• Fritos Spicy Jalapeño Flavored Corn Chips, 9.25 Ounce

    The popularity of FRITOS corn chips puts this iconic snack in a class of its own. From small towns and family barbecues to parties in the big city, this classic snack is still satisfying fans after more than 80 years.

    • Brand: Fritos
    • ASIN: B06XFSF4TB
    • UPC: 028400634830

  • Mrs. Dash Spicy Jalapeño Seasoning Blend 2.5 Oz - Pack of 2

    Mrs. Dash is the salt free alternative for spicing up your favorite meals. Each blend, seasoning packet or marinade contains a multitude of spices allowing your palate to enjoy the flavor without the salt. We listened to your requests and produced products that are salt free. Each Mrs. Dash spice is handpicked for a blend that will satisfy the senses and excite the palate. No two spice blends, marinades or seasoning packets are alike, which allows for exciting new meals every day of the week. From the first taste of flavor on your favorite meal, Mrs. Dash brings your taste buds to life! With seasoning blends, liquid marinades and seasoning mix varieties to choose from, your kitchen will never be boring again. Our spice blends are always salt-free. Mrs. Dash opens your life to flavor. Mrs. Dash Spicy Jalapeno Seasoning Blend features a fiery blend of spices with a jalapeno bite. Add a burst of heat to your chicken, ground meat, or fish, as well as your favorite side dishes. Make the Dash to Delicious!

    • Brand: Mrs. Dash
    • ASIN: B01L0ET67C

  • KIND Sweet and Spicy Bars, Roasted Jalapeno, Gluten Free, 10g Plant Protein, 1.6oz, 12 Count

    Bold and savory flavors packed with 10g of plant-based protein. You'll love them equally at the office or during your next outdoor adventure.

    • Brand: KIND
    • ASIN: B00JA9LDH6
    • UPC: 602652171598

  • Jolly Time Jalapeno Butter Spicy Microwave Popcorn | Gourmet Savory Hot Pepper Flavor, Gluten-Free, made with Non-GMO Corn (24-Count Box)

    This spicy microwave popcorn combines the taste of irresistible melted butter with the heat from a jalapeno. Every bite delivers melted buttery goodness with a spicy kick of hot pepper. with just the right amount of habenero spice, this butter microwave popcorn turns up the heat on traditional butter popcorn. This jalapeno butter gourmet microwave popcorn is cholesterol free, 100 percent whole grain, high in fiber, gluten free, and contains non-gmo kernels. Jolly time popcorn is also kosher, vegetarian and free of high fructose corn syrup. You will be receiving a bulk box which contains 24 bags of jolly time jalapeno butter microwave popcorn. Each bag is the 3.5 ounce regular size which pops about 9.5 cups of popped popcorn per bag (2.5 servings per bag).

    • Brand: Jolly Time
    • ASIN: B00XB0SVP2
    • UPC: 028190247777

  • Jalapeno Spicy Ranch, Whataburger, 14 Oz., (Pack of 2)

    This ranch was made famous on the Monterrey Melt!

    • Brand: Whataburger
    • ASIN: B00MYIPCH2
    • UPC: 851953005068

  • Heinz Spicy Ketchup Lovers Variety Pack: Sriracha, Jalapeno, & Spicy (3 Spicy Flavors)

    3 Flavor Heinz Ketchup Variety Pack with Hot & Spicy, Jalapeno, and Sriracha;Each bottle is easy squeeze and contains 14 ounces;Set is available in a gift basket also and makes an excellent present for the ketchup lover or for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries

    • Brand: Heinz
    • ASIN: B00V6QT3QE
    • UPC: 798235645829

  • Fritos Corn Chips, Spicy Jalapeno, 9.25 Ounce

    The popularity of FRITOS corn chips puts this iconic snack in a class of its own. From small towns and family barbecues to parties in the big city, this classic snack is still satisfying fans after more than 80 years.

    • Brand: Fritos
    • ASIN: B06WW16X1P
    • UPC: 028400634830

  • Heinz Spicy Yellow Mustard with Jalapeno, 8 ounce Easy Squeeze Bottle(Pack of 6)

    A common condiment done uncommonly well. This delicious mustard is made with 100% natural ingedients, including stone-ground mustard seeds and real jalapeño. Perfect for burgers and sandwiches! It's this delicious taste that has America saying It Has To Be Heinz. Our Easy Squeeze bottle has a handy flip open cap, making serving quick and easy.

    • Brand: Heinz
    • ASIN: B01C6W9J24

  • Johnsonville "Comin' in Hot" Spicy Jalapeno Mustard 9.75 Oz Each (Pack of 3)

    The classic with a twist! This mustard has bits of pepper mixed right in, giving it a little kick with just enough of the original mustard tang to keep it pretty mild. That being said, you can't get too heavy handed - it's still got some bite.

    • Brand: Johnsonville
    • ASIN: B00S7HQLI8
    • UPC: 077782000412

  • David Jumbo Sunflower Seeds Jalapeno Hot Salsa Flavor, 5.25 oz (Pack of 6)

    For a Satisfying Snack, Grab a Bag of DAVID Seeds and Get cracking! It's Quality You Can taste In every Bite. Eat. Spit. Be Happy!

    • Brand: David
    • ASIN: B00L2P4QNY
    • UPC: 026200464725

  • Smokey Jalapeno Almonds (16oz)

    These almonds have the savory smoked flavor up front and a little jalapeno kick in the rear. A spicy twist on the classic smoked almond snack. We roast and season our family farmed almonds in small batches. All the almonds we use are grown by us and we only use the most recent years harvest.

    • Brand: Sohnrey Family Foods
    • ASIN: B019HOHG2O
    • UPC: 782301085411

  • Sincerely Nuts Jalapeno Pistachios in Shell - Three Lbs. Bag - Spicy, Delicious & Crunchy - Maintains Heart Health & High In Dietary Fibers - Kosher Certified

    ENJOY THE DELICIOUSNESS OF CRUNCHY JALEPENO PISTACHIO The crunch of spicy pistachio Immerse yourself in the crunchiness of pistachios with a twist of jalapeno flavor. Not too spicy, but right where it should be, these taste awesome with the nutty crunch of pistachio with a hint of jalapeno flavor. Pistachios are healthy! Pistachios help lower cholesterol and hence ensure heart health. If you belong to the dieter family,add these delicious nuts to your diet list and enjoy the unlimited health benefits. Need more reasons to munch on Jalapeno pistachios? - Perfect balance of spiciness and nuttiness. - Full of fibers, you can enjoy the fulfilling taste without added cholesterols. - Gives you a boost of tasty energy. - OK Kosher Certified. - Full of flavor and taste with freshness guaranteed. Click the "buy now" button and enjoy the tasty crunch filled pistachios.

    • Brand: Sincerely Nuts
    • ASIN: B00K6G1VBA

  • Emerald Jalapeno Cashews 5 oz ( 4 Pack)

    Top off your Cashew craving with a huge sombrero of these spicy Jalapeno nuts!

    • ASIN: B072HQT7Q9
    • UPC: 010300933663

  • Mrs. Renfro's Sweet & Hot Jalapeno Peppers

    Some like it hot, others crave sweet - these flavorful crisp pepper slices deliver the best of both worlds. Delicious with cream cheese, on salads, sandwiches, pizza, party trays and more! GO GOURMET WITH MRS. RENFRO. Inspired by memorable dishes from our childhood kitchens, Mrs. Renfro's Salsas are authentic and all created to bring a variety of deliciously fresh ideas and flavors to your family table. OUR STORY. Renfro Foods was founded in 1940 in Fort Worth, Texas, distributing packaged spices and pepper sauces throughout the surrounding areas. Riding the wave of interest in Mexican foods, they reworked the basic taco sauce ingredients and created a richer and tastier salsa recipe. Mrs. Renfro's salsas gained popularity fast, earning a reputation for quality flavor at a reasonable price that stands to this day. Mrs. Renfro's brand now includes more than 30 salsas, quesos, peppers, relishes, and sauces---award winners and critically celebrated flavors from mild to wild to exotic to flavorfully fruity---including Black Bean, Habanero, Peach, Chipotle Corn, Roasted, Pineapple, Raspberry Chipotle, Garlic, Mango Habanero, and the king of heat, Ghost Pepper salsa (made with the world's hottest chile pepper, Bhut Jolokia). And salsa isn't just for dipping anymore! Mrs. Renfro's adds ...

    • Brand: Mrs. Renfro's
    • ASIN: B00RH2MDO0

  • Spicy Jalapeno Cotton Candy

    Caution: Spicy good! Test the limits of flavor with Chocolate Storybook's Spicy Jalapeño Cotton Candy. Sweet and spicy all at once, you won't find this treat anywhere else.

    • Brand: Chocolate Storybook
    • ASIN: B01K2VO2CS
    • UPC: 609015726549

  • Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Jalapenos, 12 oz / 355 ml

    Most people know the famous tongue twister where Peter Piper picks a peck of pickled peppers. Well, thanks to a palatable new pepper offering, we've decided to reword it. "Trader Joe's picked a peck of Hot & Sweet Jalapeños..." Sounds rather catchy, we think. The developers of our Hot & Sweet Jalapeños originally came upon a jar of candied jalapeños in Kansas City, Missouri. The concept piqued their interest but the peppers were just a little too sweet. So, for this product they concocted the perfect balance of sweetness to complement-but not overpower-the heat of the jalapeños. And, yes, these are spicy; they'll certainly pack the punch you'd expect from the small but mighty jalapeño. Grown in Mexico and Canada, the sliced jalapeños are pickled in a concoction of sugar, vinegar, salt, jalapeño puree, garlic, and a whole red chili pepper. The final result? A palatable, perfectly pickled-and sweet-pepper. Perplexed about how to put our Hot & Sweet Jalapeños to use? Pop 'em in your mouth like candy. Top a heaping plate of nachos with several slices. Spice up a hamburger or grilled cheese. Add to guacamole. Serve with crackers and cream cheese. Place as a pickled accompaniment for charcuterie. And then, when the jalapeños are gone, use the brine for a marinade. The possibil...

    • Brand: Trader Joe's
    • ASIN: B01JF3MU78
    • UPC: 703255363035

  • Fritos Corn Chips, Spicy Jalapeno, 9.25 Ounce (Pack of 3)

    Fritos Corn Chips, Spicy Jalapeno, 9.25 Ounce, 3 Bags

    • ASIN: B06Y29ZZP6
    • UPC: 028400634830

  • Heinz Spicy Yellow Mustard with Jalapeno, 8 Ounce

    People all over the world choose Heinz because our brands make mealtime an uncommonly good experience. Since 1869, Heinz has been developing foods that are superior in quality and taste. And while much has changed over the past 144 years, our focus has not we aim to enrich people’s lives with great-tasting, convenient, and healthy foods every day. As the good food company, our philosophy on food is simple. We use only the finest ingredients and most flavorful recipes to satisfy a variety of tastes, appetites and eating occasions around the world. Whether you’re at home, dining out or on the go, trust Heinz to bring something special to the table, every time.

    • Brand: Heinz
    • ASIN: B01KK0CMJ6
    • UPC: 013000009263