • NEW! Silicone care Eye Pads enriched with highly effective Hyaluron! Reusable Siliconepads, original APRICOT product made in Germany! clinically proven efficacy! Softens eye wrinkles!

    There are already many eye pads packaged as a disposable set. However, the Silicone care Eye Pads from APRICOT are unique. The innovative combination of medical grade silicone enriched with highly potent active ingredients has been registered for international patent protection by APRICOT. Clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of these specially prepared APRICOT silicone pads in reducing wrinkles! The Silicone care Eye Pads are made of extra-fine, medical grade silicone. Highly effective hyaluron was incorporated into the bottom layer of the material. The hyaluron increases the moisture content of your skin and sustainably reduces unpleasant wrinkles caused by dryness and aging. It stimulates collagen production, strengthens the skin, and makes it soft and supple. Due to the micro-climate that develops between the silicone pad and the skin layer, as well as the long contact time with the uppermost skin layer, the active ingredient can be optimally absorbed and transported into the deeper skin layers. See the results after only a few applications! And the best: The Silicone care Eye Pads can be easily cleaned under running water and reused. After about 20-30 applications (depending on duration of wearing), the hyaluron storage is used up, and the pads should then be renewed....

    • Brand: APRICOT beauty & healthcare
    • ASIN: B0797WZP97

  • 6 Pack Silicone Pot Holders Trivets Mat - Food Safe, Heat Resistant & Eco-Friendly Jar Opener Gripper – Silicon Potholder Trivet Hot Pad or Mats for Hot Dishes or Table Countertops Pots and Pans

    Protect your furniture or platform surface from scalding utensils, hold hot pots/pans safely and reliably without burning your hands, cook hygienically by having a neat surface to keep your hot spoons (also collects any dripping liquid), open jars in a jiffy, and do a lot more! KITCHEMY SILICONE POT COASTERS -Ultra-durable 100% silicone that is resistant to tearing, warping, staining, and extreme heat of upto 440 ºF, ensuring a long life - an eco-friendly Kitchen Essential! -Firmly grips onto platform or furniture surface without slipping/sliding away, holds hot pots/pans reliably & safely, and prevents sticky mess & stains on your counter tops when used as a holder for cooking spoon or pots containing hot liquid that could spill or drip. -High Heat resistant Silicone can easily withstand upto 440º F - (not meant for exposure to direct flames). -Honeycomb designs lets you hold even the most slippery kitchenware with a firm grip and prevents oil & water from adhering to the surface - versatile design can also be used to open tight jars with ease with our silicone pads. -Measures 7"x7" with 0.12" thickness for optimum utility without being bulky! -Food-safe silicone doesn't leach harmful chemicals into the food & is non-toxic. -Simply throw in the pot holder in your dishwasher - ...

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Kitchemy
    • ASIN: B07J1VB2VG
    • UPC: 712758864154

  • Nurse Hatty® (7 Pack) - 2 Sets Each of Reusable Chest & Forehead & 3 Pairs Crow's Feet (Eyes) Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Pads - New & Improved Thicker Chest Pads

    ★★★★★ From Nurse Hatty: I've compiled an EXCLUSIVE 7-PACK just for You! With my HIGHEST QUALITY Chest, Forehead & Crow's Feet Eye Pads using EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY you will only find in Anti-aging Wrinkle Script you can now correct and prevent wrinkles while you sleep! Our advanced Liquid Silicone Pads are soft and flexible to form to your unique contours that is ultra-comfortable while improving moisture, collagen, skin tone and blood flow to help heal scar tissue. ★★★★★ Anti-aging Wrinkle Script are REUSABLE Silicone Pads and is a Next Generation Revolutionary new design with Premium Medical Grade Liquid Silicone that does amazing work on your skin while you sleep. Each pad is designed and engineered to REDUCE STATIC WRINKLES AND FINE LINES, that, as you age, become more and more prominent. ★★★★★ WRINKLE SCRIPT IS SAFE TO WEAR! The Chest, Forehead, and Mouth pads are Non-transdermal, made of Translucent Medical Grade Silicone, 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic & Free of Chemicals, Latex, BPA, Phthalate, Dioxin and Perfume, and complies with the RoHS Directive (EU) for Safety. Prolonged use of Wrinkle Script will help return your skin to a more youthful appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles. ★★★★★ If you have wrinkled skin ...

    • Brand: Nurse Hatty
    • ASIN: B075RMNCVV
    • UPC: 699618722925

  • Aimyoo Comfortable Removable Silicone Butt Pads (Thick)

    Aimyoo Comfortable Removable Silicone Butt Pads

    • Color: Thick
    • Brand: Aimyoo
    • ASIN: B076Q87K18
    • UPC: 766330240416

  • NEW on Amazon USA! BESTSELLER in Germany! Silicone care Neck Pad to eliminate and prevent neck wrinkles!

    Our face and neck are constantly in motion. Especially at night, we often adopt sleeping positions which form visible wrinkles on the neck. With increasing age the skin loses its elasticity and moisture. The Silicone care Neck Pad offers the solution with a great result! Existing wrinkles smooth out and the appearance of new ones will be prevented. The sensitive skin around the neck will be stabilized and regenerated in the long term. Significant improvements can be seen after a few applications! The Silicone care Neck Pad is perfectly designed for your neck and its intended to last a long time. Due to the extra-thin silicone material it gives you highest comfort and is very mild on skin. The Neck Pad ist easy to clean with clear water. The durability is guaranteed for several weeks depending on the application behavior and frequency. Note: Use the Neck Pad regulary at any time, but at least for one hour. To avoid loosening the Pad during sleep, we recommend to wear it at the evening or day. You also should try our popular Silicone care Décolleté Pad! Our products are made in Germany and has been dermatologically tested with an "excellent" skin tolerance result.

    • Brand: APRICOT beauty & healthcare

  • Silicone Foam Dressing with Border (Adhesive) Waterproof 6" X 6" (15 Cm X 15 Cm) (Central ultra absorbent-Foam Pad is 4" X 4") 5 Per Box (1)

    Expiration: one to two years from the purchase date; Sterile; Each box contains 5 pads of 6" X 6" adhesive (bordered) silicone foam dressings. The central pad ultra absorbent-foam (4" X 4") is completely covered with fenestrated silicone and is 4" X 4". The foam pad is not in direct contact with wound surface. Only silicone layer is in direct contact with wound. High Quality Dressing. Features: -Reduces the risk of maceration and leakage -Self Adherent (no secondary dressing needed) -Physical barrier to infectious contamination -Maintain its integrity during use - Low sensitization -Pain free removal with no trauma. The products is manufactured for and distributed by Areza Medical, Dallas, Texas.

    • Brand: Areza Medical
    • ASIN: B019W914KO
    • UPC: 685450487641

  • 4 Pairs Womens Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers Invisible Round Silicone Cover

    Why choose them? 1.Easy to wear and remove,appears seamless and natural. 2.They are hypoallergenic, reusable and easy to clean in warm water with soap. 3.They can be applied at any time and occasions,such as when wear back-revealing dresses, tights and swimming dresses.Perfect for backless and strapless outfits. Using steps: Step1:Wash breasts and fingers. Step2:Uncover the dust film. Step3:Put the nipple cover on to the nipple softly,making the outer edge of which be stick to the skin. Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive. Always clean your pasties after every use with warm water and mild soap. Do not use a towel to dry them. Simply shake off excess water and put them in the tray provided and cover with lid to prevent dust from gathering on the adhesive. Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin. Do not wear overnight or for more than 6 hours. Not suitable for nursing mothers.

    • Color: 2 Round+2 Flower
    • Brand: CHARMKING
    • ASIN: B071JXWRT4
    • UPC: 190835222811

  • 2 PACK Anti Wrinkle Chest Pads, Decollete Pads for Chest Wrinkles, 2 Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads, Reusable Medical Grade Silicon Chest Pads Wrinkle Prevention, Wrinkle Derma Pads, Cruelty-free

    ✔️ THE BEST CHOICE FOR CHEST PADS MADE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY SILCÍOR by ARIEL COSMETICS, The New and Improved line of Silicone Derma Pads for Scar Reduction, Wrinkle Elimination and Prevention caused by Sun Damage, Side Sleeping and Natural ageing.Most people have their facial skin routine down but forget to pay attention to the fragile skin on their chest!If you are one of these people then our Silicone Chest Pads are your perfect solution for a Wrinkle Free Decolletage!✔️EASY AS 1 2 3:Our Silicone chest pads are a Non-invasive treatment easy to use with super fast results, showing significant improvements within the first usesSimply: STICK, SLEEP & REPEAT✔️REDUCE AND PREVENT WRINKLES AT ANY AGE:Just like your face your chest ages also, in fact your neck and chest are the first areas to normally show signs of aging. Neglecting to take care of the skin on your chest can result in premature Aging signs like - wrinkles fine lines and pigmentation. Our Reusable Silicone Pads are Designed to both prevent and reduce chest wrinkles for any age and will have you feeling confident beautiful and youthful.✔️CRUELTY-FREE: Because we know that beauty shouldn't come at the cost of hurting animals, Our pads are cruelty-free and vegan! ✔️PREMIUM BRAND The ARIEL COSMETICS b...

    • ASIN: B07CP1S95G

  • 10 Super Sticky Silicone Gel Pads Clear, Anti-Slip Gel Pads Auto Gel Holders, Durable Washable Cell pad (Transparent)

    *** Extremely sticky silicone car pads. As sticky as your ex! *** - 10 Super sticky silicone double-sided adhesive stickers in each pack; - Dimensions: 3''(75 mm) * 2.6'' (64 mm) * 0.1'' (2.5 mm); - Sticky silicone pads have no unpleasant odor; - Double-Sided sticky anti-slip gel pads; - Washable and reusable sticky gel pads clear (non-slip gel mats); - Sticky cell pads sticks to almost anything : plastics, metal, glass, paint, ceramic tile, plank, mirror, marble, etc. - Please, note, Super Sticky Anti-slip gel pads do not tolerate extremal heat. So, try not to use silicone sticky gel pads under direct sunlight or in places where the temperature exceeds 115°F (45°C). - You can stick your glass or a tea cup to avoid unwanted spills of liquids at your workplace; - You can stick your make-up brushes, cosmetics or kitchenware to organize the space and avoid cluttering; - You can use it as an auto gel holder. Anti-slip gel pads (cell pads) are perfect for dashboard mounting. DO NOT Please, do not try to stick gel gripping pads to fabrics, uneven, wet or dirty surfaces, whitewashed, lime or brick walls, etc. Both sides of super sticky gripping pads are made of the same adhesive material. So both the SURFACE and the ITEM you are going to fix have to be pe...

    • Color: transparent
    • Brand: Max Hardey
    • ASIN: B07CGRHT31
    • UPC: 670221814573

  • Clear Rubber Feet Bumpers Pads 300 Pieces Self Adhesive Transparent Stick Bumper Noise Dampening Buffer Bumpers for Door Drawer Self Stick Cabinet-MOZOLAND

    MOZOLAND 300 pieces clear self-adhesive rubber pads can prevent furniture from sliding and scraping,which is a good muffler and buffer Why needs clear rubber bumper pads?Easy to use and stick to the table,handrails,cabinets or any other furniture that needs cushioning Specifications: Material: Rubber Color: Clear Weight: Approx 2.8OZ Quantity: 300 pieces of rubber bumperClear rubber feet type: Hemispherical,Cylindrical,Trapezoid,Special ShapePackage includes: 100 pcs X8.5mmX2.5mm special shape20 pcs X12.7mmX3mm trapezoid shape 20 pcs X10mmX4.5mm trapezoid shape 32 pcs X12.7mmX3.5mm cylindrical shape 25 pcs X10mmX 4 mm cylindrical shape 50 pcs X10mmX3mm hemispherical shape 50 pcs X6mmX2mm hemispherical shape  Warning:Don't touch or strip off immediately until it sticks tightly

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: MOZOLAND
    • ASIN: B075F1HW3S
    • UPC: 650434686952

  • Daixers 5pcs Extra Thick Silicone Trivet Mat, Hot Pads Non-slip Silicone Insulation Mat For Home Use (5 Colors)

    Features: 100% silicone Good-quality and durable. Non slip, flexible, durable and heat resistant Fashionable and beautiful design,perfect Home Kitchen Decoration. Size:180mm*180mm*60mm Perfect for Kitchen Usage. Package Detail: 1 Set (5pcs) pot holder /cup coasters

    • Color: 5 Colors
    • Brand: Daixers

  • SilcSkin Eye Pad

    These silicone adhesive eye pads are designed to prevent wrinkles, bags and crepiness under the eyes and the crow's feet area caused by fatigue, aging and sun damage.

    • Brand: SilcSkin
    • ASIN: B01EKBJP6O
    • UPC: 894042001060

  • Sizzix Texturz Accessory - Silicone Rubber, Grey

    Sizzix puts creativity in your hands with the craftiest die Cutting machines, die Cutting tools, accessories, and embossing equipment in the arts and craft industry.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Sizzix
    • ASIN: B001EW808W
    • UPC: 841182014313

  • Dolly's Lash Silicon Pad (Size: SMALL) (10pcs in a Box)

    Dolly's Professional Lash Eyelash Kit and Accessories Creates Long Lasting Curled Lashes; No Additional Heating is Required Product is Natural and Easy to Use Suitable for Home or Professional Salon Use

    • Brand: Dolly's Lash
    • ASIN: B00LF9GUG8
    • UPC: 700254309750

  • Women Soft Silicone Bra Inserts Breast Chest Pads Enhancers, Push-up Molding Pads for A/B/C Cup, Transparent

    Women Silicone Bra Inserts Molding Breast Chest Pads Enhancers Expanded gel Push-up Chicken Cutlets Fake Boobs Gender: Women. Color: Clear. Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone Gel. Size: 5.1*2.8 inch (13*7 cm ), Max thickness: 1.1 inch (3cm), Weight: 170g/6 Oz per pair. Item included SEEKUP Breast Pads 1 Pair.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: SEEKUP
    • ASIN: B0758K7S57
    • UPC: 746827097860