• 94th Aero Squadron "Hat In The Ring" WWI Vintage T-Shirt

    The 94th Aero Squadron was a US military Air Service squadron that fought on the Western Front during World War 1. Assigned as a Day Pursuit (Fighter) Squadron as part of the 1st Pursuit Group, its mission was to engage and clear enemy aircraft.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Designed For Flight
    • ASIN: B07CLT8N1P

  • WWI Classic plain model Sopwith Camel F.1, easy kit

    The Sopwith Camel was a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter aircraft introduced on the Western Front in 1917. It had been developed by the Sopwith Aviation Company as a successor to the earlier Sopwith Pup and would become one of the most iconic fighter aircraft of the First World War. The Camel was powered by a single rotary engine and was armed with twin synchronized machine guns. Though proving difficult to handle, it provided for a high level of manoeuvrability to an experienced pilot, an attribute which was highly valued in the type's principal use as a fighter aircraft. In total, Camel pilots have been credited with the shooting down of 1,294 enemy aircraft, more than any other Allied fighter of the conflict. Towards the end of the Great War, the type had also seen use as a ground-attack aircraft, partially due to it having become increasingly outclassed as the capabilities of fighter aircraft on both sides was rapidly advancing at that time. The main variant of the Camel was designated as the F.1; several dedicated variants were built for a variety of roles, including the 2F.1 Ship's Camel, which was used for operating from the flight decks of aircraft carriers, the Comic night fighter variant, and the T.F.1, a dedicated 'trench fighter' that had been armou...

    • Brand: New Ray
    • ASIN: B004E5OTEA
    • UPC: 736983509574

  • NewRay Spad S.V II British WWI Fighter Kit

    The SPAD S.VII was the first of a series of highly successful biplane fighter aircraft produced by SociŽtŽ Pour L'Aviation et ses DŽrivŽs (SPAD) during the First World War. Like its successors, the S.VII was renowned as a sturdy and rugged aircraft with good climbing and diving characteristics. It was also a stable gun platform, although pilots used to the more manoeuvrable Nieuport fighters found it heavy on the controls. It was flown by a number of the famous aces, such as France's Georges Guynemer, Italy's Francesco Baracca and Australia's Alexander Pentland.

    • Color: Others
    • Brand: NewRay
    • ASIN: B004E5J68Y
    • UPC: 093577202274

  • WWI Fighter Biplane Model in Red

    AP401R Features: -Biplane model.-Excellent detailed replica with barnstormer markings.-Real wire wheels.-Detailed engine covers, riveted parts and struts.-Laminated rotating wood propeller.-This small replica of a famous WWI biplane model has authentic markings and detailed cockpit.-Hang it from the ceiling. Construction: -Constructed of fabric stretched on wood frame.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Authentic Models
    • ASIN: B002UPMEPM
    • UPC: 781934556473

  • Albatros Aircraft of WWI | Volume 4: Fighters: A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes (Great War Aviation Centennial) (Volume 27)

    This book describes and illustrates the development of Albatros fighters of WWI with text, 316 photos, 125 color profiles, 22 color plan views, production quantities and serial numbers of aircraft, and aircraft dimensions and performance specifications. In addition, 10 aircraft are illustrated in 1/48 scale drawings. The book has 224 pages and is of interest to aviation historians, enthusiasts, and modelers alike.

    • ASIN: 1935881523

  • Dogfight

    • Brand: Echoboom
    • ASIN: B007ZS91GO

  • WWI Fighters Airplanes T-shirt

    • Color: White
    • Brand: MF Mall
    • ASIN: B07HP9F5DQ

  • Fighter Aces of Ww1 [VHS]

    • ASIN: 6301943155
    • UPC: 082551022311

  • WWI and WWII Fighter Pilot 2 Pack - PC

    Relive history with this intense action game / Filled with authentic weapons and battle scenes / ESRB Rating T Teen

    • Brand: Atari
    • ASIN: B003NS3KBC
    • UPC: 646662901226

  • Red Baron WW1 Fighter Airplane Pilot History Design - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

    Get a "grip" on your favorite device with this awesome aviation themed phone grip. Perfect for the pilot or aviation geek & airplane enthusiast on the go. See our brand listings under "Designed For Flight" for more great aviation themed grips!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Designed For Flight
    • ASIN: B07G1GKL7F

  • EDDIE RICKENBACKER American WWI Fighter Ace Found at Sea ALIVE 1942 Newspaper THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 15, 1942

    THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 15, 1942 * Eddie Rickenbacker found alive * American World War I airplane fighter ace * Adrift at sea for 24 days The front page has a two column headline: "FIND RICKENBACKER AND 5 MATES SAFE; SIXTH DIED ON RAFT" with subheads that include: "Captain and Two Others Discovered 600 Miles From Samoa" and more with photo of Rickenbacker. (see) Lengthy text continues inside with nice pictorial. First report coverage on the rescue of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker after he was adrift at sea for 24 days. Nice to have in this famous NYC title. Other news of the day with much on World War II. Complete 1st section only with all 60 pages, this is the rare rag edition that was produced on very high quality newsprint, with a high percentage of cotton & linen content, allowing the issues to remain very white & sturdy into the present. Given the subscription cost, libraries & institutions rather than individuals were the primary subscribers of these high-quality editions. Very nice condition.

    • ASIN: B017OA2CA4

  • WW1 Red Baron German Fighter Pilot Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen 11 oz Coffee Mug Cup

    Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, also known as the "Red Baron", was a fighter pilot with the German Air Force during World War I. He is considered the ace-of-aces of the war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories.11 oz Coffee Mug or Tea Cup - designed and printed in USA.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Blackfly Co.
    • ASIN: B0737BTGFZ
    • UPC: 688939191831

  • WW1 Fighter Plane Parachute Poster Print, Skydiving, Skydiver, Airborn, Gift, Patent, Vintage, Wall, Art, Home, Decor Vintage Paper (12" x 16")

    WW1 Fighter Plane Parachute patent art poster by Patent Earth™. Published in 1925, this patent was filed by Heinecke Otto. These patent prints make excellent wall art in any setting! Printed on thick, durable heavy stock matte paper. Printed On Demand. Most U.S. orders ship within 3 business days via standard shipping and arrive within 6 to 8 business days.

    • Color: Vintage Paper
    • Brand: Patent Earth
    • ASIN: B07LCHJ3L8

  • KillerBeeMoto: Limited Print Bristol F2B Fighter Aircraft WWI Biplane Aircraft Print 1 of 100

    KillerBeeMoto: Limited Print Bristol F2B Fighter Aircraft WWI Biplane Aircraft Print 1 of 100 The Bristol F.2 Fighter was a British two-seat biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of the First World War developed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. It is often simply called the Bristol Fighter or popularly the "Brisfit" or "Biff". Despite being a two-seater, the F.2B proved to be an agile aircraft that was able to hold its own against opposing single-seat fighters. Having overcome a disastrous start to its career, the F.2B's robust design ensured that it remained in military service into the 1930s, and surplus aircraft were popular in civil aviation. Our prints are done on Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper.

    • Color: Vintage Background Style
    • Brand: Killer Bee Moto
    • ASIN: B01N21VW1O

  • Sky Fighters of France (WWI Centenary Series)

    Originally published in 1919, this is a work written by a French Lieutenant about his observations and experiences of aerial warfare during the First World War. This book is part of the World War One Centenary series; creating, collating and reprinting new and old works of poetry, fiction, autobiography and analysis. The series forms a commemorative tribute to mark the passing of one of the world's bloodiest wars, offering new perspectives on this tragic yet fascinating period of human history. Each publication also includes brand new introductory essays and a timeline to help the reader place the work in its historical context.

    • ASIN: 1473317894

  • Aces High WWI Fighter Pilot Paracord Skull Bead

    Aces High WWI Fighter Pilot Paracord Skull Bead for Lanyards. This bead will work extremely well on monkey fists, bracelets, key chains or any variety of paracord projects!

    • Color: Pewter, Olive
    • Brand: BadAzzBeads
    • ASIN: B00R29SCQ6
    • UPC: 683405384250

  • Horses Don't Fly: The Memoir of the Cowboy Who Became a World War I Ace

    From breaking wild horses in Colorado to fighting the Red Baron's squadrons in the skies over France, here in his own words is the true story of a forgotten American hero: the cowboy who became our first ace and the first pilot to fly the American colors over enemy lines.    Growing up on a ranch in Sterling, Colorado, Frederick Libby mastered the cowboy arts of roping, punching cattle, and taming horses. As a young man he exercised his skills in the mountains and on the ranges of Arizona and New Mexico as well as the Colorado prairie. When World War I broke out, he found himself in Calgary, Alberta, and joined the Canadian army. In France, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as an "observer," the gunner in a two-person biplane. Libby shot down an enemy plane on his first day in battle over the Somme, which was also the first day he flew in a plane or fired a machine gun. He went on to become a pilot. He fought against the legendary German aces Oswald Boelcke and Manfred von Richthofen, and became the first American to down five enemy planes. He won the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry in action.   Libby's memoir of his cowboy days in the last years of the Old West evokes a real-life Cormac McCarthy novel. His description of World War I combines a rattling good ac...

    • ASIN: B01DRX7UNQ