• Exquisite and Environmental Wood Spoon Chopsticks Cutlery Set with Cloth Carry Bag Red

    Beautiful high quality cutlery set£¬wood spoon and chopsticks.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: YigejiajuXY
    • ASIN: B01D9FZHUU
    • UPC: 735343806667

  • Youmi Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style Chopsticks 5 Pairs Gift Set

    Introduction of material: All of the 5 different woods we used are natural, healthy and safe. All chopsticks do not involve any chemical material during processing. Features: 1. Wood healthy chopsticks, no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. 2. Smooth surface, no food residue embedded inside, easy to clean. 3. Quality jujube wood used, which is hard, high density and smooth The BENEFIT of using chopsticks: According to medical research, Using chopsticks can make over 30 joints and more than 50 muscles on shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers get fully movement, both your finger and brain will be more flexible after long time using. History: Chopsticks were invented in ancient China before the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BCE) and most likely much earlier prior to establishment of the Xia dynasty sometime around 9000 years ago. The first chopsticks were probably used for cooking, stirring the fire, serving or seizing bits of food, and not as eating utensils. Chopsticks began to be used as eating utensils during the Han dynasty. Chopsticks were considered more lacquerware-friendly than other sharp eating utensils. It was not until the Ming dynasty that chopsticks came into normal use for both serving and eating. They then acquired the name kuaizi and the present shape.About Us: We are profession...

    • Color: natural wood
    • Brand: Youmi
    • ASIN: B06XXGZ11L
    • UPC: 611434233454

  • 5 Pairs Natural Wood Chopsticks and 1 Moso Bamboo Rice Paddle Gift Set

    This chopsticks and rice paddle set is a beautiful, functional and ecologically sound addition to any kitchen. Each set includes 5 pairs of natural wood chopsticks and one moso bamboo rice paddle. •ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTHY-Original wood made chopsticks and bamboo spoon. •NATURAL LACQUER-Showing the natural color and grains of wood. •UNIQUE COLOR-Easy to distinguish. •SMOOTH AND SUPERIOR-Simple design with careful manual processing. •Size: Chopsticks: L9", Rice Spoon: L8"

    • Color: Bamboo
    • ASIN: B01JBW7UBE
    • UPC: 689913719355

  • Chopsticks Reusable, AOOSY 5 Pairs Japanese Natural Wood Chop Sticks Chopstick Set with Case Value Gift (Wood chopsticks with box)

    Wood chopstricks Healthy, no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. Easy to clean & store. Simple and plain, natural color and elegant,household gifts. Simple and lovely, exudes the taste of the years. Chopstricks Various significances in different occasions for Marriage - Treacly marry and incoming baby for Lovers - Perfect match and never been apart for Friends - Get along in Fraternity and Equality for Teachers - To be upright, to gain students learn to appreciate for Olders - Bless with funnier and live longer for Kids - Taller Sticks, Taller Growings for Foreigners - Worldwide friendship and steady belief for Partners - United together where the cooperation forever for Sweetheart - To Love and to cherish, for better for worse, in joy and distress for Housewarming - Enjoy your new home, and enrich your fortune How to ues chopsticks: A standard way is: Rest the bottom chopstick on the fourth finger and the base of your thumb to grip it. This stick doesn't move around. Use your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to grip the top stick, (much like using a pen), which you control up and down. About 1/3rd of the end of the chopstick should protrude from the top of your hand. Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese food all taste better eaten with traditional Asian utensils. Chopsticks also lo...

    • Color: D Wood chopsticks with box
    • Brand: AOOSY
    • ASIN: B01C42H1KI

  • XDOBO Wooden Chopsticks and Spoon Sets, 4 Sets (Brown)

    Features: ·XDOBO wooden spoons are made of natural wood, Simple and plain, natural color and elegant,small and chic,lively and interesting,lightweight,cute,durable,Lovely authentic natural wood spoons are great for everyday home use as well as gift item for any purposes. ·Natural raw materials processing, easy to dry after cleaning, not easy moldy, to ensure the health. · XDOBO WOOD SPOON varnished five times with the natural lacquer. the natural lacquer is taken from lacquer tree (Does not contain any chemical fuel,no BPA, PVC, or phthalates), it is very healthy. Durable spoon for kitchen and hotel,family, travelling, camping and festival party. ·Natural wooden, delicate patterns, body light. because the material we used is real wood,it is 100% natural made,there is no same wood grain to be found in the world, as it's unique and sophisticated design,So the wood tableware will have few flaws as produced and varnished by the natural materials, it keeps the normal and fantastic condition. Why wooden spoon? A wooden spoon is a must have in the kitchen. You'll pick up your wooden spoon almost every time you cook, whether you're sautéing onions or stirring up a pot of mushroom chili. Benefits from XDOBO wooden spoon -Great for stirring sauces, soups, and so much more, this 9 in...

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: xdobo
    • ASIN: B01CS5RQHO
    • UPC: 799471706169

  • 8 pieces Wood Handle Flatware Sets Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks,Stainless Steel & Beechwood Flatware Set, Portable Travel Silverware Set with a Organizer box (2 sets)

    Features:When you have the decent utensil set ,you will always be ready fora meal on the go with this 3 piece stainless steel travel cutlery set featuring a spoon, fork andknife.  Whether you're traipsing around a city, hikingin the mountains, enjoying a picnic in the local park or on your lunch break atwork, you can rely on these top-qualityutensils wherever and whenever it's time to eat.  Plus, having this durable cutlery set on standby ensures you won'thave to settle for one of those flimsy plastic forks ever again!  The travel utensilsset is presented in a stylish organizer box, your wood flatware will be keptclean and compactly stored throughout the day - so it won't rattle around inyour bag.  Tableware utensilset service for 3  is part of a unique new range ofinnovative travel kitchenware by roaming cooking that's specially designed tobe multi-purpose, lightweight, compact, durable and eco-friendly.

    • Brand: Topbooc
    • ASIN: B07F8L1ZDB
    • UPC: 661021752004

  • AusKit Hardwood Chopsticks,8.8 Inches Lightweight Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style,Wooden Chopsticks for Kitchen Dinner

    Solid Wood Chopsticks Set, Anti-slip Design, Pack of 5 Have you ever get annoyed by the splinter of bamboo or one-off chopsticks? Have you been looking for strong and durable chopsticks with beautiful pattern? Then you get it here! Why You Should Choose Our Chopsticks? Quality guaranteed: compliant with Japanese regulations, 100% quality guaranteed 1. Pack of 5 for family use 2. Solid wood constructed, sturdy and durable 3. Finely polished sleek surface with no splinters 4. Unique coiling patter for anti-slip and easy grip 5. Comfortable to handle 6. Handwash recommended What is Your Risk? Nothing! If you are not happy with our products, we will refund 100% of your money, no question asked! Or you are welcome to contact us for a 100% nice solution!

    • Color: Pack of 5 - Black
    • Brand: AusKit
    • ASIN: B071RDMLBX
    • UPC: 615311931020

  • Happy Sales HSC-BC10P, Brown Bamboo Chopsticks, Lightweight Chopstick Set -10 Pairs Gift Sets

    Wooden chopsticks are traditional in Asia. The Japanese styled wooden chopsticks are good choices for hot pot.The material of totally natural heath wood is durable and eco-friendly. We suggest hand wash. 9 inch long chopsticks make it easy to dig into a delicious cuisine without a splash,especially good for hot pot. The color brown looks elegant and natural.You can regard them as a gift set too.

    • Color: brown
    • Brand: Happy Sales
    • ASIN: B076641LX9

  • Blackcover Handmade Japanese Natural Chestnut Wood Chopsticks Set Value Gift (Square pack of 5)

    Why You Should Choose Our Chopsticks? Quality guaranteed: 100% quality guaranteed(Made in China) 1. Pack of 5 for family use 2. Solid wood constructed, sturdy and durable 3. Finely polished sleek surface with no splinters 4. Unique coiling patter for anti-slip and easy grip 5. Comfortable to handle 6. Handwash recommended

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Blackcover
    • ASIN: B01N5QA9H2
    • UPC: 756790776785

  • Chinese Natural Bamboo Chopsticks, Mannice 10.6Inch/27cm Long Lightweight Chopstick Set -10 Pairs Gift Sets Color1

    ✿DescriptionWooden chopsticks are traditional in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Chinese styled wooden chopsticks are good choices for hot pot.The material of totally natural heath wood is durable and eco-friendly. We suggest hand wash.27cm long chopsticks make it easy to dig into a delicious cuisine without a splash,especially good for hot pot. The color brown looks elegant and natural.You can regard them as a gift set too. ✿Replacement Period For healthy life, we suggest you replace the chopsticks every 3 to 6 months. In most family,it is general that use the a pair of chopsticks for 2 to 3 years.But after long using the wood will be frayed and it also easily left bacteria because of its nature. ✿Size for referrenceLength: 10.6inch / 27cm, weight: 159g for 10 pairs✿ About Mannice Our Brand is "Mannice", we have registered this brand in US Patent and Trademark Office .Our Trademark registration code is:87027339! We never authorize other Seller to sell our "Mannice"products. To ensure you get the best quality chopsticks,please check the seller before you placing the order. ✿About Mannice Returns Policy and Our Services: If you are not satisfied with our product or have any problem of quality,for any issue or concerns, you can contact us directly and ask a return or...

    • Color: Color1
    • Brand: Mannice
    • ASIN: B01985K8I6

  • Bamber Bamboo Chopsticks Set Reusable, Pack of 10, 10 Inches Long, Japanese Style

    Bamber Bamboo Chopsticks Set Reusable, Pack of 10 1. Made of natural green bamboo, totally eco-friendly 2. Our chopsticks have been uniquely carbonized, so they are more capable in corrosion resistance, humidity resistance, anti-microbial and anti-twist 3. Pack of 10 package to meet the needs of a big family 4. Pretty package for a great gift to families or friends What is Your Risk? Nothing! If you are not happy with our products, we will refund 100% of your money, no question asked! Or you are welcome to contact us for a 100% nice solution!

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Bamber
    • ASIN: B075J9L8J4
    • UPC: 733520795407

  • Chopsticks Set, ADLORYEA Reusable Natural Wood Chopstick with Case, Multi Color Design, 5 Pairs in one Gift box

    HISTORY: Chopsticks, symbolizes of Chinese Food Culture,also the most popular cutlery in the world. Invented in Ancient China more than 3000years ago. The chopsticks were set as cooking utensils, stirring the fire, serving or seizing bits of food at beginning. Then, they are evolved into an eating utensil. By 500 A.D, Chopsticks spread from China to Korea, Vietnam, Japan. The mainstream to spread to Asia countries. After long time used, each countries has developed their styles based on their unique foods and cultures. FEATURES : ★ Product Name: Reusable Wooden Chopsticks ★ Natural Material: Ebony wood, Rosewood, Chestnut wood, Boxwood or Cherrywood ★ Colors: 5 pair with different wooden colors are very convenient and attracted during the eating time ★ Style: Classic Style ★ Size: 8.85inches/ 22.5cm ★ Package: 5 Pairs/set in a nicely giftbox ★ Applicable People: Moderate size fits both adults and children ★ How to Clean: Hand wash is highly recommend. Put chopsticks in a cold or warm water, then wipe with soft cloth. Please DO NOT keep them in water or under sunshine for long time. NOTE: For healthy consideration, we strongly suggest you to replace the chopsticks every 3 to 6 months. Some of the families may use the pair of chopsticks for 2 to 3 years, but...

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: ADLORYEA
    • ASIN: B0753KB31N
    • UPC: 608807500015

  • Ecloud Shop Woden spoon chopsticks sets Korean dinnerware combinations 2pcs

    Material: wood Color: Brown Size: spoon 23.5 * 4cm chopsticks 23.5 * 0.8cm Weight: 22g

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Ecloud Shop
    • ASIN: B01MA23C5M
    • UPC: 714602564340

  • Wooden Chopsticks Set Reusable Chopstick Japanese Style Chinese Wood Chop Sticks for Food 5 Pair with Gift Box Non Slip Design Dishwasher Safe by Mainiusi

    Solid Wood Chopsticks Set with Case, Authentic Japanese Style Multi Color, Pack of 5 for Family, Best Choice for Gift Features: ★approx.9 inch long, light weight , comfortable to handle ★Solid wood constructed, durable, Reusable and Environment-friendly ★Finely polished sleek surface with no splinters ★Non-slip design, great grip for starter/ beginners to learn how to use. ★Washable, dishwasher safe, handwash recommend ★Pack of 5 for family and friends for dinner party ★Suit for both adults and children use ★Black gift box package , elegant handmade gift choice. ★It's the necessary tableware set for Asian food, such as Japanese sushi, Chinese food, hot pot,etc NOTE: 1. Don't put it into microwave or oven 2. Don't exposure to the sun 3. Don't clean by bleach. Hand wash only with a soft damp cloth 4. Don't Soak in the dish detergent water for a long time 5. Don't use hard objects scrubbing the product 6.If chopstick is broken, stop using it to prevent from getting injuries. How to use the chopsticks: 1. Hold your dominant hand as though you are going to shake hands with someone. 2. Put the first chopstick under your thumb, resting it on the palm. 3. Hold the second stick between your thumb and forefinger.  4. Bend your ring finger and little finger, and tuck the...

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Mainiusi
    • ASIN: B0748CT5DY
    • UPC: 712492818987

  • Startostar Wooden Tableware Set of 5-piece with Pouch for Camping, Travel, Picnic,Office or Home (Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks)

    - Do you want to dine more naturally? - Do you want to surround yourself with beauty while you eat? - Are you sick of plastic when you eat outdoors or are traveling? 5-Piece Startostar Wooden Tableware Set Create Your Beautiful Dining Environment!Enjoy Your Own Beautiful Wooden Flatware from Elegant Adventures in Kitchenware! Feature - Made from 100% natural wood, no toxic substances,kitchen tools are safe to use on cups,dishes and bowls and will not scratch surfaces. - 100% natural wood,surface is smooth and clear. - Easy to maintain and clean,just wash them with soapy water and let them dry. - Great for indoors or outdoors - Convenient for travel - Durable - Reusable - Lightweight - Adds beauty and elegance to any dinner tableWarm Tips:(Please note that new wood appliances are in a sleep state, you need to wake it up by rinsing it with warm water and wipe it with soft cloth.)1.Don't put it into microwave oven or the hot place.2.Don't put it into disinfection cabinet other than ozone layer.3.Don't expose to the sunshine or boiling it.Set Package: 1 X Spoon (8.8") 1 X Fork (8.8") 2 X Chopsticks (8.8") 1 X Tableware Bag Guarantee Risk-free,100% lifetime satisfaction guarantees! Please Note: After wash, please keep in dry place, keep away from fire.not apply for microwave ovens. ...

    • Color: STS-118
    • Brand: Startostar
    • UPC: 769700516524

  • NUMU Wooden Cutlery Set | Travel Utensils Set | Eco Friendly Reusable Flatware | Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks w Portable Pouch (Green) | Lightweight Stronger than Bamboo Utensils for Camping Office Lunch

    ALL NATURAL WOODEN REUSABLE UTENSIL SET At NUMU GOODS, we aim to create the best quality products for all your Kitchen, Home and Travel needs. At NUMU, short for The New Movement, we create products with You and the Future in mind.Our vision is to provide sustainable, beautiful and functional tools to bring you to the next level of Health and Awareness.FeaturesEco-FriendlyNo More Plastic!Reusable and BiodegradableFinished with Non-Toxic Food Grade Wood OilBPA FreeFunctional & BeautifulA Fork that actually works! - This was our #1 RequestSturdy Tear Drop Handle design, most competitors feel thin and flimsyA Spoon contoured to actually scoop up LiquidsDurable Linen Canvas Pouch to bring your utensils with you on-the-goEasy to UsePerfect for everyday use for office work, going out to lunch, picnic tableware, keep in your car, or use as Camp Utensils & BackpackingDishwasher Safe, but for extended life we recommend to gently hand-wash with warm soapy waterRisk FreeWe guarantee you will love using this everyday!If for any reason you aren't satisfied just send us a message and we will give you a refund or send you another set free of charge.Focus on Environmental protection, these are better than the leading brand titanium and stainless steel flatware set, reusable plastic utensils, ...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Numu Goods
    • UPC: 703694465420

  • ZxU 5 Pair Natural Hardwood Wooden Japanese Chopsticks Set with Gift Box (Carved)

    5 Pair Solid Wood Chopsticks Set Product Fetures: 1. Pack of 5 for family use 2. Solid wood constructed, sturdy and durable 3. Finely polished sleek surface with no splinters 4. Unique coiling patter for anti-slip and easy grip 5. Comfortable to handle 6. Handwash recommended Quality Guaranteed: 100% quality guaranteed

    • Color: Carved
    • Brand: ZxU
    • ASIN: B06XJJK4Z9
    • UPC: 614409595076

  • DineAsia CCH02/O Multicolored Japanese-Style Fish Pattern Reusable Sushi Chopsticks, Beechwood Family Pack Gift Set - Pack of 5

    What makes DineAsiaTM chopsticks different from the others! These fish pattern beechwood chopsticks are made of carefully selected high quality beechwood and varnished with eco-friendly, food grade lacquer from lacquer tree. These wooden chopsticks are great for everyday use, home party as well as gift item for any purposes or occasions. It is made of hardwood therefore durable but not recommended to use it as a cooking utensil. Set of five pairs comes in an elegant black gift box with the heads displayed neatly in cardboard card. The gift box is made of premium quality sturdy paper carton. Buy with confidence! Care Instructions • Hand-wash with soft sponge recommendedRefund Policy • If you are not happy with our product, we will give you a full refund. No Questions Asked

    • Color: D - Sushi Night Chopsticks
    • Brand: DineAsia
    • ASIN: B01IDVB8QM
    • UPC: 859995006029

  • GAKA Hardwood Chopsticks, 9 Inches Lightweight Wooden Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Japanese Style,Chopsticks Wooden for Kitchen Dinner And Gift Set 5 Pairs (Black Chopsticks with Case)

    Excellent quality: Hard wooden flatware set, high hardness,Cadmium-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free durable. This is the safe choice for you. Modeling simple, looks did not show off firing skills, but still dazzling beautiful people. Size Apporx: 23cm/9.06 inches; Note: 1.The real color of the item may be slightly differently from the pictures shown on the website caused by many factors such as the brightness of the computer screen or the lighting levels; 2. A slight measurement deviation within 0.2 inch is allowed; 3.If you need any help Just please Contact Seller directly from Amazon Buyer Center against your order. We will take care of you within 24 hours.we promise every customer with 100% fine after-sell service-wish you have a nice shopping experience

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: GAKA
    • ASIN: B078W5VSRV
    • UPC: 652767605532