• JFIT j/fit XX-Heavy Replacement Resistance Tubing

    Economical way to add variety to your workout. Please note these are replacement tubing only, you must purchase one set of tubing with handles in order to use replacement tubing.

    • Brand: JFIT
    • ASIN: B001TKBX56
    • UPC: 818020004027

  • Cando 10-5516 Silver Exercise Tubing, XX-Heavy Resistance, 25' Length

    Cando tubing can be used for rehabilitation, conditioning and especially athletic training. There are 8 progressive levels of resistance to accommodate the lightest to the strongest needs. To double the resistance, use two exercise tubes, or simply use a shorter piece.

    • Color: Silver: XX-Heavy
    • Brand: Cando
    • ASIN: B000AX43RI
    • UPC: 714905003782

  • NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Set - Best Fitness Exercise Bands for Working Out or Physical Therapy - 12x2 Inches (Heavyweight 3 Piece Set)

    THE SIMPLE WAY TO WORKOUT ANYWHERE! YOUR MOST VERSATILE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT- 3 Heavyweight Resistance Levels! From 16-44 pounds resistance. Up to 104 pounds resistance if you combine all 3. - Combine multiple bands for even more options! - Our bands are 12"x2" long, where most of the others are 10"x2" - Can be used anywhere and is easy to carry with high-quality carry bag included! HOW YOU CAN USE LOOP BANDS - Perfect for working your hamstrings, thighs, hips, and more! - Also great for biceps and triceps! - Use them for Physical Therapy/Rehab, Brazil Butt Lift, Pilates, etc. WHY CHOOSE NeeBooFit? - Our bands are 12 inches long while most others are 10 - We test our bands to make sure they are premium quality - Made of Eco-Friendly Latex - Full Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee - If you aren't satisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked! WHY ARE RESISTANCE BANDS BETTER THAN DUMBBELLS? - Saves space - More portable - More affordable - More flexible - Ever try to lift a dumbbell with your foot? - Combining dumbbells are dangerous if not impossible! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? - X-Heavy resistance loop band (Red) 12"x2" - XX-Heavy resistance loop band (Black) 12"x2" - XXX-Heavy resistance loop band (Orange) 12"x2" - High Quality Pull-String Carry Bag - Exercise Bookle...

    • Color: Heavyweight 3 Piece Set
    • Brand: NeeBooFit
    • ASIN: B00W6TEAQI
    • UPC: 637390999081

  • NeeBooFit Resistance Band Set - 5 Exercise Bands with 2 Handles, 2 Ankle Straps, Door Anchor, Carry Bag and Exercise Booklet (5 Band Set)

    THE SIMPLE WAY TO WORKOUT ANYWHERE!YOUR MOST VERSATILE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT- Multiple resistance levels color coded and clearly labeled with the resistance level in lbs and kgs. - Clip multiple bands onto the handles for even more levels! - Our tubes are 44" long between the nylon/metal connectors - Can be used anywhere and is easy to carry with high-quality carry bag included!HOW YOU CAN USE TUBE BANDS- Perfect for working your upper and lower body! - Great for working your biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, hamstrings, quads, and more! - Use them for Physical Therapy/Rehab, Brazil Butt Lift, P90X, etc.WHY CHOOSE NeeBooFit?- Our bands are made with premium materials with a focus on safety and comfort - We test our bands to ensure consistent quality - Full Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee - If you aren't satisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked!WHY ARE RESISTANCE BANDS BETTER THAN DUMBBELLS?- Saves space - More portable, affordable, comfortable and flexible - Don't hurt when you drop them on your foot!WHAT'S IN THE BOX?- 3 pound resistance band (Yellow) - 5 pound resistance band (Green) - 8 pound resistance band (Red) - 13 pound resistance band (Blue) - 19 pound resistance band (Black) - 2 comfort grip handles - 2 comfort fit ankle straps - 1 extra secure door anchor - ...

    • Color: 5 Band Set
    • Brand: NeeBooFit
    • ASIN: B012U6AOQQ
    • UPC: 637390999135

  • j/fit XX-Heavy Resistance Tubing with Handles

    No need to buy five different tubes with handles. Cut your cost by more than half with one set of handles and five different replacement tubes. Prevention magazine shows some great exercises in the May issue using the replacement tubing. j/fit would like to suggest at least one set of tubing with handles to increase the variety of exercises. If you are looking for dumbbells j/fit sells the neoprene grip weights that are easier to use than standard dumbbells. Great for seniors, rehab, or arthritic patients. May we also suggest using a door anchor "to help save the furniture"! You can find the door anchor in accessories. Our large cushioned rotating handle, paired with strong, durable nylon strapping creates one of the best handles on the market. Adjust the length by double wrapping and combine tubes together to increase strength and versatility. XX-Heavy Tubing with Handles.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JFIT
    • ASIN: B000TQB4LE
    • UPC: 818020003198

  • Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube, Black, 700 x 20-25c

    Those fancy new tires you bought aren't worth much without a great set of inner tubes to keep them inflated. Put the Continental 26" presta valve tubes in your deep profile rims to shed some grams and keep the air in your tires. Unitube system allows greater compatibility with more tires sizes. Seamless construction eliminates weak points, Mold-cured and vulcanized for uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem insertion. Every tube must pass 100% quality control inspection 42mm Presta valve has a removable valve core.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Continental
    • ASIN: B0068FAXTY

  • Cando 10-5626 Silver Latex-Free Exercise Band, XX-Heavy Resistance, 50 yd Length

    Exercise band therapy is the most commonly prescribed exercise for rehabilitation, conditioning, and training. Simply cut an appropriate length of band and you’re ready to begin your exercise. The exercise band can be used with any band or tubing accessory. Use cando exercise band - 50 yd. XX-heavy silver latex free for resistive exercise therapy.

    • Color: Silver: XX-Heavy
    • Brand: Cando
    • ASIN: B007BUHRQ2
    • UPC: 714905002426

  • Continental Race 28 700 x 20-25c Bike Inner Tubes - Presta 80mm Long Valve by by

    These quality tubes from Continental are designed for deep section 700c Road Bike wheels.The valve is 80mm long and is a Presta style. The inner core is removable.The recommended tyre sizes to suit this tube are:* 700 x 20c to 700 x 25c* 27 x 3/4 to 27 x 1.00* 20-622 to 25-630

    • Brand: Continental
    • UPC: 757183370528

  • j/fit XX-Heavy Resistance Tubing with Handles by JFIT

    21 pounds of resistance at 200% stretch;Includes a pair of padded rotating grip handles;Tubing exercise guide included

    • Brand: JFIT
    • ASIN: B01528PW7A
    • UPC: 793625951047

  • CanDo 10-5576 Tubing BowTie Exerciser, 14", Silver-XX-Heavy

    Lightweight, compact and portable, the tubing exerciser helps perform strengthening and conditioning workouts on-the-go, even in your hotel room! Two permanent foam covered rigid handles give the exerciser comfort and a firm grasp. CanDo is licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence so resistance level is easily identified. The Bowtie exerciser is available in 7 levels of resistance for progressive exercise and 3 lengths to accommodate different needs. Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver. Length represents length of tubing from end to end when unit is laid flat and is taut. CanDo low powder exercise tubing is made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

    • Color: Silver: XX-Heavy
    • Brand: Cando
    • ASIN: B000B8AFW4
    • UPC: 714905004383