• CD Envelope Tyvek with Window 100ct.

    Our disc envelopes protect your CDs CD-Rs DVDs or DVD-Rs for storage and distribution. Clear plastic windows let your CD labels show through. Choose tear-proof Tyvek or select from a number of basic paper colors. Disk envelopes with clear windows. Fold-over flap keeps disk from sliding out during handling. For all CD CD-R CD-RW game DVD and DVD-R disks.

    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B00P9J6AJ2

  • CD DVD White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window 2000 Pack

    CD DVD White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window 2000 Pack ...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Generic
    • ASIN: B000BSLUPA

  • Media Storage Carousel

    The Media Carousel Plus organizes 150 discs and can automatically serve up any DVD or CD in seconds! Use the keypad to retrieve discs or use the USB connection and software to build a searchable database on your computer... one click and a disc is called up! A built-in single port USB hub in the Media Carousel Plus organizer lets you connect another electronic organizer or other USB accessory, such as a mouse or scanner, without an additional hub. Includes USB cable and software. Stores up to 150 discs Built-in 1-port USB hub Select discs by keypad--fast and easy Works with all 12cm discs up to 1.4mm thick Enclosed carousel provides increased privacy and security for your discs Larger easy-to-read digital readout Carousel rotates both directions for ultra-fast disc delivery With multiple USB hubs (sold separately), up to 127 units can be connected to one PC Up to five Media Carousels can be stacked together

    • Color: beige
    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B000BSJGD8

  • CD And DVD Opener, Colors Vary

    EZ-CD CD And DVD Opener Colors Vary 3007 Finally! An easy, simple way to open the factory seal and shrink wrap on CDs and DVDs. If you've ever struggled trying to free a new music or video disk from its package and wondered why they have to make it so hard, then the EZ-CD Combo opener is for you. With a quick swipe, the hidden blade slices the shrink wrap and you're listening to your music or watching your movie in no time! - Cuts the shrink wrap and factory seal on both CDs and DVDs- Blades are recessed in channels and protected by a spring-loaded guards Brand: EZ-CDModel: 3007 UPC: 752497003070

    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B000BSLQAO
    • UPC: 752497003070

  • Clamshell CD Protective Case, 10 Pack

    These super-thin "clamshell" type protective cases are the perfect way to share and transport single CDs, CD-Rs, or CD-RWs. They're safer, smaller, lighter weight, and more convenient than standard jewel cases.

    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B000BSJG2Y

  • CD Envelopes Window Paper Self-Sealing 100 Pack

    Close disk sleeves quickly and easily with our pre-coated double-latex- striped CD disk envelopes: no tape, licking, glue, or stickers required!

    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B000BSLUQ4

  • Ultra Slim Jewel Case, 10 Pack, Clear

    Use our ultra-thin super-cool jewel cases to store twice as many CD, CD-RW, DVD, or Music CD disks in your existing CD storage racks. Cool colors are perfect for giving your distributed CDs a unique and memorable appearance, or organizing groups of disks!

    • Brand: Ziotek
    • ASIN: B000BSN5D0