• Premium Soft Fabric Toe Buddy Wraps - Cushioned Toe Separator and Splint - 2 Pack

    Soft, foam-lined fabric loops separate, straighten and align crooked toes. Effective as a splint for broken, stubbed or injured toes. Hook & loop fasteners for easy adjustment.

    • Brand: MARS WELLNESS
    • ASIN: B07PN7422C

  • ZenToes Hammer Toe Straightener and Corrector 4 Pack Soft Gel Crests Splints | Reduce Foot Pain, Prevent Overlap | Flexible Footcare Treatment | Stain, Odor Resistant (Beige)

    Reduce toe pain and walking discomfort by keeping toes properly aligned with ZenToes toe straighteners and correctors. When your toes start to encroach on one another, overlapping and causing pinching or chafing, it can really affect your stability, comfort, and foot health. In fact, when left untreated for too long, it can begin to damage ligaments and joints in the feet. That’s why we developed ZenToes Toe Straighteners and Correctors made with soft, flexible silicone. They slip in between your toes to help keep them straight without causing irritation; and they can even be worn inside your favorite pair of shoes! Designed to properly support both men and women, just put them on to get the proper support you need to walk, run, or move with improved comfort while reducing pain caused by overlapping toes, hallux valgus, and more. Product Details:   Toe Straightener and Corrector (2-Pairs) Soft, Flexible Support Stain and Odor Resistant Skin-Safe Silicone One Size Fits Most Unisex (Men and Women) Satisfaction Guaranteed   Click ‘Add to Cart’ to keep your toes separated and reduce foot pain with these soft gel toe separators that provide serious relief. At ZenToes we strive to provide the highest quality foot care treatments available. Our premium foot care products are m...

    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: ZenToes
    • ASIN: B076TMKXC2
    • UPC: 850588007638

  • Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splints. Bunion Relief Brace and Toe Straightener. Big Toe, Hammer Toes Splint for Men Women. 1 Pair. Bunions Support, Hallux Valgus Treatment, Feet (One Size)

    Copper Compression Bunion Correctors for Foot Pain Relief provide you the ultimate in support. This brace supports stiff and sore muscles, joints, and foot injuries while allowing you to isolate problem areas! IMPORTANT - Do NOT Be Fooled By Imitations and Knockoffs! Many companies claim to have copper infused compression products but when you get them and turn them inside out you may be disappointed to find that the copper content is very low. In fact, one of the biggest brands claiming to have copper infused compression sleeves actually has only 4% copper nylon! Ours supports have 88% copper nylon! We Stand By All of Our Products With An Unbeatable 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Order yours now by simply clicking the "Add To Cart" button on this page.

    • Brand: Copper Compression
    • ASIN: B07DHYR87F
    • UPC: 763885805527

  • BraceAbility Soft Big Toe Protector | Padded Foot Cushion Bandage Wrap for Callus, Corn, Blister, Wound & Arthritis Pain in Shoes (M-Right)

    The BraceAbility toe protector wrap is a soft effective taping treatment for a wide variety of toe deformities and injuries. The wrap is extremely versatile in terms of function as well as its fit. The fit of the toe wrap is easily adjustable with the support being made entirely of Velcro compatible material. The adjustability of this toe wrap makes it a great tool for the healing process as swelling goes down and you want a tighter fit around the foot and toe. The additional Velcro strap helps to separate and pull the first metatarsal (big toe) away from the second, keeping them from rubbing together. This immobilization speeds the healing process and protects the foot and toe against further injury from everyday activity. The wrap is highly adjustable, conforms to contour any foot, and is also comfortable to wear thanks to its thin, lightweight material. If room permits, you may be able to wear this wrap inside of your shoe to help prevent rubbing from occurring. For added convenience, the brace is washable and latex free to avoid skin irritation or further infection.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BraceAbility
    • ASIN: B00GKKH67E
    • UPC: 641061981589

  • Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Spacers for Bunions - 4 Pieces - Temporary Bunion Corrector - Soft Gel Bunion Splint Toe Separators - Fast Bunion Relief - Wear with Shoes - Women & Men

    DON'T SUFFER IN SILENCE LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHERS Hallux Valgus Deformity--aka bunions--is seen in up to 23% of adults > 18 years old and over 35% of adults > 60 years old. Stop walking around in pain all day. Get relief now! Our super soft & stretchy gel pads, spacers, and shields are designed to provide light varus pressure to provide gentle realignment of your big toe while wearing shoes or while barefoot. Improved alignment and separation of the big toe and second toe provides pain relief for many people.Standard Spacer This is our every day bunion spacer. It helps realign the big toe when you don't want a bulky shield on your foot. You can wear it with or without shoes. Remember, it goes on you second toe.

    • Brand: Dr. Frederick's Original
    • ASIN: B07R6SZLY9
    • UPC: 851081007965

  • Bunion Corrector Adjustable Splint Night Time Soft Gel for Bunion Relief, Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Protector Brace Kit for Big Toes, Bunion Pads, Toe Straightener, Toe Separators

    Feature: - Effective in Hallux Valgus and Bunion Pain. - Helps with bunion correction, irritation, and discomfort, pressure and inflammation caused by bunions; as a pre/post surgery aid. - Foam cushion helps sooth and protect tender area of the toe - Provides adjustable support and is unisex How to Use: 1. Release the Velcro strap and apply it on the big toe. 2. Draw the Velcro beneath of the foot and across the foot dorsum, make the Velcro pass through the slit of the plastic claps. 3. Tighten the Velcro and secure it until the big toes appears to the correctly positioned. Note: This bunion splint is not suggested for severe toe pain and stiffness of the first metatarsal joint exist, please consult with related physician before ordering. If toe pain arises after using them, please stop using them immediately and consult specialist if necessary. Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.

    • Brand: OUDI LINE
    • UPC: 796862335700

  • Bunion Corrector-1 Pair Adjustable Bunion Night Splint Hammertoe Corrector Brace for Big Toes Joint Hallux Valgus Pain Relief by ERGOfoot

    The ERGOfoot BunionPal is an orthotic device for improving your toes health. Each piece is considered for one type of activity. The bunion splint is the best available type of bunion corrector. It has ergonomic design with proper curves to provide you the most comfort. Bunion regulator with adjustable tension helps alignment by stretching tight tendons and toe muscles while you sleep. Just slip on plastic brace, adjust the comfy foam pad and secure the magic tape strap and feel sweet relief. It's the best toe straightener and most comfortable hallux valgus treatment splint you can use at home and in sleeping time. It's Not recommended for those with diabetes.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ERGOfoot
    • ASIN: B06W9KTZN2
    • UPC: 615311970968

  • ZenToes Broken Toe Wraps 4 Pack Cushioned Bandages Hammer Toe Separator Splints

    Broken toes are painful, but the treatment process of buddy taping your toes together can add extra pain and discomfort to an already painful healing process. This cushioned fabric wrap takes some of the pain out of the 4 - 6 week broken toe healing process by acting as a removable, washable brace or splint. This toe wrap is also great for hammer toe treatment. Hammer toes can make it difficult to keep up with your active lifestyle. The constant bend in the toe can lead to calluses, sores and blisters when you're working out and can make it hard for you to wear your favorite stylish shoes. Surgery can end up causing extreme pain and forcing you to stay off your feet for extended periods of time, making it not the right choice for everyone. With the ZenToes Toe Wrap, you can address the problem of hammer toes without painful, invasive interventions and take a more holistic, gentle approach to pain relief and foot care. The ZenToes Toe Wrap is a thin, flexible sheet that wraps around a hammer toe or broken toe and the toe beside it. Once you fasten the adhesive strip, the wrap stays in place and acts as a toe straightener splint, flattening your toe and correcting its alignment. Unlike a rigid splint, our wrap toe straighteners allow you to still move with ease, so you can comple...

    • Brand: ZenToes
    • ASIN: B01M2DFXAZ
    • UPC: 850588007157

  • ZenToes 6 Pack Gel Toe Cap and Protector - Cushions to Protect The Toe and Provides Relief from Missing or Ingrown Toenails, Corns, Blisters, Hammer Toes - Size Small

    When you have a foot care problem that affects a toe like a missing nail, ingrown nail or hammer toe, every step can be painful. As you move, your toe rubs against your footwear, causing pain or discomfort even when you're wearing comfortable shoes. At ZenToes, we believe that you shouldn't have to stay off your feet and stuck in the house due to foot care problems! That's why we developed the perfect form of protection for a wide range of painful conditions--the ZenToes Gel Toe Protector is the answer! The ZenToes Toe Protector is a padded visco-gel tube that slides right over your painful toe. Its flexible design makes it an ideal ingrown toenail protector, corn protector or hammer toe protector, making it a universal solution for pain caused by misalignments and tenderness of the toes. Unlike corn cushions that stick on, our toe protectors stay right where you put them to provide reliable, secure protection throughout the day. While the ZenToes Toe Protector prevents rubbing to alleviate pain and help skin heal, the gel material moisturizes and conditions your skin. This boosts the health of the tissue and leaves the skin softer. With their slim design, the toe protectors are undetectable under socks and can be worn with your favorite shoes with ease. Suitable for use on any t...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ZenToes
    • ASIN: B01N0C1QIA
    • UPC: 850588007225

  • BraceAbility Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock | Soft Stretching Boot Splint for Sleeping, Achilles Tendonitis Foot Support Brace & Heel Pain Relief Compression Sleeve (Small)

    NEW & IMPROVED AS OF 2018Based on customer feedback - we are now including an optional rigid foot plate which you can insert into the bottom of the brace for more stability and a greater degree of stretch.Plantar fasciitis is a common reason for pain in the heel and arch of the foot, particularly at the start of the day or when moving after sitting for a long time. Foot arch pain from plantar fasciitis is caused by repetitive stretching and tearing of the plantar fascia.This foot brace provides a gentle dorsiflexion stretch to your plantar fascia as you sleep, slowly healing and conditioning the ligament. It is very lightweight and comfortable compared to other night splint boots, so it's less likely to disrupt your sleep.How to use this Stretching Sock:- Getting used to sleeping with your foot in a dorsiflexion position will likely take some time, but a sock like this is easier for most people to adjust to than a rigid boot.- By adjusting the toe strap, you can change how much tension is applied to your plantar fascia.- If the sock is uncomfortable, try lessening the degree of stretch by loosening the toe strap.- You can also try to wear the splint for 1 hour at a time, before you go to bed, then work up to wearing it for the entire night.- Need to make the toe strap shorter to ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BraceAbility
    • ASIN: B01G5S4VSC
    • UPC: 641427942872

  • Metarsal Bunion Corrector Support Kit, Soft Gel Toe Separators & Bunion Cushions, Protector Shield & Pads Orthopedic Bunion Splint, Fast Relief Toe Drift Comfort Treatment One Size Fits Most Pack of 6

    Product Description: Suffering from crowded toes or cramped toes could be seriously discomforting and uncomfortable, and it could lead to a number of problems. It has been proven that when toes are bunched together in one place, it could be upsetting towards your joints or, it could lead to the formation of blisters, foot corns, joint pains, or cramps between your feet. Also, a person is likely to rub its toe together, which is not a comfortable or pleasurable feeling at all.  We have introduced the perfect approach to cater to your problem. Our pack of three pairs of toe separators or bunion pads is designed to alleviate your toe pain and to relief your toe pain. If you are prescribed with orthopedic shoes or, if you have recently underwent bunion surgery then, our pack of reusable and washable toe separators would help you to recover quickly and effectively. The toe aligner is designed to keep your toe straight and aligned in your shoes and socks, and our gel toe separators allow you to move around without joining your toes together. Our pack of double loop toe separator helps with the reduction of blisters, foot corns, and calluses. Relieve the overlapping of toes: Promotes the alignment of toes to relieve irritation from bunion surgery Promotes the separation of toes, and i...

    • Brand: Metarsal
    • ASIN: B07PNK5BWW
    • UPC: 850001597111

  • ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Bunion, Overlapping Toes and Drift Pain Pads (White)

    Are your feet feeling happy? If you suffer from toe overlap, a bunion or toe drift, it's likely your feet are achy, stiff or suffering from irritation right this very minute. But they don't have to be! The way to transform painful feet to happy ones is a simple silicone ring--the ZenToes Silicone Toe Spreader and Toe Separator. With this easy-to-use foot care solution, you can finally take every step in comfort and complete all of your daily activities free of pain. Our toe separator is a designed to be worn over the second toe like a ring. Once it's in place, a flexible, supportive silicone pad stays comfortably against your big toe. Instantly, toe overlap problems are corrected, and you don't have to worry about blisters or calluses forming on that sensitive skin between your toes. Not just a toe spacer for managing toe overlap, this toe separator solves problems associated with a bunion and toe drift, too. With the toe spreader in place, your big toe will stay in proper alignment, helping to keep the sides of your shoes from rubbing on it during the day. Re-positioning your big toe with the toe separator stretches the underlying tissue as well, reducing aching and strain. With its unique design, our toe spreader and separator is a discreet solution for a bunion, toe drift ...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ZenToes
    • ASIN: B00UM4XY7K
    • UPC: 616450464714

  • BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe | Medical/Surgical Walking Cast Boot, Stress Fracture Brace & Orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole (SMALL - FEMALE)

    This women's post-op shoe helps to support and protect the foot and toes after various injuries and surgeries. This includes injuries and conditions such as lisfranc fractures, stress fractures, bunions, heel fractures, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and morton's neuroma. The square toe design is ideal for postoperative use because of the extra protection and it also prevents the toes from rubbing against the brace or some other surface. The rear area of this broken foot shoe for women also gives one biomechanical rearfoot control that is essential to having control of other areas of the foot. Another great feature of the post-op shoe is the padded heel area that makes sure slippage does not occur and provides the foot with maximum comfort. This flat bottom shoe also has a thick, rigid sole that helps to further stabilize the foot. If needed, the insole can be removed for instances where the use a pressure-relieving insoles or arch support is needed. The rocker bottom of the shoe makes it easy to walk in. It also has traction grooves on the bottom that prevent one from slipping when wearing the broken foot shoe. The Velcro closures of this female post operative shoe make applying and adjusting the shoe quick and easy. The multi-strap system allows for further customization while ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BraceAbility
    • ASIN: B01BIB64WW
    • UPC: 641061983545

  • Bunion Toe Corrector,Gelible 1 Pair Toe Straightener Splints for Hallux Valgus, Overlapping Toe, Turf Toe, Bunion Pain Aid Surgery

    Gelible bunion splint treats mild to moderate bunions preventively and post-operatively. Using Gelible bunion splint could reduce the tendency of bunion formation and prevent hallux valgus. It also prevents the bunion deformity from getting worse. In case of post bunion surgery, This bunion brace stabilizes the big toe in the correct position to maintain alignment. FEATURES: 1.Eases discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes. The breathable splint also reduces pressure and inflammation for complete bunion pain relief. 2.Adjustable hook-and-loop straps provide an accommodating fit. 3. The soft and lightweight material makes it comfortable enough to wear it on the floor, your can adjust the tightness as you need. What's Included: One Pair of Gelible Bunion Splints for Left and Right Foot Why choose Gelible Bunion Splint ? - Use the Ergonomic Toe Wrap to to get the perfect fit around your big toe. - Use the Bendable Toe Stabilizer to conform the brace to the contour of your bunions for greater comfort. - Keep your big toe straight and relieve your nighttime bunion pain. CAUTION: Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE. Hand wash in cold water and air dry. If you have a foot condition and the p...

    • Color: Bunion Toe Corrector
    • Brand: Gelible
    • ASIN: B075PN6L9D
    • UPC: 763383401337

  • PediFix Double-Toe Straightener #P57

    Straightens & aligns crooked, overlapping toes

    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: Pedifix
    • ASIN: B0002DUSUW
    • UPC: 092437112463

  • ViveSole Toe Splint [Pair] - Hammer Toe Straightener - Joint Realign Cushion Brace for Claw, Curled, Crooked Toe - Metatarsal Support Loop Guard Alignment Corrector Wrap for Tendon, Broken Toe Surgery

    Realigns Problem ToesProvides corrective support for crooked toes, hammer toes, claw toes and overlapping toes. Gently encourages proper toe alignment and separates the toes to reduce pain, friction and irritation for comfortable relief. Also alleviates pressure at the tips and tops of hammertoes, lifting and straightening toes for additional pain relief. Adjustable Loops to Fit Most ShoesFor interchangeable use on the left or right foot, the single adjustable loop secures the toe to ensure proper alignment. The toe straightener splint can be used for any toe up to 3.5" in circumference. Easily Slips In ShoesBudin splint is easily worn with socks and most shoe styles. Toe straightener can be worn throughout the day for comfortable pain relief. Cushioned Metatarsal Pad SupportA dual foam layer provides cushioning support to the ball of the foot to relieve pressure and reduce pain. Vive Guarantee: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

    • Brand: VIVEsole
    • ASIN: B01N3250QU
    • UPC: 818323020182

  • Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator (w/Toe Loop) - Toe Spacer - Small (1104-M CAT 2PK)

    NatraCure Gel Toe Separators with Toe Loop helps you gently separate your toes and moisturize them with this brand new design. It separates toes to cushion corns, helping prevent rubbing and irritation caused by friction, may also help to realign toes and prevent them from overlapping. Anatomically molded to fit comfortably between toes. The addition of the loop allows the separator to stay in place so you can wear them while running, walking, and hiking with confidence. Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil (USP), vitamins and Aloe Vera which protect the skin. SIZE: Small.

    • Brand: NatraCure
    • ASIN: B00O80M8OY
    • UPC: 789542723478