• Birchwood Casey 1003530 Rig Universal Grease 12 oz Jar

    A thin film of rig Universal gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of rig Universal gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust and corrosion. Rig Universal gun Grease is a superior firearm lubricant and preservative.

    • Color: Multi-coloured
    • Brand: Birchwood Casey
    • ASIN: B003ITB8NS
    • UPC: 029057400458

  • American Metal Universal Grease Range Hood Filter - Trim-to-fit

    Universal Grease Range Hood Filter  - trim-to-fit.  Replaces any filter up to 15" X 18" with a frame thickness as small as 11/32" FEATURES: Replaces over 1,000 sizes Trims to exact size Easy to assemble Easy to follow instructions printed on filter box. Kit includes 4 frame rails, 1 trimmable expanded metal mesh pad, 4 corner connector clips Tools required: 1) Scissors 2) Tape Measure 3) Sharp Knife Filters grease. Can be used in ducted range hoods, microwave ovens and other applications requiring grease elimination.   Replace every 9-12 months.  Constructed of dense layer of expanded metal.  

    • Color: White
    • Brand: American Metal Filter
    • ASIN: B07GZG63VY
    • UPC: 826719864098

  • Okuma Cal's Universal Grease with 10ml CorrosionX Oil, 30 g

    Okuma Cal's universal grease 30 grams with 10ML of Corrosion-X HD Oil Features:- Maximum corrosion protection- Fortified with PTFE and polymers- Little or no drag acceleration- Exceptionally smooth drag performance- Superior heat and wear resistance- Safe on all metals and common plastics- Reduces gear train friction for easier cranking.

    • Color: black
    • Brand: OKUMA
    • ASIN: B00PNEE46E
    • UPC: 739998761128

  • Valvoline Multi-Purpose Automotive/Industrial Grease 12 Pack Grease-1lb (Case of 12) (VV608-12PK 12 Pack

    Valvoline General Multi-Purpose grease is a general-purpose EP grease designed for both automotive and industrial uses. It is recommended as a chassis and wheel-bearing lubricant for some automobiles and trucks equipped with non-disc brake wheel bearings (drums).

    • Color: Multi-Purpose Automotive/Industrial Grease
    • Brand: Valvoline

  • Birchwood Casey RUGT Rig Universal Grease 1.5 Ounce Tube

    A thin film of RIG Universal Gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of RIG Universal Gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust and corrosion. RIG Universal Gun Grease is a superior firearm lubricant and preservative.

    • Color: n/a
    • Brand: Birchwood Casey
    • ASIN: B003TJH8QI
    • UPC: 029057400205

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Universal Grease Cartridge (12.5 oz.)

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease is a race proven high-performance fully synthetic extreme pressure grease recommended for all-purpose automotive service.

    • ASIN: B00085F4JO

  • Birchwood Casey RUG4 Rig Universal Grease 3 Ounce Jar

    A thin film of RIG Universal Gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of RIG Universal Gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust and corrosion. RIG Universal Gun Grease is a superior firearm lubricant and preservative. - 3 oz. Plastic jar

    • Brand: Birchwood Casey
    • ASIN: B0033CMK0A
    • UPC: 029057400274

  • Tribology/Tech-Lube TSG Universal Auto Care Silicone Paste with Brush, 8 oz

    A universal auto care silicone paste which is totally water resistant. A clear (invisible) coating will provide extended protection and lubrication on all types of plastic, rubber and metal surfaces throughout your vehicle. This high dielectric strength (insulates) silicone compound can be used to protect battery terminals, ignition systems and other low voltage electrical parts. Universal silicone auto care paste is a non-melting compound which is odorless and has excellent thermal oxidation protection. A non-hardening multi-purpose silicone paste that seals and lubricates for total long term protection. Typical uses: battery terminals, electric connectors, O-Rings, bulb bases, brake calipers, rubber bushings, Seat and window tracks, rubber hoses, window regulators, weather stripping, wire terminals, distributor cap terminals, all types of marine applications. The permanently attached applicator brush has been purposefully extended to maximize total discharge of product.

    • Brand: Tribology/Tech-Lube
    • ASIN: B077PD43P8
    • UPC: 752436100075

  • Birchwood Casey Rig-Rag Universal Grease Applicator

    Offers one of the best ways to apply a thin, uniform coating of rust preventative grease to your firearms. Use the long-lasting sheepskin treated with RIG Universal Gun Grease to safely coat metal items, protecting them against rust and corrosion. Durable and practical, RIG-RAG Universal Grease Applicator can be used again and again � just add more RIG Universal Grease as needed. Conveniently packaged in a zipper-lock bag for easy storage. - Per 1 Cannot ship to California

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Birchwood Casey
    • ASIN: B0030LWWY8
    • UPC: 029057300024

  • Valvoline VV985 Synthetic Grease (Synpower Full - 14.1oz), 50 Pack Bubble

    SynPower Synthetic Grease is an excellent heavy-duty and multi-purpose automotive and industrial extreme-pressure grease. SynPower is formulated with a lithium complex thickened in a synthetic base oil, moly and other premium additives to provide superior protection from high loads and extreme temperatures (-60 Degree to 425 Degree).

    • Brand: Valvoline
    • ASIN: B0751P8P28
    • UPC: 074130985506

  • Univer-Co UC3102 Universal Lock-On Grease Gun Coupler

    Univer-Co Lock-On Grease Gun Coupler

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Univer-Co
    • ASIN: B00TLD6VR8
    • UPC: 062784336652

  • Liquera Power Grease Gun Coupler Parts Heavy Duty Air Oil Pump Locks Accessories Kit High Pressure Grease Gun Needle Tip Fittings Fuel Nozzle Adapter Pistol Grip for Gun Lube and Grease Gun Hose

    Experience quick and flexible connection and is also equipped with a proprietary locking & quick release mechanism. The coupler locks on and creates a leak resistant seal with hose attachments. The quick release coupler is firmly attached to the grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing. No longer do you have to fight or struggle to get the couplers to fit. If the fitting becomes pressurized, you can simply depress the thumb level and then release the 90 degree coupler. No longer do you have to deal with old broken fittings. You will have a clean working environment 24 hours a day with the use of our tools. Our cordless grease coupler will get rid of your greasing frustration. Once greasing is easier to do you are more obliged to do it more often. Regular greasing using grease accessories enhances auto machine life. We are aware that greasing can be a messy job but we have the power to remove the frustration. You also have the option to upgrade your grease gun using our grease gun extension. Deep fittings and refills will no longer be a problem. You will know when the grease gun gauge is going in even if it is that you cannot see it. Push down the pipe level to release the coupler.

    • Color: Coupler777
    • Brand: Liquera
    • ASIN: B07MM6BZJG

  • Lincoln Lubrication 83594 High Pressure Universal Swivel

    Add a swivel to your grease gun for increased flexibly in reaching remote grease fittings. Lincoln accessories provide the durability and precision you need for your lubrication systems.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Lincoln Electric
    • ASIN: B000HZOGBC
    • UPC: 110709385329

  • Permatex 09980 Counterman's Choice Spark Plug Boot and Electrical Connector Dielectric Grease, 4 g pouch

    Permatex Counterman's Choice Dielectric Grease provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt and corrosion with high dielectric strength. The convenient single-use pouches feature an exclusive "Easy Squeeze Spout" with a tapered channel to provide for more accurate dispensing of compounds while minimizing waste and mess. Counterman's Choice® single-use chemicals are a convenient and economical new way to complete a wide range of automotive repairs. Suggested Applications: Marine and automotive electrical connections, spark plug boots, trailer hitches, and battery terminals.

    • Brand: Permatex
    • ASIN: B000HBNVH6
    • UPC: 785422799564

  • Char-Broil Replacement Grease Cup for Outdoor Grills

    Char-Broil's Grease Cup is a basic replacement piece for your grill grease cup. It includes a universal hanging bracket to fit most grills, is rust resistant, and reusable.

    • Brand: Char-Broil
    • ASIN: B001T9N0AS
    • UPC: 047362846945

  • Cal's Universal Reel and Drag Grease (Tan) 1 oz.

    CAL'S TAN GREASE FOR LARGER REELS (1 oz.) Cal's Original Universal Reel and Star Drag grease is the result of decades of hands-on fishing and reel customizing experience combined with ultra-modern lubrication technology, including PTFE® and polymers. It offers: •Incredible salt-water corrosion protection on all metals, including aluminum, steel, and brass •Safe use on anodized and plated surfaces •Safe use on all common plastics, drag materials, seals and o-rings used in reels •Baby skin smooth, ultra-consistent drag performance •Superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels (Dropping point is >500°F!) •Reduced gear-drive friction for easier cranking •Minimal grease "creep" - it stays where you put it Directions for Cal's Universal Reel and Star Drag Grease: • THOROUGHLY CLEAN ALL SURFACES OF SALT, DIRT AND OLD GREASE PRIOR TO APPLICATION! • Apply to interior metal surfaces, including gears, screws, working parts and slow-turning bearings. • Apply a small portion to star drags (just enough to leave a very thin film). LESS IS BETTER ON DRAGS! • Inspect your reel annually, more frequently if used in severe duty. Repeat application procedures as needed. *Please note: This grease will be packed and shipped in an unmarked, clear plastic container...

    • Brand: Cal's Universal Reel and Drag Grease
    • ASIN: B079Y2RGNB

  • Moog 290 Super Strength Universal Joint

    • Brand: Moog
    • ASIN: B009HQGXAO
    • UPC: 080066605623

  • Lumax LX-1415 Silver 3-5/8" Needle-Type Adapter

    The needle-type adapter, 3-5/8 inches needle type coupler for flush or hard-to-reach grease fittings. It is designed for use in confined places, especially, the universal joint fittings, and includes slide-on locking sleeve. It has a simple push-on motion quickly that attaches to a standard grease coupler for quick connection, is zinc plated for maximum protection against corrosion, and is for use on hand-operated grease guns only. The recommended working pressure is 3,000 PSI (207 bar) and the maximum operating pressure is 4500 PSI (310 bar).

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Lumax
    • ASIN: B0059HJKBY
    • UPC: 027719054797

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Universal Grease-CASE Qty 10

    All Mobil 1 products, just like Mobil 1 motor oil, protect hardworking parts from temperature extremes, rust and wear. In fact, the same synthetic technology found in our motor oil is used in our fully synthetic grease. Mobil 1 Synthetic Universal Grease provides excellent protection against rust, corrosion and water washout. It's suited for wheel bearings, ball joint suspensions, steering linkages, and king pin and chassis lube points. Applications: Recommended for automotive applications at both high and low temperatures. It will provide outstanding protection where moisture or condensation are factors.

    • ASIN: B00DIEQ6AI