• Diet Snapple Singles To Go Water Drink Mix - Peach Tea Flavored Powder Sticks (12 Boxes with 6 Packets Each - 72 Total Servings)

    If you crave the refreshing flavor of diet Snapple tea but find it difficult to carry a bottle with you, you’re in luck. With diet Snapple Singles To Go low calorie tea drink mix, you can get that delicious Snapple taste in a convenient flavor powder. This pack of 12 boxes with 6 flavor sticks each allows you to create your own tasty tea no matter where you are. Simply mix in a glass of water or pour into a water bottle and shake, and you’ll have a refreshing drink in no time. diet Snapple Singles To Go are perfect for packing with you to the office, on a road trip or just stocking up your kitchen cupboards at home. If you want to stay hydrated but get tired of plain old water with no variation, a diet Snapple drink mix stick is just the thing to get you through the afternoon. Low calorie, sugar-free diet Snapple lets you indulge without worrying about your waistline.. Instructions- Easy-to-make directions: Sip from a full bottle of water to make room for powder.Pour one packet into a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water (use 20 fl. oz. bottle of water for a milder flavor). Shake bottle with cap on. Natural teas will take approximately 2 minutes to fully dissolve.Enjoy your diet Snapple! Think green! Enjoy Diet Snapple in a reusable bottle.

    • Color: orange
    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B005LURCGO
    • UPC: 072392339969

  • Keurig, Snapple, Diet Peach Iced Tea, K-Cup packs, 72 Count

    VARIETY DESCRIPTION: Perfect peach flavor blended with green and black tea to create Diet Snapple Peach iced tea. You won’t believe this peach of a tea could have this much taste and still be called diet. ABOUT SNAPPLE ICED TEA: Real Fact: Snapple brings you what you’ve come to expect a simply great tasting home brewed iced tea. Snapple iced teas are made with quality ingredients (the best stuff) in the delicious Snapple flavors you love. Just fill a cup with ice, press the button and enjoy. You can thank us later. INGREDIENTS: BLACK AND GREEN TEA LEAVES, CITRIC ACID, ASPARTAME, NATURAL FLAVOR. PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE. HOW TO BREW OVER ICE: Step 1: Fill a 16-oz. cup (Do NOT use glass) to the top with ice and place a Brew Over Ice K-Cup pack in your brewer. Step 2: Press the 6-oz. or 8-oz. brew button for optimal flavor. Step 3: Stir and enjoy! We suggest you run a hot water brew cycle without a K-Cup pack before and after brewing the Brew Over Ice K-Cup pack. Store in a cool and dry place. PACKAGING CHANGE: In the next few months you may notice a change to the K-Cup pack lids. We have provided an image of the current K-Cup pack lid design, as well as the new K-Cup pack lid design. Please note the product ingredients have not changed.

    • Color: Peach
    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B00I08JD66

  • Diet Snapple Singles to Go Peach Tea (6 Sticks in each box) SIX BOXES

    Sip your favorite iced tea on-the-go, with convenient powdered singles sticks. Simply add powder to a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water and enjoy. Low calorie mix means you can enjoy the flavors without the guilt. A variety of fun, fruity iced tea flavors mean t

    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B007BBWEKA

  • Snapple Diet Iced Tea, Peach, 22 Count Net Wt. 3.1 oz

    K-Cup tea. Your favorite diet Snapple iced tea now available in a K-Cup to be brewed over ice. To diet peach their own. Smooth Snapple tea, perfect peach flavor. We made it just for you from the best stuff on earth.

    • Color: Peach
    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B00HTYFZ4G
    • UPC: 099555066227

  • Snapple Diet Peach Tea, 20-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24)

    Snapple Diet Peach Tea is natural peach flavor with other natural flavors. Made from green and black tea leaves. Contains no calories.

    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B004OE2XVM

  • Snapple Diet Iced Tea, Variety Pack, 20 oz, 24 ct

    Snapple is made from the best stuff on earth, and it seems there's a bunch of good to go around because Snapple comes in tons of great flavors! Now you don't have to make that difficult flavor call anymore. Enjoy this diet variety pack of twenty four 20 oz plastic bottles with 3 great flavors... Diet lemon, peach and raspberry for great iced tea refreshment.

    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Kirkland Signature
    • ASIN: B00RTNMS1A
    • UPC: 076183001738

  • Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea Kcups 88ct

    Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea K-Cup Pods in an 88 count will satisfy your thirst for the perfect peach flavor. Blended with green and black tea, Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea is crafted to perfection in K-Cup Pod form, with a consistency you

    • Color: None
    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B015YP0B0E
    • UPC: 099555066227

  • Snapple Singles To Go Diet Variety Pack -- 6 Boxes (2 Peach Tea, 2 Raspberry Tea, 2 Lemon Tea)

    Snapple Singles To Go Diet Tea Variety Pack -- 6 Boxes (2 Peach Tea, 2 Raspberry Tea, 2 Lemon Tea). Set includes 6 boxes of diet Snapple Singles to Go drink mix: Snapple Peach Tea, Snapple Raspberry Tea and Snapple Lemon Tea. Each box contains 6 Singles to Go packets -- 36 servings total! Sugar free and caffeine free. Easy to add to bottled water to enjoy a quick and delicious drink at the gym, at school or wherever you go. A great way to make your own Snapple tea -- without the calories! Snapple Singles to Go are small enough to slip into any bag.

    • Color: Peach, Raspberry, Lemon
    • Brand: Snapple Singles To Go
    • UPC: 712411769635

  • Diet Snapple Peach Tea, 16 fl oz (12 Plastic Bottles)

    Smooth Snapple tea, perfect peach flavor. You won't believe this peach of a tea could have this much taste and still be called diet.

    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B07B3YX1BH
    • UPC: 680201879812

  • Diet Snapple Singles to Go Peach Tea (6 Sticks in each box) 4 BOXES

    Diet Snapple Singles to Go! Peach Iced Tea: Low calorie drink mix (IMMUNITY) with Vitamins A, C & E

    • Brand: Snapple
    • ASIN: B0044V2LZ8