• Costzon Electric Ice Crusher, Stainless Steel Ice Shaved Machine for Party, Gathering, Home

    Description: This ice maker is perfect for party, gathering, RV, boat, or kitchen.It has an ice chute with a funnel design, making ice input a convenient process for you.The Ice Crusher is essential tool effortlessly crushing ice at the touch of a button. Make your favorite crushed ice drinks with our new ice crush. Specification: Material:Stainless steel + ABS + AS Voltage/Frequency: 110-120V Power: 60-80W Cable length: 4.5Ft Ice capacity: 26.5lbs/h Net weight: 8.2lbs Product size: 6.7'' x 10.5'' x 18.1''(L x W x H)

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Costzon
    • ASIN: B074L29WHD

  • Cooler Shock Ready to USE 4 Mid Size Cooler Freeze Packs 10"x 9" - No More Ice Replaces Ice and is Reusable

    Non-Hazardous cooler gel pack out performs ice and other gel packs. Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, these packs have as much energy as a freezer! Packs are designed to phase-change at 18 degrees (go from solid to liquid). This releases the largest amount of energy at freezer temperatures to get your food and beverages cold quickly. Put them in the freezer at zero degrees (typical freezer temp.) for 24 hours and you will have portable cooling power that actually accelerates cooling (cools things down rather than try to keep them at the temperature they started at. Pack turns to gel in 15 minutes. It last all day (24 hours) under constant use and opening and closing of your cooler (in size matched coolers listed at website) Great for fishing, boating, parties and tailgating. Add room temperature drinks and beer to your cooler and drink them at near freezing temperatures a few hours alter. Drinks and beer should not be left in direct contact with ice packs for a prolonged period as they will freeze. Sealed ready to use ice packs also available by Cooler Shock. Search for CoolerShock in the Amazon search bar.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Cooler Shock
    • ASIN: B01AV8GJXW
    • UPC: 863778000180

  • Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaver – Manual Hand Crank Operated Ice Breaker with Stainless Steel Blades for Fast Crushing – BPA Free

    Turn your ice cubes into perfectly crushed cool dust that you can place into your soda and cocktails for fancy cooling effect. With Gourmia's Ice Crusher you can conveniently have perfectly shaved ice for all beverages, meals, and treats!PRODUCT FEATURES Silky Smooth Operation Ergonomic Crank Handle for Comfortable Grip and Rotation Durable Stainless Steel Blades Lightweight and Portable for Parties, Festivals, and Picnics BPA FreeMAKE ICE THAT'S COOLER THAN ICEFor cool looking ice buckets, wonderful seafood platters, or just a nice after-dinner snow cone, shaved ice is always more appealing than cubed ice both functionally and aesthetically. With our Ice Crusher, you will be creating lovely displays of food and beverages at your fancy dinner party for all your guests to enjoy.UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED MECHANISMWithout the need of fancy electronics, confusing settings, and a whole panel of buttons to push, our Ice Crusher is a single, one-motion, manually operated ice disintegrator that everyone can use! Simple place ice in the mouth of the crusher and turn the lovely, ergonomic crank! With less strain on your wrist and no trickery, everyone can grow accustomed to using this device for any occasion. Great for summer outings to cool off at the beach or just a nice indoors get together ...

    • Brand: Gourmia
    • ASIN: B077BFQDKD
    • UPC: 816425023278

  • Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

    Quickly and easily prepare coarse or finely crushed ice for your favorite beverage with the VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice Crusher. Compact size of 9-1/2 inches x 4-1/2 inches x 6 inches makes it easy to store and use.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Victorio
    • UPC: 722651297560

  • VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Blue 143lbs/hr for Home and Commerical Use

    Product Specification:Package Include: Electric Ice Shaver * 1pc; Stainless Steel Bowl *1pcBrand: VIVOHOMEColor: Sliver Product Material: Stainless SteelPackage Dimensions: 17"L*8"W*13"HRotation Speed: 12 lbsPower & Frequency: 110V 300W 60HZCrushing Capacity: 143 lbs / 65 kg Per Hour

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: VIVOHOME
    • ASIN: B07CZ9ZYKK

  • ZENY Ice Shaver Machine Electric Snow Cone Maker Stainless Steel Shaved Ice Machine 145lbs Per Hour

    There is nothing like having a refreshing snow cone with your favorite flavors in the hot summary days. It can be an even more satisfying tradition from the comfort of your own home! Do not hesitate to buy it now! There is nothing like having a refreshing snow cone with your favorite flavors while the sun is beaming down on your back. It can be an even more satisfying tradition from the comfort of your own home! FEATURES: Brand New And Solid Durable Frame Stainless Steel Shaving Blade For Higher Shaving Speed Powered By Electricity, It Is Able To Produce 143 lbs Of Shaved Ice Per Hour To Meet Demands Of Large Amount Of Ice In A Short Time Suitable For Home Made Delicious Slush Ddrink, Snow Cone, Or A Mixed Drink At Anytime With Ease At Home Widly Applicated To Business,Restaurant, School Organizations, Festival Commercial Uses Manual Stainless Steel Holding bowl Is Easy To Clean Stable Heavy Cast Base: To operate the machine, sometimes it will bring about some vibration because of the highly spinning shaving shade. Anodized Aluminum Casing and Hopper: Aluminum is employed in the manufacture of the casing and the hopper so that the product can stand years of use and guard against rust. Easy cleaning as well. Sharp Alloy Steel Shaving Blade: This can assure swifter shaving speed ...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: ZENY
    • ASIN: B00OUPHB12
    • UPC: 702458227397

  • FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Nugget Ice Maker Portable, Countertop, Stainless Steel with Black Accents, 1-(Pack), Wrap

    You may also know this as "the good ice". Opal makes the chewable, crunchable, flavor-saving nugget ice you love. The Opal is an affordable nugget ice maker for your home. Opal only does one thing: make chewable, crave able nugget ice. But it does a really good job at that one thing. Opal is an ice maker designed for the enthusiasts: people who drop by their favorite restaurant on the weekend to pick up a bag of that special soft ice or have googled “nugget ice maker for home” only to find that home nugget ice makers start at $2, 000 - $3, 000.

    • Color: Stainless Steel Wrap with Black Accents
    • Brand: FirstBuild
    • ASIN: B0751KDVTP
    • UPC: 858957006008

  • 3 Pack Large 18°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10"x14" - No More Ice! Replaces 18 lbs. of Ice and is Reusable - Easy Fill - You Add Water and Save! – 12 lbs. Total When Filled (Zipper Seal)

    500,000 + Sold on Amazon - Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, Cooler Shock has as much energy as a freezer. Designed to phase change (go from solid to liquid). At 18 ℉ or - 8 ℃ - Not true for competitors. Our method releases the largest amount of energy at freezer temperatures to get your food & beverages cold quickly. Cooler Shock makes things colder over time. CoolerShock formula is shipped dry. You add 7 cups of tap water, zip it closed and seal with an iron (see video). Pack turns to gel in 15 minutes. Lasts 24-48 hours under constant opening and closing of your cooler. Great for fishing, boating, parties and tailgating. Caution: items placed in direct contact may freeze. Good for 100's of freeze cycles. Pack durability? In 2018 we upgraded our packs and added a clear nylon layer to increase durability 50%. Our packs have the highest heat transfer rate due to our bag design. If you handle them with a bit of care and avoid tossing while frozen or long-term submersion, they will last for years. 1 year unconditional replacement warranty

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Cooler Shock
    • ASIN: B00V9ITMYC
    • UPC: 863778000159

  • Bizz Silicone Ice Molds (2-Tray Set) Sphere and Cube Combination | Flexible, Reusable, BPA Free | Easy to Freeze, Remove Contents | Whiskey, Bourbon, Cocktail or Drink Use

    Get Bizz silicone ice molds and enjoy fresher, crisper drinks without diluting taste and always get the premier drink quality you deserve. If you're tired of using small ice cubes that dilute your drink flavors, or reusable metal ice cubes that don't get your drink quite as cold as you like, then you want Bizz Silicone Ice Molds that come in X-large spheres, cubes, and a combination of the two. Their large size helps retain ice quality far longer while keeping your drink ice cold, helping to retain the purity and quality of your drink! It's important to know that the sphere ice molds require to you to fill the top hole while keeping the parts together to minimize spills or messes. Do note that while the ice molds are round, they can create edges and may have imperfections. Product Details: Premium Silicone Ice Molds (2-Tray Set) X-Large Sizing (6 Molds per Tray) Available in Sphere, Cube, or Combination Sets BPA Free, Non-Toxic FDA Approved Durable, Flexible, Easy to Use Extra Large Ice Cubes and Ice Balls Use with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Trusted 2-Year Warranty Click 'Add to Cart' to get a pair of Bizz reusable silicone ice trays and always have fresh, crisp ice for your favorite cocktails and beverages.

    • Color: Sphere / Cubes
    • Brand: Bizz
    • ASIN: B07GY2WDJT
    • UPC: 029435004292

  • hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top - Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours - Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes - Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage - Silver

    The hOme Portable Ice Maker is a sleek, high performance countertop ice making machine that produces 26 lbs of ice per day and stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice. In just 6 to 8 minutes, you’ll have beautiful, smooth, bullet-shaped ice cubes that make every drink a pleasure to enjoy! This modern ice maker automatically shuts off when ice is full; it’s simple to fill and drain; and it’s ready to use out of the box — no installation necessary. With a new, easy-to-use control panel, it’s is perfect for kitchens, recreational vehicles, boats, bars, backyards and more! Product Details & Features Ice maker size: 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches Water reservoir capacity: 2.2 liters / 0.58 gallons Ice production: 26 lbs of ice per day Ice storage: 1.5 lbs of ice Ice time: Ready in 6 - 8 minutes Power: 100W / 110V / 60Hz Smooth bullet-shaped ice cubes Auto shut off when ice is full Easy to fill and drain water quickly Simple-to-use control panel Comes with small ice scoop and removable ice basket Certifications: ETL, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FDA, ROHS

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: hOmeLabs
    • ASIN: B071J2LSQS
    • UPC: 853893007072

  • Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher

    Waring Pro Ice Crusher

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Waring
    • ASIN: B0009XAHG0
    • UPC: 722651300987

  • Time for Treats Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver by VICTORIO VKP1100

    The Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver quickly shaves ice cubes into fluffy snow. Use for snow cones, slushes, and any other treat using crushed or chipped ice. Semi-transparent top allows kids to see the action! Wide base and rubber feet keep the unit stable during use.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Victorio
    • ASIN: B002S0G0RW
    • UPC: 811957011007

  • Westmark Ice Crusher

    Features: - High quality cast aluminum base - Ergonomic handles - Dishwasher safe About the Brand: HIGHEST QUALITY WITH TREND AND TRADITION! Westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen gadgets. Westmark has been making reliable kitchen products for over 50 years. As a specialized and reliable partner, Westmark offers a wide range of practical and uncomplicated kitchen products designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. For traditional reasons, Westmark produces most of their products in Elspe, Germany. Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with our product, simply return the item to Amazon for a full refund, but we are confident that you will LOVE our product!

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Westmark
    • ASIN: B00154HUIA
    • UPC: 798525538862

  • Greater Than Cool - Cooling Neck Wrap. Uses ICE to Keep You Cool and Beat The Heat!

    Our premium Cooling Neck Wrap is for anyone who wants to stay cool. A must have in hot environments. The engineered multi-layered material and patented ICE pockets are designed to evenly distrubute cold moisture around the neck. Put it on filled with ICE for immediate relief on a hot day. Use ice from a cooler or a fountain drink at any even to refill your neck wrap. Experiment with the amount of ICE that works best for you. . Depending on the environment, the evaporation rate, and the effect you are looking for, you may need to periodically wring out the cooling neck wrap before recharging it with more ICE. You may benefit from our cooling neck wrap if you: Visit theme parks Attend outdoor concerts Attend auto races Play or watch football, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. Work on your lawn or garden Fish or hunt Work in construction or roofing Work in attics Are a police officer or fireman Are a member of the military Are a welder Are a BBQ pit master Have hot flashes Have a medical need to stay cool Live near Arizona, Australia, Texas or other hot places.

    • Color: Navy
    • Brand: Greater Than Cool
    • ASIN: B07NHP6CK9
    • UPC: 860001132809

  • Vremi Countertop Ice Maker - Ice Cubes Ready in 9 Mins - Makes 26 lbs Ice in 24 hrs - Perfect for Water Bottles, Mixed Drinks - Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket

    With the Vremi Portable Countertop Ice Maker, you'll never run out of ice when you need it. Our energy-efficient compact ice making machine keeps parties and family dinners alive with ice whenever and wherever you need it. In just 8 to 10 minutes, you'll have smooth, bullet-shaped ice that makes any drink cooler. We make ice easy; with our ice maker, there's no complex installation to worry about and our automatic shut-off function and warning lights helps stop problems before they start. With a new, easy-to-use control panel and a modern silver and black finish, it's perfect for kitchens, an rv, boats, bars, patios and more! Your drinks will be cool and your gatherings chill. Enjoy easy, breezy, and freezy fun with the Vremi Countertop Ice Maker. Product Details & Features Ice maker size: 9.5 x 12 x 13.5 inches Weight: 23.6 lbs Material: ABS Plastic interior, Stainless Steel exterior Water reservoir capacity: 2.2 liters Ice production: 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours Ice basket capacity: 1.5 lbs Ice time: Ready in 8 to 10 minutes Power: 120W / 115V Smooth bullet-shaped ice cubes Auto shut off when ice is full Warning lights when water needs to be refilled Easy to fill and drain water quickly Simple-to-use control panel Comes with small ice scoop and removable ice basket Certification...

    • Color: Silver and Black
    • Brand: Vremi
    • ASIN: B07H7SGQ52
    • UPC: 855601006025

  • Women on Ice: Methamphetamine Use among Suburban Women (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)

    Methamphetamine (ice, speed, crystal, shard) has been called epidemic in the United States. Yet few communities were ready for increased use of methamphetamine by suburban women. Women on Ice is the first book to study exclusively the lives of women who use the drug and its effects on their families. In-depth interviews with women in the suburban counties of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. chronicle the details of their initiation into methamphetamine, the turning points into problematic drug use, and for a few, their escape from lives veering out of control. Their life course and drug careers are analyzed in relation to the intersecting influences of social roles, relationships, social/political structures, and political trends. Examining the effects of punitive drug policy, inadequate social services, and looming public health risks, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, the book gives voice to women silenced by shame. Boeri introduces new and developing concepts in the field of addiction studies and proposes policy changes to more broadly implement initiatives that address the problems these women face. She asserts that if we are concerned that the war on drugs is a war on drug users, this book will alert us that it is also a war on suburban families.

    • Brand: Brand: Rutgers University Press
    • ASIN: 0813554594

  • Ever Ready First Aid Instant Cold Pack, 4.5" x 7" - 125 Pack

    Instant cold pack provides instant cold therapy and effectively relieves the pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains, contusions, minor burns, toothaches and insect bites. Single squeeze allows for easy application of cold pack, offering immediate relief to injured area flexible material conforms to body contours single use.

    • Brand: Ever Ready First Aid
    • ASIN: B006QP5FKI
    • UPC: 736211565747

  • Smartxchoices 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine Ice Snow Cone Maker for Home and Commercial Use 143 lbs New, Stainless Steel Blade

    Smartxchoices Electric Ice Crusher Machine is ideal for making crush ice and frozen drinks. Equipped with Stainless Steel Blade and a stable heavy iron cast base, this machine is perfect for producing hand-made slush & frozen drinks for fast-food stores, snack bars, cafes, school canteens, clubs, restaurants, carnivals, banquets or festivals. Ideal for home or commercial use! With an anodized aluminum casing, hopper and a stable heavy cast base, this machine ensures safety and health of the users. With our ice shaver machine, you and your family can have snow cones whenever you want. Features: Brand New and high quality  Sleek eye-catching shape  Water-resistant on / off switch for safe operation  Safety cover switch to prevent injuries (Unit shuts off when the cover is open)  Commercial grade alloy steel shaving blade  Stainless steel holding bowl (easy to clean)  Stable and heavy base  Specifications: · Voltage: 110V / 60Hz · Power: 300W · Weight: Approx. 11.6 pounds · Rotated Speed: 1400 Runs/Min · Shaving Capacity:143 lbs/h (65kg/h approximately) · Package Includes: · 1x Ice Shaver Machine · 1x Stainless Steel Bowl · 1x User Manual

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Smartxchoices
    • ASIN: B01C7BWZ5W
    • UPC: 763684000208

  • ICE Vegas Slots

    • Brand: Mangolee Games
    • ASIN: B071NMDSHL