• Performance Automatic PA26411 C4 Pro Shift Servo

    Performance Automatic PA26411 Pro Shift Servo C4 . Product Dimension (LxWxH): 4.4x4.5x4.4.

    • Brand: Performance Automatic
    • ASIN: B0055HXUS2
    • UPC: 012867000079

  • Rage RC S142-16-6VM Standard Size Metal Gear Analog Servo, Torque/[email protected] 142/.16

    Rage RC, quality products at a great price! That’s our motto and the Rage S142-16-6VM Servo is no exception. Rage servos are designed to provide reliable, lasting performance. Includes a servo horn accessory pack. Dimensions: 40.8 × 20.1 × 38 mm, Weight: 56 g, Operating Speed: 0.18sec/60degree (4.8V), 0.16sec/60degree (6V), Stall Torque: 9kg.cm/125.2oz.in(4.8V), 10.2kg.cm/141.9oz.in(6V), Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6V, Control System: Analog, Direction: CCW, Operating Angle: 180degree, Required Pulse: 500us-2500us, Bearing Type: 2BB, Gear Type: Metal, Motor Type: Carbon, Connector Wire Length: 30 cm.

    • Brand: Rage RC
    • ASIN: B00MPW2N6K
    • UPC: 885279598782

  • Traxxas 2064 Gear Set for 2065 Servo

    This is the 2064 Servo Gear Set E-Maxx from Traxxas. Traxxas has grown to become the number-1 selling name in RTR nitro and electric models for the last 4 years running. No one has done more than Traxxas to advance the RTR category with innovative thinking and fun designs that make it easy for anyone to get started in the great R/C hobby. Traxxas, truly the fastest name in Radio Control.

    • Brand: Traxxas
    • ASIN: B000XQ5CEK
    • UPC: 020334206404

  • Futaba Single Aluminium Horn, Silver, 1.5"

    Add style and strength to your model with Aluminum Servo horns from Futaba. FEATURES: Sturdy aluminum construction (silver in color) Single sided arm with 3 pre-drilled starter holes Splined mounting hole for easy repositionin.

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B001C310F8

  • Futaba FGS48 Servo Gear Set

    This is the Replacement Gear Set for the Futaba S48, S148, S3001, S9001, and S3151 servos.INCLUDES: One of each: white nylon 1st, 2nd & 3rd gears One white nylon final gear (this is the one with the splined shaft that the servo horn slips over)FutabaPart FUTFGS48

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B0015GZ9G8

  • Futaba FSH49 Horn Screw Metal Gear Servo (10)

    These are the Futaba Servo Horn Screws for Metal Gear Servos. / These screws secure the horn to the splined output shaft of the servo. / / FEATURES: Keep extras on hand, or replace missing horn screws. / Black in color, constructed of hardened steel for long life. / Fits the following Futaba Servos: / S3002 (FUTM0030) S9203 S9302 / S3102 (FUTM0034) S9204 S9303 / S3302 (FUTM0035) S9205 S9402 (FUTM0102) / S3801 (FUTM0038) S9206 (FUTM0115) S9404 / S9405 (FUTM0098) / / INCLUDES: Ten Servo Horn Screws for Metal Gear Servos / / REQUIRES: Phillips screwdriver (DTXR0170) to install servo horn with screw. / / SPECS: Length: 0.19"" (5mm) / Width: 0.10"" (2.6mm) / JXS 6/5/01 / ir/jl

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B0015H4BAM

  • Futaba FSH6F Servo Horn F Splined Small X

    This is the 6F Splined Servo Horn F Small X Shaped. FEATURES: Replaces damaged or missing servo horns used on a variety of Futabamicro servos including the S3102 (FUTM0034), S3101,S133, S33 and S5102.This horn will fit any current standard size output spline, but alonger screw will be required for use with larger servos. INCLUDES: One Small X-Shaped F Servo HornOne 2.5 x 5mm self tapping Servo Horn Screw SPECS: Diameter tip to tip: 1" (25mm) REQUIRES: One phillips head screwdriver to mount horn to servo. COMMENTS: Not for use with Hitec servos

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B0015H4BDO

  • Futaba FGS9251 Servo Gear Set S9251

    This is the Futaba Servo Gear Set for the S9251 / Digital Rudder Servo (FUTM0221). / These gears fit on shafts inside the servo and multiply and deliver / torque to the output shaft. / / FEATURES: Restores servo operation to like-new condition. / Metal final gear assembly with two bearings. / Nylon 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. / / INCLUDES: One Futaba Servo Gear Set for the S9251 Digital Rudder Servo / (FUTM0221) with 1st, 2nd, and final gear assembly with bearing- / supported splined output shaft. / / REQUIRES: Disassembly of servo and removal of old gears. / JXS 6/5/01 / ir/jl

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B0015GZ9IQ

  • Tekno RC TKR5220 Servo Horns Steering/Brakes EB48/SCT410

    These are the Servo Horns for the Tekno RC SCT410 TKRC5500, and the EB48 Buggy, TKRC5000. FEATURES: Plastic construction, black in color Two servo horns splined for use with JKS, Futaba, and Hitec servos YOU WILL RECEIVE: Six Steering and Brake Servo Horns SPECIFICATIONS: length: 0.79" (20mm) from center of each hole jxs 04/03/13ir/jxs&

    • Brand: Tekno RC
    • ASIN: B00CJ2GPSI
    • UPC: 815076012297

  • Futaba FGS-9257 Gear Set for S9257 Servo

    FGS-9257 Gear Set S9257 Servo

    • Brand: Futaba
    • ASIN: B001C34T6K