• YaeBrew Stainless Steel Polished Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower, Single Tap Draft Beer Kegerator Tower, 3" Column, Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets (Single Faucet)

    This is a top-of-the-line single faucet Brushed Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with a 3" diameter column. This item is very popular for outdoor or commercial applications. This tower comes complete with a stainless steel faucet and 5 feet of 3/16" clear beer tubing that ends in a nozzle and hex nut assembly that connects to all standard keg couplers. It features 100% Stainless Steel Contact so your beer only touches stainless steel metal components from the keg to your glass!.

    • Color: Single Faucet
    • Brand: YaeBrew
    • ASIN: B073CKTJPR
    • UPC: 602989766030

  • Single Tap Chrome Draft Beer Kegerator Tower - 2 1/2" Diameter

    Draft beer towers are a simple and economical solution for your home bar. They look great mounted on your bar or countertop and function just like those at your favorite bar. This is a single tap model with a chrome finish (2 1/2-inch diameter). Comes with matching chrome plated faucet with brass lever and black plastic faucet knob (tap handle). In stock and ready to ship. Features: Beautiful chrome finish. Single faucet (included). Includes beer line and fittings. Specs: Dimensions: 2 1/2" D with 3 1/2" D base flange and cover 11" H and 9" H from counter to bottom of faucet. . Includes: 4' of beer line with hex nut connectors. Mounting gasket. Chrome plated faucet with brass lever. Black plastic faucet knob (tap handle).

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: KegWorks
    • ASIN: B000BNZKWE
    • UPC: 845033006915

  • Kegco D4740 Single Tap Chrome Draft Beer Kegerator Tower - 2 1/2" Diameter

    This is a Kegco D4740 commercial grade single faucet chrome-plated metal draft beer tower with a 2-1/2" diameter column. This is the same tower that is found on all commercial grade kegerators such as True and Beverage Air. This tower comes complete with a chrome plated faucet and 5 feet of 3/16" clear beer tubing that ends in a nozzle and hex nut assembly that connects to all standard keg couplers.

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: Kegco
    • ASIN: B00IE15KQG
    • UPC: 608938445575

  • Kegco KC D4743DT-SS Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower, 3" Diameter, Stainless Steel

    This is a Polished Stainless Steel Single Column, Double Faucet, 3" Diameter Draft Tower. This tower comes complete with two chrome-plated beer faucets and two separate 5" lengths of 3/16" clear beer tubing with nozzle and hex nut assemblies. It will connect to all standard keg couplers.

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Kegco
    • ASIN: B0048CDUBC
    • UPC: 610074823438

  • Axis Draft Beer Kegerator Tower - Single Tap / 1 Faucet - Chrome

    This stylish single tap draft beer tower makes an incredible addition to any kegerator! Made of durable chrome plated brass with a slim design, it's an easy to install keg tower that's sure to turn a few heads. Specs: 8.75" from bar top to faucet, 11" overall height, 4.5" long mounting shank, 3" diameter base flange, and 1" diameter mounting hole required for installation. Includes: Black plastic faucet knob (tap handle), 5' NSF approved 3/16" beer line with beer hex nut, US standard chrome plated brass draft faucet with brass lever, and Mounting hardware and gasket.

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: KegWorks
    • ASIN: B002TS2XLU
    • UPC: 845033090273

  • Single Tap Tower, Shank, Faucet by Kegconnection

    Perfect single tap tower for your lager commercial kegs/couplers. Has a single tap 3" SS tower with a tower shank, standard faucet and black plastic handle. The liquid hose is 5 foot 3/16 inch ID X 7/16 inch OD. Includes a free tower mounting kit. SHIPPING RATE SHOWN IS FOR THE CONTINENTAL US ONLY

    • Color: clear, silver, black
    • Brand: Kegconnection
    • ASIN: B0778N2RJ8

  • HFS(R) Brass Faucet Draft Beer Kegerator Tower 3" Column Stainless Steel (Double Faucets)

    This HFS (R) double tap beer tower makes a great compliment to any counter top, kegerator, or keezer. The polished stainless tower stands 13.25" tall (not including tap handles) and is 3" in diameter. The mounting holes are 2.75" center-to-center. Provided with the tower are two polished stainless faucets with black tap handles. The faucets are able to be completely dismantled for easy cleaning and sanitizing. This kit also includes 4 mounting bolts, tower gasket, 8ft of FDA approved 3/16" tubing, hose clamps, and a multi-purpose keg wrench. The inside of the tower is lined with a thin styrofoam sheet to help with insulation for cooled tower systems. HFS Brewing Products are backed by our 1-year limited warranty against manufacture flaws or defects.

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: HFS
    • ASIN: B01GKCZ6OQ
    • UPC: 789398118800

  • Kegco DT1F-630SS Single Tap Stainless Steel Beer Tower with Perlick 630SS Stainless Faucet

    The Kegco DT1F-630SS Single Tap Beer Tower has a 3" diameter tower and measures 12" tall. This tower is constructed of stainless steel and comes equipped with a single Perlick 630SS stainless steel faucet, a sleek black faucet knob, and one 5' length of 3/16" clear beer tubing with nozzle and hex nut assemblies. Because this stainless steel tower uses all metal stainless steel parts it has 100% stainless steel contact that ensures your beer will only touch durable and sanitary stainless steel metal components. Draft beer tower connects to all standard keg couplers and can be easily mounted with the included gasket and screws. The included Perlick stainless steel beer faucet is the most sanitary faucet available anywhere. Its innovative seat-forward design keeps internal parts from being exposed to air, preventing the handle lever from sticking and minimizing bacterial build-up. This revolutionary design and stainless steel body ensures a brewery fresh taste. In combination with the stainless steel tower shanks, your beer will only touch stainless steel metal components with this tower.

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Kegco
    • ASIN: B00J2D4R2I
    • UPC: 608729694519

  • KegWorks BF 1FT650SS-2 Single Tap Draft Beer Tower- Stainless Steel- 3" Diameter with Per Lick Perl 650SS Faucet

    Finish off your bar the right way with this pro-quality draft beer tower and faucet. With a body made from durable stainless steel and four feet of beer line included, this tower is Super easy to install and use in your home bar. The included Perlick 650SS flow control draft beer faucet is made from stainless steel with an extended spout for easy growler filling and features an innovative flow control lever that gives you total power over the flow rate of your pour. Give your bar the best equipment and it will be the best bar. This stainless steel draft beer tower with reliable Perlick perl faucet is a great place to start.

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: KegWorks
    • ASIN: B00NE2YB6A
    • UPC: 847808036608


    BEERGON Beer Tower BT-1000 is made of premium stainless steel with a black satin finish so you can distinguish yourself from your friend's beer towers. This double tap tower for your home allows you to have 2 beer flavors poured from the same tower at the same time and is equipped with a high quality FDA-safe beer lines (3/16" ID, 7/16" OD) that will not impart plastic flavors. BEERGON DRAFT BEER TOWER is super easy to install and comes with all the hardware necessary to secure this column on your counter. BEERGON BEER TAPS are solidly made and installed and used in many bars and do not show signs of rust over many years ! GET YOUR BEERGON BEER TOWER NOW, YOU DESERVE IT ! INSIDE THE PACKAGE: One (1) beer tower cooler insulator Two (2) faucets/taps Two (2) tap handles (black) Two (2) springs already inside the faucets Two (2) 3-feet long beer lines already installed; One (1) wrench One (1) washer for the column base Four (4) bolts to secure the base on the counter SPECIFICATIONS: Column height: 13" Column diameter: 3" Base diameter: 4-3/16" Height from base to bottom of tap: 10" Height from base to top of tap handle: 16.25" FDA-safe beer lines (3/16" ID, 7/16" OD) Faucet finish: Polished Chrome Tower body color: Black satin

    • Brand: BEERGON
    • ASIN: B077K6JY85
    • UPC: 607376341517