• Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    The Hot Rails for Tele set will transform your Telecaster into a fire breathing beast with an unapologetic, mean sound that's got the power of a set of full-sized high-output humbuckers. The lead pickup uses a powerful ceramic magnet, dual steel blades, and over wound coils combine to provide a raw, heavy tone with amazing sustain. The rich midrange harmonics and tight low end give it a crunch that makes this pickup great for all types of rock and metal. The matching Hot Rails Tele Rhythm pickup fights back with full, warm humbucker tone in a size that drops right into your stock pickup slot. It delivers smooth tone for rhythm playing, and fat single notes for lead work. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Hot Rails Tele set is meant as a drop-in replacement for American Standard Fender Telecaster sized pickup routes. Comes with 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is wax potted for squeal free operation.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B004DN5ZJQ
    • UPC: 800315036226

  • Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    A faithful tribute to the originals, our Vintage Broadcaster set is the perfect choice for discerning players who demand something more from their Tele pickups. The lead pickups larger diameter magnets and higher output coax biting treble and snarly midst for raucous riffs and stinging lead runs from any Telecaster. The rhythm pickup is designed for a smooth, open tone with warm lower midst and airy highs. With its hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, this neck pickup will deliver big full sounding chords. Warm enough for most types of rhythm playing, but percussive enough for chicken picking as well. Since 1978, wave been building all of our vintage Fender style single coil pickups with the right color and thickness of Forbon flatwork, along with the period correct magnet stagger. Each pickup comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires and traditional keyed bottom plate. We hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer the bobbin just as it was done during Fenders Golden Age. Each pickup is potted in our wax formulation for squeal free performance.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B004DMX5O4
    • UPC: 800315036219

  • Seymour Duncan Little '59 Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    The Little '59 for Tele is like putting a well-balanced, full sized PAF into the bridge position of your Tele. This medium output, single coil sized pickup has a nice, even bass and treble response with a slightly scooped midrange that gives it that classic, full bodied humbucker sound. Great for everything from country to rock. The 4-conductor lead wire gives you access to parallel and split wiring options for added versatility. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for a Fender American Standard Telecaster sized pickup route.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B00Y9HQDP6
    • UPC: 800315040650

  • Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    The Vintage Lead Stack delivers classic lead tone with all of the bright Tele twang, but none of the traditional single coil noise. The highs have a nice sparkle and the low end is snappy and articulate the way it should be. The output is straight up vintage, making this a great choice for players who need to eliminate the hum, but without sacrificing true Tele lead tone.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B00Y78EAWK
    • UPC: 800315040643

  • Fender Strat/Tele Vintage Machine Head set of 6

    Strat/tel original vnt mchhds/6

    • Brand: Fender
    • ASIN: B0002E2G2O
    • UPC: 717669447953

  • Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Pickups

    As Heard on: Pre-2010 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster guitars. Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele pickups produce the brilliant single-coil clarity, definition and twang of a vintage 1960s Tele without the hum.

    • Color: Vintage Noiseless
    • Brand: Fender
    • ASIN: B0002E3D6W
    • UPC: 759681016328

  • Seymour Duncan Hot Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    If you were to begin with a vintage rhythm pickup, wind it hotter, mellow the highs and enhance the midrange response, the result would be the Hot Tele Rhythm. The treble response is still articulate, but it is smoothed out by the more aggressive low end. Great for full sounding chords and sweet solo work. The Hot Tele Lead pickup uses flat, hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets and a special high output coil wind to give you enough midrange power to cut through like a humbucker. The absence of a steel bottom-plate gives you a fat, full punch in both the low and mid-range frequencies, yet it retains the muscular twang of a vintage style lead pickup. Great for Telecaster players who demand a more powerful lead tone, with extra presence and drive.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B00Y7EAWQW
    • UPC: 800315040667

  • Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Tele Set Electric Guitar Electronics

    The Quarter Pound Tele Lead is our highest output Tele single coil. Its special high output coil with hand polished 1/4 " diameter alnico 5 rod magnets deliver a huge sound with an almost P90-like growl. Leads will jump out and sound fatter than ever, while chords will be rich with sparkly midrange harmonics. The perfect choice for Tele players who demand to be heard.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B00Y7EFYSI
    • UPC: 800315040674

  • HeroFiber PRO 58mm Lens Attachment for all 58mm Lenses (4) Fisheye + Tele & Wide Angle Set

    Included is the 58mm Fisheye Lens + 58mm Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro + 58mm 2 x Telephoto Lens Kit Includes the Ideal Lenses to enable capturing Extraordinary Photos and Videos with a CANON EOS REBEL T6i T6S T5 T5i T4i T3 T3i T2i T1i EOS 70D 60d 60Da 7D 6D 5D 7D Mark II 5D Mark II 5D Mark III EOS 760D 750D 700D 650D 600D 550D 8000D 1200D 1100D 100D XTi XT SL1 XSi EOS M EOS M2 EOS M3 DSLR Cameras. the 58mm 2 Lens Kit Includes a Includes a 58mm Fisheye Lens that enables Capturing Pictures in an Extraordinary Angle that simulates a Fisheye Look, adding a very popular and unique Filming aspect to any photographer + 58MM Super High Definition Wide Angle Lens with a Macro feature, this Lens can function either as a Wide Angle Lens, substantially increasing the camera view and enabling to capture Panoramic Photos + the Lens had a Macro Function that enable to get close up shoots for objects such as flowers, coins and insects + a 58mm 2x Telephoto Lens that enable to instantly zoom in on far shot by simply attaching the lens to the front of an existing lens, it's a great accessory for shooting long telephoto shots. Additionally included in the Lens Kit are Lens Ring Adapters ranging from 46-58mm enabling to fit both the Wide Angle Lens and the 2x telephoto Lens on a variety of lenses + 2 ...

    • Brand: HeroFiber
    • ASIN: B016L4RRFY
    • UPC: 701980337796

  • Seymour Duncan 11208-14 Quarter Pound Tele Pickup Set w/ 2 Sets of Strings

    The Quarter Pound Tele Lead is Seymour Duncan's highest output Tele single coil. Its special high output coil with hand polished diameter alnico 5 rod magnets deliver a huge sound with a ton of almost P90-like growl. Leads will jump out and sound fatter than ever, while chords will be rich with sparkly midrange harmonics. The perfect choice for Tele players who demand to be heard. Seymour Duncan recommend the Quarter Pound rhythm pickup in the neck.These are hand build in Santa Barbara using hand polished diameter alnico 5 rod magnets, and Forbon flatwork. Wax potted for squeal free performance.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • ASIN: B06VWRSWL2
    • UPC: 682500020506

  • KAISH Set of 2 Black Tele Telecaster Abalone Top Guitar Dome Knobs Bass Knob with Set Screw

    After market quality Dome Knobs with Abalone Top

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: KAISH
    • UPC: 748271639627

  • CamKix Deluxe Universal 5in1 Camera Lens Kit for Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop - Fish Eye, 2in1 Macro and Wide Angle, CPL and 2X Tele Lens, Universal Clip, Case with Carabiner and Cleaning Cloth

    5 Great Lenses for Awesome Mobile Photography - For Back or Front Facing Cameras Includes 5 quick connect lenses in a handy portable carrying case with carabiner, to attach to your bag or pants. Please note: The macro and wide angle lenses are screwed together. Unleash your creativity and take and share amazing photos with this lens kit. The universal design of the kit allows you to use it easily with numerous portable devices. Contents: - 1x Fish Eye Lens Works like an ultra-wide angle lens. With it, your phone lens will capture rounded images instead of square ones. - 1x 2in1 Macro Lens and Wide Angle Lens Two lenses combined for easy storage and transport. The wide angle lens will allow you to capture larger scenes, for example cityscapes, large group shots and more. The macro will enable you to get super close to objects, to pick up all those small details you usually miss. - 1 x Circular polarized lens (CPL) filters polarized light, reducing reflections, enhancing colors and increasing contrast. The adjustable filter allows for easy control of the effect of polarization. - 1 x The telephoto lens gets up close with 2x optical magnification. - 1 x Universal Clip-On Lens Holder Screw the lens of your choice into the clip and simply place it over your device's camera. - 1 x Carr...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: CamKix
    • ASIN: B013W5QCI8
    • UPC: 711099323757

  • Tonerider TRT2 Hot Classic Tele pickup set

    The Tonerider TRT2 set is a higher output version of a classic Tele pickup (like their TRT1).  The Hot Classics are great for any rock or blues player who loves playing their Tele!

    • Brand: Tonerider
    • ASIN: B0050U7WVK

  • Kit 1/16th Manitou Tele-Handler MLT 633 with Pallet Forks and Accessories Set

    Kit Features: * Manitou Tele-Handler * Bucket * Pallet Forks * Bale Forks * Crate * Winch

    • Brand: Kit
    • ASIN: B07F13JDNC
    • UPC: 822445446256

  • Ribbon for Crafts-Hipgirl 100 Yards 1/4" Satin Ribbon Set For Gift Package Wrapping, Hair Bow Clips & Accessories Making, Crafting, Sewing, Wedding Decor, Boy Girl Baby Shower-20x5yd Double Face Solid

    Our Product HipGirl brand assorted colors solid double faced satin ribbon. Including array of rainbow colors: white, black, red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple. Pick one to match your outfit. 100% polyester fabric ribbon, Machine washable, colorfast. Perfect for craft, sewing, scrapbooking, internal decorating, matching hair flowers, DIY headband, wedding party favors, hair bow and hairbow tie making and Christmas, holiday, birthday party gifts wrapping. Great for women, girls, newborn, babies. High quality ribbon is constructed of a sturdy weave. Hold up under sewing, embroidering machine and glue gun usage. Can be used as hair ribbon for braids, tie bows on ponytail or pigtail; best material to cover the metal alligator clip or wrap baby girls headbands. About Us Hip Girl Boutique LLC began in 2005 and has grown and flourished over more than a decade. We strive to offer high quality products and attentive services. Our products span a wide range of interests: ribbon, bows and metal hair clips (craft supplies); pre-made hair accessories, craft show and retail necessities; nail art supplies... HipGirl is a registered trademark. We posted hundreds of free tutorials online. They are easy to follow. The cute DIY projects make perfect gifts. To check out more tutorials, ju...

    • Color: 100yd 1/4" Solid Double Face Satin
    • Brand: HipGirl
    • ASIN: B00GQKW7OA
    • UPC: 039517441556

  • Tonerider TRT1 Vintage Plus Tele pickup set

    The Tonerider TRT1 set offers classic Tele tone great for chickin pickin, rhythm and lead. Enough warmth, clarity and punch to be equally at home in jazz, country, pop and blues applications.

    • Brand: Tonerider
    • ASIN: B0050PQI6K

  • Teletubbies Baby Boys' 4-Piece Cotton Pajama Set, Red, 12M

    Snuggle up with these Teletubies pajamas! The fun graphics and bright colors are sure to be a bedtime favorite! Perfect for sleeping and moving about!

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Teletubbies
    • ASIN: B071XHDDYV
    • UPC: 889799304922

  • NEW - Wilkinson 60's WVT Vintage Style Alnico V Pickups for Telecaster Tele Guitar (Chrome Set)

    NEW - Wilkinson MWVT 60's Vintage Voice Pickups for Tele Very articulate pickups with a clear tone with loads of classic twang. Excellent quality at this price point. Choose between neck, bridge or neck and bridge set in the dropdown menu. Resistance - Neck: 6.8k, Bridge 6.0k (+/- 10%) Gold or Chrome neck pickup Ceramic magnets Includes matching mounting screws and springs Made in Korea Vintage 60's style pickup with raised polepieces Alnico V Polepiece Magnets Black fiber flatwork Copper plated steel baseplate Plain enamel wire covered in waxed cloth String coil protection

    • Brand: Wilkinson
    • ASIN: B07H1H2VQL

  • Dagacci Medical Uniform Woman and Man Scrub Set Unisex Medical Scrub Top and Pant, BLACK, XS

    Dagacci Medical Uniform Scrub Unisex Set, Woman and Man Classic Fit V-Neck Top, Three Side Cargo Pockets Pants

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dagacci Medical Uniform
    • ASIN: B00FT72XZE
    • UPC: 799600775097