• A Beautiful Mess: Beautiful Mess Trilogy Book 1

    She's been safe the past twenty-one years. He'll do anything to keep it that way... Even if it means lying about who he is. Olivia Adler is a woman with a troubled past. For the past decade, she has remained unattached to anyone, men included... Until Alexander Burnham walks into her life one night and changes everything. But he has demons of his own, ones that could turn her world upside-down.Will Olivia allow Alexander close enough to protect her from a force threatening her very existence? Or will she push him away and guard her heart instead?Pick up the first book in the USA Today Bestselling Beautiful Mess series today, and get lost in this second chance romance full of suspense, lies, and secrets. Beautiful Mess Series reading order:A Beautiful MessA Tragic WreckGorgeous ChaosChasing the Dragon (Deception Duet #1)Slaying the Dragon (Deception Duet #2)Vanished: A Beautiful Mess Series Novel

    • ASIN: B00ETP655G

  • The Wreck of the Old 97 (Disaster)

    With Fast Mail train No. 97 an hour behind schedule, locomotive engineer Steve Broady, according to legend, swore to "put her in Spencer on time" or "put her in Hell." Through eyewitness reports and court testimonies, historian Larry Aaron expertly pieces together the events of September 27, 1903, at Danville, Virginia, when the Old 97 plummeted off a forty-five-foot trestle into the ravine below. With more twists and turns than the railroad tracks on which the Old 97 ran, this book chronicles the story of one of the most famous train wrecks in American history, as well as the controversy surrounding "The Wreck of the Old 97," that most famous ballad, which secured the Old 97 a place within the annals of American folklore.

    • ASIN: 1596298766

  • Save Point: Upload (Book 1 - Sci-Fi litRPG Series)

    Adam Harris’s name has just appeared on a top secret list of extraterrestrial origin. Unbeknownst to him, he’s one of a handful of individuals capable of implementing a Save Point, a static moment in time he’s able to revisit over and over upon death.It’s a good thing, too. Brain cancer was turning into a real drag…The government owns the list though, and they’ve wasted no time snapping him up. According to them, he has thirteen days in an alien realm to learn as much as he can before the inevitable, at which point his memories, Skill Progressions and Weapon Proficiencies will endure despite his body resetting.Then it’s rinse and repeat.But there are unwritten rules to the game he’s about to play, and unseen forces acting in judgment. Adam will have to learn the hard way that dying is the easiest thing he’s going to do today.

    • ASIN: B07KF55HSL

  • Star Wreck VII: Space the Fido Frontier

    "Sic 'em!" Starfreak Command's order sends Capt. Jean-Lucy Ricardo sniffing the Gummi Quadrant after Laika, the first dog in space. But the wily dogstronaught won't give up without a bite. Then Capt. James T. Smirk joins the chase, creating another bone of contention.Can Geek-Space-Niners Dodo and Major Vera Guide these ships to Laika, or are the captains barking up the wrong tree? As Smirk romances the hostile Vera, will she break his heart–or bite his leg? And will the dogged pursuit of Counselor Dee Troit by Cmdr. Wilson Piker and Lt. Cmdr Dacron be the first love triangle to become a wrecktangle? You'll find the answers to these and other inane, canine questions in the ultimate shaggy dog story...

    • ASIN: B01GCA2F0O

  • The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps

    Awarded "Best Psychology Book of 2010" by ForeWord Reviews, this book is an invaluable resource for couples in which one of the partners suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  It authoritatively guides couples in troubled marriages towards an understanding and appreciation for the struggles and triumphs of a relationship affected by ADHD, and to look at the disorder in a more positive and less disruptive way. Going beyond traditional marriage counseling which can often discount the influence of ADHD, this straight-forward discussion offers advice from the author's personal experience and years of research and identifies patterns of behavior that can hurt marriages —such as nagging, intimacy problems, sudden anger, and memory issues —through the use of vignettes and descriptions of actual couples and their ADHD struggles and solutions. This resource encourages both spouses to become active partners in improving their relationship and healing the fissures that ADHD can cause. Also included are worksheets and various methods for difficult conversations so that couples can find a technique that fits their unique relationship and improve their communication skills.

    • Brand: Specialty Press FL
    • ASIN: 1886941971
    • UPC: 884427569643

  • Moon Wreck: Revelations (Moon Wreck series Book 2)

    The lunar mission New Beginnings has crash landed on the Moon. With no real hope of rescue, the two astronauts set off to find the mysterious signal that caused their lunar lander to crash. In a nearby crater, they find an ancient human spacecraft that had crashed on the Moon years in the past. During their exploration of the ancient ship, they find a way to contact Earth.As they wait on the arrival of more explorers and a rescue mission from Earth, they continue to explore the mysterious spacecraft. The two astronauts uncover a threat to Earth so frightening that it could mean the end of all human life. Unknown to them, the ship’s AI is still functioning and may hold the Earth’s only hope for survival.This is a short story of approximately 18,000 words.This story is approximately 60 pages long.

    • ASIN: B00ATTA70A

  • The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange

    Discover the secrets of Doctor Strange--Master of the Mystic Arts, Sorcerer Supreme and Marvel Comic's most magical Super Hero--in The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange.This lavishly illustrated guide offers a magical mystery tour of the unique, mind-bending universe of Stephen Strange, Marvel's magical Super Hero extraordinaire. The brainchild of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange opens the doors to a wonderland of otherworldly dimensions, mystics and monsters, and demons and demigods.Packed with fantastic facts and astonishing artwork selected from over 50 years of Doctor Strange's awesome comic adventures, The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange will delight new and die-hard Marvel fans.Written by BILLY WRECKS, NICK JONES, and DANNY GRAYDONWith a Foreword by ROGER STERN© 2016 MARVEL

    • Brand: DK Publishing
    • ASIN: 1465455574

  • Moon Wreck (The Slaver Wars Book 1)

    For the first time, all three short stories that introduce the Slaver Wars science fiction series are together. The Slaver Wars has currently sold over 400,000 copies. Read how it all began.Disaster has struck the first Moon landing to be attempted in years. Commander Jason Strong and his fellow lunar explorer Greg Johnson have become stranded with no way home. In desperation, they set off in their lunar rover to check out an anomaly they discovered on their descent. What they find will shake their beliefs and what they know of human history. It is the beginning of an adventure that will take them far out into the Solar System and to a discovery that is beyond belief.

    • ASIN: B00IB7FMUW

  • Heart Berries: A Memoir

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSelected by Emma Watson as the Our Shared Shelf Book Club Pick for March/April 2018A New York Times Editor's ChoiceA Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection"A sledgehammer. . . . Her experiments with structure and language . . . are in the service of trying to find new ways to think about the past, trauma, repetition and reconciliation, which might be a way of saying a new model for the memoir." —Parul Sehgal, The New York Times"Heart Berries by Terese Mailhot is an astounding memoir in essays. Here is a wound. Here is need, naked and unapologetic. Here is a mountain woman, towering in words great and small... What Mailhot has accomplished in this exquisite book is brilliance both raw and refined." —Roxane Gay, author of HungerHeart Berries is a powerful, poetic memoir of a woman's coming of age on the Seabird Island Band in the Pacific Northwest. Having survived a profoundly dysfunctional upbringing only to find herself hospitalized and facing a dual diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar II disorder; Terese Marie Mailhot is given a notebook and begins to write her way out of trauma. The triumphant result is Heart Berries, a memorial for Mailhot's mother, a social worker and activist who had a thing for prisoners; a sto...

    • ASIN: B075L4Y9FF

  • Pantone: Box of Color: 6 Mini Board Books!

    This beautiful box is brimming with gorgeous PANTONE colors and surprises. With a volume for each color of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple—these six chunky board books feature simple peek-through cutouts that transform as you turn the pages. Simple text prompts parents and children to label objects and observe lighter and darker shades of the same color family, promoting a new way of noticing the colorful—and surprising—world around us.Praise for Pantone: Box of Color"Pleasingly tactile variations of six colors…"—The Wall Street Journal "The books, which are smart and well-designed, showcase subtle shades of six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), while die-cuts do double duty as they introduce basic objects."— Publishers Weekly

    • Brand: Abrams Appleseed
    • ASIN: 1419704192

  • Hating the Rock Star (Rock Hard Book 1)

    I hate the rock star, but he’ll make me learn to love him…Joss Myers is a gorgeous rock star jerk and my celebrity crush. I never thought he’d notice me, not in a million years.Let alone marry me in a stupid Las Vegas mistake.I thought I wanted him, at least until I became his wife. Now I know I hate him.He’s arrogant, conceited, self-centered, and a million other not-so-nice things. He’s refusing to make this sham-marriage easy for me, and he thinks it’s funny to watch me squirm.If I want an annulment, I have to go on tour with him. He wants to keep me in his room like a trophy, ready and waiting for his every desire.Screw that. I’m not going to be that bastard’s plaything, even if the thought sends shivers down my spine...He keeps putting his hands on my hips, his lips against my throat, his words in my ear: You’re the rock star’s wife now, sweetheart, better get used to it.But there’s more to this situation than I realized. The band is teetering on the brink of breaking apart, and Joss doesn’t seem to care.All he wants is my body, and I’m afraid that if he gets it, I’ll never want to walk away again.Hating the Rock Star is a steamy, rough-and-tied-up rock star romance with adult themes and lots of laughs. It’s only for readers 18+.Hating the Rock ...

    • ASIN: B07G9P54L8

  • The Pilot

    • ASIN: B06ZYM3N4K

  • The Steal Like an Artist Journal: A Notebook for Creative Kleptomaniacs

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work! comes an interactive journal and all-in-one logbook to get your creative juices flowing, and keep a record of your ideas and discoveries.The Steal Like an Artist Journal is the next step in your artistic journey. It combines Austin Kleon’s unique and compelling ideas with the physical quality that makes journals like Moleskines so enormously popular. Page after page of ideas, prompts, quotes, and exercises are like a daily course in creativity. There are lists to fill in—Ten Things I Want to Learn, Ten Things I Probably Think About More Than the Average Person. Challenges to take. Illustrated creative exercises—Make a Mixtape (for someone who doesn’t know you) and Fill in the Speech Balloons. Pro and con charts—What Excites You?/What Drains You? The journal has an elastic band for place-marking and a special pocket in the back—a “swipe file” to store bits and pieces of inspiration. Because if you want to steal like an artist, you need a place to keep your loot.  

    • ASIN: 0761185682

  • Space Marines: The Sectors SciFi Series Books 1-3

    Welcome to the interstellar civilization known in the far future as the Sectors!This Space Marines box set gathers three of Veronica Scott’s award winning science fiction novels into one collection. Featuring members of the Sectors Special Forces military unit in action, and the women they love, fighting together in the struggle for survival in outer space or on alien planets. Please note each novel has been previously published on its own and all are standalone tales.Escape From Zulaire: Caught behind enemy lines when civil war breaks out on the planet, Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane and his surviving soldiers are responsible for getting a small group of civilians to safety in the capital city. Uncovering secret information about the true aggressors in the situation, Deverane has to battle unexpected challenges, including a growing romance with Andi Markriss, the stubborn Terran woman he’s been ordered to rescue. Crossing hundreds of miles of the planet’s surface, under attack from the rebels, the story culminates in a last stand against hostile aliens, where Deverane’s only hope may be rooted in Andi‘s ability to tap powers from the planet’s ancient past.Wreck of the Nebula Dream: Traveling unexpectedly aboard the luxury liner Nebula Dream on its maid...


  • How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

    From the New York Times bestselling author and former beauty editor Cat Marnell, a “vivid, maddening, heartbreaking, very funny, chaotic” (The New York Times) memoir of prescription drug addiction and self-sabotage, set in the glamorous world of fashion magazines and downtown nightclubs.At twenty-six, Cat Marnell was an associate beauty editor at Lucky, one of the top fashion magazines in America—and that’s all most people knew about her. But she hid a secret life. She was a prescription drug addict. She was also a “doctor shopper” who manipulated Upper East Side psychiatrists for pills, pills, and more pills; a lonely bulimic who spent hundreds of dollars a week on binge foods; a promiscuous party girl who danced barefoot on banquets; a weepy and hallucination-prone insomniac who would take anything—anything—to sleep. This is a tale of self-loathing, self-sabotage, and yes, self-tanner. It begins at a posh New England prep school—and with a prescription for the Attention Deficit Disorder medication Ritalin. It continues to New York, where we follow Marnell’s amphetamine-fueled rise from intern to editor through the beauty departments of NYLON, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Lucky. We see her fight between ambition and addiction and how, inevitably, her disease thre...

    • ASIN: B01J1XU88K

  • Star Wreck VI: Geek Space Nine

    The uproarious spoof series of the Star Trek television shows and movies now pokes fun at the new series on the block. Mass boredom has struck Geek Space Nine, and the resulting yawnfest is scaring away alien tourists, so Starfreak Command orders Captains Smirk and Ricardo to plug the tourism drain.

    • ASIN: B01GCA2F0Y



    • Brand: Disney
    • ASIN: B00EN3RSBY
    • UPC: 700755494016

  • The Art of Brave

    Brave is Pixar's thirteenth feature film, but it marks two big firsts for the award-winning animation studio. It's Pixar's first feature film driven by a female lead and its first set in an ancient historical period. Against a backdrop of castles, forests, and highlands, Brave follows the fiery Merida as she clashes with the duty of her royal life and embarks on a journey through the rugged landscape of the dark ages of Scotland. At once epic and intimate, the latest Pixar masterpiece weaves a story of magic, danger, and adventure and the fierce bonds of family. Featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with the film's many artists and filmmakers, The Art of Brave showcases the gorgeous concept art that went into the making of this movie, including color scripts, storyboards, character studies, environment art, sculpts, and more. A Foreword by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews, the film's directors, and a preface by Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter shed light on the creation of this landmark film.

    • Brand: Chronicle Books CA
    • ASIN: 1452101426
    • UPC: 884249450549